Could Keto save your life? Kyle Wheeler would say, “YES IT DID!” After weighing in at over 300 pounds and being inspired to change his life for the sake of his family, Kyle lost over 120 pounds while utilizing the Back2Fit program. In this episode, Drew chats with Kyle about what it took to make such a radical lifestyle change, why mental health was key, the ups and downs of losing weight, and how Keto may have literally saved Kyle’s life. Kyle is truly inspiring, and his story is one that you don’t want to miss.




[04:05] Kyle’s breakthrough moment, how he found Fit2Fat2Fit, and how much weight he has lost to date. 


[14:40] The hardships that Kyle met while on his Back2Fit journey, and how he overcame them to get to where he ultimately wanted to be.


[19:26] How the mental and emotional side of fitness was key in Kyle’s journey, and made it possible for him to maintain a dramatic lifestyle change.


[25:55] Kyle’s goals moving forward, how he plans to continue his transformation, and his aspirations to ultimately give back in an amazing way.


[31:36] What Kyle would tell his old self to get motivated sooner, and how working on mental health can be key for making long lasting change – especially for men!




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