Fat to Fit: How Drew Manning lost over 60 pounds in 4 months

Mar 8, 2022 | Fit2Fat2Forty

Drew Manning is a celebrity fitness trainer who intentionally gained over 60 pounds to understand his clients better. His goal was to lead by example and inspire his clients that if he can go from fat to fit at 40 years old, you can too.

Throughout his entire journey of going from fat to fit, Drew documented everything from his foods to the exercises he did. Another important aspect of his fat to fit transformation was how he broke the mental and emotional connection he had with food. 

Going from Fit to Fat

It’s important to understand that Drew wasn’t always fat. In fact, he intentionally gained the weight to lead by example and hopefully inspire some of his clients to follow his journey from fat to fit. 

Gaining weight wasn’t all fun and games, as you may think. So Drew stocked his fridge with foods commonly found in typical American households. Ice cream, chips, processed foods, and sugary cereal were his favorites.

Over the next four months, Drew stopped exercising. Instead, he would eat when he was hungry and stop eating when he was full. In all, he was eating around 6000 calories a day, nearly double what he ate before this experiment.

The consequences of being fat

Because Drew gained weight so rapidly, it was easy for him to understand the differences that were going on inside his body. Drew discussed these changes in detail in a video recorded on his 40th birthday.

Drew was also monitored by doctors throughout this process and documented the changes to his health on his website. However, one of the things that stood out most was Drew’s decreased testosterone levels. 

Decreased testosterone levels can reduce sex drive, weight gain, loss of lean muscle mass, and fatigue. All things Drew experienced during the four months of going from fat to fit.

Going from Fat to Fit

You may think that this part of Drew’s journey was the most difficult, but it wasn’t. Because Drew knew what it was like to be fit and knew how he felt when he was fit, he stayed incredibly motivated and committed to his plan. 

Many are surprised to learn that Drew didn’t need to go on an extreme diet or work out at the gym for 8 hours a day. Instead, Drew stuck to a strict keto diet of around 2000 calories a day and only spent about an hour in the gym each day.

He documented what he ate and the exact exercises he did in his Back2Fit program that he has made available to everyone. In addition to the diet and exercise, Drew focused on keeping a healthy mindset through self-affirmations, journaling, and meditating. 

Drew’s journey going from fat to fit wasn’t easy, but he did achieve his goal and lost over 60 pounds in just four months. He has been an inspiration to thousands who have followed his program and seen incredible results for themselves. 

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