On this episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, Drew catches us up on the last couple of weeks of his Fit2Fat2Forty journey. The last two weeks were extremely stressful – yet healing – as he faced an extremely difficult situation, but traveled to Hawaii for some much needed “Aloha,” time with his girls, and time to recharge. This brought with it some extreme emotional changes, accompanied by surprising physical changes. After talking through these changes, Drew offers himself a word of hope, encouragement, and advice that we can all learn from.

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[01:43] Drew gives all the details about how to access the BACK2FIT content in order to join him on the journey back to fit.


[05:04] Why Drew went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving, and how it felt to be 50 pounds overweight on the beach.


[09:50] Drew’s physical changes over the past two weeks.

[14:12] Drew’s major emotional changes as a result of stressful recent events, and how they have affected his motivation and ability to regulate emotions. 


[18:45] How to release your numbing mechanisms in a healthy way that leads to success rather than more negative habits.




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