Dr. Ian Billinghurst is a Vet Surgeon, Agricultural Scientist, Nutritionist, and Author. He is recognized as the “Father” of raw feeding, and the founder of the BARF (Biologically appropriate Raw Food) Diet. In this episode, Drew and Dr. Billinghurst discuss the issues with modern “dog food,” the benefits of a raw diet, and even how modern dog food mirror’s fast food culture in many ways. If you have a family pet that you want to keep happy and healthy, then this episode is for you!




[05:11] Dr. Billinghurst’s journey becoming an expert in canine health, why he is so passionate about animals, and the dangers of feeding dogs – and humans – highly processed foods.


[13:26] How Dr. Billinghurst developed the B.A.R.F. diet, and how it can radically change your dog’s health.


[23:30] The proper way to implement the B.A.R.F. diet, the best foods to give your dog, and mindset shift that needs to take place in order to successfully sustain feeding a raw diet.


[32:46] When fasting can be beneficial to your dog’s health, the best feeding schedule for your dog, and why dogs are the most cancer ridden species on the planet today.


[42:25] The surprising similarities between a dog and human diet, the negative effects of a processed diet for both dogs and humans, and why dogs thrive on keto.




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