In this episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, Drew chats with the CEO and founder of KetoneAid – Frank Llosa – to discuss everything about ketone esters. Ketone esters effectively raise blood ketone levels to simulate ketosis even if you aren’t on a strict keto diet, which can benefit everyday people and athletes alike. In their conversation, Drew and Frank explore the history of ketone esters, various applications for all types of people, and the best protocols to follow regarding how one plans to use ketone esters. 


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[07:15] Frank breaks down what a ketone ester is, and gives a brief history of their development. 


[23:17] Frank and Drew discuss performance protocols when consuming ketone esters.


[38:05] How ketone esters and the keto diet may help COVID-19 patients recover at a higher rate.


[44:35] How ketone esters can be beneficial to everyday people by aiding in recovery, boosting energy, and reducing brain fog. 


[52:34] The future of ketone esters as technology continues to progress, prices become cheaper, and they scale to the mass market.




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