On this episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience podcast, Drew recaps his week of testing the Paleo diet, and reflects on how it affected him physically and mentally in comparison to Keto. He also shares the secret to strict weight-loss regardless of what type of diet you are adhering to, as well as some mid-week motivation to keep you on track to accomplish your goals! Be sure to check in next week to find out how Drew handles the Vegan diet!


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[07:11] How Paleo compares to Keto, and how the Paleo diet affected Drew physically and mentally during the week.


[10:03] Why adding carbs back into your diet after being in ketosis doesn’t cause you to regain weight, and why the day to day numbers are not that important.


[12:00] Drew’s plan to unveil a bloodwork comparison between all four weeks of testing different diets.


[15:18] Drew’s final assessment of the Paleo diet, and how he expects the following weeks to go in terms of his weight-loss.


[19:39] How Drew’s age is affecting this journey, compared to his first Fit2Fat2Fit journey.   




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