Carrie Cox is a photographer, writer, and was formerly a trainer that was casted on the “Fit to Fat to Fit” TV show. In this episode, Drew and Carrie talk about her time on the show, the dark places that gaining and losing weight took her, and how hitting rock bottom literally changed Carrie’s life forever. While Carrie’s experience was largely one of heart-break and suffering, she ultimately found herself on a path of healing the deep wounds that she didn’t even know existed, and forgiveness of not only herself – but those that had inflicted the deepest of her wounds. Her story is inspiring, insightful, and a testament to the power of forgiveness.




[01:38] Why Carrie signed up for the Fit to Fat to Fit TV show, her vexatious experience on the show, and the value of facing your deepest fears. 


[14:10] The dark places that Carrie endured when losing weight, how she learned to show up for herself, and the backlash that she faced after the show aired.


[26:22] How Carrie ultimately arrived at a place of acceptance, and the importance of forgiving yourself and others when on a path of healing.


[35:08] Carrie’s experience of being raised Mormon, how women are often programmed to think a certain way when raised within organized religion, and where Carrie is at today in life.


[41:03] The biggest takeaway from Carrie’s Fit2Fat2Fit experience, and her challenge to every listener.




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