Sheleana Aiyana is a Spiritual Counselor, Founder of Rising Woman, and Author of the book, “Becoming The One.” In this powerful episode, Drew and Sheleana dive deep into the world of self-discovery, spirituality, and relationships. They dig into how to recognize and break toxic inherited relationship patterns, they explore when you should fight for a relationship versus end it, and even chat about setting healthy boundaries and expectations in a relationship – something that is often overlooked, yet crucial in a successful conscious relationship. If you want your relationship to be your happy place, then you don’t want to miss this episode!




[01:30] A brief summary of Sheleana’s chaotic upbringing, and how repeating the patterns of her childhood ultimately led her down a path of deep self-reflection and healing.


[14:47] Why it is so hard for people to learn how to love themselves to healing and happiness, the importance of treating a relationship as an “energy center,” and why now is the best time in history to build conscious and intentional relationships.


[26:40] Sheleana’s advice for those considering divorce or ending a relationship, and what the process of “becoming the one” looks like.


[36:02] Trauma vs. adversity, why you don’t have to experience trauma to grow, and the importance of creating strong, healthy families.


[43:00] Sheleana’s approach to establishing core values, how to healthily establish non-negotiables, and setting realistic expectations in relationships.




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