Back2Fit is finally here! On this episode, Drew fills us in on the last week of his Fit2Fat stage, and the first week of the Back2Fit journey. While the holidays were a whirlwind for Drew, the new year has brought in a welcomed new challenge. Drew discusses the convenience of emotional eating during the holidays, the relief of making it past this stage of the journey, and the difficulties of living a healthy lifestyle in contrast to the Fit2Fat phase. Find all of this and more on this week’s episode!


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[06:17] Drew’s final statistics at the end of the Fit2Fat stage, and how much he relied on food as a vice to get through the holidays.


[09:52] How Drew spent the last day of his Fit2Fat journey.


[15:35] The first week of the Back2Fit journey, how everyone joining Drew motivated him to work harder, and what it felt like getting the Keto flu.  


[22:45] Drew’s physical stats after his preparation week and first week of Back2Fit.


[24:36] The biggest struggles that Drew has faced during Back2Fit so far.




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