Dr. Reid Robison is a practicing Psychiatrist, Researcher, Chief Medical Officer of Novamind, and a leading figure in the field of psychedelic assisted therapy. In this powerful episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast, Drew sits down with Dr. Robison to take a deep dive into the topic of psychedelics. They discuss what they are, how they work, and the groundbreaking scientific results that show just how effective these medicines are at treating all kinds of mental health issues that plague our present-day society. If you have ever been curious about psychedelics, or wondered how they are already helping thousands of people heal deep wounds, then this episode is for you!




[07:00] How Dr. Robison discovered the realm of psychedelics, and the science behind how Ketamine helps to fight depression.


[19:58] The history of psychedelics in modern medicine, how they became taboo – to the point of becoming illegal – and how public perception is slowly shifting towards acceptance of psychedelic substances.


[29:05] The current state of psychedelics in the scientific community, the proven benefits of a few well-known substances, and the promising therapeutic results when incorporating psychedelic substances.


[45:29] Dr. Robison explains who may benefit from psychedelics, who should avoid them, and the process of psychedelic assisted clinical therapy.


[54:30] Where Dr. Robison see’s the future of psychiatry headed, the importance of adapting to new information, and 




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