Britt Hartley is a Spiritual Director, Author, Podcaster, and an expert in modern secular spirituality. In this episode, Drew and Britt talk about what spirituality looks like in the modern age, deconstruction, finding meaning when life is seemingly meaningless, the dangers of Nihilism, and much more!




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[09:18] Britt’s background, what intrigues her so much about spirituality, and the future of religion in the United States.


[18:41] Nihilism, why it can be a dangerous space, and why it is so easy to slip into Nihilism after you begin your own deconstruction process.


[24:15] Britt’s own experience with Nihilism, and how she ultimately deals with living in such an absurd world.


[30:05] How Britt helps people from all walks of life, and how she helps people rather than trying to change their beliefs.


[33:50] Finding meaning, facing your fears, and learning to show up for yourself.


[38:35] The hardest part of deconstruction, discovering old thought patterns, and living without the certainty of structure.


[43:08] The hate that Britt receives from all camps in the world of spirituality, and what keeps her pushing the proverbial rock up the hill.

[48:30] Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, the future of religion as a whole, and what Britt’s ideal future would look like.

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