How Long Can You Do The Keto Diet For?

May 4, 2021 | Fit2Fat2Forty

The keto diet offers many benefits to anyone who follows this plan, but when opting to do keto long term, it can be very unhealthy when not implemented properly. To enjoy the benefits of the keto diet, there are certain considerations to keep in mind before embarking on this journey. Let’s take a look at how long you can do the keto diet for and the ways to remain healthy while following this program.

Is It Safe To Do Keto Long Term?

Many people use the keto diet as a way to quickly lose weight and gain more energy in their day-to-day life. When followed correctly, the diet is known for its quick results, as it encourages the body to use its own fat-burning system. When moving onto a low or no carbohydrate diet, it’s important to do this in a safe way. Ensure the meal plan you are using is something you’ll enjoy following for a long time instead of just focusing on the short-term results.

Ensure the meal plan you are using is something you’ll enjoy following for a long time instead of just focusing on the short-term results

To enjoy keto long-term, make sure you understand how to track what you are eating from the start. Tracking your macros will ensure you are still getting enough calories each day and will stop you from losing weight too rapidly, which can be extremely dangerous. Weight loss needs to be achieved through a healthy balance of diet and exercise. In order to keep the weight off in the long term, you need to find what works best for you. I have taught thousands of clients how to do this properly in my Back2Fit program. You can try it free for 7 days if you sign up here.

Understand Which Foods You Can and Cannot Eat

When starting out on the keto diet, it’s important to understand what types of food you should and shouldn’t be eating. Protein and fiber-rich foods will help to keep you full for longer, so these should play a huge part in your diet. On top of that, you’ll want to work to eliminate calorie-dense processed foods. These are so easy to binge on and add unnecessary calories to your daily intake. By following these two principles, you’ll still feel extremely satisfied with the diet, making keto a long-term solution.

Explore Your Food Options

For individuals who are just starting out on a keto diet, we encourage you to explore the options available to you. The keto diet focuses on low-carb foods, and you’ll find there are many great keto-friendly products on the market today. You’ll soon learn what you can and can’t eat on the plan and find some great alternatives to your previous favorite foods. You’ll find that meat, low-carb vegetables, high-fat dairy, and avocado will form the basis of your meals. For snacks, you can enjoy nuts, seeds, and some berries. After starting the keto diet, many individuals are pleasantly surprised by the amount of choice available to them and the wide selection of recipe ideas they can follow.

Plan Ahead

One of the reasons why the majority of diet plans fail is due to a lack of planning. When you are at work for the day or on vacation, it can be so easy to ditch your diet if you haven’t prepared to continue with your keto meal plan. To enjoy keto long-term, you’ll want to plan ahead as much as possible. When you are heading on vacation, look up keto-friendly restaurants and menus ahead of time, or pack suitable snacks for days out in your bag. This can help you to avoid grabbing a high-carb snack you don’t need, which will throw you off balance and minimize your chance of being in a state of ketosis.

It can be so easy to ditch your diet if you haven’t prepared to continue with your keto meal plan

Join a Keto Diet Community

For the majority of people who start the keto diet, one of the biggest struggles is feeling like they are alone in this challenge. Many individuals undertake this diet alone, without the support of their family. If that’s the case for you, we highly encourage you to find an accountability partner or support group. You’ll be able to share your wins and challenges and swap recipes and meal-prep ideas. When more of you join together, you’ll find you are far more excited to keep going with your keto journey and will enjoy doing keto long term with their support. Gain access to a support community when you join one of my programs

Following keto long term is certainly an option for people today, but it’s all about following the plan properly to remain healthy and motivated. If you are interested in starting your keto journey today, consider joining my Back2Fit weight loss program or if you are looking to live a long term keto lifestyle take a look at my Keto School Program. You’ll receive support and guidance from the program to help you enjoy a healthy and sustainable way of living.

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