If you’ve recently started the keto diet, you might be wondering if you need to take extra supplements. There are various ways to add the additional nutrients and probiotics that you need to your diet, including with different foods or supplements. Today we’re going to explore the link between keto and probiotics to ensure you enjoy a balanced and healthy experience while following the keto diet.

Why Do You Need Probiotics On The Keto Diet?

One of the biggest complaints about starting the keto diet is that the high-fat diet can start to cause issues for your digestion. While you are consuming over 75% fat and experiencing the benefits of this diet, your digestive system might be struggling to keep up. If you’ve recently experienced bloating or diarrhea, this is a clear sign that a probiotic supplement might be needed to restore balance.

As the keto diet is restrictive in what you can eat, many people find they are unable to maintain a healthy gut microbiome. When this is imbalanced, you’ll find that the number of nutrients your body extracts from food is reduced. For that reason, you might find that you need to add a probiotic supplement to your diet each day.

On top of that, if your body isn’t fully absorbing the required nutrients that your body needs, consider adding both a magnesium and potassium supplement to your diet as well. Magnesium supports muscle and nerve function and will also increase energy production. Potassium helps with normal cell functioning and will ensure that your body is metabolizing protein and carbohydrates properly. By adding both of these alongside your probiotic supplement, you can ensure that your body remains healthy while following the keto diet.

Foods You Can Eat To Add Probiotics To The Keto Diet

As well as adding a probiotics supplement to your diet, you’ll want to consider the foods you are consuming on a daily basis. There are many foods that you can enjoy on the keto diet which allow you to naturally add probiotics into your diet. These foods offer the good bacteria that your body needs to remain healthy. They’ll fight off bad bacteria when there’s too much in your body, making you feel healthier while navigating the challenges of the keto diet.

Probiotic-Rich Foods

  • Yogurt is one of the easiest ways to add probiotics to your diet. You can enjoy a yogurt each morning topped with keto-friendly toppings or have one for dessert after your dinner
  • Kimchi is another popular food to increase your intake of probiotics. As it’s a fermented food, it’s an excellent probiotic and will help you to maintain healthy digestion while following the keto diet.
  • Sauerkraut is finely shredded cabbage that has been fermented by lactic acid. It is rich in fiber as well as vitamin C, B, and K. It is also high in sodium which is perfect for those starting out on the keto diet. Make sure to use unpasteurized sauerkraut since pasteurization kills the live and active bacteria.
  • Fermented cheese is another good solution for anyone on the keto diet and is also high in fat. Parmesan is a good example of a fermented cheese, and it contains lactic acid bacteria, which helps to create gut-healthy probiotics. On top of that, you’ll find that cheese assists with your calcium and protein intake, both of which are important for anyone on the keto plan.
  • Finally, taking a probiotic supplement is an easy way to ensure you are getting enough probiotics while on the keto diet. Complete Probiotics contain 10 strains and 50 billion CFU in each capsule, and they were created specifically to benefit those on a ketogenic diet.

Ready To Get Started With The Keto Diet?

Now that you see how easy it is to add probiotics to your diet on the keto diet, it is the perfect time to try out one of my programs. If you are looking for guidance when starting the diet, you’ll find that our programs will take you through everything you need to know about enjoying a balanced and healthy lifestyle on the keto plan. Many people who start keto are concerned about not eating the right foods and balanced meals, but I take care of everything for you.

In the Back2Fit program, you will get new content every week from meal plans, to exercises, to my personal tips, tricks, and hacks to help you succeed on your own keto journey.

The keto diet offers so many benefits to its followers, but you’ll want to ensure you are offering your body all of the nutrients it needs to remain healthy on this plan. Check out our full selection of supplements here, including probiotics, magnesium, and potassium, which will all help you to maintain optimum health on the keto diet.

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