What’s up everyone, welcome to the fit to fat, to fit experience podcast. It’s me, your host, drew Manning a Fit to fat to fit guy. That’s so funny. How many people, when I’m at an expo or out and about, they’ll be like, Oh yeah, fit tight fit. I’ve heard of that, but nobody really knows the name drew Manning, which is fine. I don’t really have an ego about that. So I just think it’s funny. Uh, or if people see my pictures, you know, if I’m an expo or something like, Oh yeah, you’re that guy that did that. So anyway, it’s kind of funny. Thank you guys so much for tuning in today to the fit, to fat, to fit experience podcast. You guys, you need to stick around for this episode. I have Tony Horton, AKA P90X guy. Most people know his name, right? His infamous infomercial about peanut index blew up back in the day, still super popular.

He’s kind of like the Jaclyn lane of our era. Um, I was fortunate enough to get connected with him. Finally. Um, I’ve looked up to him, you know, ever since it became a personal trainer back in 2009, so was super honored to have him on the podcast. Uh, and I asked him some tough questions, some really interesting questions you guys. And at the end, he, he even thanked me for asking him some, uh, some, uh, some unique questions, I guess you could say, just cause I want to pick his brain about things other than it was your favorite workout or, uh, Hey, uh, you know, what’s your favorite thing about P90X? You know, there’s so much more to human being than, than their job, in my opinion. And so anyways, I wanted to kind of get to know him more on a personal level. So we kind of delve into some deep things.

He offered some great advice. You guys, uh, on things like preventing injuries and the importance of yoga, um, yeah, even some, uh, some spiritual benefits of that. So we dive into all of that. Uh, he gives some nutrition advice of course, and some exercise advice for those of you who want that. Um, but anyways, it’s a, it’s a great episode. You guys, and I’m super excited now I’ve had Shaunti and Tony Horton next on the list is Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. So you guys know them. If you guys know their, their email addresses and let me know, um, hope hoping to have all the big names on here eventually. All right, before we jump into the episode, you guys got to give a shout out to our show. Sponsors today’s episode is sponsored by quest kito.com. My friends over at quest keto, you guys, uh, they make delicious, healthy keto meals that are convenient.

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All right. Tony Horton. Welcome to the show, man. How you doing today? Drew on fire on fire, like a rocket going to the moon, man. I love it, man. I love your energy, man. That’s what I love about you. I’ve been a big fan of yours since 2009, to be honest with you back in the day when I became a trainer. And so I really appreciate the inspiration you provided to people like me and millions of other people across the world. Um, are you currently in LA right now? Where you, where you at? I am in the city of angels. I am, yes. This is where I reside. And um, yeah, I mean, I travel a lot. So you caught me anywhere. You caught me in Seoul, South Korea. You could have caught me in Kosovo, could have caught me in and uh, at Utah air national guard, air force base, or who knows, you know, I’m always on the move, but, uh, right now I’m hanging out at home.

It’s kinda nice. Well, that’s good, man. You, you definitely deserve a break every now and then, right? Yeah, I do. Yeah. I like, I like to chill man. That’s one of my favorite things. Well, good man. Okay. So I obviously, I have a lot of questions for you, man. Um, you’re, you know, I kinda wanna start from the beginning a little bit, you know, back in the day you were actually trying to become an actor, right? And you correct me if I’m wrong here, but you’re trying to become an actor, but your personal training on the side. And my question is at what point did you decide to take the leap of faith into the world of fitness and say, okay, this is my passion. This is what I was meant to be. What was that epiphany, that turning point that, you know, light that clicked on your brain that said, this is my path. Well, you know, I think quite often, um, it’s hard to describe a particular day or a moment or event. I mean, for me, there was a series of things that happened over the course of a couple of three years. That best describe the transition for, you know, one

Of them was the fact that I got hired to go to Minnesota of Dairyland land at 10,000 Lake. And I worked with Nordic track and I did some, I did some on camera stuff for them. I did some, I did a little, two minute infomercials for one of their products. I get a lot of their instructional videos for their Nordic track. You know, how to put the thing back, put, take a thing to get in and stuff like that. And so they liked me because I, you know, I had some acting background and I could walk and chew gum at the same time. I looked like a guy who, who worked out, but at the same time I could, you know, hit my Mark and read a teleprompter and be able to transcend the information the way they wanted me to. And I thought, Oh wow, this is an interesting combination of events.

You know, I’m able to be a trainer. I mean, I was training people. I, you know, at that point I was driving around town. Like a lot of people, I didn’t, I never had a, I was never a trainer in the gym. I was always a trainer that kinda like bopped around town. So, and I had a lot of celebrities. So I get up early at five o’clock in the morning and I officially I’d finished nine o’clock at night. It was the long day driving from Malibu to Venice, to sexy city, to Hollywood, you know, so, or Beverly Hills. Um, but you know, those two things didn’t really merge until then. And then, you know, very fortunately I met, I met Carl declare who at that point was working for another company. He’s now a CEO of beach body. And he said, you know, I like your style.

Cause he and I were working out together. I was training him here and there. And I would often did a movie with Antonio Banderas. There was a bunch of European actors that I was getting in shape for all these fight scenes. And he came back and I said, you know what you said, I want to do this thing with you called great body, guaranteed. I can pay a couple grand and we’re going to knock these things out. We’ll go to a local gym and then we’ll shoot some there. And then we’ll, uh, we’ll go onto the beach cause RADA money, we’ll shoot them. We’ll shoot them in the fog. It’s the beach at seven 30 in the morning. And um, and I went, yeah, great. You know, so it wasn’t like I ever decided at some point that I was going to do this specific thing, like, Oh yeah, I’m going to start this career or I’m going to be, you know, America’s fitness clown.

Right. So for me it was really just, you know, getting jobs here and there, you know, and still training people and still bartending bar and still doing whatever I needed to do to pay my bills. But this thing took off, you know, it’s like some people have an idea, you know, like do, I’ll do a webcast or they’ll do like a web series on TV. And all of a sudden they’ve got, they got a show on HBO, you know, and there’s a lot of years that have just sort of, you know, following your passion. And that’s what it was for me. I really, I enjoyed not working for the man. I enjoy being able to help people and transform people’s physical, mental, and emotional state through exercise and eating better. And I’m in that. And I didn’t know I was going to end up here, but it doesn’t suck.

Now I can only imagine. And the thing is I can actually relate to that because with my, you know, fit to fat to fit journey and how it evolved. And it wasn’t just one single event that maybe take this leap of faith because I was working in the medical field full time, you know, to pay the bills and I liked it, but I was personal training on the side. And then I had this idea and then, yeah, it just kind of took off and, uh, over a series of events here we are now for me, you know, six years later still doing what I love. And, and, and it seems like that you kind of went through the same things, but I was just curious, cause I could, I could kind of relate to your story in that sense of like, you know, what the steps you have that, that happened in order for you to get to where you’re at.

I’m always curious to know how that happened. I’m now talking about the past a little bit again. So I want to talk to you about certifications, personal training certifications when you started out as a trainer was, I mean, I think I’ve heard you talk about this in the past of like personal trainers certifications. It’s cool. Is it necessarily, I don’t know, experiences way more important in your opinion. Can you talk a little bit about that? Because I think I remember you talking about this in an interview a long time ago. Um, and I’m just curious to know your thoughts on, okay, if you want to be a personal trainer, what step one get certified? What’s your take on all that?

Well, you know, Hey, you know, at this stage of the game, people are scrutinizing more and more and more. And so they want to make sure that you have a little kinesiology background. So exercise science and nutrition science, you know, it doesn’t hurt by any means. It just gives you credibility. When I first started back in the day, the whole training thing was like the wild, wild West, you know, bodybuilders were big and people want to know how do you do that? And they used to, they would show them, you know, and, uh, you know, unless of course you were at a, you were at a, in a professional setting or you were in a collegiate setting, you know, you had to have a degree and, and, and certain things to be able to even get hired. And, you know, therefore you were able to have the, the wherewithal or the knowledge, the background to be able to train collegiate professional athletes.

And so when I first started, you know, I was just, I was hanging around and Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwartzenegger at world gym down in Venice. And my whole philosophy back then was the whole building burns thing, you know, like, Oh, I’m gonna, I’m going to do chest. And back today, I can do legs tomorrow. I’m going to do, you know, uh, shoulders and arms. And, you know, there was a, you’d rotate these things when you’d be in the gym for an hour and 45 minutes, and then you get on the bike for 45 minutes and that was sort of the gist of it. Right. And then, you know, over the course of time, partly because I was, you know, I was running into boredom and I was running into injuries and I was not seeing the results I wanted in other aspects of my life.

I’ve, you know, I kind of was just curious. So I, you know, I went to a bunch of great yoga classes and I took Pilates classes and I, you know, went to mixed martial arts classes and I was just sort of a self-taught guy for awhile. And then as, as Beachbody, you know, came along and that became more popular, uh, people were like, Oh, what’s your certification? Um, you know, so then I went out and I, you know, I got my certifications, but, but, um, I mean, we even have a certification for P90X. You know what I mean, if you want to be peanuts certified, you want to know that, you know, the basic philosophy behind muscle confusion, which is really no different than periodization training, which was what Jack Lane was doing, you know, in the forties and fifties, you know what I mean? So there’s, you know, there’s just having a general knowledge of the body and making sure that you’re not, you know, you’ve got 65 year old guys doing, you know, upright rows and doing, you know, military presses behind their head.

And, you know, in, in lunging with 40, you know, with, with, uh, two 45 in each hand, you know, for somebody who is a track athlete, like what, you know, it just, this is something the basics and knowing how to best help people. Um, and that’s how that was my early start, you know, but I, I would say at this stage of the game, if you’re in our career, it’s like any career it’s like, how well do you communicate with people? I mean, I was a communications major in college and a little did I know that that was going to help me be able to disseminate information in such a way so that the type of artistic rhetoric I use, you know, known as humor will allow people to sort of want to continue to come back day after, day after day. And, and, you know, so I had some other, I had some other breakthrough ideas, um, things like, you know, not assuming that everybody who’s watching is going to be able to do it exactly like the three fitness models behind me.

You know, I gave people modifications. I told people to hit the pause button. I had a lot of silly humor doing impressions of Tara axles, whatever the hell it is. And so I would, you know, I would show up on the set and I would turn off the filter and I would just go be myself. And sometimes we’d have to cut because I’d go too far. But, but, but, um, I understand that, you know, and you probably know this as well, you know, your part, part therapist part shrink, um, you know, part trainer. So, so, and you have to deal with the nuances of people’s lives. And I was pretty good at that. I mean, I had Tom petty, Billy idol, Annie Lennox, Osher, Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery, Stevie Nicks. I mean, I had all these, these celebrity types and every time I walked through the door, you know, you were dealing with entourages and managers and producers and directors and, and, uh, and all their people.

And so you had to kind of filter through them and get to the client and make sure they’re getting the best results. And, and that really, that really had to do with your personality more than anything, you know, but you also wanted to make sure, like my whole thing was variety. And when I had Billy idol, sometimes we hit the bag. Sometimes we did wait. Sometimes we did body stuff. Sometimes we did strictly core. Sometimes we would do yoga. I mean, I introduced Bruce Springsteen to, to yoga and flexibility and a heart monitor and all these things that he had never experienced before, because he was just lifting weights, you know? And so now he’s, you know, he’s got his own trainer as well, but I only saw him occasionally, but I just started, you know, my idea, my thing is work on your weaknesses, you know, and, and, uh, but get your certifications, man. I mean, you know, it never hurts, especially when you’re first starting out. Yeah.

Yeah. I agree. 100% with that. Um, you know, my take on it though, is you could have all the knowledge in the world, but if you can’t relate to your client, you know, if there’s no chemistry there between you and them, it’s going to be hard for them to stay with you. And one of the quotes I live by is nobody cares how much, you know, until they know how much you care about them. And in the world of training, you know, especially one-on-one, it’s cool to have all the knowledge. And I am not trying to say, like, that’s not important. Trust me. It is. But to have all those tools in your belt to help someone that’s really struggling, but at the end of the day, if you can’t relate to them on a personal level or they feel like you just aren’t there, you don’t care about them or, um, you’re all about the money. It probably won’t last long, right? Yeah.

Yeah, man. And I know a lot of cats with PhDs with a view of the train station, you know what I mean? Yeah. There’s studio apartment. So, so you just, you just have to be, you just gotta, you have to move and think and behave and, and, and listen to, you know, to your situation, if that makes any sense and be really super flexible and open minded. And, um, and, uh, and, you know, for example, I’m going to go up to Jackson hall. I usually go for the month of February. And, um, and you know, we did a fundraiser for habitat for humanity I’ve it was the third year in a row where I was the MC and, you know, we try to raise money for different events. So one was the earthquake in Nepal. The other one where’s the, uh, the massive, uh, typhoon in the Philippines and this year was for a learning center for this, for young kids in Jackson hole. And so, you know, there I am and I’m doing my thing. And, uh, um, and I think, I, I think I’m, you know, they keep having me back because, you know, I’m not just a trainer who tells you how many reps and how much weight and blah, blah, blah, that, you know, I can think quick, quick on my feet and, uh, and, um, and, uh, have some fun. And, and, um, I don’t know why I brought that, but

No, it is kind of like an art, right? You do have to, it’s not just cut and paste black and white. Okay. Here’s your body fat percentage. Here’s your heart, right? Boom, boom, boom. Let’s do go down the checklist. You do have to be flexible, spontaneous and be open and listen, really understand how to listen to people instead of, um, you know, listening to someone to respond, right. Really listening

The idea here is to become more popular. So the more popular become the more, the more, the more eyeballs are on you and the more access you’ll have to different situations that are going to help your career and business grow. So, you know, what is your, you know, is your fate, is your Facebook page, are you active there? Do you have a, you know, do you have a YouTube channel? Do you, uh, what’s your Instagram look like, uh, do you have a podcast? Like you, you know, do you have, um, you have an electronic press kit ready for people. Uh, if they want to know where to go and see what you’re doing, you know, these are just sort of the basic rules of, of building a business and becoming more successful. Yeah.

Yeah. Which is funny how it’s evolved over the years. Right. Cause back in the day, you didn’t have to worry about Twitter, Twitter, and Snapchat and Instagram. Right?

No, man, it was networking, networking, and giving out your business card and yes, it’s changed. And if you don’t change with it, well then you’re not going to grow with everybody else.

Well, that’s true. That’s so true. Okay. Speaking of change, this is the big thing that I get asked a lot and you know, I’ve heard you talk on it, but you, you, you kind of have a really good point. Um, people being ready to change, um, you’re trying to help somebody, even if it’s like a family member, family member, someone you love, you, you want them to, you know, embrace this healthy lifestyle that, you know, you know, is, will make them happier. Talk about like some of the struggles maybe you’ve had personally with, you know, even people in your own family. I know you talked about your mom before, but uh, people that you, you just, it’s not their time. Like they’re not just not ready to change no matter how influential you are in the fitness world,

The worst kind of advice is the kindness never been asked for in the first place period. You know? So your, your greatest intentions usually are received with resentment. So you’re getting an opposite effect based on, on your, your Goodwill and your desire to help. But, you know, it’s like trying to get an alcoholic to stop drinking. You know what I mean? You’re trying to get an, a drug addict to stop, stop taking drugs. It’s not as severe. They can still survive and get through life. You know, they could probably still show up to work and get in traffic and be decent parents. But, you know, you can see, you can see the slide, you can see that, that things are becoming more difficult for them. They’re having more illnesses and injuries in life. And maybe they’re only in their thirties, forties, fifties. So, so, and you know, it’s like anybody it’s like learning a new word, right.

Because you learn what the, you learn, what the word conundrum means, and then you use it in a sentence. And then when somebody doesn’t understand what you’ve said, you’re you think you’re an idiot, you know, like, well, you only learned the word 15 seconds ago. Right? So, so it’s just a matter of, of, uh, being conscious of the fact that your journey didn’t happen overnight or mine didn’t or most people’s don’t, you know, some people are athletic and they were always athletic and they had athletic parents and they were, you know, naturally genetically gifted. And so, uh, and they ended, you know, maybe they have a background in that sort of thing either when it comes to health or wellness or nutrition or something. And so for them, it’s just part of who they already are. But for the vast majority of people who are suffering in this healthcare crisis, it is as far away as the moon, you know?

And so you’re asking them to basically, you know, uh, completely turn the ship around, um, 180 degrees and they’re just not ready to do it. And so all you can really do is just live by example and, and, and, you know, answer the kinds of questions that can be answered only when you’re asked, you know, like you mentioned with my mother, you know, my mother had some major health issues. She died of cancer. It’s 73. And, you know, she didn’t live as long as her parents, which is crazy. Her parents lived into their eighties and, uh, you know, a lot of it. And so genetically, she was kind of set up, but she smoked cigarettes. And then she had whooping, cough as a kid. And when you get, when you, she also had severe arthritis and in the early stages of some Parkinson’s disease. And so you, you know, but if you look at all the science and obviously cigarettes, I mean the metals out, you know what I mean?

It’s like, you know, if you want to increase your chance of getting some kind of throat mouse, lung, esophagus, cancer, 40 fold and smoke cigarettes, you know what I mean? And I’m when you’re young, you think I’m going to live forever, but when you get older, you realize the consequences, right? So, and then when it comes to food, I mean, diet is the, is, is the leading cause of most illnesses in this country, you know? I mean, like Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, and, and, you know, 25 different kinds of cancers, uh, I mean sugar, Holy crap. I mean, people who overeat sugar, you know, their insulin levels spike. If they’re your, body’s trying to figure out what to do with that stuff. It looks for mutated cells and mutated cells turn into cancer cells from just overeating sugar. You know? So I only need to hear that two or three times before I go, you know, what the hell man?

And I just thought, wow. I mean, I’m 58. So I want the last 40 years of my life to frigging rock, you know? And I don’t want it. I mean, I look a lot of my peers and family members, and I think you’re done you’re in your forties or fifties, your sixties, you’re done, you know, like there, you’re just scouting for escalators and elevators. You know what I mean? It’s like, Oh, sorry, man, you got to take them two flights of stairs and that’d be, that’s like a journey. It’s like, they’re climbing Kilimanjaro. You know, they know me, I take two at a time backwards.

So it’s like, you know, everybody’s like, Oh, I want to work out because I want six pack abs or bigger arms or chest, or, you know what I mean? That’s all ego, that’s all aesthetics. That’s all you caring too much about what other people think about you, that’s you caring too much about the scale and the tape measure and the mirror. And it has nothing to do with the quality of life and your health. It’s zero, you know? And so there’s some of that. I mean, I, you know, I’ll, you know, I’ll lift up my shirt and show my ass anytime, but it’s not, you know, I mean, I work out because it’s good for my head. You know, I work out because at the end of a workout, I feel great. And I, when I don’t work out, I don’t feel as good. So I’m going to work out, you know?

Um, and when I get up in the morning, I’m not going to have a bowl of freaking fruit loops. Cause I’m an adult. I’m not gonna have not gonna have pancakes or waffles because it’s the same thing as birthday cake, it’s sugar, butter, and, uh, um, uh, and flour. That’s, that’s what, that’s what a bagel is. People. It’s an unsweetened birthday cake. So think about that next time you put that in your discipline, do you have it? Or don’t you, are you nuts? Some people haven’t, some people don’t, some people, you know, you are your tribe. If you’re, if you’re hanging around, if your best five friends are world-class mountain climbers, you might be interested in that. You know what I mean? You might turn into a badass, but if your friends are just sitting around drinking beers, eating pizza, smoking cigarettes, and watching the game well, then, you know, welcome to the load. It, you know, so it really depends on these are simple things that you can change. You know, man, I did a course with Brendan, Rashard called living large with Tony Horton. And, um, and that’s what I talk about. You know, it’s all based on my book, the big picture. And so, you know, people are interested in that and interested more into what I’m doing and they can check it out. But yeah,

Yeah, yeah. We’ll put all that in the show notes, but yeah, I feel like anytime, if your, why is based on physical looks or appearance or wanting to be skinny or have a six pack and that’s going to get burned out, you’re going to get burnt out. Eventually if you’re just going to the gym to look good, even I’ve been through that as a personal trainer who, you know, I would do chest and back and, you know, legs and shoulders, you know, go through that routine of the same thing. Like, okay, you know, I want to get leaner. I want to get bigger. I’m going to get, you know, more shredded and that’s cool, but that kind of burns over time. And the older you get now that I’m 36, you know, for me, it’s like, I want to live a long time. I don’t, I don’t want to die in my fifties.

I want to be healthy. And yeah, I do like to look good. That’s one of the byproducts of living a healthy lifestyle over time. But anytime your wife has focused on, okay, I want to be skinny. You’re going to get burnt out of that really quick. And you need to find a bigger why it has to be. There has to be more than, than just wanting to look good in life. And so getting people to change that over, especially here in America, we’re so, you know, we have this diet mentality of how do I lose the most amount of weight with the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time, right? That’s like the solution everybody’s searching for. And we’re so addicted to that. Um, but in reality it requires a true lifestyle change, which has to, um, has to be your mental and emotional challenges being overcome. And so I definitely relate to everything you’re saying and eating all this up. And I think people listening as well are starting to realize this is going to require a lifestyle change. Now that doesn’t mean you need to go from a to Z today, right. Start with baby steps. Small changes will lead to big changes down the road. So

Yeah. You know, like there’s two different philosophies. There’s, you know, when it comes to diet, for example, it’s all right. Well, what if I cut out these two things or these three things, the types of foods, you know? And, uh, and if I start and if I, if I cut out, let’s say I cut out some dairy and I cut out refined carbs, and I cut out, you know, uh, fried foods, then I have to find replacements, you know? So, but then, you know, another philosophy is, well, don’t think about cutting things out as much as adding things in and add things in automatically, you are, you know, you look for example, there’s so many high caloric foods, right? That I have no nutritional value. And so you constantly feel hungry because you’re not getting the nutrition, even though you’re bloated and full, you feel like I’m still hungry.

It’s because, you know, these things are typically high in fat, sugar and salt, and they’re low and low in nutrients and fiber and protein maybe. But you know, all of a sudden when you start eating healthier foods, you don’t, you know, the cravings are still gonna be there, but you’re, you’re full enough that you don’t have that, you know, that chemical response inside of your brain that says I want, or you want more of something horrible. And so it really depends on the individual. You know, I had a great interview with Brendan Brasier yesterday from Vega. Who’s just, just, you should have him on, on your show. And he’s just, he’s just filled with so much knowledge, his whole, his whole history, his whole story is really fascinating as well. But then when you listen to him, you go, Jay, why would I not eat lagoons and beans and salads, every meal, man, you know, feel like the Phoenix rising from the earth.

But, uh, yeah. You know, so it just takes time. And a lot of, you know, you have to have a certain amount of discipline. You have to have a program and you have to have faith. You have to have faith and a belief system and what you’re doing and what happens to a lot of people is they don’t have good guides or mentors or coaches. And, and, uh, and maybe they might even have some kind of a system that works, but, but they’re left on their own. You know, I left her on their own to sort of pull it off and, and, you know, just a bad day or not having good, not having a good, good support system. And it all goes to hell and it didn’t really have to, so it’s, it’s serendipitous in a certain way. You know, there’s a lot of things that have to kind of line up, um, or to work once they start working, once it starts, you know, once you get some momentum, um, then, then you can, you know, then your armor is a little bit stronger over time and you can take those hips and Knicks, you know, and, and, and keep going.

Yeah. Yeah, no, so true. I know we can talk about, you know, exercise and nutrition all day. Uh, cause that’s what people like, right. People that’s, that’s, what’s sexy. Okay. What do I change my workout routine to get this result? What I change my diet to get this result. When in reality it’s more so about the mental, emotional, spiritual changes that are happening along the way, because like I said, you know, just being skinny, isn’t going to bring you happiness or getting six back. It doesn’t bring you happiness. You have to look inside and figure out, you know, uh, and realize that happiness comes from the inside out. I’m curious to know for you, you know, are there certain things you have in place in your life right now, uh, with your age, you know, mental, emotional, spiritual things that have helped you stay fit on the psychological and spiritual level instead of, you know, just exercise and, and eating healthy, like, uh, meditation, reading books, certain routines that you go through every day. Can you talk about that if you have any

Well, you know, for, for, I don’t have anything specific every day because my schedule is, is ever changing and there have been phases in my life where, um, uh, I was doing a lot of personal development work to kind of get myself into this place I’m in now. And I, and I feel like it’s funny cause you know, not a lot of people know this, but I’m in sort of a transition now I’m, you know, I’m going to be 60 in it in a year and a half. And I’m, you know, not that I’m thinking about retirement, I don’t wouldn’t even know what that looks like. I mean, if people want me to show up to things and talk about things and be at, um, you know, be at events and, and been build a program that I’m, you know, I’m all in, you know, I mean, if I, if I’m still relevant at that stage, well then, you know, sign me up.

But you know, there was an earlier stage where, you know, there was a lot of personal development, a lot of Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil and Gary Zuckoff and Keith Ellis and John Rady. And, you know, I read the books and did the seminars, you know, I mean, I’ve been doing some work recently in my, in this sort of transitional period with Brendan Bouchard, you know, who’s sort of the, you know, the, the number one, um, personal development online specialist. So Oprah has done two courses with him, Tony Robbins, uh, Larry King, myself, usher, uh, Arianna Huffington, no, these are all, you know, pretty well known folks. You know, I’m probably, you know, more of a C minus they’re more like plus the B B, but, but, you know, I’m just honored to be able to work with him and learn a lot more about how to move forward in life and, and, and, and create balance.

You know, I learned years ago about, you know, Taoists thoughts of yin and yang. I’d read a lot of Dallas books back in the day and we say ying and yang in this country for whatever reason, but it was just letting the pendulum pendulum swing in both directions. You know, I mean, go hardcore work the edge of that envelope, max out your reps, you know, I mean, I’ve jumped out of helicopter. It would be Chinooks with the golden Knights. I’ve been in an [inaudible] seven times, go on the speed of sound and doing flips and then 8.8 G’s, you know, I’ve flown with the Thunderbirds and throw up in that thing. You know what I mean? So, you know, I mean, I don’t say no very often, uh, I’m petrified before I, you know, I do half of these things to people saying, Hey man, come to, you know, come to Okinawa to Kadena air force base and get an [inaudible].

Sure. You know what I mean? And you know, same thing when it comes to my training, you know, I mean, it’s like simple things like how many pull ups can I do in, in a minute? You know, I did 45 in a minute, not too bad, 60 dips in a, in a, in a minute, just check, you know, but making sure that I’m doing a lot of yoga and making sure that I’m, you know, I’m having a lot of, you know, foam rolling and Epsom salt baths and hydration and plenty of sleep, man, plenty of sleep. And so, you know, the biggest issue in the, in the, you know, these two things aren’t talked about enough, it’s dehydration sleep deprivation. I mean, most of us walk around in that state dehydrated and sleep deprived. So your body, your joints, your muscles, your intent, your, your, your tendons, your, uh, your organs are working overtime just because you’re, you’re poorly.

You’re, you’re, you’re, you’re not hydrated and you’re not, you know, you’re doing, you don’t have the proper nutrition in your body and you know, our circadian cycle, it is important at night. You know, you want to be in that deep sleep. You don’t want to be in sort of that half awake, half sleep state, because you’re all stressed out about, you know, things you haven’t done or things you gotta do or conversations you have to have. And so you go to bed late, cause you’re all wired. And then you have to get up early and go to work. And it’s only six and a half hours, no, six and a half hours were terrible. I mean, Arianna Huffington has got this whole thing about sleep, you know? I mean, it’s just, it seems like sort of a done there, been there, done that, been there kind of conversation.

Yeah. We all know we need to have to get seven and a half to eight hours of sleep, but most of us in this country just don’t do it. And, and even if we’re lying there for that period of time, we’re not getting good sound sleep. So, you know, I I’m, I only meditate on the, on a blue moon on a perfect day when the, you know, uh, when the suns and stars are lined up. It’s not something that, that I do, but I do have a awesome five to 10 to 15 minute meditation that I share with people at a lot of my events that they get a lot out of, you know? Um, so, you know, for me, it’s just finding balance man balances, everything. And, and, um, and, uh, if you don’t have that, then you’re just going to feel burnt out and you’re not going to have the energy and enthusiasm to kind of go after life the way you’d like. Yeah, no. So true. And then, you know, I think people

Cool over time will evolve and upgrade there, whether it’s nutrition or whether their exercise programs or their lifestyle, or, you know, little things here and there, like 10 years ago, I had no idea what I knew what meditation was, but I’m like, that’s weird. I’m not going to do that. And now I love it. Right. And I’m older and wiser and you pick up on things as you go throughout life. If you’re stuck in the same place of doing, you know, three sets of 10 and the gym, it’s time to look into new options and you’re spending an hour and a half. It’s like, but you’re stuck with where you are. You’re hitting a plateau, you know, just like everything else in life, you need upgrade, you need to evolve, find what’s what will work better, more efficiently for you. And, um, you know, whether that’s a different exercise routine or implementing meditation, or starting to read books, instead of watching so many movies, um, you know, those kinds of things that people need to upgrade.

And so I think that’s, that’s really, really good advice. Um, I kinda wanna talk to you, uh, kind of shifting gears here, genetics. I know some people a lot of time think, you know, Hey, it’s because of my genetics. I remember when I did my Fitbit to fit journey. And for six months, you know, I got fat on purpose, right? People told me in the beginning, Hey, you’re, you’re in shape because of your genetics, your genetics won’t allow you to gain 75 pounds in six months. Like I did. I even surprised myself. I didn’t know I was going to gain that much, but I think people place a lot of emphasis on, I am this way because of my genetics and it is what it is and I can’t change it. Therefore, why even try?

Well, you know, it’s funny our journey, our life span, um, and even, even the, the course in the, even during the course of a day or a week or a month, maybe is dictated, you know, by three different things that are happening simultaneously. And that is, you know, our genetics are going to either make us vulnerable or durable on some level. You know what I mean? But, but what plays a bigger part is environment and behavior more than anything. And you know, you look at Jack Lalaine is his father passed away at 50 because of bad behavior. Jack lived to be 96. He’d probably still be around, but he ended up in a hospital with pneumonia and the hospital screwed him up. You know, at least that’s what his wife told me. Um, so, so, you know, I mean, a lot of it is attitude.

You know what I mean? If you’re, uh, if you’re, uh, if you’re a pessimistic, poor eating, uh, not moving physically, uh, individual with, with a bad family life and, and no hobbies, and, and you’re not pursuing your purpose. Well, hello. I mean, you’re in your environment and your behavior are going to dictate a bad ride, you know? And so, um, and look, some people are ectomorph, some are mesomorphs from Miranda Morris, there’s a certain amount of genetic stuff. That’s, that’s at play. I’m an ectomorph. Right. So, um, I don’t know, maybe you’re a mess or something, but, but, uh, you know, if you’re a Samoan, you’re not going to be a, a 98 pound supermodel just ain’t gonna happen. You know what I mean? It’s just as more containing as fat. It’s just in your genetics, you know what I mean? You might want to be a linebacker or a lineman, you know what I mean?

So, so, but anybody can be healthy, you know what I mean? So if it’s really, if it’s about your health, we could all eat the same stuff and be healthy, but would we all eat the same stuff? I don’t know. Probably not. I mean, if you’re Italian or if you’re a, or if you’re, you know, Indonesia or you’re Vietnamese, there’s certain tastes and flavors and stuff that you would want to consume based on your culture. You know what I mean? But there are foods within your culture that are still healthy. You know what I mean? There are universal foods that are kind of bad for everybody. Like, you know, dr. Pepper and Doritos don’t do it. You know what I mean? If it’s manufactured, if you know, if it’s, if it comes in a box, a bottle of can or a bag, you might want to flip it over and see what’s inside.

Because nine times out of 10, the people that are manufacturing, that stuff care more about their bottom dollar than they do your health. And so you have to, you have to decide whether you want to be somebody who’s interested in those types of things. But if you eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, I don’t care what your genetics are. That behavior is going to make you a healthy person. Maybe won’t give you that aesthetic ego-based appearance that you’re, you’re hoping for, but then that’s just going to make you crazy. So stop doing that. You know what I mean? It’s like stop doing things that you can’t control, and you think that you can, but if you’re miserable all the time, while you’re trying to do something, well, then get, that’s a pretty clear sign. You know, that’s pretty clear sign that the fact that you’re trying to lose 45 pounds and this number 40 fives in your head, and if I’m 40 pounds, 45 pounds lighter, my life is going to be awesome.

But the entire journey is health. You know what I mean? And you cheat all the time and then you gain and you lose and you gain you’ll lose. And then maybe at one point when you’re at your most miserable, your 45 pounds are done, and then you go, all right, well, what am I supposed to do now? And then you start pile driving food. Again, the idea here is, wow, what if I just found healthy food to eat that I, like, I found the restaurants that provide me with those types of meals that I enjoy eating that are still healthy. And I figured out ways to cook certain foods that I, that are, you know, not, not going to take me an hour and a half in the kitchen, but then a relatively quick and still really healthy that I enjoy eating. Cause it has the flavor, it has the texture and it’s filled with nutrition.

So I’m not going to crave more of it in 25 minutes. And what, you know, like this works for everybody, there’s, you know, there are universal truths and there are fake, uh, things that people think are universal for everybody else. Right? So you have to kind of, you know, have to kind of cut and paste your way through, through the bologna and begin to figure out what works for you. And you know, maybe you’re not supposed to be in the gym bodybuilding. Maybe you’re supposed to be at the track, or maybe you’re supposed to be spending more time in yoga class, or maybe like you you’re supposed to, you know, discover meditation. I put yoga in every single program I’ve created except for the last one, which was a bootcamp program. I should’ve put it in there, but I got talked out of it cause I didn’t pay for it.

But, but I mean, yoga is yoga requires patience. It requires you listening to what’s happening in the moment because things are moving extremely slowly. You know, in most yoga classes, it also has balanced, which you don’t get in a lot of different types of fitness. It has strength, obviously, you know, you’re doing it. If you’re doing shoulder stands and plank and up dog and down dog and your, you know, your there’s constant tension on your arms and shoulders and chest. Um, and, um, there’s, there’s flexibility, which is, you know, one of the most things, not only physically, but also sort of, uh, when it comes to the rest of your life, just being flexible, being, you know, being open minded, being willing to, to reinvent yourself. I mean, you know, you’re a guy that was in the gym, like me lifting heavy weights, and then you finally figured out, well, maybe a little meditation, which is sort of the antithesis of, of bodybuilding, you know, but that just makes you a more evolved guy.

Do you want to be more evolved? Do you want to, you know, or not? And it comes from constant education. I mean, most people just stop learning after high school and college they’re done. They figure like I got all the answers. I have a job on paying my bills. What more do I need to know? You know what I mean? Then if you realize, Oh wow, I played some softball. I ran down to first base of both my hamstrings exploded. Oh, why look at me, I’m looking so fit. You know, because your hamstrings are like rebar back there, but your, your, your quads are overdeveloped and no supplies, no surprise. You can’t play any sports because you just focus too much on the aesthetic. You know what I mean? So, you know, I’ll do a, I’ll do an event and there’ll be 800 to 28,000 people.

And I’ll say, you know, all right, let’s all get into, [inaudible] not everybody knows what I’m talking about. You know, 15 years ago, they would’ve looked at me and go on what you know, so it’s just, it’s just in your job. And my job is to help educate people so that they understand that it’s not just about one thing or two things it’s really to be well rounded. It’s about being openminded, it’s about, you know, improving in a myriad of different areas of your life. Not only physically, mentally and emotionally, but even spiritually, if you want to, through a variety of different things that can provide them with more information so that they can be better people to love final day on earth. Boom, there’s the life

I was going to say, where’s the mic at? Did he drop it? Okay. No, that was perfect, man. That was, and that was really, really powerful, to be honest with you. And, and I can, you know, kind of set a better man. Um, you know, life is an interesting journey and what’s so cool is, is nowadays there’s so many avenues of so many methods to get this education out there to the mainstream media, right? You don’t have to, uh, be a celebrity to have access to the celebrity trainer that knows all the secrets right now. You can, you know, there’s, there’s free podcasts. You can just, it’s so funny. You can enter in any topic you want, whether it’s like game of Thrones or religion, or, you know, mountain biking and there’s a podcast about it and you can learn anything you want and it’s free, you know, use it, download it.

And boom, it’s like almost like the matrix where you just instantly downloaded it to your brain. It’s not that evolved yet, but it’s getting out there getting the message out there, the education to the mainstream, you know, your average, middle America person that, you know, really doesn’t know. And I think, uh, you know, you’re doing a great job of that and, uh, you know, hopefully I’m doing a great job of that. Try my best. But, um, yeah, it’s been, it’s been a really, really interesting to see how technology has helped us evolve as well. Um, okay. Shifting gears here, cause we’re running out of time. I want to give you some time to talk about Tony Horton care, um, you know, new books or new workout programs that you’re working on. Uh, let’s, let’s talk about that for a little,

Well, you know, I’ve had great success in one and one area, but you know, like we’ve been talking about it. I’m always trying to reinvent myself and look at the different things that, that interest me, you know? And so, um, when I was in Connecticut, Rhode Island, you know, I wasn’t exposed to the sun as much. I moved out to California and um, I kind of ruined my skin. You know, I was in suntan Boosie. I was one 10 man, you know, and I just thought that maybe not my made my blue eyes pop and uh, whatever, you know, my, my ego was telling me that women find me more attractive if I was really, you know, a bronze and fit at the same time. And so I re I wrecked my skin man, pretty bad. And so, you know, for example, I just got back to the dermatologist and I had over 60 different little, little things on both my arms zapped off. So I look like I’ve been hunting with Dick Cheney. Um, so, um, you’ll have to Google that one if you’re young,

But, but, uh, and, and so now

Paying the price. And so there was this guy, Patrick Dockery, he’s got a great company, great organization enjoys one of his main products. And I was on a TV show. I was on the cover of his magazine and, um, you know, he would send me boxes and boxes of his stuff. And I said, Hey, you know, I’ve got these, I’ve got this dry skin. And yeah, I don’t know about pH balance. And I’m just kind of curious about different things. I was asking what kind of ingredients and what his products would help me. And he said, well, why don’t I formulate something specifically for you? And we’ll get like a 4.5 to 5.5 pH balance in some hair and skin line, you know, we’ll just do a shampoo and a body wash, and we’ll do like a face and body spray and, and just make it for you.

And then, you know, this is awesome. I felt, Oh, well, why don’t we provide this for more people, who’ve made these kinds of mistakes with their hair and skin. And we did. And so now, you know, it’s called T H care and that was my initials. And, um, and you know, you can go to my website, Tony Horton, life.com, and it’s right there and you can buy them. We have a two for one now, which is kind of cool. And we just expanded the line. We have, you know, we had just two products, which you don’t want to come out of the box with a bunch of stuff and, and spend all that money and go whitewash. It didn’t work out. So we have a conditioner now we have shaving cream. Um, and, uh, and so it’s, it’s, it’s great. And, you know, we’ve, we’ve got a lot of people who are, you know, regular, regular buyers and our reviews are off the charts.

And, um, cause you know, this is a guy who’s, you know, he it’s, it’s made here in California, it made in the U S today and California, we got this thing called prop 65. And so, you know, you can’t even, you know, you gotta use a huge, vast of shampoo or conditioner or something and nothing go down the drain, it’s all gotta be especially processed. It’s gotta be taken away. And these tankers, I mean, it’s super restrictive. You gonna understand why people go to other countries like Mexico and China to make stuff because I don’t want to deal, but you know, this guy is a native Californian and he wants to employ a lot of people who are local. And it’s a really cool combination of both science and nature and these products, you know, there’s, Alvera print planters, resurrection plant, um, and, um, and the pH balance is spot on for, I mean, skin and hair types.

So, you know, I just, I like to research things. I like to help myself, you know, I was exercising initially to help myself, you know, and I, I was looking at this to try to help myself and I think, well, I’m not the only person. And this is really interesting to me. So I take care of the inside. This stuff takes care of the outside. And, um, you know, of course the other thing too, that is, uh, that we’re really excited about is the new hardcore program, a 22 minute hardcore. And, um, you can get that at Tony Horton, life.com as well. I mean, that’s sort of the hub, my website, where you can find everything. It’s a boot camp. It’s eight weeks, I’m nine ninth week, hell week. My wife’s favorite program of all the ones I’ve ever done. Cause it’s 22 minutes, man.

It’s so down and dirty, you know, it’s mean it’s nasty, it’s gorilla crawls, it’s water bugs, it’s burpees, it’s squats, it’s lunges as, you know, pull ups are in there as well. It’s just a, you know, it’s just, you know, there’s no equipment required. You just get on the floor with a mat and you go, man, you know? And so in a very small space, we just want to get back to basics. Whereas P90X was pretty nice. It was everything, man. You were hit with the kitchen sink with P90X, you know, I mean it was core Synergistics and chest and back and yoga and Kempo and Pilates and all of it. And so, you know, a lot of folks were a little overwhelmed with P90X. Even we sold, even though we sold eight or 9 million of them. Um, but you know, that’s it, you know, those are, that’s really where I’m putting my energy and the Brennan courses, uh, is based on the book.

You know what I mean? You, you download 30 pages of worksheets. It’s a course, man, you know, and you can, you can knock it out in a week if you want to be a bad ass, but some people would kind of take their time and take, you know, do it over the course of three or four weeks. And it just asks the day old, the, the, the age old questions, you know, who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? Here’s a formula work for me if you do this, probably work for you too. So, so, and it gets into the personal development field, which is how I started, you know, I mean, I was just a searcher. I was unhappy. I was an unhappy, overwhelmed, depressed, sometimes suicidal C minus student with a speech impediment called cluttering. Yay. And when I have memories of those days, when I have memories of the, of the, of the sadness and the frustration

And the confusion that I had

Before I started exercising and eating, right. And then I realized, Oh, if I exercise, I have more energy. And if I eat right and I, my brain chemistry functions better, I’m going to do that. I’m going to do that. And I’m also going to read every damn book I can from every, every expert in every field from Wayne Dyer to Deepak Chopra, to Tony Robbins, you know what I mean? And a lot of it was, was ball. A lot of it was like, this is stupid. I don’t, you know, I don’t want this doesn’t resonate with me cause I’m not a guru follower, but I do when the information comes and I go, well, that applies to me. And then I would take that information and I would discard everything else. And so I just gathered all that information over the course of 35 years. And I put it into the big picture, into the book.

And then, you know, I realized people don’t read books from biggie, from cover to cover anymore. So I’m going to put it in a good old fashioned online course that you can download start immediately. And, um, and so we’re really excited. The numbers are really good out of the box and it just gives more people, more information, more education so that they can be better because if I can do it, I mean, I’m, I’m still the laziest guy. I mean, if I had all the money in the world, I would just go to Chamonix, France. I would buy a Villa and I would ski starting from noon to three o’clock every day. And that would be it. And that’s what I would do, but I understand that life is more interesting than that. And you have to kind of work and find your, find your self discipline. And these are the basic, you know, these are the basic lessons in my life and I think people will learn a lot from it.

Yeah. We’ll put all that in the show notes. Last question, Tony, on injuries. You’ve had a lot of them back in the day, you know, you’re 58 years old, you know. Do you notice a difference in your recovery time? How do you recover so quickly with your injuries? Um, I remember, I can’t remember which one it was, it was like your bicep one. And then like the next week you were biking for an hour and a half or something. Uh, what’s your philosophy on helping people recover from injuries over time, you know, into their forties, fifties, people were just like, Oh, I’m just old. But obviously you’ve heard that before. I’m sure

The first three things I want to say is yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga. Was that more than three average six, honestly, it really comes down to, to making sure that your body, you know, you’re using types of movement that expose your body to a wider range of motion so that when you’re out there doing something else, you’re not getting hurt in the process. And that’s what yoga is for me. You know, Hatha, yoga, hot yoga, Kundalini, yoga, yin yoga, Ashtanga, uh, you know, there’s not all yoga is created equal. Like a lot of people walk into a yoga class and maybe isn’t the right kind. And they just get their butt handed to them or as boring as hell or too easy. And I think it’s all the same stuff, you know, which is which it isn’t. So, you know, it’s just, I mean, my yoga cause people seem to like my [inaudible] next to yoga.

Um, P90X is a traditional 90 minute yoga class. It’s a bud kicking. Uh, but, um, but P90X two is shorter. And then P90X three is only a half an hour and online, uh, on YouTube there’s I have tons and tons of free yoga sessions. So that’s certainly one of them, the other one is inflammation. Like what are the things that you’re, what are the of types of activities and food that you’re causing there that are causing inflammation inside of your body? And inflammation is just going to lead to injury, man. It’s just going to expose you to issues down the road. And then the other one too is stress. You know what I mean? If you’re, if you’re not in a place where you feel like you’re present and you’re in the moment and you’re enjoying the journey more often than not, that means that you’re in a, some state of stress, but you know, it’s like the frog in the frying pan.

You don’t even know how out of control your life is because it’s been out of control for so long. You just assume that this constant state of angst and anxiety and worry and fret is part of life because you feel like you’re alive, you know? And when you feel like, well, let’s just battle it. I’m going to get out. No man, no, no. You know, and a lot of it is, is your sleep, are you getting sound sleep? Do you have a good mattress? Do you have a good mattress pad? Do you have bamboo sheets? Do you have, is there no TV on or no. No, I don’t. I don’t have a phone. I don’t have, I don’t have a, a TV. Um, um, uh, or, uh, in my, in my bedroom don’t have electronics. I don’t want them near me. I want this my best, my Oasis.

And so, um, and then physical therapy. Are you getting physical therapy? Are you getting massages? Do you own a foam roller? Uh, do you have Epsom salt? Are you putting that Epson salt in a tub and just lying there quietly and patiently. Do you ever take an ice bath? Does that sound like the most horrific thing you ever heard of in your life? Like I’m telling you, man. I know, I know people who just like Brendon Burchard, he’ll fill a bathtub six times with buckets of ice and he’ll get in a cold bath, fill it with ice, wait for it to melt. When it melts number two, number three, number four, number five, number six, until it all melts. The guy has trust me between that and his diet, no inflammation. And, and that is like, and like, to me, everything I just mentioned, there are the majority of people don’t do at all.

Lots of stress, no yoga, no, no meditation. They sleep in a hammock that they call their mattress. You know what I mean? They got TVs and phones going in there in their bedrooms. And you know, you do these things or you don’t, and if you don’t do them, then don’t, you know, come to me. We want whining while you still have so many injuries, you know, wire and my bicep tendon that’s because I was doing a really stupid move that I knew ergonomically I shouldn’t have been doing, but I felt like, you know, I felt like, uh, like Zeus on this particular day. And, uh, you know, I was doing, um, iron cross fly pushups with my feet on a stability ball. Oh, what a shock that my, my 51 year old bicep snapped off, you know? And, and I get stressed out too. And I don’t, I don’t necessarily follow the rules either.

Like, I’m fine. I’ll just, you know, I’ll, I sit around foam rolling and I’ll be fine. But usually it takes not just one of those things, but two or three of those things. And, uh, you know, I go to an endocrinologist every six months and months and have, uh, 12 vials of blood taken out of me, like a vampire comes in and just right. And I analyze all that. Oh my, my testosterone is pretty good, but my free testosterone is low. Oh, you might need some DHA for that. But does DHA do a little education or my thyroid is slightly out of whack. So I take an Armour thyroid. Oh my gosh. I’m super low on, on, on vitamin D. I had no idea, you know, cause I’m a, I’m a vampire now I don’t go out in the sun because of all the sun damage I try to cover up.

But, and so I need that, you know what I mean? And so then you, Oh, I got too much potassium. Well, I’m taking too much, you know, post-workout recovery formula and this all comes from just checking out your blood. I know people like to say that we’re endocrinologist and they have no idea what I’m talking about. A nutritionist. They wouldn’t go near one in a million years. They got it all figured out for themselves. So if you’re going to train hard and you’re, and you’re going to get older, cause God, by the way, ages, ages coming, there’s nothing you can do about it. Then there’s all these other things that you have to add to your life so that you can continue to enjoy it physically. And um, and so I hope that answers your question.

It does. And that’s great advice, you know, and in a nutshell, yes, workout hard, but recover hard too, right? Recovery. Isn’t just laying there, not moving a muscle. There’s, there’s all the list of things you use mentioned. You know, you got to recover her too from an injury from workout. Um, it’s gotta become part of your lifestyle. And so I agree with that and I, I’m a huge proponent of blood testing. You know, I’m trying to get people to realize that they need to become their own self experimentation, right? They need to find out what is optimal for them. If this diet of this supplement of this workout program is optimal for them. The only way to know that isn’t going off of their weight, they have to get their blood work done on a regular basis. If they’re checking the oil more in their car than they are testing their blood work, then they’re probably going to have some health issues down the road, unless they know what’s really going on on the inside of their body. And so I’m glad that you, you talked about that. Um, okay. We’re coming up on time here, Tony. So I’ll let you go. But a couple last questions kind of rapid fire, fun, easy questions.

I’m not good. I’m going to see if I can get them in 15 seconds or less. Yeah,

Yeah, no, it’s a, and the one that I asked almost everybody, and I think I know what the answer is, but would you ever be willing to put your body through a fit to fat, to fit experiment? Cause I know a lot of people that would love to see you try it out for however long, let yourself go and then see if you can get back to where you are now, would you ever be willing to do that,

Dude? That was a real class thing that you did. I don’t know how you did it, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. I mean every day is so precious to me and I’ve got so many responsibilities and so many events and so many things to do that I couldn’t take six months to blow up and, and uh, and go through that process, you know, when I get a cold or something and I take three or four days off and I go into the gym and I can’t do 20 pull ups, I freak out, you know what I mean? So, yeah. So I’m just, I’m just somebody who, and I understand that my numbers and my, my flexibility and my speed and some of those things are gonna are slowing down a little bit, but I always fill in the gap with something else. That’s kind of fun and cool. Um, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it, uh, kudos to you. I just couldn’t do it.

That’s tough. I totally get it. And like I said, I think I know the answer. Most people say no because yeah, you don’t, you’re, you’re, you’re living a life where you have all these responsibilities, but, um, it was challenging. I’m not gonna lie. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. And I did not like it. And so I’m glad I don’t do it anymore. That’s why, luckily I have the TV show where other trainers are doing it. So hopefully they are become more empathetic, more respectful and a better understanding. That’s really why I did it. It wasn’t a see if I could do it, but, uh, empathy has been really, really powerful for me and the TV show.

I bet you, you and anybody else who does it as exactly right? You have empathy for people who kind of go through, you know, like it gives you a perspective you would have not had otherwise. And that’s a powerful thing, you know, for me, I was just a 98 pound

Weakling, you know, I was just, I was sad and depressed and overwhelmed and I couldn’t physically get up and down a basketball court, you know? So that was sort of my, I was, I was skinny fat, right. And, um, I weighed 149 pounds, but I had 26% body fat, like, wow, I was, I was, it was mostly playdough inside, you know? So no wonder I couldn’t do six plots, but I was skinny. So I could kind of do some things. And so the trans transformation for me was similar, but, but not as, not as dramatic. Yeah, no, I totally get it. Okay. Uh, you are Sean T who can do more. Pull-ups me by a mile. Who’s the fastest sprinter though. John t.team by a mile. All right, Tony. Hey man, I really appreciate you coming on. I had a blast. I know that my followers loved hearing from you.

And I just want to say thank you once again. I will put all of your links in the show notes and let people know what’s going on. Make sure everybody that’s listening. Go follow, go follow Tony Horton. Uh, on social media. I see you out there. So thanks once again. Tony drew. You’re the man, dude. I’m so glad it was fun today. Good questions. Not the same old inane questions that I get all the time. So I appreciate your, your creativity there. And I’m glad that dark conversation might help some more people. That’s what it’s all about. Yes, sir. And hopefully we’ll build a hookup sometime soon. Next time in may LA man. Get a workout in. Yeah, come to town. You let Shauna know. I’ll put you through the paces. We do a three hour gymnastics routine in my backyard, three hours standing around, I just do something. And the other five of us watching them, you know, but we climb ropes. We got the peg board, uh, swing handstands, um, you know, handstand, pushups. I have presses it’s uh, it’s you know, one arm pull ups. It’s the whole thing, man. I seen you guys do that. Actually. I’ve seen you guys, some videos of you guys doing that. That’s awesome, man. Functional, functional fennel. Yes, sir. All right, Tony, I’ll be in touch, man. Have a good one. You too. Bye bye.

All right, you guys thank you so much for listening to today’s episode with Tony Horton. Hopefully you got a lot out of this. I know I did. He’s a great guy. He’s always fired up. He’s 58 years old. You guys he’s killing it. He looks great. You know, he’s more fit than I am. And uh, my hope is to be as fit as he is when he is 58. If you guys liked this episode, please share it. Please subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and leave us a comment. Leave us a review. We definitely appreciate when you guys let us know what you think you, and if you don’t like it, that’s okay. Be honest. I don’t have an ego about that. I don’t mind criticism at all. Right? Uh, or just your opinion on how we can improve this podcast. Also go show our sponsor some love, uh, over@questkito.com, check out some of their keto meals and then drop an F bomb.com.

Check out some other healthy fats that you can take with you on the go and use my discount code fit to add fit. Also check out my website fit to@fit.com. Sign up for my newsletter to stay in the know and check out my six month transformation program transformed at fit to fat, to fit.com and follow me on social media. You guys give me a shout out, say hi, I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, all of that good stuff. And I try and get back to everybody as much as possible. But anyways, thank you guys for the support throughout the years. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget to tune in next week for another great episode.

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