In this solo episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast, Drew Manning shares his top five tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the summer. Drew covers a variety of topics including how to stay fit on vacation, effective meal prep strategies, essential workout tips, stress management techniques, and quick weight loss hacks to look your best at the beach. Whether you’re a busy parent or a dedicated fitness enthusiast, these tips will help you navigate the summer months with confidence and ease. Drew also discusses his favorite products from Peluva and Kion Aminos, offering exclusive discounts for listeners.



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• (0:00) – Introduction to the episode and Drew Manning

• (0:26) – Overview of the five tips for a healthier summer

• (1:04) – Quick weight loss tips for looking beach-ready

• (1:31) – Sponsor mention: Peluva minimalist shoes

• (4:12) – Sponsor mention: Kion Aminos

• (5:29) – Tip 1: How to stay healthy on vacation

• (5:42) – Move your body every day, non-negotiable

• (8:14) – Allow yourself one cheat or treat meal per day

• (8:39) – Intermittent fasting while on vacation

• (10:10) – Tip 2: Meal prep tips for busy summers

• (11:01) – Using crockpot recipes for easy meal prep

• (11:49) – Canned and frozen vegetables as time-savers

• (12:36) – Rotating through three to four entrees for variety

• (13:31) – Training your brain to be okay with boring food

• (14:13) – Tip 3: Effective workout tips

• (14:35) – Superset resistance training structure

• (16:28) – Cardio days: Zone 2 cardio and HIIT

• (18:58) – Benefits of rucking and blood flow restriction training

• (20:29) – Tip 4: Stress management tips

• (21:03) – Importance of regulating your nervous system

• (22:13) – Breathwork, journaling, and other stress management tools

• (25:00) – Making decisions from a place of self-love

• (26:14) – Tip 5: Quick weight loss hacks for looking leaner

• (27:02) – Cutting out fat and carbs, eating just protein

• (28:04) – Carbing up before showtime for fuller muscles

• (29:46) – Conclusion and sponsor mentions



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