Marc Washington is a health & wellness executive, and founder of Supergut. In this episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, Drew and Marc talk about the vast amount of people with poor gut health due to lack of proper nutrition, the science behind the gut as a “second brain,” and how improving gut health could be one of the most overlooked aspects of improving overall physical and mental health!




Supergut — Resistant starch is a powerful prebiotic fiber that works through the gut to drive marked improvements in overall health. Only 5% of adults actually eat enough of it. Supergut uses a science backed blend of resistant starches to make it easy to restore and balance your gut biome, boost your energy, improve your metabolism, and even reduce your blood sugar. Use the code “FIT2FAT2FIT” at checkout to receive 20% off of your first order!





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[05:11] How Marc got into the health and wellness space, working as an executive for Beachbody, and the biggest lessons he learned both as an executive and entrepreneur.


[10:57] The personal story behind Supergut, and why Marc decided to go all-in on gut health.


[15:31] The science behind gut health, why it’s so important, and how the gut acts as a “second brain.”


[17:08] How probiotics differ from prebiotics, and how Supergut works to restore and sustain your gut health.


[21:40] The short term effects of Supergut, and the benefits of long-term consumption.


[27:55] Some of the best foods to eat to improve gut health, and why it’s so hard to consume the proper amount of resistant starch on a daily basis.


[31:15] Living with chronic gut health issues, and how the modern western diet is detrimental to your gut.


[34:56] The surprising results of a placebo controlled study testing Supergut, its effects on quality of life, energy levels, and even overall metabolic health.

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