Become a sexually liberated woman!

Overcome the fears, guilt, and shame surrounding your sexuality with this one-of-a-kind course that will completely change how you and your partner think about sex!


Of Women have faked an orgasm


Of adults are uncomfortable talking about sex

Of Women have experienced sexual trauma


Have been shamed by a family member

Helping Women Overcome Sexual Fears

If you’re like most women who feel guilty or afraid to ask their partner for what they need in their sexual relationship, then you know how tough it is to feel sexually liberated.

Does it seem like every time you try to explore your needs, you just end up feeling embarrassed or ashamed?  It’s frustrating and emotionally draining, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing… The Soul’s Evolution Sexual Liberation Program

Here’s what you’ll learn… 

  • The most effective ways to break through shame and embarrassment around your sexuality
  • How to feel confident and ask for what you need from your partner
  • How to recognize and avoid self-abandonment in your sex life
  • Why it's not your fault that you don't have a female entitled pleasure mindset - and what you can do to fix it!
  • How to identify your accelerators and brakes and how they affect your sexual desire

My Video Guided E-Course

Join me throughout this 12-week program to learn about new topics on how to embrace your sexuality, learn more about your body, and why/how it works the way it does.

You will also receive exciting new tips and tricks to embrace who you are as a woman and be challenged each week with journal prompts and homework to take what you learned and apply it to your life.

My digital Workbook

If watching video instruction isn’t for you, I have each module broken down into a PDF that you can print and take with you to read each week.

It includes journaling pages and activities sheets that I encourage you to print out and utilize each week throughout this program.

Access my private group

Access my private group of like-minded women who are going through the same journey to sexual liberation with you!

This judgment-free community is a fantastic resource full of women from all different walks of life who are there to support one another.



My sexual liberation journey started when, at 28, I began to examine my sexual health and sexuality for the first time. I felt silent, stuck, unsatisfied, and I knew that I had many issues around sex. I felt a strong urge to explore the areas of my sexuality I was questioning, which turned out to be… everything. Armed only with an open mind and an intense curiosity, I began a 10-year sexual exploration journey that changed the way I see the world. After doing years of in-depth research and volunteering as a sex educator and facilitator in sex-positive and alternative communities, I decided I wanted to share my unique knowledge and experiences with the world.

That’s why I created this program. It is a comprehensive guide for any woman to begin living her best, sexually liberated life. It’s an in-depth look at everything from societal conditioning, shame, the pleasure gap, solo and partnered sex, fantasies, trauma, history, labels, and everything in between. I used a dozen books and countless research articles, combined with my own life experience, and condensed it down into 12 easy-to-navigate modules. Each module contains both a written and video version of the information and journaling worksheets and guided activities.


The Soul’s Evolution

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