Peter Bayne and Devon Price are co-founders of the company “Kenetik.” Devon is a scientist and engineer in healthcare, and Peter is an entrepreneur with a passion for food and beverage. In this episode, Drew chats with Peter and Devon about the benefits of exogenous ketones, the science behind them, and how they developed their exogenous ketone product that offers a more affordable, better tasting, and just as effective alternative to ketone esters.




Kenetik — Kenetik is a healthy ketone energy drink. One bottle of Kenetik increases brain activity associated with focus and creativity by 17%. It’s not a salt or an ester – Kenetik has free BHB derived from sugarcane through a natural fermentation process.  One bottle of Kenetik will increase your ketone levels 1 – 2.5mMol/L within 30 minutes. Use the code Fit2Fat2Fit for 25% off of your order!



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