Sonya Jensen is a Naturopathic Physician, mother, author, yoga teacher, podcaster, workshop and retreat leader, as well as the cofounder of Divine Elements Health Center, The Longevity Lab, and The Health Ignited Academy. In this episode, Drew and Sonya talk about self discovery, how hormones negatively affect the body, how to harness your hormones in a positive way, and even what men can do to be better partners – which leads to healthier relationships! You can find her new book “Woman Unleashed” HERE.


[05:50] Sonya explains how her new book came to be, and shares the personal story that ultimately led her to discover her true potential.

[13:45] How trauma, stress, and unregulated emotions affect hormones, and how those hormones can manifest negatively in your life.

[26:30] How a yoga practice can transform your mental and emotional health, as well as some other tips to aid you in your own process of self-discovery.

[31:40] The physical aspect of harnessing your hormones to work for you, rather than allowing your hormones to rule your life.

[42:55] Sonya’s advice to men, and some things that men can do to understand and support their partners for a healthier relationship and happier life.


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