Hello. Hi everybody and welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning, and I’m your cohost. Thank you guys for joining us again here on the podcast. As you guys know, yesterday was a Stephen Tasha episode on fit to fat to fit on a knee and so we are naturally going to have them on. That’s what we’re going to do for the next eight weeks. Now, last week we had JJ and Ray on this week we had Steve and Tasha and Ashley, Steve’s wife Bonnie joins us as well. So you’re in for a very entertaining episode. We talk about a lot of behind the scenes stuff, some of the struggles that they had and a lot of great information on this one you guys, and I promise you you will laugh your butts off.

Yeah, we talk about Steve’s prostate. Just kidding. I’m not.

Yeah, and we have some funny stories from Bonnie about during Steve’s fit fit to fit experience and and w and what Steve’s fit, fit, fit, experiment meant to Tasha. Did she find value in it or did she feel like it didn’t really change? The way Steve trained at all. So a lot of great information you guys and we appreciate you guys joining us each and every week here on the podcast and we hope you’re tuning into the TV show on on a Annie every week and we appreciate all the support. Okay, before we jump into today’s episode, this week’s episode is brought to you guys by none other than dollar workout club.com no dollar workout club.com as you know, if you haven’t already heard is a program that me, Lynn and Natalie Hodson got together and created. It’s an online platform and it costs just $1 per week and you get access to five at home workout videos that can be done, any fitness level, beginner, intermediate or advanced, and all the workouts are between eight to 20 minutes max. Uh, so our philosophy is working out smarter, not longer. So you get five of those at home, workout videos, five motivational videos and five healthy recipe videos. All new content every single week and all you just pay is $1. So high quality product, very, very low cost. And we couldn’t be more proud of it.

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Doing good.

We’re hot. So

sorry. Are we in Hawaii? It’s really hot out here. We feel your pain. Um, anyways, awesome episode last night you guys, I really, really loved your guys’ episode because it really showed the emotional side of this journey. Just like, you know, Jay Jay’s episode did last week, but very different but very different. Steve’s the different, so Steve,

so you’ve had a lot harder over time gaining the weight than JJ did.

Yeah, well they, well yeah, he gained 60 some pounds. But you guys both struggled emotionally, which was really interesting. We’re going to dive into all of that today, but really quick, Steve, I want people to get to know you a little bit more. On a personal level. You’re the oldest trainer on the show, but obviously you’re in amazing shape and jolly. Hey, we’re going to cut this door. Hold on a second. I didn’t finish. With that being said, you’re, you’re one of the most in shape, uh, guys, out of all the trainers on the show. So I didn’t finish what I was going to say.

All they heard was old, all the herd result and they just ran with it.

Hey, uh, this list. Okay. I’ll try not to dig this hole any deeper, I promise. Steve. Hey, I just know I love you. Okay. But anyways, so tell us a little bit about how you got started in the fitness industry. How did you get started with health and fitness to begin with?

Oh gosh. Um, probably in the mid to late nineties, I started actually teaching aerobics. I was one of the only step instructors back then that, well, I say only I was one of the only male stuff and start,

I was gonna say

that kind of segwayed into personal training. And that’s how I started to put myself through college. And I started off with exercise nutrition and just kind of knew that I wanted to, um, to make a difference in people’s lives. I started off wrestling in high school and that’s when I first lost a lot of weight and started getting in shape and I knew what it did for my self confidence. And, uh, I kind of grew up as a chubby kid, not, not obese, but just kinda chubby and out of shape and, um, you know, I had a lot of insecurities and that kind of thing and I knew what fitness had done for me. So as I got older, I just had that natural affinity for lifting weight. Plus, you know, growing up in the seventies and eighties, it’s kind of, um, you know, it was the Arnold Schwarzenegger era, you know, and Thor and Hulk and you know, all that kind of stuff.

So, you know, all your, your heroes were all these big guys and it’s not so much like that anymore. But you know, I have that in the back of my mind and I did want to help and I really did have a Hartford for changing lives and, and that just kinda segwayed itself into, into exercise, nutrition and personal training. And then eventually a lot of my clients had a lot of issues that I felt like, wow, if I knew how to help them out before they would’ve hurt, you know, what a great thing that would be. So I actually then went on to physical therapy school and got a degree in physical therapy and uh, as I, as I was thinking about starting a practice with that, my wife and I got an opportunity to partner into a gym. And so in 2000, we had our first gym in Valdosta, Georgia. And it’s just kind of been, been like that ever since.

That’s so cool. And so really quick for you, Bonnie, are you, have you always been into health and fitness as well or did Steve kind of bring that with him when you guys met?

No, I’d actually, I, I, I worked at my first health club when I was 18 and, uh, and I worked at a, actually a couple of different locations. And it’s funny, even as a kid, my dad had, my dad always had home gym equipment and I would get on there and do leg extension. I liked dad, look how strong I am. I can lift 80 pounds. You know, my dad was like, wow, this is getting legs, really do do something. No. And I was like, I remember being really proud of myself. I have actually a picture of my dad doing the crab, you know, flexing every bit of every muscle he had. And it’s funny cause I thought he was, you know, just jacked then and I look back and he was just all, he was lean. He was skinny, lean guy. Then a little bit of, he’s actually more Jack now, but um, but so I started kind of at a young age.

I’d kind of just, I, I had heard there was an application that denim, I went there and when I started showing people on equipment and showing them how to use it, it was just, it was so neat to see how much appreciation they had for the instruction and the help. And I realized, um, you know, I had never struggled with my weight prior to Steve and I getting married and then I got married and on the pill and my hips spread and I, you know, went from a size six to a size 12. And that was the first time I’d ever actually experienced having to, um, put on a big baggy T shirt and go to the gym and hide and see all these hot college girls working out. And you know, had that whole [inaudible] been married 21 years.

Okay. That’s amazing. I think that’s, you guys are such a great example. I love following you guys on social media. I kind of want to talk to you guys a little bit about something that a lot of people don’t know about. And Bonnie, you were very, it surprised me how open and vulnerable vulnerable you were in talking about your guys’ struggles because you come across as this perfect couple, you’re in shape, you guys work out together. Yeah. Cannon Barbie is what you guys’ nicknames out there, right? So I would love for you guys to open up a little bit and talk about those dark times and I don’t know how many years ago it was, but it just, it blew me away. But it was inspirational. Can you guys talk a little bit about that and how you overcame those, those dark days for you guys?

Sure. Yeah. Um, it really, it happened a little over two years ago. Um, the, everything kind of came to a head and um, we, you know, really it kind of in the bottom line is we put work before everything else and our started to deteriorate. And, and the, actually I’m looking at a picture on the wall right now that has the hospital bands and the bullet hole on the wall and all this, all this memorabilia from that time. But, um, but uh, but basically Steve was, uh, shot accidentally and um, he, uh, D that wasn’t his, that wasn’t his, um, rock bottom. You would think that, you know, you get shot and all of a sudden you’re like, Oh my gosh, okay. You know, but it was really two or three days later when I actually went in the hospital to have a tumor removed that I didn’t even know I, um, that I didn’t know I even had.

Um, that was kind of when his, when he realized, okay, God is doing something. And I say he had about a month before that he was saying he wanted to get to move out and you know, he wasn’t happy. And I was, I was, I’m completely blindsided. I mean, I knew he was struggling, but I thought it was depression. I didn’t realize it was, I didn’t realize to the degree it was. And so the, this was about a month before he got shot, he was like, you know, I don’t see us ever liking each other or loving each other, you know, like we’re right for each other. You don’t love me and all this kind of stuff. And I, I, I didn’t even believe it. I mean, I told him, I said, that’s ridiculous. You do love me. If you didn’t love me, you wouldn’t hurt this bad. And I just refused.

I refuse to believe it. And um, and he, you know, he wanted to move out and all this kind of stuff, then all, then he got shot. Then I went to the hospital. Here we are both broken in the hospital room together. And I remember he was reading, he was reading a scripture that said, um, I’m doing a new thing. Can’t you see it? He said, I’ll make a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert. And, and we kind of looked at each other and he slept. We couldn’t deny that God was doing something new in us and we could see it happening. We had no idea how in the world God was going to fix our marriage. We didn’t know. I mean, I knew it would take a miracle and, um, but I could see that Steve wanted to do, he wanted to do the right thing, but what he wanted to be pleasing to the Lord, but there was no way he’s going to do that and not be pleasing to our marriage, you know?

So we just had to make some commitments and recommend us to God and, and really just chase after what we felt like was what his was for our life. And in return, he left our socks off. And, and I mean, I mean, honestly it was two, two months after he had moved out. We were sharing or, um, our pastor asked us to share it our Valentine’s day, um, dinner with the couples to encourage them to give them hope. But people that think their marriage is falling apart because it’s such a, it really is, you know, emotions, you know, you see those motivational things, you know, we know every fitness. Fitness is like, we, we, we love those motivational posts. You know, and then you see them national post and everybody’s seen it where it says, follow your heart. And I’m like, no, don’t follow your heart.

And it’s just amazing how lacking we can see how emotions had caused us to, um, you know, really, you know, Steve was hook, line and sinker, you know, convinced that he didn’t love me and, um, and we look back on it now and just realize it how the seat of your heart can be eating. And, um, so when we were in that hospital room that night, he actually started writing down everything. I mean, just journaling every thought, everything that happened. And he said, if we can make it through this, if God really wants us to, he said, I feel like if, if he’s going to save this marriage, it support a purpose. And he said, we have to tell our story. So we kind of agree that night that if we were to make it, that we wouldn’t do it quietly and that we would, we would share what we have gone through to encourage other people not to give up

and a lot of that. Wow. Yeah, no, I love that because I think we have a tendency obviously to do the opposite. I, you know, I know so many people, um, that, you know, when we struggled in marriage, I know I did the exact same thing that we tend to want to hide it. Um, you know, a lot of times people don’t talk about the bad. They talk about how social media is the, the, you know, fun, real, you know, what you see is all the good, like look at all the amazing things I’m doing as a wife and as a mom and as a friend. And a lot of times we don’t post the bad. We don’t post, I’m having a really hard day or my spouse and I are struggling or you know, because we don’t want to quote, look bad. But it’s in those vulnerable moments and in that honesty that not only, you know, can we get love and support, but we can reach out, inspire others. And I’m sure by sharing that, by sharing your story of going through that and how low it got to the end of your rope, that you have inspired other couples, you know, that have felt very much alone.

Got it. You know, very similar to fitness and weight loss is that, you know, if, if nobody knows that I used to be a hundred pounds overweight, let’s say, you know, and they S and they see a fit young or thin girl or whatever, um, they, they don’t appreciate the, the fit shape girl, you know, until they say, Oh, I was a hundred pounds heavier. And they’re like, Oh my gosh, really? You were, and then all of a sudden they were like, they, and I, and I feel like that’s kind of like basically Steve and I were really out of shape, obese couple that was just unhealthy. And if we don’t share the before, you never really appreciate the after. And you know, I think it’s, um, and my parents were always very vocal and verbal about their own struggles. So I knew marriage was tough. It was not a surprise to me. It was a little bit more of a surprise to Steve. I think Steve thought it was what the movies were rolling around on the beach and you know, everybody was infatuated with each other and sexy and stuff and, and you know, nobody folded laundry and did like normal daily things. It was just whatever you saw TV, that was what love was when I got married. Bonnie really did make me happy and, and I, I had to

put a lot of weight in. That was really what I thought marriage was all about. It was about to make, make sure

it’s all about [inaudible]

Patty read something in a blog that she shared with me one time, that marriage isn’t there to make you happy. It’s really there to make you Holy. It’s, it’s for the first time, you know, really learning what it’s, what it’s like to, to truly love somebody. You know, kind of not because there are not 50 50 but just wanting to serve that person, wanting to see you make that person happy regardless.

Well there’s nobody that pulls the junk out of you. You know, there’s nobody that’s going to push my buttons as much as Steve. And that’s the, that’s the refining part that, you know, if we were just all getting divorced every time we ha all that junk starts going into the surface, you know, you’re not, you’re not working on that job. You know, your spouse brings that to the surface for you to address and improve and, and grow. And uh, but you know, unfortunately in the world we lived in today, as soon as, as soon as you have enough junk come to the surface that you don’t like, I just skate and go on to another person and see it and eventually your debt junk is going to come back up again. So I, you know what, it’s funny, the return is, is that, as you know, yes.

Marriage Maine is not necessary. Steve, my goal in life, I want to please Steve. I want to love him and stuff, but, but it’s the, you know, marriage, I’m, I, he was looking to me to be happy. Like, like he was only going to be happy if I made him happy in his mind. You know? And, uh, but when, when you look at marriage as a different, like, like my spouse as a tool, a refining tool, and sometimes it’s gonna feel like a really coarse sandpaper that’s going to hurt, but it’s going to Polish out the rough edges. If I, if I’m, if I allow that tool to stay with me long enough and uh, you know, and that’s kind of what now that we, we’ve seen marriage the way I feel like it’s in a healthy view instead of, you know, it’s, it’s my, it’s up to me only to make Steve happy, which is ridiculous.

And there’s no human that can perfect, that can make somebody happy like that. But as a result, there’s no pressure, you know? And now we actually are more happy than ever because we have so much more grace for each other. We extend grace to each other when we screw up and stuff like that because there’s not that pressure. So anyway, bottom line is, is just like within marriage and fitness, you know, we’ve, we’ve learned how to, to eat, right? We’ve learned to take in the right things in our marriage. We’ve learned how to take, you know, we’ve learned how to get healthy and we just want to share it just like we do when we share the information that we’ve learned with, um, with, with actual fitness,

the biggest take home for me with the obedience. And that’s kind of, um, you know, Tasha and I really went through all that. You’ll see it in the episode as, as we’re getting skinnier and skinnier and hungrier and hungrier and you know, you vibe on your emotions so much, you might feel this way and you have a really strong desire to do this or do that, eat this, rest, you know, not work out. And it’s just your emotions, especially losing weight. And especially in relationships like marriage, your emotions just lie to you. You know, they feel so real. They, they can make you feel like you’re starving, yet it passes. And regrettably, we do things during those times. So we’re trying to satisfy those appetites and you’re giving into your own desires and not looking out for the needs of others. When you start to serve yourself based on your emotions, it really wrecks your longterm goals.

It really wrecks whatever you’re truly called up towards, whether that’s fitness or being a good dad or doesn’t. So it keeping the, the end game, keeping the end goal in mind. You don’t have a choice but to be disciplined and be obedient in your choices, not, not based on how you feel at that second, you can’t go off of those desires. So it was really interesting as I was obedient and I came back because one of the first things I told Bonnie, this is before I got shot, I told Bonnie, I was like, you know what? I think we’re supposed to stay together. Cause I had prayed about it, prayed about it. I was trying to justify leaving the best I could, but I, I finally came down to the end and I’m like, you know what? I really feel like we’re supposed to be together but don’t, don’t make any mistakes about it. You know, that’s when I dumped all this. I don’t want to be here. I don’t love you, but I’m going to stay here. That’s what I’m supposed to do, you know, that sort of thing. And somewhere in the obedience my heart started to break and Oh boy.

And, and you know, God started to, to change my heart for her and, and, and then, you know, of course then I got shot and we got shut in this room and it was almost like he put us in timeout in a hospital room for three days and all we had to do was just talk about how to fix this and, and talk about, uh, forgiveness and talk about grace and, and talk about where we went wrong to begin with. And anyway, it was a really interesting time, but it all did just like fitness. It really did start with obedience and, and making good choices based on where you want to be, not on how you feel.

Yeah, no, that’s great. And thank you guys so much for sharing that cause I wanted you guys to share that because I think it’s, it’s very inspirational and motivational, but it’s kinda cool how you guys related it to fitness. A lot of things in life, you know, our spirituality I think is related to our physical fitness and vice versa. Um, so thank you guys for sharing that. I kinda wanna switch gears and get Tasha in here a little bit cause I feel like she’s a, she’s been left out so far. But Tasha, you’re, you are, um, I love your personality first of all, but I want you to give people a little bit of your view of yourself. Before you did this show, how did you view yourself growing up as a mom when you first became a mom before you got into this? Uh, the TV show.

I’m a selfless mom. Um, I was just a teenage mom and I did everything for my family and my husband and made sure that they were happy and taken care of. And I thought it was the greatest mom ever because I always put them first. I thought that’s what you were supposed to do. And that’s what would be, you know, great. Emily.

But then on the inside, did you like who you were as a selfless mom? Did that make you feel happy? Like, I’m such a great mom, I do these things for my kids. How did you feel on the inside with the being this selfless mom that you viewed yourself as?

I actually, I, I did feel that I was doing great and I was happy with myself. I didn’t resent it at all. I, um, took long into my journey, this journey to realize that it was a little backwards, but I, you know, I wasn’t happy I figured that out obviously. But, um, I just thought I was a great mom for doing, doing it that way.

Yeah. And I think a lot of a lot of moms out there can relate to that. They’re like, you know what, I, I’m, I don’t exercise, you know, I don’t eat healthy, but at the same time, my kids are happy, my husband’s happy. I’m doing all these great things for my kids and that’s my justification for, you know, not taking care of myself is because you know what? I find happiness and serving other people. And a lot of women can relate.

Oh yeah. And I know, you know, that’s always been excuse of mine. A lot of times I even would present drew because you know, he would go to the gym, especially back in the day, you know, he would go to the gym for a longer, he could be at the gym for two hours and you know, and then he would make a comment like, Oh, why don’t you go to the gym? And I’d make a snide remark like, yeah, I’d love to have the time to do that, you know? But you know, in between like everything else I’m doing like working and cleaning and you know, serving in the neighborhood or a church calling and friends and kids and yeah, I’d love to have two hours, you know? And then I realize as time went on that, you know, we are like a well and we’re constantly, you know, giving of the water within our well, but if we’re not doing stuff for ourselves, if we’re not feeling that well, it’s empty.

And so it’s that catch 22 of explaining to someone. I know you don’t feel like you have time, but if you make the time for yourself, I promise other things will start falling into place. You’ll be happier, you’ll be able to give more. But you know, if you write it out on paper, try to show someone that vision. A lot of times they’re like, I don’t get it. You know, I’m like, you just have to trust, you know, do something for yourself, you know, focus on you. And as you’re doing that, you’re really going to be able to give more to those around you, especially to your family.

Exactly. And that’s been now, that’s totally how it’s happened. I’m way happier. I get realized how I was sad or resentful a little bit. I didn’t realize any of that until I started taking care of myself and putting myself first. And actually I’m a, the kids seem happier cause I don’t know, they just love that I’m in shape and I’m able to participate with them. I’m not just the sideline mom and it’s just amazing.

Yeah. And you know what’s funny is they actually take some faith, you know, relating it to what, um, you know, Steve and Bonnie were saying, uh, spiritual side of it, it takes some faith. Same thing saying to yourself, if I dedicate time to myself, this is going to make me a better person. But at first you’re kind of doubtful. You’re like, well, it seems like it wouldn’t because I’m already happy and I’m doing all these nice things. Service is important, but I’m not serving myself. It’s like, well, it’s going to take some faith for you to just do it, to carry yourself in and see how, uh, how much better you feel. And so now it sounds like you’re living that lifestyle. Um, I kind of want to, um, go back to Steve a little bit and ask you why. Cause you’ve been on other TV shows. Steve, why did you want to do fit to fat to fit? What was the reason

it started off where Bonnie and I, or I guess mostly me, I was, I was praying for, you know, as things were changing that year, we heard about the casting for it, um, late in 2014 and, you know, I was, I was wondering, you know, our marriage was going well, we’re spending some time, you know, fixing that, um, getting more involved in church relationship with God is grilling. And I just wanted to know, you know, am I evolving as, as a husband, am I, am I changing or is my identity still caught up in this old guy that was still full of flesh and self-serving? And you know, like, who was I, you know, what, how am I changing? So as I started thinking about that and praying about that, it was like, lo and behold, we get a call about the casting. And it was interesting because my first thought was, wow, maybe this is, maybe this is it. And as the casting process went on, I realized what they were asking because they weren’t real

intentionally to sign here first. And they will tell you about we know trainers. The last thing we wanted to start with is, Hey, do you want to gain some weight? Like 50 pounds?

Exactly. It grew from there, but it became painfully obvious. Um, you know, cause I had heard about Drew’s journey. Um, but I, I hadn’t looked at it intimately, you know, I didn’t really look at the entire thing. So they called back three times. By the second time I knew that it was based on Drew’s book fit to fat to fit. And that’s when I got worried.

I started scrolling around and I pulled up pictures of drew and I was like, Oh no, you know, and I could tell, I could hear. So here’s what I was hearing. You know, it’s like not an audible voice from God coming down and saying anything. But I really felt impressed that, that God was saying, you know, I’m going to bring to a point where you’re going to have to let go of yourself and you’re just going to have to trust me completely. And that’s when I, I knew that this, this whole fit to fat thing was, was, was what I felt like I was being called to. And at that time I felt like I was all in. I was like, you know what, I’ve never gained, you know, I do amateur bodybuilding type stuff and I’ve competed, you know what? I’ve wrestled in the past and I’ve dropped away and after I’ve dropped a lot of weight, it’s nothing for me to gain 30 pounds, but 50, 60, 65, you know, I’ve, I’ve never in my life, and I didn’t even know if my body could, but that was the point I think God was trying to make in my life is, is why don’t do something where you have to depend on me completely.

And, uh, and so I kind of let go of myself and sure enough, as the month went on, I’m looking in the mirror and I’m seeing less and less of myself. And it was scary. But I learned that if I ever want to know who I’m going to be, you know, in Christ, when I, I need to let go of everything that I thought I wanted to be.

That was my journey. That that’s how it all started. And so it was a very, I don’t want to call it a religious spiritual thing, but it was w I felt called to it to really find out who I am without being the fit guy. And I know, you know, talking to drew and, and reading some, I realize that that’s who you were in the community. You know, you were the fit guy, you had first expectations you have in yourself and other people had on you and our community. It was the same thing. No matter where I went, I was that guy. And even toss before, you know, when we, she and I first met, she had taken one of my bootcamps three or four years earlier, if not more. Right. So, you know, it’s like everybody kind of knew me as that guy. So it was, it was interesting cause I got to let go and see who I was, you know, in my skin.

Yeah. I think I remember when he came home from as long as Sam’s to get something and it came home and he goes, man, I realize I just realized how prideful I really am. You didn’t. He said, I guess I am so ashamed. I have my cart and I’m going around the corner and I’ve got like pizza and I’ve got all these things. And he goes, and I just was thinking, man, I hope I don’t see so-and-so or I hope nobody sees me for the gym, you know, and, and uh, with it. And he said, I realized there was something about, you know, living that fitness lifestyle that where you’re like, you’re, you’re standing tall, you’re heads up and you know, you got, you know, look into my car as you wish. You were as disciplined as me. You know? And it’s funny because Steve and I have never thought of ourselves as, you know, prideful and stuff, right?

Just like that. But, but I think it’s been such a part of a lifestyle for so long that we were used to just, you know, feel, you know, there’s a, it’s funny cause there’s, it’s a natural response to be proud of yourself. You know, proud of yourself. You go to the gym, you know, proud of yourself that you eat well and stuff like that. But, um, but I think that’s, you know, it can be really scary, uh, line to the cross when you start becoming judgmental because you’re so, I’m so, you know, self-righteous that, you know, I, I eat well and everybody should, it’s not that hard, you know, whatever and stuff. And it really kind of sees that I’ve really learned something about myself today cause I didn’t realize how proud I was of my lifestyle and it wasn’t so much. He’s always been very, very on, uh, kind of, um, what do you call it? A conservative, like he was, he doesn’t walk around with a shirt off. You know, it’s like, if he’s, it has to be really hot when he’s washing the car maybe to take his shirt off. He’s on PlaySpan, you know I’m conservative when it comes to that kind of stuff. So it’s not like he was prideful with his body cause he was always very, yeah he’s lifting up his shirt.

It was really, you know, going to the beach with your shirt off and stuff like that with the whole experience. I have to say I really thought he did way better than I thought he was. I thought he was going to be crying all the time. [inaudible] she’s killing them out. She’s killing them out. She’s good at that

about what you’re saying is, you know, I find it interesting, you know, as a trainer myself I try to reinforce and reiterate over and over and over to my clients that you are not your weight. You are not just your looks. You know, people focus so much on the exterior and somebody that’s overweight is going to be struggling. Think, you know, feeling down about themselves and how they look and like you’re saying, having no pride in themselves because of their weight and because of their looks. And it’s funny that they have that. We try to reinforce like you are not your looks, you are not your weight. But on the flip side, you know Bonnie and Steve, you’re pointing out, you know, Steve had to come to that realization on the opposite end, you know that it, you know, being a fit person, you know, a lot of times I feel like his trainers and as I talked to a few of the different spouses that you know, that were struggling as their spouse is going through the fit to fat to fit TV show, I’d remind them like remind your spouse that this is not who they are.

They are not just a fit person. They are not just their looks. They are not just a six pack. Like you’re so much more than that. And it’s interesting that, you know, as trainers we try to reinforce that to our clients, but we forget that we kind of need to remind ourselves and reinforce that to ourselves as well. So Steve, kind of, sorry, that was like a long segue into my question that I’ve been thinking, you know, I’m sorry it’s cause I’m a woman. So what I was thinking is, you know, how did you view, you know, going through this whole process, you know, how you viewed overweight people before you started this journey versus now. What’s the biggest difference?

A lot of things didn’t change, you know, the fact that it’s bad choices, um, the, the fact that they’re continuing to make bad choices but the thing and you know, environment that, that kind of stuff. But the thing that did change for me is realizing the, how much somebody’s going to wrestle with the behavior of, of being fat and trying to change it or just being out of shape. Cause I see the same thing with sedentary people, whether they’re fat or not. Just trying to get somebody to, to get fit. So nevermind the weight thing. Um, I think what I, what I used to struggle with and, and I didn’t think that I was being judgmental, but it’s like look at the lifestyle. I already knew. W when I look at a client I’m having you guys do too. I think it’s trainers. One of the things we’re gifted with is seeing somebody’s potential and we know what it’s like to be fit.

So you’re thinking, man, you could have this, this, this piece, this joy. You can move freely. Don’t have to be so enslaved to, to your body or a sensory lifestyle or feeling sick or, and, and the funny thing is those, those people, if they’ve never been fit, don’t even have a clue how they’re feeling. And I’m looking at that as you’re practically, you, you have, you have one foot in the coffin already and they don’t have anything to compare it to and you’re, you’re, you’re trying to, I don’t know how to explain it. Um, you have, you have the hope that this person will change their life, change their body, change their lifestyle. Um, but it, it’s a hard sell when they’re thinking, Oh, well, you’ve always been fit. You know, you’re never going to understand what I’m feeling. That sort of thing. Um,

that’s kind of why we chair marriage thing. We were like, they listened to your advice a lot more when they know you’ve gone through tough times. Do you know the fitness?

And that’s one of the reasons I felt like I needed to do this journey was because there’s something I’m missing. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for them. I need to have a better understanding. And that’s what caused me to eventually do this crazy journey and now it’s a TV show and you guys are having to do it. Was that I felt like there was that disconnect. And you know, people who are my clients told me, you don’t understand. And I’m like, you know what? You’re right. It’s so easy. Why is it so hard for you? And so it definitely gives you that a different perspective, a better understanding of kind of where they’re coming from. Right? We don’t pretend to know exactly what it’s like to grow up overweight, um, and be, and have the same experiences. But at least you can at the end of the day, say you have a better understanding. Now, Tasha, in the episode you got emotional when Steve told you he was going to beginning weight. And I’m curious to ask you what made you get emotional when Steve said he’s going to be gaining weight for four months?

Um, I guess I know how, how hard it is and how people judge you and look at you and assume things about you. Um, it’s just, you don’t like don’t like yourself. I just didn’t want to, I mean I was, I didn’t like who I was. I didn’t want him to have to go through it. It’s just a terrible thing.

That’s so interesting and I love that it’s so powerful because Ray from last week’s episode kind of experienced the same thing when JJ told him he was going to be doing that. And do you feel like you appreciated Steve more for her for doing that versus if he was, this was just a typical weight loss show where he’s this trainer telling you to lose weight. Do you feel like there was some value in him having to do this first before training?

Absolutely. I feel like he, he knew what I was feeling and all the emotions and how actually it really was hard for being an overweight person. Like the aches, the pains, the emotional, um, the emotional weight of it. Like how you feel when you try to work out and people are looking at you just, he totally put himself in my shoes. I, yes, totally. I a much more respect

and, yeah. Awesome. Oh, that’s great. Oh, go ahead. I was just going to say, you know, when people would go up to me and ask me about Steve or I’m gaining weight, you know, I hear, I heard Steve has to gain weight or what does he do? You know? Or you know, just kinda like, you know, there, and it was interesting to me how many people that the people that were overweight, their response almost every single time was, wow, that is really cool. And, and, and then the fit people were like, what is he an idiot? It’s true. But it’s funny. I could see I was really overwhelmed by how many people, and it was definitely the people that struggle with weight themselves. How I could see something in their eyes of, uh, just some, they connected instantly. Like they thought that that was the coolest thing, that Steve was willing to give up his body basically.

And everything that he knew to pack on these pounds to in order to get in the skin of a client and understand what they went through. It was, I wasn’t expecting that. I thought people would might make, you know, think he’s crazy and all that kind of stuff. But when, when I saw how it connected with people, I realized the value of, I mean there’s nothing like, like you said, um, you know, I think one of y’all said of gaining weight growing up and, and having a long term, you know, who Steve was chubby and on a diet as a kid. So he had some of that experience, you know, and some people I’ve seen out there, I’ve said stuff like, you know, that’s ridiculous. They’re not going to understand how somebody is, you know, how somebody really struggles that, you know, they’ve been through all their life and they don’t, you know, some people discounted it, but, sure.

But I think, I think on all, um, you know, I think it’s, it’s been, I know for me, I, you know, I, I led them in bootcamp and Steve was dead last, you know, like, like for the first few weeks, you know, it was like really struggling and if nothing else, he would be like, we really need, he had taken, he’d done bootcamp before. We’d never done the actual program. And so for him to actually be there with Tasha and Tashia was kicking his book, she was [inaudible] girl. I love that. So, you know, when, one thing that I know that Steve has, has, um, had kind of a new experience with was being the overweight person in our bootcamp programs, being the overweight client and you’re putting stuff in there, stuff. He definitely, um, it made us kind of even change a little bit and just restructure our bootcamp even just a little bit.

Just, just some of the stuff that he realized was insanely hard. That doesn’t really need to be insanely hard, even though we want to keep it tough and we want it to have good results. Um, you know, it was, it was kind of an eye opener for him of what he feels like the, it was good to get in the client’s shoes and actually experience what the client experiences. And, and even though we have done that all our lives, we did it as fit people not as hot as overweight people, you know, for the most part. I mean we, you know, we’ve had our ups and downs through, you know, we both got that when we got married, you know, stuff like that. But, but nothing like what, you know, not living like the healthy lifestyles that we live now. It’s not really fair for the trainer to put himself through the workout and consider that a good example of how that’s going through. So I know for him it definitely change some stuff.

Well that’s, no, and that’s the thing is like, people are always going to say, you know, muscle memory, you were only overweight for four months. There’s no way you could, you’d understand. I agree 100%. I’m like, look, you’re totally right. There’s no way I could ever really know exactly what you’re going through. And same thing for the trainers on this show. And I don’t think we pretend to know, Oh look, we’ve done this. Now we have this badge of like, you know, Hey, we’re, we know what you’re going through for the most part. But you can at the end of the day at least say you have a better understanding. At least for me, I definitely gained some empathy, gain a better perspective. And at the end of the day, every trainer on the show appreciated their health so much more having gone through this, once their health has gone and taken away, then they realize, okay, I’m not my body. I’m not just my six pack. There’s more to me and you have to learn and grow from this. And, and I definitely saw that in every single trainer, Steve included. Um, so I gotta ask you, Steve, and you gotta be honest with me, your first workout back with Tasha when you got to ask me or you got to answer me, how hard was that? Like for real, cause I know on the episode they edited a lot of stuff out. How hard was that first workout back?

Um, unbelievable. You know, there’s, you think back in your life to some of the hardest, most sobering workouts you ever had. For me it was like, um, preseason the first time I made a, the wrestling team for varsity, you know, you’re going from JV and they’re just proving a point that you have a long way to go. Um, that was a hard one. I remember, um, you know, Fort Leonard wood, Missouri during my basic training. I remember when they tried to kill us there. Um, I got a chance to work out with a, a couple of the MMA guys who came to a local gym and they wanted to put a beat down on me just to prove a point. You know, it’s those Epic once in a lifetime type things. And this was definitely the top, the top of all of that. It was, it was, it was brutal. You know, the cameras are on you, you got the producers yelling at you wanting it to be organic, which was not a problem.


Yeah. Their side of it too is, here’s this woman that I’m response from before that we’re just, this is our first workout together for the most part. And I didn’t feel validated, you know, I, I felt like I, who am I to train her when she’s here kicking my butt, you know,

start it off. There’s

some behind the scenes, um, really great producer for this company. Uh, Craig was, and we really got to be close, of course, doing all this, but, uh, you know, he’s like, well, let’s put her through a little bit of the workout. So you’ll S you saw on the beach, you know, I’m working her out. And, um, I think, you know, behind the scenes they’re, they’re unbenounced to me now you’re gonna do it. I’m like, you know what? No, no, no. This was her workout. I have something completely different, you know, and I, I, you know, like a grown up, I’m like, okay, I’ll, I’ll do this. You know, and I’m trying to think. Sure. We can’t be as bad as what it don’t do a little bit better than she did man alive. What was it like halfway down the, the little chorus going back and I thought I was going to die, but you know, I have the resolve to be able to suck it up. And it luckily training the way I have in the past. I knew what I’m killed and I pushed all the way to the point where I didn’t think I was going to die. And uh,

you looked like you might die on the show, on the episode. I mean,

when Craig told me that you need to do it a few more times


I’m like, can’t you just kind of splice in and edit and do whatever you need to do. Yep. So I went through it, I finished the course and then I think I had, I can’t remember how many times she did it, like three times. I think I only did it twice, but um, it was honestly I went past the point of, you know, cause you have the cameras on you. I’ve got the accountability of Tasha be in there and I’m supposed to be this trainer guy that’s going to be on a and E and all y’all, but stuff, you know. And then the other part of it too, you probably felt this. My body remembered what it was like to run through sand and Terry stuff. You know, it’s like that was not a problem. Um, but my, my muscles and my, my brain had a very brief discussion on quitting. I’m raid one.

Yeah. But you know, it’s interesting. It’s, it’s so good to be humbled, right? We all agree that to be humbled is a good thing. It makes you a better person. Makes you,

what’s that? Not on national TV.

No, no, no, no. And that’s what everybody’s going to love. I think the, the one single piece that people are going to love is not just you getting fat, but your first workout back to be honest with you. Cause it’s like, yes. See that’s how hard it is. You don’t understand [inaudible] I’m gonna lie, Steve. I’m just throwing it out there to be honest. I love seeing that. Especially because at times you had such a hard time gaining the weight and there’s me and I’m like, I could eat all that food and never feel sick and gained the weight in a heartbeat cause I had before and then I saw you die in the workout. I’m like, okay, he’s all good. It’s so, it’s all good.

Okay, well we’re, we’re, we’re running out of time you guys. So what we want to do first before we jump into our lightning round, which, uh, is the funnest part of this show to be honest with you, is first tell everybody where they can find you, your social media, your websites. We’ll start with Steve, Tasha, and then we’ll do Bonnie.

He’s looking at me like, I tell him, he’s like, he’s like, wait, where do you, where do people, it’s my social media. Okay. Maybe Bonnie, you go, you tell us

where everybody is. Are you and Steve at least

you can always get a cookie. I can’t remember anything.

You can re you can go to [inaudible] dot com which is a, I don’t know last name. So it’s P, F, I, T, B, L, O, G, so pip.com has all of our links to Facebook and all that kind of stuff. But Steve Twitter and Instagram is, his name is at, uh, at Steve Feaster, P. F. I. E. S. T. E. R. so STP serve with the whole batch lash. He’s social, he’s learning. Um, and I’m uh, I’m a at Bonnie Feaster is my handle for Instagram and Twitter. And then Bonnie’s fan page on, on a Facebook. But again, everything’s kind of hubbed out of the fit blog and that’s where they can find, you can see our marriage testimony and our all and our blogs and all that kind of stuff. And then, um, for Facebook it’s Tasha, Reese, R. I. S. S Cruz. And then for Instagram it’s just Tasha Cruz with twosies. Awesome. We’re going to put that in the,

yeah, this will all be in the show notes for everybody. Cause I know, cause here’s the thing, when you’re on TV like this, people are going to want to reach out to you. They connect with you and they’re going to want to be inspired by you even after the show. So that’s what’s great about social media. Okay. Lightning round. I’m gonna turn the time over to you guys. Shields. Explain the rules.

My favorite part. All right, so lightning round. My favorite part, the least important part of the show, which is why it’s my favorite part. So we’re going to ask you some questions. They literally probably don’t matter, but they matter to me and I want you to answer them as quickly as possible. And the first thing that comes to your mind, no filtering. Okay? Whatever starts junk. This is, this is where people aren’t going to hear this, but you guys were asking if we say something really bad, can you edit it out? And I was like, no. And this is why, because of light. Okay? Okay.

And we’ll let you guys pick who goes first, but you know, it’s for all three.

Maybe I might decide who I want to go first. Okay. Most embarrassing moment during the eight months of filming, Steve

getting my prostate checked on.


Oh my gosh. Oh man, it was better than I thought it was

going to be. Okay. Tasha? Most embarrassing moment during the eight months of filming. It can be on or off camera. It doesn’t matter. Just during the whole period of time, my pants working out on camera. Cause you’ve had kids. Amen girl. I got you. Makes you feel better. I film workouts

and I had God, but I had all guys like the producers were guys. Steve was the guy and the camera guy. Everyone was the guy. So no one [inaudible] sorry. So if I peed my pants


I can’t be gay. You’re not cool unless you pee your pants. That’s funny.

Favorite, favorite treat fruit. Brawny favorite treat. Treat us cheaper. I tell a treat. You can call it cheat. Whatever you want. I like treat sounds better. Mexican, Mexican, anything Mexican. Oh, anything. Tacos in Salado

chips, sausage, guacamole. You name it. I want it all.

Well, anyway, I have a question for Bonnie really quick. Lynn. Uh, what was your most embarrassing experience with Steve with him getting the wakes? I know you have some funny stories of him being overweight.


I don’t know. I think, I think probably we were out at a restaurant and he was like burping and stuff and he just looked at me and goes, I am so sorry. I don’t know what is happening to me. He’s like, but my body’s just not agreeing with this food. And they was like, it was this moment of looking at me with these sad eyes of just, he didn’t know what was going on and he was looking down at his belly like it was me being embarrassed. That’s just wrong. Yeah, no, it was just, yeah, you were.

Why I was going to say it. It may be her looking around while you’re passing gas and wondering like, who’s who’s looking at you guys? I dunno. I dunno.

Just saying you did walk around with Pepto Bismol in one pocket and Thompson the other back pocket and they actually walked around like that.

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I love that. It sounds like pregnancy. Me too. Okay. Tasha, the best part or funniest part of you seeing Steve gain all that weight. Best part. His man boobs.

Wow. [inaudible]

do you, would you call that like a big B or a small C?


Okay. Least favorite exercise. Move Steve. Bonnie. Then Tasha, least favorite exercise move.


if you do not have a least favorite exercise move. I’m going to punch you guys in the face. Just kidding. Just kidding. I hate long distance running, but um, goes, Oh, that can totally count. I hate, I don’t like running. I don’t like running anything over three miles. I hate it with a passion. When you said lodges is running, I was thinking like a hundred meters, but all right. All right. Three miles, share whatever to each their own long distance. I think going to the car, whatever. Okay. Okay. Who that Bonnie money.

It’s a tie between stomps and big jacks. Oh wait, what’s a stomp? What’s a stomp? Like the Starburst type? Well, the big Jackson is like, it just a big, huge Jack up in the air and I’m not flexible so I could either pull my groin like, you know, I mean it’s pretty, but anyway, and then stomps, you’re, you’re down like in this crouch position, like at a lunch. And you can one foot back and you bring it back back. Only one leg at a time. So you’re going one leg, one leg in mountain climber, it’s always after like a string of leg exercises. So your quads are on fire. First time I ever did it I stood up and we were actually on camera and my leg gave out and that we had to splice it out cause my leg quit working. I’ve never done either of those. I will have to share it on Instagram for you. But a Tasha knows those stomps really well. Yes, I don’t. I know some father. My least favorite. Um, what had happened, jump up onto the pull up bar mountain climbers when I made her do. Yes.

My shoes are big. Okay. No, I feel ya. All right man. I have so many. I just realized, I don’t know if I have a real least favorite eye. All of those that you mentioned. I’m like, yeah, I don’t like those either. I was like, Oh, okay. That’s good to know. I don’t like anything where you have to jump because if you’ve had kids, you pee your pants. Okay. Exactly. All right, cool. Well you guys did, you guys made it through, you suffered through the lightning round. Flying covers. Brilliant, great answers. I mostly like the prostate answer the most to be honest.

Okay, one last one last question. One last question before we go. Steve, I think I know your answer. What’d you ever do fit to fat to fit again?


sees them. We need somebody for season two. Steve, come on. I’m just

Bonnie. Bonnie raised her hand.

Bonnie, I don’t know.

Hey, that’s a maybe. I don’t know. Maybe you guys are awesome at your show. The show was so, you know, your episode was so motivating you guys and inspirational people go to the show notes, go follow all of them. I’m sure they’re going to be posting many motivational inspirational things.

Yup. And next week. You guys, don’t forget to tune into a Donna’s and Alyssa’s episode next Tuesday. And thank you guys for tuning in to fit to get fit. And Steve, Tasha, Bonnie, thank you guys for being a part of the family and for spreading the good word and being part of this, this movement, this fit to fat to fit movement. Um, and uh, you know, my hope with all of this honestly is to help bridge the gap between um, the, the, the two sides of these skinny fit people over here who, who judge and don’t understand and the people who are overweight who, uh, judge those on the other side. And if we could just have some better understanding on both sides and bridge that gap, this world in our society would be a lot happier place to live. So that’s my hope with this whole fit to add to fit movements. So thank you guys for being a part of it and thanks for coming on the podcast.

Thanks for having us.

Okay, everybody, I hope you enjoy today’s podcast with Steve, Bonnie and Tasha. We hope you enjoyed the episode on a and if you haven’t watched it yet or if you, you know, DVR at it, go watch the episode first. You’ll be inspired, you’ll be motivated. Uh, we’re, we’re glad that you are supporting both the podcast and the TV show. Um, we appreciate all of our fans. Uh, if you haven’t done so already, please go subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and please leave us a review. It definitely helps when we have people living as reviews. It knows that what we’re doing is, is valuable to you guys. Please feel free to reach out to us on social media and let us know if you have suggestions for things you want to hear about topics or guests you want us to have on. We’re all ears, so feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you think. Um, my website if you want to reach out to me is fit to fat to fit.com. Sign up for my newsletter. Just stay in the know. Uh, you can also reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at fit two fat two fit with the number two. The TV show is fit too fat to a fit. So just remember the difference between those two.

Yeah. And if you want to find me, my website is the number two fit@home.com. I also have a newsletter sign up that you can send it for there. Um, all of my social media handles are the number two fit at home. So love to hear from you.

All right guys, thank you guys so much. And if you feel like donate to the podcast, we would definitely love to have your support to pay for the cost to keep this podcast alive. Uh, that’s on the fit to fat to fit.com for sash podcast, a site. And we, we, we love you guys. We really do. And we hope you will join us next week for another great episode. See ya.

So you guys.

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