EP337: ANNOUNCING F2 Meals with Jody Rookstool

May 11, 2022 | Podcasts

In this exciting and historic episode, Drew chats with Jody Rookstool about launching F2 Meals – a groundbreaking meal prep company that is revolutionizing Keto meal prep. Aside from the mental and emotional hurdles that come with transitioning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consistently eating healthy food is the number one struggle that comes with taking control of your health. F2 Meals was designed from the ground up to deliver fresh, healthy, and delicious Keto meals straight to your door, so that you can spend more time focusing on crushing your goals, and less on spending hours meal-prepping the same recipes week after week. To learn more about F2 Meals, visit f2meals.com


Or click HERE.




[04:55] How Jody transitioned from the marketing space to selling food products, how he made Built Bar a household brand name, and the powerful story of why he transitioned to building a meal prep company.


[19:25] The difference between building a protein bar company and building a meal prep company, and how Jody is working to revolutionize the Keto meal prep space.


[27:36] How F2 Meals was created, its mission to deliver always fresh and never frozen food, and what sets F2 Meals apart from every other meal prep company.


[37:12] The process of creating great tasting Keto dishes, how you can try dozens of Drew’s unique recipes freshly prepped just for you, and how F2 Meals will be a game-changer for conveniently taking care of your health.


[44:31] Why a delivered meal prep is often cheaper and more convenient than the drive-thru or prepping yourself, why you should value your time, and how F2 Meals uses Keto coaches to tailor meal plans to each individual.




F2 Meals – F2 Meals is Drew’s new meal prep company that is revolutionizing Keto meal prep. Simply pick your meals, we cook and deliver them fresh and unfrozen, then heat and eat in minutes!




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