This episode contains audio from Drew’s recent live video which marked his return to social media. In this episode, Drew talks about why he had to take a break from social media, how he has begun the healing process, and what he has learned from the darkest time of his life. As Drew says – it’s not about comparing your trauma to others, but about what you are doing to learn and grow from it – and there are many things that we can all learn from Drew’s vulnerable story!




[02:08] Why Drew stepped away from social media, and the first tidal wave that came crashing through Drew’s life.


[11:30] The second tidal wave that hit Drew, and the immense struggle of being a single dad to two pre-teen girls.


[16:45] The most important aspects of beginning the healing process, and what helped Drew the most when he was at his lowest point.


[20:35] A few practical things that you can do to better yourself, work through traumatic experiences, and come out on the other side as reinvented, reinvigorated, and better than ever before.


[24:07] The biggest lessons that Drew has learned now that he has had time to reflect on the past couple of months, and some things for you to remember if you find yourself in a similar situation.




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