It’s “simple,” but not easy. 

If it were that “simple” then why do millions of people still struggle with weight-loss? That is the theme of this week’s episode. In this episode, Drew dives deep into the reasons why weight loss is not as simple as the fitness industry makes it out to be. He also discusses why there is nothing easy about transformation for a majority of everyday people. If you have ever wondered why weight-loss is so dang hard – even when fitness gurus make it seem like it should be effortless – then this episode is for you!




[01:44] Drew explains why weight-loss isn’t always black and white, and why a simple approach isn’t always feasible or even accurate.


[06:54] What Drew recommends when it comes to tedious calorie counting, and the problems that Drew sees in the fitness industry that he is trying to solve.


[12:52] The importance of empathy in health and fitness, and how treating food like a drug might change the way that you look at transformation.                                                                                                                                        


[19:05] How living a life of comfort can limit your options in the future, and why learning how to live in discomfort is key to maintaining freedom even into old age.


[22:25] The marshmallow test, the temptation of instant gratification, and why we so often choose the easy path – even at the expense of our greatest asset as humans.




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