6 Tips for Eating Keto While On Vacation

Jul 6, 2021 | Keto

Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy spending time away from work and reality, but if you’ve been working hard to follow the keto diet, you’ll want to keep on track while you’re away. By following these top tips listed below, you can continue eating keto on vacation even while spending time away from your home this summer.

1. Plan Ahead

My number one tip for anyone traveling this year is to plan ahead to accommodate your dietary requirements. Find foods such as burgers and steaks on restaurant menus so that you know they’ll be something you can eat. There’s nothing worse than walking around a new city with your family in tow, trying to find somewhere to eat when everyone else is starving. Use the internet to search for restaurants close by to your hotel and book ahead to ensure you have somewhere to eat during the evenings. If you are traveling abroad this year, research the local destination’s cuisine to get a better understanding of the type of dishes you may be able to enjoy on your trip.

2. Pack Snacks to Bring with you

Keto meal

Both for traveling to your destination and when heading on days out, you’ll want to keep healthy snacks with you at all times. Instead of having to rely on finding a healthy keto-friendly snack when you are out and about somewhere new, you’ll always have something on hand between meals. Bring our Keto Meal Replacement powder with you in your suitcase, which you can mix with 8oz of water to curb cravings. It will ensure you stay hydrated and stop you from snacking between meals while eating keto on vacation.

3. Be mindful of what you are drinking

Especially if you are heading to a party destination or a beach resort, you might be tempted to indulge in alcoholic drinks that aren’t ideal for anyone on the keto diet. Keep an eye out for some of the new low-carb alcohol options, which are more readily available across the country today. My personal favorite is Dry Farm Wines. You’ll still be able to enjoy a drink with everyone else in your travel party without ruining your hard work and getting off track with eating keto on vacation.

4. Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest reasons that people overindulge and stop eating keto on vacation is they simply aren’t remaining hydrated enough. During the summer months, and especially if you are drinking extra alcohol, it can be so easy to become dehydrated. People often mistake this for hunger, causing them to go off plan and eat the first snack they can find. Take a refillable water bottle and make sure to have some essential electrolytes with you on your next trip and on days out so that don’t mistake thirst for hunger.

5. Consider Accommodation with a Kitchen

When selecting your vacation accommodation, consider looking for an apartment or vacation home with a kitchen. This can make preparing keto-friendly meals much easier, especially when it comes to eating breakfast each morning. Instead of risking overindulging at the hotel’s buffet breakfast, you can eat keto on vacation and have no issues finding somewhere to eat each day. On your first day in your vacation destination, find a local grocery store and stock up on your favorite keto-friendly foods and drinks ready for the week ahead.

6. Eat well leading up to your trip

To help encourage you to continue eating keto on vacation, ensure you are following your meal plan properly before your trip. This can help to get your body used to the low-carb options, and especially for anyone who is new to the keto plan in the past few months, you won’t struggle to navigate menus and find dishes to fit your requirements on vacation. By following the plan to the best of your ability leading up to your trip, you also won’t feel so guilty if you do go slightly off track one day in a restaurant. While we always encourage you to try and eat keto on vacation, don’t deprive yourself of eating if you can’t find anything suitable while exploring a new destination one day.

Many of us are excited to head back out into the world and go on vacation this year. Just because you are traveling away from home or heading abroad, it doesn’t mean you have to undo all of your good work so far. All of these tips will help you to stay on track by eating keto on vacation while still enjoying dining out at restaurants, visiting bars, and spending time with your family and friends on your upcoming trip.

What if you slip up?

Sticking to a diet and especially attempting to eat keto while on vacation can be difficult. Don’t feel bad about putting experiences before your weight, just try to avoid making it a normal thing. Gaining a few pounds while having a once in a lifetime experience with those you love is nothing to feel bad about. Make a plan for when you return home to get back on track. Because my Back2Fit program is in our mobile app, you can take it with you everywhere you go! That means whether you are in Cancun or Rome, you can have the diet, exercise, and motivational tools you need with you wherever you go.

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