Jim Abrahams is the founder of The Charlie Foundation, and an American Movie Director and Writer, best known for his work on movies such as Airplane! (1980), The Naked Gun (1988), and Hot Shots! (1991). In this intriguing episode, Jim talks about what it was like raising a son with severe epilepsy, the issues with the incentive structure of the modern medical system, and how the keto diet literally transformed his son’s health in a matter of days – completely reversing his epilepsy and all of the symptoms associated with it. Can keto cure epilepsy? The answer might surprise you!




[01:02] How Jim stumbled into the entertainment industry, and how he ultimately found himself directing some of the most iconic comedy films of his generation.


[16:45] Jim’s son, Charlie, and the struggles of raising a child with severe epilepsy.


[25:40] How Charlie seemed to regress as he grew older, the history of the ketogenic diet as a therapeutic treatment for epilepsy, and how the keto diet completely changed Charlie’s life.


[36:23] The types of food that Charlie ate, and the reasons why the keto diet and nutrition are often never a consideration for medical professionals.


[42:39] The Charlie Foundation, how they are working to bring awareness of the keto diet to people who suffer from epilepsy as well as the medical community, and where Charlie is now.




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