Dr. Thomas Hemingway is a Board Certified Emergency Physician, Podcaster, Surfer, and has special interests in holistic health and wellness, preventative medicine, and nutrition. His goal is to provide simple, sustainable strategies that address the root cause of many common health challenges. In this episode, Drew and Dr. Hemingway talk about staying healthy while raising children, transforming your health by implementing a few simple strategies, and his new book, PREVENTABLE: 5 Powerful Practices To Avoid Disease And Build Unshakeable Health.




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[06:15] Staying healthy while raising six kids, the importance of having fun, and incorporating things that you enjoy into your fitness routines.


[11:20] Supporting your kids versus forcing them to do things, and Thomas’ background in traditional western medicine.


[17:34] What it’s like working as an E.R. doctor, and how a preventative approach often clashes with traditional western approaches to medicine.


[19:46] FMSGS, 5 principles that you can apply to your daily life that will help prevent common diseases, and Thomas’ approach to food.


[28:03] Movement, and how adding simple movement into your daily routine can transform your overall health.


[31:40] Sleep, how a good night’s sleep is a superpower, and building a healthy sleeping routine as an adult.


[36:25] Gut health, how gut health is interconnected with nearly every aspect of your health, and a few things to avoid that are detrimental to your gut health.


[41:03] Stress, “dealing” with stress, how stress affects the body, and how to detach from stress rather than be controlled by it.


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