On this episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, Drew sits down with his girlfriend – Julie – to give us an update on the second week of his Fit2Fat2Forty journey! They begin by going over the statistics of his second week, exploring the physical changes happening to Drew’s body, and recognizing how those changes are affecting Drew’s health. Finally, they take a deep dive into the mental and emotional side of gaining weight that is already creating noticeable changes in both Julie and Drew’s lives. While week one was much more focused on physical changes, this week is much more focused on the mental and emotional side of the journey. Catch up with Drew on this week’s episode!



[04:25] Drew’s week two statistics, physical changes, and what Julie thinks about the changes in Drew’s body this far. 


[12:48] Drew’s day to day mental and emotional function – from Drew’s perspective.


[16:19] Drew’s mental and emotional changes – from Julie’s perspective.


[21:09] Does Drew feel self-conscious as he is gaining weight? And how he is dealing with attachment to body image.


[26:50] Julie’s final thoughts on Drew’s week 2 changes, including some changes that she never considered.



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