Everyone. Welcome back to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast with your host, drew and Lynn Manning. Thank you guys so much for joining us. Uh, hopefully you guys have had a great week so far and hopefully you guys are stoked for this next episode. So today, last week you guys heard me talk about my daily routines, you know, basically a day in the life of what I go through as far as like nutritionally, you know, fitness-wise uh, emotionally, everything kind of we, I broke it out. Like this is what I do in a typical day. Supplements. I take things like that. Today we’re gonna focus on Lynne. So for all you women or you know, maybe men that follow them,

you might like my routine. Don’t pay, don’t discriminate. I’m just kidding. This is mostly for women. Everyone else can tune out.

No. Cause then the guys would be like, Hey, I heard Linda’s this. Maybe you should try. You should try. So for all you men out there that want, you know, your wives to be like Lynn, just kidding. No, no.

Yeah. These are actually some good tips for, for both genders. Um, probably a little bit more women’s specific, but other than that, I actually really do feel like both genders can benefit from a routine, which I will talk a little bit about when I talk about my routines.

Yes. Okay. So we’re going to jump into Lynn’s routine in a second. You know, as far as like, you know, what she eats, what cell phones she takes, how she works out. Um, and, but before we do, let’s go over our show sponsors. You guys once again, our show sponsor for this podcast is [inaudible] dot com now, genetics, um, is an exogenous ketone supplement company. What that means, I know that sounds, there’s a lot of big words, but basically what it is you guys, it’s a powdered, uh, supplement that you can take, uh, that will put your body into a state of ketosis within 60 minutes. Now, a couple of months ago I was on the dr Oz show talking about the ketogenic diet and the benefits of being in a state of ketosis. And there’s numerous benefits, not just fat loss or weight loss or looking skinny, looking healthy.

You can, you know, there’s studies showing that the ketogenic diet can help with, uh, size and strength. So for bodybuilders, power lifters, the ketogenic diet is fantastic. For endurance runners, uh, people that do ultra marathons, the ketogenic diet has been shown to be superior to your typical, uh, glucose based diet, high carb diet, uh, but also, you know, helping with, uh, things like inflammation or epilepsy or PTSD or, um, you know, seizures. There’s so many other health benefits to the ketogenic diet other than just like, you know, a way to lose weight. And so to get into ketosis though you guys to reap these benefits, uh, nutritionally, it can take up to a week sometimes of eating a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet, which is the ketogenic diet. But a way to hack into that is by taking, you know, uh, Keegan, uh, an exogenous ketone supplement because these, uh, ketones or ketone salts are bio identical to the same ketones your body produces when it’s in ketosis.

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All right you guys. Let’s go hang out with Lynn and find out what she does. What typical day in the life of Lynn looks like.

What did I even do?

I just, it, this is going to be funny. I can already tell.

Well, you guys, we’re going to talk just a little bit about my day and how it’s structured. A morning routine, and I will reiterate what drew said last week. This is by no means a perfect routine. Um, and some days it’s different than others. Um, it just depends on my schedule. It’s obviously a little bit easier. Um, if I’m in town and I’m not traveling or obviously if there’s holidays or I have a lot of company or something, this could be a little bit different, but I’ve actually, I’m pretty consistent with my routine and a way that I did that was by habit stacking. Um, which is a concept of where you have one habit that you do and then you build upon it little by little. And so it’s, it’s not easy to build habits. People might be hearing our routines and think, Oh, that’s overwhelming.

I can’t do it all. And I don’t recommend you do at all. Recommend that you have it stacks. So maybe you’ll hear something in my daily routine that resonates with you. It’s something that you think you want to attempt to do. Make a chart, you write out a chart and pick just one thing and then Mark each day that you did it and it’ll become a habit. You’ll stack that habit upon what you currently do. And when you feel that that is a habit in your life, you can then stack a new habit on top of that. So don’t get overwhelmed. Maybe pick one or two things that I mentioned and why it benefits me. Maybe something you think could benefit your life and go ahead and just try it out for a week. Don’t get overwhelmed. Habit stacking, habit stacking. Um, it and the other really good thing about having a morning routine and really my routine is mostly the morning when I go through my day.

The bulk of this conversation is going to be what I do in the morning. Um, and then from that point on I could fly through the rest of my day. And having a Mormon morning routine is really important. They actually show that it, it helps you avoid mental fatigue. Um, we get mental fatigue throughout the day because of all the decisions that we have to make. And so when you have a habit, it helps you avoid that mental stress and fatigue so that you’re more, um, so not only are you less stressed, so you’re more productive. Actually, Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing every day for that exact reason, to avoid mental fatigue. Little fun fact. Um, so what I do, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is I had read a really interesting study about the brain and it talks about what you do in the first five minutes of your morning can set the tone and wire your brain for the whole day.

And I found that really interesting because I think what most of us do is we reach for our phone in the morning and we look at that screen and we might be looking at social media, we look at what other people are doing. Maybe you see something good, maybe you see something bad, maybe you see some sad headline news. And you don’t even realize that mentally and emotionally, that’s wiring your brain for the whole day. And that could be bad, you know? And so for me, the first thing that I do every morning is on my phone or I have a notebook that I carry with me, but I also have it on my phone since I don’t always have my notebook nearby as I review my gratitude list. So I have a notebook that I write down a lot of things in. I have my bucket list in there, I have positive affirmations, I have a page called what I love about me, which is about improving myself, love and confidence I have and I have my gratitude list in there.

And on that gratitude list I build if I can, especially each day it’s gotten a little harder cause I’ve been doing it for so long. My list is massive grateful for food. But yeah. Great. Anything that you think of and in the morning before the chaos of the day and maybe before something that’s stressful or negative happens? It’s easier to reflect upon what we’re grateful for and yeah, I have some deep things like you know, my family and that I have a home and food and I have some things that are more light and fun. I’m grateful for donuts actually that’s pretty crucial and I’m grateful, you know, this is probably on the top of list and I’m grateful for coffee and I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for laughter. It could be anything. But reviewing that gratitude list and trying to add upon it each day is a great way to set the tone.

A lot of people say you always just seem so happy and so positive and first off, that’s not always true. Everyone has bad moments or a bad day, but I do feel like my attitude is significantly better than it used to be. And I attribute a lot of that to my morning routine. So review my gratitude list, add to my gratitude list, but do you pee first? I don’t. I’m not out of bed yet. I’ll get to work. I’m still in bed. I’ll get to, we’ll get, we’ll get to my vowels in a moment. He patient. So before I even get out of bed. So that’s the first thing I do. Then also before I pee or get out of bed, I do positive affirmations. And drew talked about this last week. I can not stress how this, which could be done in a minute.

This one thing I confidently believe can change someone’s life. Positive affirmations are so important. And there is study after study that does show the effects of words and how important it is to speak kindly to yourself and to state positive affirmations. Um, one that’s really easy to find in Google and it is kind of fun, is if you look at the water molecule experiment where they say on kind things to water molecules and they look at, at its form under the microscope. And when you say negative things, it’s just chaotic. Kind of looks rigid and kind of ugly. And when you say kind things to the water molecules and look underneath, they look like beautiful snowflakes. So imagine that that is you, and that is your body and how you’re talking to yourself every day is dramatically affecting how your body is responding. So I say positive affirmations.

Now this is going to be different for everybody. And to be honest, it’s been different for me. It’s changed and evolved throughout the years. My positive affirmations, to be honest, a couple of years ago, had a lot more to do with just my physical appearance. Um, just shows the space I was in at my life. I felt really negative about my weight and about my looks. And, uh, and so that was kind of where I was at at the time. Um, and now it’s, it’s, it’s different. It’s more broad. It’s about, you know, who I am and, uh, my talents, my abilities. I talk a little bit about, I’m a good mom, different things in my life. So I stay positive affirmations. I usually try to pick about three, three to maybe five of them, and I repeat them multiple times. Um, probably five to 10 different times.

So just to kind of give you a range. So I do this before my feet even touched the floor. You guys positive affirmations and again, these can evolve over the years and if you only even say ’em once, that’s okay. And people ask me, should I say them if I don’t mean them and yes, my answer is yes. Yes, yes. Oh, would I like to remind my clients when I tell them that they should incorporate this in their life, they’re like, I feel like it’s a lie to say these things that I don’t believe about myself. Like I am beautiful or I love my body, which are common ones that I tell clients to start with is are those statements especially that I love my body since we are, we’re so into body shaming and hate and that dramatically affects us and people coming to me, they’re usually coming because of their body.

And I like to remind them this and I want to remind everyone listening this, it is not a lie, that you are an amazing, beautiful person and that you have an amazing body regardless of shape or size. The lie is what you’ve been telling yourself for years, that you are not those things and you don’t realize that you’ve been lying to yourself for so long that you’ve started to believe it’s true. So in the beginning you may think it’s a lie to say, I am beautiful or I love my body. And really you’re coming back to truth. And as you continue to do that, you’ll realize it. Because come a few months from now you’ll be like, Oh my gosh, it’s so much easier to say this. It’s because deep down you know that it’s truth and you just need to remember, okay, now do you say I am or do you say you are like you’re talking to yourself where you’re saying, I say I am cool. I say, I am beautiful. I am a good mom. I love my body. I am a strong woman. You know? Those are the types of statements that I make to myself. So positive affirmations. Then still I know Drew’s like waiting for when I pee, holding my pee.

So then at this point I, in addition to the positive affirmations, I am a huge component of laughter. Now, many of you guys know that drew and I went through a divorce and for years during the counseling and different things, I really struggled. A lot of people didn’t even know that I was going through such a hard time, but I was really depressed and laughter really changed my life. I can’t stress that enough. Laughter you guys. We are all too serious. Especially when it comes to ourselves. We’re hard on ourselves and we’re too serious. And laughter can change your life. It could be like a one 80. I know that sounds crazy. People are going to think you’re crazy course laughter’s fine. But no laughter is medicine. And so before I get out of bed, still after my positive affirmations, I look at funny things.

I either go to some of my favorite Instagram accounts that are hilarious and I read through a few of the means and I laugh. Um, my girlfriends often tag me in funny things. I’ll go onto YouTube and I’ll watch a funny comedy skit from like CK Lewis or someone else. And I laugh. So I always laugh before I get out of bed. And then I get up and IP and I drink water. She was like, finally, finally. So then I do try to drink a bottle of water in the morning. It, uh, you kind of think of your, your body like a flower. It needs to be hydrated and um, it helps with your digestion and a lot of other things. So I try to drink a full bottle of water and I get up and then what I do is all also normally start the coffee maker and then I’ll go meditate.

So I know our routines were actually slightly similar. So meditation, I know drew and I both are a big, big proponent of meditating and it’s benefits and some people think is so woo, you know, a new age. But it’s interesting. It’s less, less so now than it used to be because of all the studies behind it. And actually, um, a lot of famous people meditate. You know, even like Michael Jordan meditates. And it’s interesting cause you’ll hear someone like Tim Ferriss who has I think probably the most popular podcast or one of the most popular podcasts I ever, I if I recall right, I think he said over 80% of the most successful people he’s ever interviewed all meditate kind of shows how important meditation is. And a lot of Tony Robbins, a lot of the studies show you guys the benefits of meditation. It’s insane.

If you actually look at the research, um, meditation is shown to, of course reduce stress and anxiety, which seems commonplace. It also shows that it reduces and slows down aging. It helps with sleep. Most people report that it helps with their relationships and people are always searching for change on the outside. And what’s great is meditation helps you focus inward and on the inside. And that’s where, you know, during I’ve talked about this even with health and wellness, true change starts from the inside out. So I do meditation. Um, I started it with a lot of different ways of trying. I did try Headspace, which I didn’t like. I only got through like two or three. It was hard for me to come back. They’d be like, focus on breathing. Hey, come back to breathing. And I was bored. Um, I did like I did like some YouTube, I started researching just even YouTube meditations.

I really like Eckhart. Totally. I love his book. The power of now. I felt that was a life changing book. Um, so I would do some of his meditations. Those were were really good. Some of them, I’ll be honest, we’re all a little bit slower, boring for me, but I enjoyed them. And so that’s sometimes a good place to start too. There’s a lot of different types of meditation. Um, in the end I ended up um, falling kind of in love with meditations that were guided, guided meditation, specifically ones where you learn tools. So for me, I felt like just focusing on my breathing or there’s meditations where you say chance or phrases, I couldn’t stay in them very long, you know, and a part of that probably means I needed to meditate longer. My mind was so busy and with learning meditation tools, I learned how to clear out that noise in my head.

I learned how to push out other people’s energy. I learned how to ground myself and calm myself. Um, a lot of different really good tools. I learned how to bring in more energy, which really helped when I fell, which really still helps when I feel fatigued. So I use the site grounded mind.com and in the show notes I’ll have them put a link to for you guys to be able to try it. There’s a link where you can use it for 10 days for free, literally for free entrepreneur in a credit card or anything. And the tools for me have made a big difference. I can actually meditate for up to an hour now, which is a miracle cause I could barely sit for five minutes now. I don’t meditate for an hour every day. I’d say on average I do one guided meditation. They run anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, but they set the tone for the day.

So that’s what I do. And then after I meditate, I drink my coffee. So this is very selling, very similar to Drew’s routine and we don’t need to live together. People know we don’t even live together. So I drink my coffee. People always ask how drink my coffee. I’m going to just be really honest. I drink it with cream. I actually don’t use sugar. I use half and half and I don’t use sugar. Um, half and half you guys actually doesn’t have sugar, I think has maybe one gram for right from, from the cream. So it’s just fat. Which uh, you know, drew talked about in the last episode. I, I, I’m a proponent of fat. Uh, you know, really people are saying that me and drew reviews several times before as fat on your lips doesn’t equal fat on your hips. People think that makes you fat, but really it’s sugar and that spike in the insulin levels that that makes you gain weight.

So I put half and half in my coffee. Um, I do drink about what drew drinks as well. So about two cups worth, so about in a mug, two to four cups worth a day. So I drink my coffee and have cream and that’s when I work. So for me you guys, kind of how I talked about avoiding mental fatigue and how we, you kind of start off, think of it as you start off with a hundred percent and then throughout the day as you keep going it’s lower and lower, which is why towards the end of the day I feel like in a way I’m useless. So I try to get everything really important done in the morning. And of course if my kids have school or something, then I normally would, would have taken them to school after meditation. And actually sometimes even before coffee defense, if I have time and what time I got up.

And I don’t actually often set an alarm clock, like drew said, he said alarm clock in Hawaii. I just always woke up between six and 6:30 AM or when my kids got up. And on the days that I didn’t have them, you know, if I slept until seven, it wasn’t a big deal. You guys were old. We don’t sleep until we couldn’t even sleep until 10 if we wanted to. Probably. So that’s why I don’t worry quite as much about setting an alarm clock per se. So, um, yeah. So that’s when I work and how long I work will vary. Of course we have a lot of work and projects that we do and social media and responding back to people and I try to get back to people as much as possible. Um, I don’t have breakfast yet. I usually work for about one to two hours before.

Um, I have breakfast and as far as the routine of what I eat and how much I eat and stuff, this is kind of where, again, I’ll probably go pretty quick from here on out cause my morning routine is set and everything else is, is very different. Um, I used to be a little bit more structured and now I’m more about intuitive eating and intuitive exercise. Um, so what that what that means. It means that I don’t follow a specific structure. Instead I listen to my body and I never would have really done that before cause I do love sweets and I probably would have thought, Oh my gosh, I listened,

listen to my body and only ate what I craved. I’d only donuts. I really thought that for a period of time I really thought that that’s all I would eat. But lo and behold, you guys, that’s actually not true. Um, a lot of my, and I still eat donuts, but people that follow me know that. But a lot of my eating was based on stress and a lot of people know, cause I’ve talked about it in previous podcasts that when we enjoy going through a lot of hardship, I went to the doctor and I got a blood panel and hormone panel done and I was completely out of whack. My cortisol levels, which is your stress induced hormone, was through the roof. My adrenal glands shut down, my thyroid stopped working, my estrogen, progesterone, testosterone levels were all off. My doctor, she literally looked at me and she’s amazing.

Anyone that lives in Utah, I have to just say Google doctor as Mae, E S M E at the Athena women’s clinic. If you live near here and couldn’t go to her now, she’ll probably be swapped if you can get into her. She is amazing. But she looked at me and basically was like, you’re a mess. You’re an emotional, stressful mess. And she told me I had to change my life or my health would continue to deteriorate. That was a huge wake up call for me because to be honest, you guys, at that time I was exercising far more than I am now and I actually was eating healthier as far as I really had cut back on sugar and cut down on sugar, um, than I had and I was not doing well. I was unhealthy.

It’s amazing how stress can play such a role for your average person yet eating healthy and exercising. When it comes to stress, it can mess your hormones once your hormones are off. It’s like a steep

show that everything works synergistically. Like mind, body, spirit. You can’t only focus on the physical body, eat healthy and exercise and think you’re going to be happy and healthy. You can’t. You have to. You have to incorporate all of it. It’s about your emotional wellbeing, your mental wellbeing, your spiritual wellbeing, however that looks for you and all of those things work together to put you in optimal health. I firmly believe that. So once I started doing the things and some of the things people ask me, well, what did you start doing? It’s these things, my gratitude list, my positive affirmations. I focused a lot on self care. I focused on meditation. All of those things made a huge difference in reducing my stress and bringing me joy. And as I started doing that, I realized I could trust myself, my instincts, my intuition, and so some days you guys, I crave a lot of carbs and I’ll eat a lot of carbs. Now I do try to focus on more complex carbohydrates and what that means is they’re slower digesting carbohydrates like potatoes and keenwah and oatmeal and things like that versus simple carbs like donuts. Now, do I have donuts? Yes, I usually actually have a doughnut a week.

Do you feel like your buddy, because you said you listened to your body and you say what does my body want and you’re in tune with it. Do you feel like you’re body’s saying, yes I want a donut or is that just saying like, you know what you’ve been really good. Like you could have a donut, not that you need it, but you could have one, but it’s not like protein or carbs. It’s like have a treat.

No, and I don’t eat, I wouldn’t say my body is necessarily even saying like I have to have a donut. I do firmly believe sometimes my body is saying you need more carbs, so I’m low in my glycogen storage, my glucose is down and my body is saying it needs more carbs and maybe it’s because I’ve just been more active. Maybe it’s just because my stores or storage of the glycogen is low. Whatever it is, my body does crave carbs. Now the type of carbs you eat will be up to you. And of course, like I just said, you know, it’s not like my body has to have a donut. I could probably have a big bowl of oatmeal, which is a healthier carbohydrate and my body would be just as happy. And as far as when I eat donuts or how I eat, I eat it if I really crave it and feel like it and I eat it guilt-free.

And a lot of that is just for joy in my life. And again, because I’m not emotionally eating it, I’m just enjoying it and enjoying life. Um, but I do listen to my body. There are days you guys where I probably have, um, higher carbs at every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And then there are days where I’m really not craving a lot of carbs and I’m eating a lot more protein and fat. So in a way, I’ve told people before, if I were honest, I would say my body naturally carb cycles. If people kind of know what a carb cycling diet looks like. I do not follow any type of specific diet. I do not count calories, but I would say naturally my body does that. Cause a lot of days I crave more, you know, for example, um, when I eat couple of hours after coffee, I’ll crave more like a eggs and chicken sausage and avocado and peppers and I’ll eat a salad with chicken.

And then at dinnertime I’ll have more vegetables. I really like to cook like vegetables and then do two over easy eggs, the runny eggs on top of it and mix it all together with maybe a little bit of goat cheese and avocado. It’s so delicious. So that’s like a common GoTo food for me. So some days I really am eating lower carbs and some days I’m eating carbs at every meal. So I intuitively listened to my body, um, and just eat kind of what I’m feeling, what I’m craving. And I’m very body positive. Now I, people might think it’s weird or woo, but I think my body, um, I say only kind things to my body. If I find that as a knee jerk reaction, I might say something unkind about my body. I say cancel, cancel, and I say three kinds of things about myself and my body.

So people might think that’s interesting. Um, it works for me. It’s, it’s crazy how healthy and happy I am compared to what I did before. So it works for me and I do it. Um, same for exercise. You know, I’ll ask my body what it wants to do for movement. When we lived in Hawaii a lot of times that was like hiking. I love hiking in the jungle there. Um, and I also loved swimming. I loved being in the ocean. Um, so sometimes I might do kind of like a high intensity little workout or Tabata, like the ones we have on dollar workout club. Um, other days I’ll do some stretching, sometimes I’ll go to yoga. I don’t believe that I have to do a structured workout in order to have a healthy body and I just listened to my body and do what it craves.

So I don’t have any specific routine for that. So, other than that, you know, of course, most of my days, especially on the days I have, my kids are filled with just normal mom things, you know, playing with my kids, going to the park, taking them to the museum, um, reading to them, painting, artwork, um, just fun things with my kids and of course all the, not always as fun. Things like dishes and laundry and cleaning up, um, and fitting in work in there and what the routine that drew and I have. And I’m sure he’s very similar to this. I really try to work when my kids are either in school or with their dad. Um, and on the weeks I have them now that they’re out of school, I work early in the morning and I work late at night when they’re asleep.

And that’s just my routine. My kids, you know, want attention just like most kids do and I’m not perfect at it. Of course, there’s times where I’ll be like, I just need to post something, give mommy five minutes. Or if there’s a big project we have right now, we’re doing a podcast. Yeah, I’ll have someone watch my kids for an hour or two at most if I need to. But I try to try to be present with my kids when I have them. Um, and so the other than that you guys, the, the things that I’ll just finish up with is I do kind of have a bedtime routine and I am a little bit boring like drew as far as I generally go to sleep with my kids on the weeks. I don’t have my kids. I don’t, I go to sleep probably at a normal adult time, but I’m actually, I’ll go to bed with my kids.

It’s early as eight 30, nine o’clock. Um, unless I have some work that I really need to do that night. And like last night I was really behind on work, so I was up to 1:00 AM which I don’t recommend. Um, but aside from that, I generally try to go to sleep with my kids now. For me, bedtime is me time. I try to do something that involves self care, that will look different for everybody. I’m sure. For me it’s reading. I really enjoy reading. I usually read 10 to 15 minutes before bed every single night. Um, a lot of people ask me what I read. And again, that varies. Like I, I read fiction, I read nonfiction. You know, I usually try to alter between the two. Sometimes I’m reading three books at one time and a little bit of each book. Um, I mean, I love everything.

You guys, some of my favorite books are like Harry Potter. You know, I love Harry Potter. Recently. Some of the books that I’ve read or really enjoyed were, you know, drew and I have talked about them the past year. I really enjoyed Bernay Brown’s work, daring greatly, rising strong. I really loved the book. You are a badass. I really loved Eckhart. Totally. His book, the power of now and his other book, a new beginning. Um, there’s a lot of amazing books out there, you guys. And for me it just really helps me to connect, helps me to distress. Um, a lot of the books I love, like James Patterson, Dean Coons, um, those type of authors just like, you know, bring me a lot of joy and relaxation. I don’t watch a lot of TV. And so I think that’s why for me it kind of helps me to decompress.

The only TV I watch is game of Thrones. I’ve done, don’t tell me what happened last weekend. Okay. Okay. And plus by the time this airs it’ll be okay. So, um, I usually read before bed. Yeah. And usually having somebody that I like, um, so yeah, I usually read before bed and I, I look at something funny again before bed. So I do that in the morning. At night. I like to laugh before bed. Yeah. So I’ll look at funny means or I’ll watch a funny skit or do something like that. And then the last thing I do before bed is I go back to my journal that I have my notebook that I have. And I have found that a lot of times we create a lot of hardship in our lives. We create these stories in our head about who we are or what’s happening in our life.

Or maybe you’re in a relationship and you’re stressed out. And for me, I’ve found that if I write out my thoughts or feelings, um, Bernie Brown talks about this in her book, she calls it the, you know, excuse my language, but the shitty first draft and what you’re supposed to do is you’re supposed to dig deep and write out your feelings and impressions about whatever’s really troubling you. And often what you’re writing is the stories you’re creating about yourself. You know, in this relationship because of this, I feel not good enough or I feel, you know, I feel less than I feel like they’re judging me. I feel whatever it is, you write it all out, get everything out. Remember, no one’s reading this, it’s just for you. And so at night in my notebook, if I fill the need to all write out some thoughts and feelings like that, it kind of helps me to let it out and process it.

I had a really wise friend once tell me that emotions are like fruit and if you don’t consume them when they’re ripe, they’re, they’ll rot. And I think we often keep in our emotions and we’re not processing them because they’re painful and sometimes the stories or the thoughts or emotions are hard. But the truth is, is when they come up, they’re ripe and it’s worse for you not to process the process them. So one of the ways they do that is by writing them out. And then it kind of helps me the next day when I do my meditation a lot of times because I started already letting them out and processing them through the meditation. I can kind of clear out the noise and, and kind of connect. So that’s it you guys, that’s my morning, afternoon and evening routine. And as far as, um, the only one thing I didn’t touch on supplements, um, of course that’s going to vary you guys.

And like drew said, um, you know, I think it’s a personal thing, something that you need to do based on you. I know for me, most women are actually vitamin D deficient. Uh, I think that the statistics show over 70%. So if I’m not outside often in Hawaii, I didn’t have to take it. Obviously I was outside every day. Um, but if you’re not, I take it now that I’m back here, I actually do, I take a vitamin D three every morning. Um, I also take fish oil when sometimes I run out, but I do like to take fish oil to reduce inflammation, your skin and it helps out with difference when you don’t take it. Yeah, it does. And um, I too, I too liked digestive enzymes. MRM is a good brand for that, but I forget to take those a lot of times with my meals.

Um, and then I do like to take a vitamin C. I’m a chewable tablet. We get those from Costco. I enjoy those. And, um, I’m a little bit deficient in iron, so I’m, I’ll take a little iron supplement, um, in the evening before bed. And aside from that, the only other supplements that I really use are, you know, sometimes I’ll have protein powder a lot of times on the high carb days that I’m feeling. I love having granola with a scoop of MRM strawberry protein and um, I’ll mix that in with some unsweetened almond milk and sometimes some full fat Greek yogurt, but not always and fresh berries. And that’s like one of my favorite breakfasts to have. Um, so yeah, aside from that you guys really simple, really basic and uh, nothing, nothing too crazy in there.

Cool. Yeah. I think, uh, I think there’s a lot of gyms here and this one obviously we try and give you guys not just the physical stuff, cause I think everyone wants to know, okay, well what do you eat? And that’s important. But I think the biggest takeaways are the mental and emotional gyms that were in this episode in my past, episode two, uh, that you can apply in your life to make you a better you. Cause it’s not just about weight loss. It’s not just about how skinny you can get, how you know, how much weight you can lose in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of effort. I know everyone’s looking for that magic pill, but there’s so much more to health than that. There’s so much more to health than just, you know, how much do you weigh?

Yeah. And I don’t, I don’t, I can’t remember now if I said it, but I do want to say it actually. Interesting timing. I just went to the doctor yesterday to get an updated full blood panel. Um, well she had drawn my blood a couple of weeks ago and she looked at me and she said, whatever you are doing, keep doing it. She said, you are the spokeswoman for health now. All of my levels even doubt, you guys, my cortisol levels that were so high, it shut down. My adrenal glands are so even and perfect now. She’s like, it looks like you don’t even have stress, which of course they do. But I think meditation plays a huge part in keeping that down. Um, so my cortisol levels are great. She said, my adrenal glands are finally working again. Um, my hormone levels have all even doubt.

The only thing that I still am slightly struggling with is, is my thyroid. I was hypothyroid, but my levels even on that are way better. She said, I’m barely needing any type of support. I take a little homeopathic, um, pill for that. So really she’s like, you are in optimal health. And I was a little concerned for like my HDL LDL triglyceride levels. I was wondering, because I don’t eat quite as what people would consider clean or paleo, um, and I eat more sugar. I was like, how do those levels look? And she said, perfect. She’s like, your body is regulating, working perfectly. And I attribute a lot of that to the intuitive eating and to this regimen. You guys. So yeah.

Awesome. Yeah. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode. Please leave us your feedback or questions, comments you might have about it, share it with someone that you think could benefit from this. Uh, I, there’s a lot of people that could both men and women. Um, and uh, yeah, join us next week for another great episode. You guys, please check out our show sponsors ketogenics.com and quest nutrition.com and um, yeah, uh, subscribe to our newsletters, you guys, uh, to stay in the know as far as what’s going on and events coming up. Um, so you don’t miss any of this podcast episodes. Um, my newsletter, you can sign up@fittofattofit.com is my website and all my social media handles are at fit to fat to fit you guys and uh, on iTunes. If you guys listened to us on iTunes or Stitcher, please subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review on there. That’s how we get better ratings is by you guys leaving a review and subscribing.

Yeah. And if you don’t like us, I don’t know to say to that, don’t leave a review. I tell you to fake it till you make it. You guys, whatever we said cause the real truth underneath that is that you love. I was just kidding. If you want to find me, you guys, I am the number two fit at home. You can find me on Instagram, on Facebook, my websites, the number two fit@home.com. You can sign up for my newsletter there. Um, hopefully you enjoyed hearing a little bit about the day in the life of me and we love you guys and we’ll, we’ll check back in with you.

Yeah, we’ll see you guys next week on the fifth five to fit experience podcasts. See ya.

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