What’s up everybody. It’s me drew Manning. Welcome back to the fit to fat, to fit experience podcast. I am so excited for today’s episode. I bring back on the show, Chris and Heidi Powell, my good friends from extreme weight loss. I don’t even feel like I need to do an introduction for them because you know, most people know who they are. They’re dear friends of mine. I love and adore both of these people. They work so hard and they sacrifice so much to help other people transform. And I had the opportunity to be on Chris’s show back in season three, I believe. And they brought me on as a guest trainer on one of the episodes and that’s where Chris and I met and we hit it off. And ever since then, we’ve been really good friends. Um, and I got to meet Heidi as well and just their energy, their vibe.

They are the same people that, that you meet in person as they are on the TV show that they meet every single person. They’re the exact same person. That’s what I love about them. They are really open and honest and vulnerable. And so we have a great conversation and today’s episode, we dive into the new transform app. We dive into their transition from the TV show to where they are now, their physique, uh, show competitions and, and why and how they do all that. And, uh, it’s, it’s a great conversation. You guys do not want to miss out on it. So please stick around to the end and listen to what Christina Hattie have to say, because I know I always learned so much for them and you will as well. Um, really quick before we jump into the show sponsors of today’s show. I just want to let you guys know about my, uh, keto program, which if you have not checked it out yet, it’s at quito.fit to fat to fit.com.

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To make it like an annual meetup on Skype.

Exactly. That’s like the one time and we’ll try and keep our conversation to one hour, which is going to be hard. I’m sure.

All right. We can do it.

Awesome. Um, so you guys are in Arizona, right. Still live in the life form in Arizona. Awesome. So I kind of want to catch everybody up to like, you know, where you guys are at. Like, I know we’ll talk about the transform app. Um, but I want to talk about how, how we got to there. So let’s kind of back up to like the end of the, the series of the TV show and what life was like from that transition. You know, it’s not like you guys just retired and stopped working. Right. But talk about that

Truly. Did we retired golf swing? I’m playing Xbox with the kids and a lot of shopping. No. So, you know, gosh, it’s been, it’s funny because up until, um, the end of the show, I thought like could not get busier. I really was like, Oh my gosh, you know, the show is over. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe we’ll finally get a break, but honestly we had about one week of no offense, Chris, but Chris kind of crying a little bit shedding a few tears because I mean, that had been our life for awhile. And then it was like right back to the grind because we realized, all right, like our mission on earth is not done. Yes. We inspired millions of people with the show and our peeps at lost weight, inspired millions of people, but what can we do now that can make a lasting impact for years and years to come.

And so then we kind of started our next journey and yeah, I was, I was definitely bummed, you know, when the show in his course, because, you know, for five years, that’s, that’s what we knew. In fact, like that’s basically, you know, caching and Ruby were born during that time period. And it was just, it became our, I mean, that really was our normal. And so, um, I mean, it was just so different. Um, you know, just switching gears, but at the same time, it really, it was such a blessing because we did. And as wonderful as the show was, there was a lot of, there’s some healthy frustration with this and, and I’ll explain why. And, um, it was incredible working with 15 people a year and helping them change their lives and then sharing those stories around the world. That was awesome. But the difficult part came when, you know, the show begins with, I wrote a letter to Chris and Heidi, and then they came and surprised me when that happens.

You can imagine, you know, cause our show was actually sold around the world, this area in 148 countries, imagine the thousands of emails that we got from people asking for help. I mean, so we collected over 400,000 emails over or over yeah. Three and a half year period of from people asking for help. And when you read some of these stories, they are heartbreaking and heartwarming. And um, I mean, there’s just so much that we wanted to do to help these people, but we just couldn’t, we didn’t have the capacity because I’ve for 365 days a year, we were working, you know, in the trenches with these 15 individuals, helping them change their lives. But then when you’re, when you’re getting all that outreach from around the world, you know, it opens your eyes to the fact that yeah, we can work with 15 people, but there’s 15 million people.

There’s 150 million people there that need what we’re helping these people with. And so we’ve been saying this for years, we kept seeing like, how can we, how can we bring this transformation to the masses and how can we what’s the right way? And so, I mean, as soon as the show ran its course and, um, you know, we basically, our contract was up and ABC, thank you. And um, you know, they ended up selling the show to TLC and discovery, um, immediately we’re like, well, Hey, we’ve got, we got a little bit of time off now. Let’s, let’s build what we’ve always been talking about building. And let’s create, you know, a, a technological platform to be able to reach the masses, to bring everything that we do to the world.

You know, the thing I want to add in when we were shooting the show, I mean, it was so five, five and a half seasons really. Cause we, we got into season six when everything kind of got cut off, we had so many ideas and with all of those emails that would come in, there were so many things that were like, Oh my gosh, if only we could do this, if we could do this, but you know, this drew cause we were friends long ago. Um, so shot and you were a part of the show and in episode, the show shot year round. So literally day one with one, we would go 365 days with that person. And before their three 65 was up and there were 15 to 20 people at a time before their year was up, we were already casting and getting set for the next season, if not starting the next season.

So literally it was day and day and yes, we didn’t shoot every single day, but when the cameras weren’t rolling, Chris and I were still doing our job, we were, we were still up late nights. If it was 2:00 AM. We’ve had people in Arizona with us at all times. So it was like, it truly was like we had, you know, our at the time, our two kids and then 15 more. And then by the time when we had four kids, it was like we had four kids plus 20 more cause the cat size kept increasing everything. Then it was, it really was a lot of work and didn’t allow us for much time. I loved it and I would not have changed it for the world. I absolutely, there’s nothing more that I love than working one on one with someone and like witnessing that breakthrough without a camera there.

It’s beautiful, but it didn’t allow him any time to really do the things that we knew would be able to help the millions of other people out there that need the help. Um, and so it was, I remember actually getting the call, Chris and I both got the call and I, to be totally honest, I was like, okay, like, this is awesome. This is the end of one chapter, the beginning of the next, he did have two different reactions. Chris was a little more histologic like he knew that he had created, well, we both had worked so hard, but I definitely was looking forward to being able to do all these things that for years I heard Chris saying, I wish we had time to do this. And I was saying, Oh my gosh, I wish we could do this. And we couldn’t. And not that we didn’t want to do the show again, if we could, if we had 40 hours in a day, we could have done everything, but we just, it was a clear end of one chapter beginning of the next. And to know that we have beautiful seasons under our belt that not only aired here in the United States, but worldwide and are continuing to air for the next four years that we were able to help the people we work with provide inspiration to the masses, but we need another step. Inspiration is not enough. You need to teach people how and what to do. And that’s what I knew we’d be able to do from that point on.

Yeah. And I’m so glad that you talked about that. Cause I was going to ask you about that to kind of give people an idea of, of what it was like of how much work you guys had to put in just to transform 15 to 20 people’s lives, year round. Right. And that was just only a few people, right? And you couldn’t really impact the masses like you, like, you want it to, like you guys were saying, but you guys had to put so much work and effort in to make the show as a success and help these 15 to 20 people truly transformed their lives over the course of a year. And then on top of that, you guys have other responsibilities, you’re a mom and a dad and you have kids. And I kind of want us to go talk about, you know, over the past five years, there’s no regrets. You guys loved it. And I obviously we can tell that, but at the same time, I’m assuming you guys had to sacrifice a little bit when it came to family time, kid time. Did that take a toll on you guys at any point in time?

Yes. All heartedly. Yes. Um, again, you know, and I know he’s said it before whole city and it was amazing. It was, it was incredible working with, with, you know, 15 people year, a year, that is a full time job. And especially, you know, helping these folks through this journey before they have those huge breakthroughs when they don’t believe in themselves yet it is, I mean, it is late night phone calls, you know, talking them off the ledge and

Moving over to the Arizona house.

Yeah. And letting them know day in, day out that we believe in them that we know they can do it. They just don’t realize it yet. And it’s just like just helping you, people dig deep, but it just requires so much connection. And at the same time, you know, then we’ve got these four amazing kids that need that connection as well. I know, and that’s not just our responsibility, but it is. I know there’s the blessing in our lives to be able to raise these kids, but they really be needed their mom, dad. And so, you know, it came with some pretty, um, a decent amount of parent guilt, you know, of just trying to find that, that constant balance. And you know, you’re, you’re on the phone with someone trying to talk them off the ledge for two hours. But in the meantime, the kids they’re home from school, they’re trying to finish their homework and they want your attention. And you’re on the phone trying to, to, to, you know, trying to help through an incredible breakthrough cause they’re right there on the edge and,

Or not even an incredible breakthrough sometimes just helping them avoid a full on

Meltdown. Yeah. Who knows anything that happened in 365 days. So, um, yeah, it was really tough for us and, and it’s something that we still work toward balance. I mean, even though we’re not working with 15 people anymore, it’s just like still, you know, here we are, we’re building these other things and finding that balance with the kids is it’s always a really tough thing.

You know, I think I do think Chris was, you were a little bit better at finding balance after a few seasons in cause Chris, he works off of like, he’s so good at creating templates, not only not templates, but just kind of creating systems for what he does. And then once the system’s created, he kind of goes off of that system, which is it’s awesome. And it works so well. I’m not that way. Like I work instinctually with every person. I can’t follow a system. I can’t create a system. I just, I mean, in a business model I can, but as far as working with someone, it is, I am, I almost put too much probably into every person to the point where it, it does end up, I want that person to be happy more than I want myself to be happy. And I would find because me helping that person through the breakthrough then would give me value and make me feel good about myself.

And, you know, I, that was probably up to the end. I had a really hard time balancing, but I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that naturally as a mother, um, my kids require a lot more of my time than they require a Christmas time. And it’s like, cause I’m the one that’s baking them in my belly. I’m the one that’s nursing them when they come out. I’m the one I naturally there’s a lot of. And not that I wouldn’t want it, but I th the child needs like actually needs me to survive. And so that time where I’m kind of needed as a mom, Chris is able to kind of spend with the peeps and help them through their stuff. So as soon as you know, I was done nursing a baby, I was like, alright, I got to get out there and I gotta go put on, wait, I remember season four, I actually had Ruby. Um, I worked up until the day that I had her and like the day that I had her, I was even emailing in the hospital bed. And then I remember right after I had my kidney stone emergency a few days after, and we had a photo shoot one week after we flew with all four of the kids to Hawaii for two weeks, I knew it was New Zealand.


So it was just, we, we definitely learned how to,

Like, art became a part of the process with us. Like we learn if we don’t make them a part, if we don’t make, you know, our kids a part of the process. But then also if we don’t make the peeps a part of our family, like we’re not gonna have a family of our own. And I, I mean, I can’t tell you how many people wouldn’t say to us. You guys are crazy. Like you’re bringing all of these people that you’re just meeting, like into your life and into your kids’ lives. And, you know, you guys need to create separation, but in all honesty, we vet all the people right off the bat. So it’s not like their background checks before we even bring them into our home. Like there’s months that go by. But then we know if we can’t create some kind of a decent dynamic between all of us, it’s just the family dynamic between the Powell pack wouldn’t exist, but it was really cool, so resilient. And they would meet these amazing individuals who are going through these awesome transformations. And so they really got to be a part of this family and they would be here for Thanksgiving or Christmas or for new year’s. And the kids just loved him, uncle Wally and Sally. It’s just really cool because when you bring that one into the family, that we can all spend time together, regardless of what their needs are. And everyone gets the connection that they need.

Yeah. That’s actually really smart. Yeah. I like that. I like how you guys just kind of made them a part of your family and that way you could spend family time together with everybody. But at the same time, you know, I, I can only imagine the struggle would be to keep to that, you know, your kid, each kid, individually, you know, quality time, um, that they need. Right. And so you guys had a tag team that then that leads me to my other question though, is when did you guys make time for yourself? Because I don’t care who you, who you are, even if you don’t have a TV show, even if you don’t, if it looks like you have a perfect marriage, you’re going to be testing no matter what. And when you guys with this type of schedule, how are you guys still married? Like, what did you guys have in place? What do you guys attribute that to?

We do have the perfect marriage anywhere else in the world, except right here. Never argue. I get it. Like I can assure you before we got on the phone with you, we were arguing. And as soon as we, what are you talking about? So, you know, it’s all me buddy. The hardest part, like, okay. I like finally chats. Most spouses cannot work together. Right? Like, that’s just the fact of the matter. I’m sure you and Lynn heard it a lot. When you guys did your thing, you were probably, Oh my

Gosh. How do you guys do it? People say that to Chris and I a lot. And I get it. Like, it is tough to work with your spouse, but I really feel like when your best friends, like Chris and I are, I would say we don’t have a traditional relationship as husband, wife, relationship. I really like, I mean, I see a lot of other,

Oh my gosh, you gotta be finished. So it really, it’s not very typical because we, we were, and our friends first, I will say, we probably argue and bicker like brother and sister, but then at the same time, like our like kiss and makeup is really fast. Like, it’s like, you know, brothers, they can like Duke it out. At least my brothers can. And then literally five minutes later, they’re like hugging each other. Their high fives are laughing about something else. That’s legit drew how Chris and I are like, we fight. And then like, we’ll forget about it. And like five minutes later, we’re totally dying, laughing about something so stupid on South park the night before or whatever it is. Like we hold a grudge.


Everything’s fast because we are around each other all day, every day. Yeah. I interrupt Heidi all the time.

But like, and here’s the thing. It actually, we don’t, um, spend a lot at, do not put time aside for ourselves, like for each other. And we probably should do more of that. But when you are spending 24 seven together, like literally the last thing I want to do in my spare time is like, go on a date with Chris, because all we’re going to do is talk about work. You know? So it’s like, we’re going to talk about work. Why would we take this to the movie theater and like text each other during the chip away on our computers and laugh about the kids and like pet boots. Like that’s our happy place is just doing our thing. It really is true. We know if anybody can appreciate it, it’s you? Because he was the executive.

Yeah. Yeah. I know. It’s so true. Like we, we did work well together, to be honest with you and we still work well together, even though we’re not married together, we still have no problem working together. And um, so I totally get what you guys are talking about for sure. Um, I think for most people though, like you said, it’s not traditional. It’s like you need that time away from each other. Most people do. But in reality, like if, you know, if you both have the same end goal in mind, like, like we know we’re not going to quit, we know it’s going to be hard and we just have to push through this and let things go and not live in the past and hold grudges, then we can work together just fine. Um, I guess what I, what I’m, you know, the reason I asked that question is, you know, what, what is it in your, your mindset that, that

Allows you to move past those times when let’s say you are hurt by that person, or you do need their attention, but they’re, you know, on the computer or they’re not giving you the attention that you need, you know, do you get that from your kids? Do you get that from religion? Or do you know, what is it that’s deep ingrained in you that kind of helps you stay grounded in those moments of like, I just need, you know, some love or something. Yeah. Good question. Great question. And it’s very real. Um, you know, I can go first and this is actually something that came up last night and, um, and Heidi is amazing at communicating her thoughts and her feelings. And she actually called me out on this last night, as she was saying, you know, like, um, we, uh, this is like later on in the evening and she was trying to carry on a conversation with me, but I was like, just finishing up, you know, some thoughts on email.

And so I was like, you know, I was answering, but I wasn’t there, you know, like, yeah, I would ask the scale of that. She’s talking to me and I can totally make it sound like I’m engaged in a conversation with her word. She’s saying about five minutes and she stops. And she’s like, you’re not even listening to me. And all of a sudden I’m like, Oh crap, hold on. I got it. She just said, freeze on the email. And she says, you know, when you, you know, basically you you’re you’re, you haven’t been trying to connect with me at all. Recently, you’ll come home, you’ll sit there and you’ll, you know, blast out some emails, you’ll be working on the app or you’ll go give the kids love, but you haven’t given me love. And I went, Oh wow. You know, and I didn’t take offense to it, which, you know, I’ll be the first to admit sometimes, sometimes as, you know, being her husband, I can like get a little defensive and I’ll be like, what are you talking about? I told you, you were beautiful. Like five hours ago. That’s not enough. And I checked myself and I was like, okay, hold on. And I put my computer down and I got up and then went over and I gave her a hug and I was like, okay, I’m sorry. And then she’s like, no, no, it’s so fine. And then, so she starts emailing. I’m like, Oh, so now you’re not going to talk to me.

It was a little back and forth, but then we were cool. Yeah.

But like, in all fairness, like I understand and I realized, this is the fact of the matter. It’s not up to Chris to give me love, you know what I’m saying? Like me being needy and I’m sure a lot of like that those were my own issues projecting at night, like onto Chris. Like I was just feeling like lonely and a little bit unloved and like, and just kind of stuck in my own mental rut where I was like, all that exists with us is work like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, my mind, all that negative self talk going on. But then what pulls me out of it. Cause I do find myself there now. And then where I went, gosh, like it’s just so work heavy. I wish something else. But the fact of the matter is I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Like as crisp, I do wine and dine me. I’d be like, what the heck are you doing it to work? We still like, it’s just, I feel like it’s human nature to always want what you don’t have. And I, by reminding myself of that, like it quickly puts me in check and makes me think, Kay, the reality is if it was any other way, honestly, I, I would not want that. I think I want it now because it’s not there, but I love, love, love. I am a workaholic. I am a family, a holic. Like I love my family. Like nothing else. I can cry on the phone right now talking to you or, you know, on podcasts, whatever, talking about it because they’re wonderful. I don’t want anything else in my, I could actually do without the friend component in life because I find so much joy and fulfillment in Chris, in my kids and my brothers and in, you know, my parents like it’s awesome. And so, yeah, that’s what matters. I love what it is, but every now and then I just find myself like everyone else complaining about what is an

It’s true though. He did not communicate with me about her. I would be totally oblivious to it because I get so stuck in a rut and especially in, or even just the kids, I’ll be focused on work as the kids or work or the kids. And if I’m working, I feel guilty about the kid. And then I play with the kids and then all of a sudden I’m like, Oh man, I’ve got to get back to work. So I go back to work and if I need to not communicate with me, it would be too easy for our relationship to fall by the wayside, which is that’s the foundation of everything. And it’s too easy to forget that sometimes. And so, um, you know, thanks to her in her communication. It actually keeps us going. Yeah. Our relationship grounded. Yeah. Well, I love how open you guys are in vulnerable.

You guys are about talking about this instead of, you know, keeping it private and not talking about. Cause I think this helps a lot of couples out there cause they probably look at you guys and like, Oh man, they’re so perfect. They’re like perfectly in shape. They have the perfect family like perfect job. Like everything’s perfect about them, but you guys are so open and real. It’s like, ah, you know, they’re human, they have feelings, they cry, they get emotional, they want a hug and a kiss every once in a while. And they get, you know, lonesome and those kinds of things. I love how real you guys are. I think that’s what most people love about you guys. Cause you’re not just like that for the TV show, everyone who’s met you in person. It’s like, man, they’re just like, they’re on TV, which is a good thing. And so, yeah, so that comes from the heart. Um, let’s transition here a little bit because you know, we talked about the TV show and you know, not being able to impact the masses. And so you guys want it to finally do that. Um, and so where did the idea come from? Was this was the transform app, something that came, uh, during the TV show or maybe like a month or two afterwards? Like how did the idea start to,

You know, it actually came about early on in the process probably like seasoned late season one, season two, because it was when all these, you know, emails, people asking for healthy reporting in. And so, you know, back then this is like 2010. It was like, Oh, we need you to do a website. And you know, we, we, we took a stab at a couple iterations of those websites, but at the same time, like as you know, mobile phone technology was just, it was advancing so quickly, you know, probably like 2012, like season three. Um, we realized, you know, there’s nothing quite like actually having that guidance in an app in your pocket all the time. And so that’s, that’s where we knew we wanted to go. And again, we just didn’t have the time for it. And so, you know, as, as soon as, you know, as soon as the show ran its course and it was done, then we just said, okay, um, I mean probably within about a month and a half, we, we broke ground on, on the app.

And then it was so funny because you know, when, when you’re thinking about it, you’re like, Oh, you know, an app would be a great idea. Let’s do it, but you have no idea what you’re actually getting yourself into. And so, you know, we were projecting out. We’re like, okay, you know, maybe it’ll be about, you know, maybe six to nine months, we’ll build this app. We’ll release it in like mid 2016, fast forward a year and nine months later, a lot more money than we ever expected. Um, but at the same time, it’s like when we’ve started something amazing, we couldn’t stop it. And um, in order for it to everything that we wanted to be, it just, it just took time and it took manpower and it was crazy. Cause you know, of course we’re like, Oh, we’ll bring on some designers. We’ll bring on a developer and we’ll be good to go.

No 35 employees later, we’re practically rolling an app out, but they had goodness. I mean, it is, it took so much time and effort, but it is everything that we wanted it to be. And that was also the beauty of actually building it from the ground up because people are obviously in the weight loss space, it’s a really big market. And we were approached by a lot of other companies coming to us saying, Hey, you know, we’ll, we can do a mobile app for you. We’re going to go ahead and put it on our preexisting platform. And it’s a, it’s an engine of, you know, it’s a search engine of a bunch of different workouts and their workout generators. And then you’ve got these like preprogrammed meal plans and blah, blah, blah. And that’s just that’s. But, but that wouldn’t be the experience that we actually take our people through it, as we said, no, thank you to everyone.

And we said, we’re going to go ahead. And we’re going to build this ourselves from the ground up. And we want it to be what the experience is like for our individuals. And so every there’s nothing static. It is the whole thing is totally dynamic from onboarding where it identifies exactly who you are, then it, it, it it’ll take from, uh, you know, pull from over 2000 different menus. It’ll scale, all these different recipes specifically to you and your goals. And then as you go through the transformation, your portions actually move with you based on it knows when you plateau and it’ll make automatic adjustments, it’ll increase your cardio, it’ll do all these different things. So it actually, it is just like having us right there with you and we needed to build that because it simply doesn’t exist.

Yeah. Yeah. And so I kind of want to get into some more details of it, um, because you kind of picked three main kind of programs to follow, right. And then my personal, why those three, those three that you guys feel most comfortable coaching people on, or do you feel like that’s what most people, you know, that, that kind of hits the biggest piece of the market with those three programs?

Totally. And you know, so, um, there’s, there’s a couple of different reasons for why we ended up going that extra year. At first. Um, our, our initial, um, uh, inclination was, well, let’s develop a weight loss app, but as we were going through this journey of transformation with all of our peeps, one of the other biggest pain points was when our people reach their final goal and they lost all their weight because we’ve helped a lot of people all the way to the finish line. We’ve gotten a lot of people to their ideal weight. No problem. We can get them there, but if people don’t have, if a human simply does not have a purpose beyond that, if they don’t have other goals then maintenance, which, you know, we’ll tell you straight at me, there’s no such thing as maintenance. It’s where are you going to go next?

What’s your next goal? And if they’re not working towards something else, it is too easy to fall right. Back into those old habits and backside right back to where they were. And that’s why you see a lot of these individuals, you know, after, you know, they’ll, they’ll lose weight, that’s the yoyo diet. Then they lose the weight, they gain it back. And here’s the way that they gain it back because when they reach their end goal, they have no place to go from there. And so, so we can’t build something with integrity that just takes people to the weight loss journey and just leaves them high and dry.

And so what are the other things that everybody gravitates towards it, especially the ones that we work with. And so it’s so cool because when we get people to their ideal weight, they’re like, Oh, well I love CrossFit. I love cross training, or I’m not, I want to do a physique competition. So that’s why we ended up teaming up with some really amazing coaches out there and these other organizations to develop the physique and the cross training aspect of it. So there’s three aspects of transformation or weight loss. Then we build a whole section for fuzzy transformations and a whole another section for cross training for information. But to build on top of that, we also would have had just over years, I can’t tell you how many emails and outreaches we’ve gotten, where people are like, Hey, what you guys are doing is amazing, but I don’t have a hundred pounds to lose. I have 20, 30, 40 pounds to lose. What if you guys did something like a show where you could like help people transform and just go from like dad bods, like Jack on stage or whatever, you know, there’s

Definitely a big audience and demographic for that. And then as Chris and I, ourselves experimented with, um, CrossFit competitions. And as the last couple of years, both experiment doing our physique competitions and bikini human men’s physique, it’s been eye opening for us to see what’s possible with our own bodies. And the response we’ve gotten from that has been huge as well. People wanting to know what it is that we’re doing. And so that, for me, that was the biggest and most exciting part about being able to offer these other two programs, the cross training and Zeke, because it’s like, Hey, yeah, you know, if you have weight to lose, we ha we got a plan for you. But if you want to like build and sculpt the body and do what say Chris or I did to get on stage, we’ve got a plan for you.

Like we have our plan ready for you. If you want to compete across the competition or a cross training competition, we got a plan for you. Like, no matter what your goal is, we can help you. And granted Chris, and I think he already said this, but we are, our specialty is in weight loss. Now with our own bodies, we’ve experimented with the other stuff, but we’ve had coaches along the way. And so that’s why it was so important for us to bring our coaches in, to help us create the programming, to make sure it sound for everyone else as well.

We really do like to just, just to name drop for anyone in the industry, obviously into physique and cross rates, we did grab some of the biggest names out there. So for, um, for cross training, we brought on brute strength. And of course, anyone in the CrossFit world knows exactly who they are because they’re one of the biggest conglomerates out there. And they put, you know, um, they’re one of the top co conglomerates out there. That’s put more athletes into the games then than just about anybody else, it’s them in Invictus. You know what I mean? So brute strength, I mean, they are a powerhouse in the CrossFit world and reach out to them. And they had actually helped me over the last few years, creating coaching programs. And they got me ready for all my CrossFit competitions and everything and great group of guys in family knowledge.

So they actually built out these amazing CrossFit programs, cross training programs for us. Then with physique, we brought on pro physiques, who they put more athletes on stage at the Olympia than anybody else. And of course we know that a lot of people out there they’re there. They don’t want to actually like compete in fizzy competitions, but it’s, it’s about the journey of actually just creating your body, sculpting your body. And then if anyone knows how to do it, it’s pro physiques. So we’ve, we wanted to bring on the best of the best and give, give our audience those avenues to our weight loss programs, pro physiques Izzy programs, and of course, brute strengths, cross training programs. And, um, so we’re, we’re, that’s why we’re, we’re really proud of, of obviously our partners and what we’ve been able to create for everyone. Yeah. And so I kinda wanna talk about the physic thing, cause that’s really intrigues me because you guys went from, you know, hardcore CrossFit to all of a sudden the physique roll and you guys transformations were remarkable, you know, especially Heidi, like you had a couple of posts. I know

That. Just kind of just open people’s eyes. He knows the ones I’m talking about too. Were you looking at posting? No. No, not at all. I totally scroll past it. It’s not like she put it on there for everybody to see, but no, like seriously, like your transformations were remarkable. And so what got you into that? And I think first of all, respect to both of you, cause it just kind of shows you what you can do with your body. If you put your mind and heart into it and you really dedicate yourself. Cause, um, you know, it’s amazing how your body can transform like that. And so what got you into the physique road?

You know, actually, so the, I mean a couple of things I will say there was one thing that kind of gave me the nudge to do it, actually a couple of things that gave me an edge to do it, but I’ve always had the desire to get beyond the eating disorder that I struggled with for so many years and while. Yeah. I mean, for the last, I would say six, seven years, I’ve been completely like, um, bad behavior free, for lack of better words. There has been zero bingeing and purging zero restriction. I still was finding myself. I mean, I would tell Chris, I mean really over the last six or seven years, I’d be like, gosh, I just want to put on weight. I want to gain muscle and he’d be like, you need to eat more. And I’m like, Chris, I’m eating 1800 calories a day.

Like, I don’t know what else I can do. But granted, at the same time I was eating 1800 calories a day. We were hiking for two hours a day with our peeps. I was cross treating myself. I was nursing. So it was like, I was undoing. And he’d be like, for all of the activity you’re doing, you need to eat more deep down. I knew this drew, but like also didn’t, I, there was such a fear of the number on the scale going up like such a fear. And I always lived around a hundred to 105 pounds at five foot, almost five foot six. So I stayed lean and small and grant. I was not sickly skinny. I mean, I wasn’t like unhealthy by any means, but I just, I, it, I needed to eat more for my activity level levels or I needed to scale back, um, just such a fear.

Like what will, what happens? How do I know now? I knew the logic behind this, but like, what happens if I start eating 2,500, 3000 calories a day? How do I know that’s going to go to muscle instead of fat? Now fast forward a little bit to, um, seasoned five finales. We were standing on stage with a couple of our peeps and they were like Chris and Heidi. True story. Yeah. I don’t think he’d even made the episode, but is there like you, Chris and Eddie, you guys have put us through so many amazing things. You’ve challenged us to some great journeys in our life that have like pushed us outside of our comfort zone and made us who we are today. And they sat there. It was Josh and Kelly. They’re like, we’re going to be doing a physique competition and we want you guys to do it with us.

And I’m like, I don’t know. I just had no idea. And so we kind of, we, we left, I went back to the room, like the hotel room that night and I kind of like Googled it. And I learned a little bit more about what the physique world was like. And, you know, I had like these preconceived ideas that like my, you know, I be super duper, duper, dark tan with like bleach blonde hair, which I actually am on stage. You know, I had these, this like image. I’m like, I don’t know if this is the world I want to get into. Um, so kind of, I, I, we loosely committed to it and it wasn’t until we had a media appearance on.

So access Hollywood,

Billy Bush, Chris is like Heidi and I are doing a physique competition August 23rd or whatever the date is the warrior class. And I’m like, okay, so on live television, Chris,

Because I knew that was the only way that we were going to go all in is I had to declare it. I had to announce it and there’s no way we could get out of it.

Right. That, that like literally left us. We had, I think, six to eight weeks except for it. And I had no idea what I was doing. I, this is sounds, I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant and it probably will, but I expected drew just because, you know, kind of being in the spotlight, sometimes you get a handful of compliments, right. And you also get a lot of negativity, but I expected to step on stage. And like when, cause I went at everything, I liked everything I did. And I worked really, really, really hard. Um, I stepped on stage in August and like literally did not even place. And it was the most humbling, like I cried for sure. And I, I, I have not cried over failure since I was like in high school. And it was something where I was just like, Oh my gosh, like I, this is the first time I’ve worked so hard for something.

Cause you know, knowing I’m going to get up on stage in a bikini. And I took the leap, started eating a ton of food, put on weight was 115 pounds by that point. And then I like, and granted, let me tell you this. I went the day after Chris and Chris had like swept the entire competition. Like he won his one, one bull, his division. He went overall and like I was the next day. And like, so like, dude, this is a like personal battle that I go through everything. Then I feel like I’m, it’s hard to like be next to Chris sometimes. And I could cry even on this podcast right now. Cause he’s so good at everything he does. The bar is really high.

It was luck. And we’ll say it was, it was a quiet flight at home. I was, I didn’t know how to console her or anything and no joke. It was just, it was happenstance. It was left for me to actually do well there because I haven’t done that well ever since. And you’ve done really, really well. I will,

It was very humbling and it was something where I was like, okay, I can either do what I’ve done so many times in the past, like so many times in my childhood and my teen years, I can, because it’s not something that I’m going to do well at. Or I can realize that like I like, like everyone else, I coach, I am bound for greatness, but I got to work for it because that’s always been a really hard thing for me to accept. Like I’ve always felt like I was only given so many cards in my life. Like I’m bound for this by it. Wasn’t until Chris came along where he’s like, no, you’re bound for whatever the heck you want to do in your life. You just gotta work hard and keep going. And so it’s, I set a goal that day. I’m like, I will not give up in this busy world until I get my pro card.

And it has been so much work. I’m not going to lie. Like every spare moment I have between work family. And Chris goes to me, I’m kind of training for this and getting ready, but I am definitely improved over time. It kind of lit a fire and it’s, and also it’s it. I love how it keeps us on the same playing field as everyone else, because this, you know, there’s a lot of people backstage that it will be like, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you’re actually competing. And to me I’m like, why? Cause I look like crap. Like why can’t that really? It’s nice to go out there and know that I’m not the best. And to know that I have to work just as hard as everyone else. There’s no favoritism because Chris and I had a TV show there no favoritism for any reason at all. It’s I get up on stage and is my hard work paying off.

Yeah. It’s an even playing field. Right. And I think it’s so important that all those go through those humbling experiences, but I’m, I’m very similar to you where I kinda, I kinda grew up with this mentality of like beat yourself up. Like you’re never good enough. Like just, you know, just work harder. What’s wrong with you. Um, and you know, I can kind of sense what that would be like in that situation, but we all need to go through those humbling moments in life. Cause that’s what lights a fire under us. Like you said, to make us want to be better and work harder. And that’s what you’ve done. Right. So you’ve improved since that point. And like Chris said, the first one, he killed it. And then from there it’s like to maintain that to get better. You know, it’s not always easy as you think

I’ve been on, I’ve been on a steady decline. It’s been falling apart. Actually. It was great. I actually, I got my own little humbling experience when I went and did that the easily East coast championships, CrossFit competition shortly, I was out there on the floor and getting it done. And it was, it was funny cause I’ll, I’ll, you know, all the family and the friends, everything, they were all watching. So they were streaming it online. And then like after I get off the floor, I’m getting all these text messages, like really to try hard, hard out there

A for effort. Good job. That’s really funny. So, so do you guys miss CrossFit at all? Do you guys like where you’re at you guys, like what you’re doing like this is the next phase, the next chapter of your life, like the physique thing, is that kind of where you guys are, are now? Like or do you get to the crossover now?

Thanks for asking the question. Actually that’s a good one. You know what, um, I will always have a, a love affair with CrossFit. I, I think it’s amazing, um, for so many reasons, but at the same time I loved the physique side of things. Um, it’s, it’s really cool. It’s just creating and sculpting your body and really kind of just like chiseling and developing the body that you always, that you want. But then to have that body that looks really good. And then to make it really functional with CrossFit it’s, you know what, I, I’ve kind of had a, um, a preference for, as I jumped back and forth now, which is another reason like selfishly kind of creating the physique and cross training programs, built it so that I could literally jump from one transformation to the other. So on the app, on the app, I’ll do physique for three months and I’ll totally sculpt my body. Then I’ll jump over to cross training. I can maintain that sculpted body and I just get it really strong and I get it really fit and I build my endurance and my stamina. And then I’ll just jump back over to physique after, after three months. And it’s great. So I can just keep jumping back and forth and you look really good and then you get really fit. So it’s kind of,

So she really quick, Oh, sorry to cut you off. Heidi, were you going?

Oh no. I was just going to say like onto what he thinks I actually I’ve landed in the middle. So I actually just within the last month, I’m like, I can’t keep doing just the deep forever. So I actually do five days a week for the week, one day, a week CrossFit. And I do the same thing with the app. I actually follow my program for five days and then I actually go switch for the six day, go grab a cross training workout. And then I switched back to physique for the next week. That’s my happy place. So getting all the benefits of everything, but there’s like nothing beats the endorphin pump that you get from an insane Matt cotton. And at the same time, there’s just so many amazing things to the physique side of things. And I, and I know you’ll know where I’m coming from here, but there’s, it’s funny because in the hardcore CrossFit world or the hardcore physique world, they just don’t seem to get along, but we’ve got something that’s really amazing, you know? And, and it’s, it’s like if everyone could just get along a little bit, I’d love to see some CrossFitters, just do a little buys and try sometimes I’ve realized how awesome it is. Just, it would just be great to see a body builder. Do you know Cindy squats for 20 minutes with a bodybuilder? There’s just such a beauty to both aspects of fitness. It’s like why you can’t neglect yourself of, of both of it. I think you have a little bit of everything. Yeah.

Yeah. Why not have the best of both worlds? I get that. Yeah. Keep calm and do some bicep curls. Everything’s going to be all right.


So really quick. I want to transition into, um, uh, the mental, emotional component. Cause as you guys know, we, you know, that’s the biggest part of transformation you could guess on the best meal plans, the best workouts, but ultimately we all know that the true transformation happens in the mind. How do you guys incorporate that into, into the app, for example, like you do, like you would on the TV show where that person is able to tap into the mental, emotional side. Maybe talk a little bit about how you incorporate the mental, emotional side of transformation as well.

Totally. Yeah, actually a really good question. Um, so we, I, I mean, you know, how important this is, you, you know, as well as anyone, how important it is. Um, we actually have weekly life lessons where Chris and I pop up on your screen and talk you through some kind of a challenge there. There’s usually, um, a, an order that people start running into roadblocks. Now everyone’s a little bit different, but we strategically place them in the app week by week to help you overcome things as they come into your life. Um, like overcoming fears, um, responsibility, responsibility. Yeah. All of it, everything that’s so important. That’s really the foundation of transformation. You don’t even realize it’s there and people don’t, they go into the app, not even knowing it there. And then the feedback we get, they’re like, Oh my gosh, like I just came in for the nutrition and exercise plan, but your guys’ video that popped up. It spoke to me like it had me in tears. I felt like you were speaking directly to me. And it’s because we all have these roadblocks that we come across throughout life. And of course in the transformation journey as well. And if we can help you navigate over or around that roadblock before it becomes an issue, your chances of success are that much higher.

We put a lot of thought into this and you can go through a couple of different approaches to it. And a lot of times fuel, I mean, we can just throw out all these different life lessons right up front, but at the same time you get into this like crazy overload of, you know, the mental and emotional aspect of it. And it’s, it can simply, it’s just too much after putting a lot of thought into it. We realize it. We’d like to just release one a week. And it’s just one thing to think about for the next week. So something to be a little bit more aware of and to increase that, um, um, what’s the word I’m looking for?

It’s all about the mental, the emotional and the body awareness. If you give people access to too many things at once, it’s like, you, you take it for granted. You forget it there. But when something’s being given to you little by little week by week, you’re more likely to be like, gosh, I’m struggling this week. I wonder what Chris and Heidi have to say in three minutes, you know, give it to you. And with every life lesson, there’s a call to action. And it’s something for you to practice over the course of the next week. And that way it’s, we can, we can really focus on the importance of that one thing and not just blow over it and give you 20 things at once. And, and each of these life lessons are, are the ones in, it’s not, this can self-help advice or anything like that.

They’re they’re life lessons that we’ve incorporated into our lives, where we’ve learned these lessons through our friends, ourselves, our family members, everything. And we’ve seen them make such a significant change in other people’s lives. And this is, you know, for anyone out there, who’s actually seen our show. And if you read between the lines, you can see some powerful, powerful life lessons. And, um, these are all the life lessons that we’ve learned in the process. And so there’s 52 of them over the course of the full year with as you’re following. Yeah. And, um, and we, we feel like that is one of the most powerful aspects of the app, even though it’s not the diet or the exercise or anything like that, but it, it really, it puts your mind, it sharpens your mental game, uh, to a point where you can truly make this transformation happen for life, by applying these principles. Yeah. And I think that’s so awesome. Cause we all know working out is important, but working in is something that’s overlooked right. On the mental game. So I think that’s really cool. You guys put that in there. Um, any other details about the app that you guys want to talk about that we haven’t discussed yet? That kind of sets it apart? You know, obviously we talked about the three different programs that are on there, the mental, emotional side. Is there anything else you guys wanted to throw in there?

You know, I think one thing that is one of my favorite parts of the app is the nutrition side of it. It literally drew like takes away.

Why was that? I said, I said, there you go. That’s something, one thing we missed to talk about. So yeah.

You know, and the thing is, people think it is, as long as I am running five miles a day, as long as I’m working out hard, I’m going to lose the weight. It doesn’t matter what I eat. No. Like, you know this as well as anyone, you can’t outwork a bad diet. So if your nutrition is not on point, you’re not going to achieve your goals. No matter if it’s weight gain, muscle gain or weight loss. And now we’re not saying like you have to, everything has to be absolutely perfect. We’re not about that. Like to us, our goal is to get people from a obviously eventually a to Z is where the person wants to go. But before you jump from a to Z, let’s just get people from a to B and then let’s go from B to C and then C to D and eventually we’ll make it all the way to C to Z.

But what we did within the nutrition section is we made it realistic. It’s so easy for anyone to follow. We literally lay out a plan for you. We give you your customized macros and then suggested meals to fit anyone. So drew you. And I, if we both went on the app and entered our, we could essentially pick from the exact same meals, but the meals are actually scaled exactly to you and exactly my needs. So literally there’s hundreds of recipes within the app. And each recipe is scaled 14 different ways. So it can match anyone’s goal. Now, once you choose like, say, we give you a suggested meal plan. If you don’t like a particular food, you go swap it out for something else. If this meal takes, you know, 20 minutes to make and you need something that’s grabbing going fast, there’s a whole grab and go section that scales all options exactly to you.

Now, if that’s not fast enough, we actually have a fast food locator and a fast food guide. So they can click on the fast food button, pulls up all of the most popular, fast food restaurants. You click on, say, Chick-fil-A for example, it’ll tell you right there, what you can eat from the Chick-fil-A menu. And then you can actually have click on locator and it will find the closest one to you. So to me, I’m like, there is no excuse, no, like just click on the basket over here. Cause we’re going to tell you when eat there and still stay on plan.

That’s the thing is like so many people they’re going through a diet and say they don’t have their foods with them. And you’re like, Oh, I gotta stop by Hardy’s or I got to stop at McDonald’s. I got to get a meal and the milk they go in. They’re like, that’s it I’m off the diet. I’m at. McDonald’s like, you know, Bruce was like, Hey, the fast food industry, they flee. They’re waking up to the fact that people are health centric now. And they’re creating a ton of different menu items that are authentic. They’re there. You can eat them and you can still stay on track. I rented city and might be a little bit high, but you know what? Hey, that’s neither here nor there. Nevertheless, you can still eat those foods and you can stay on track and reach your goals. And so we just needed to be realistic because let’s be honest. How do you spend 20 years building really good effective meal plans for people. And then they go, Oh, thank you so much. And then the moment they leave, where do they go? Right.

And so now, okay, drive down the streets to talk about and then touches button. It’s going to tell you exactly what you’ve been ordered to stay on track. So the people need this kind of stuff. And it’s it’s real life. It’s not like, Oh, we’re so hardcore. Now you can’t have gluten. You can’t have dairy. You can’t have all these things. No, you can have them all. I mean, there’s 2000 recipes in this thing. Or if you do have dietary restrictions, there’s a simple filter. You go to the filter button, you can filter out any kind of neat. You can filter out your dairy. You can drive soy and gluten and nuts and all this stuff, you can have vegan and vegetarian options. So like as complex as the nutrition is for the user, just go in there, you pick the meals that look the most delicious to you.

You filter out the ones that you don’t and it’s that simple. Then you simply push a button. It automatically creates all of your meals for the week for you. It adds it to a shopping list and you’re good to go. So we just, we want them to make the thing literally as simple as just like five different touches with your finger and you’re good to go, like you’re set for the week. There you go. See, I think that’s, what’s so awesome about it is the simplicity and the customization of it. Cause that’s what people need. They need their hand to be held in the beginning. At least it’s the only thing that’s missing is you guys living in their house with them, like on the TV show, the next thing is we do send you push notifications. So we’re, we will remind you to work out everything, reminding you to drink your water. So it’s the next best thing

Though? I have to say one of the most fun parts of creating the app has been when, when it first kicked off, we actually, Chris and I were customer service. Like, you know how it is true when you start something, people don’t expect it. Like people expect customer service is like this huge call center. No, we legit. We’re doing customer service Adam or car. And so I would like, you know, say to people on social, I’d be like, Oh, DNBi and I’ll kind of, I’ll have someone call you. Well, Chris and I would call them and they’d be like our customer service right now until we know what our people, what everyone needs. The last we want to do is hire people, incorrect information. Now we have to staff up quickly. Cause obviously there’s, there’s, it’s doing well. The app is, um, a lot of people are loving it. Um, but yeah, so you, Hey for anyone listening, if you call customer service, you just,

Yes. Download the app just to get ahold of Chris and hi,

Do you go start? Never, we block it because you want us for our number to be traveling the internet.

That’s so true. That sounds awesome. Um, so where can people find that it’s

I’m on the Google play store? So, um, yeah, basically any, all the main smartphones out there, if you’ve got an Android or if you got an Apple, then you can download the app and search transform with Chris and Heidi. So search the whole thing. Um, there’s also, we have a website, it’s the transform app.com. So if you can’t find it, you know, in the Google play store or iOS app app store, just go ahead and go to the transform app.com, click on the download buttons and you can get it there. We, we talk about social media too. So follow us on social. Yeah,

Exactly. Yep. And I’m sure most people already do, but um, yeah, we’ll put that link in the show notes where people to find the app. Uh, but it’s so easy nowadays. You just type it in, like I found it super easy back in the day or no, when you guys first launched it. And I know that here first, you know, first of all, I just want to say thank you guys for everything you do. I, I can only imagine the work that went into this. Cause when you’re just talking about the meal plans, for example, like the each meal has 14 different variations to it. I’m like, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe the amount of time that went into putting this thing together. Cause I kinda could kind of see what you guys had to go through. And so I’m glad that it’s finally here and you guys can kind of take a deep breath for a little bit, but you know, I know when you guys, you, you know, you’re not just going to be retiring anytime soon without working, you know, especially high the, I know she’s like we gotta be doing something.

We can’t just be relaxing.

Oh Chris, on the other hand, no, I’m just kidding.

He’s doing his bicep curls over there. I was kidding


Oh man. You guys are so awesome, man. I love, I love having you guys on again and I can’t wait now. Now when this airs FICON will already have happened, but looking forward to seeing you guys next week,

Catch up, man.

Okay. Uh, last, the last couple of quick questions for you, Chris, do you miss your bus head? And is that ever going to come back? It’s so funny you ask because yes I do. It was the easiest haircut of all time and no joke. It even happened because I just, I was so impatient with cutting my hair every two weeks. It just, it was driving me nuts. So I shaved it and it worked really well. And then Heidi actually prefers the buzzed head, but then I had a midlife crisis about a year and a half ago. And it was right after the show. And I was like, and I was looking at pictures. I was like, Oh my gosh, I’m looking so old. I tried growing my hair back and I had it for like year and a half. Man. It’s such a pain in the butt.

I’m sorry. Wait to shave my head again, but I just don’t want to look old again. You know, it’s funny. They grow my beard. It’s all salt and pepper now, which is super attractive. I love so I’m sure I’ll find a balance somewhere in there. Now you shaved your head a little while back didn’t you? No, I know that was, that was, I’ve always had hair on my head. I’ve uh, I haven’t shaved it. No I haven’t. I don’t think I’ve ever saved that in my life. Except for maybe wrestling back in the day in high school, I shaved my beard. That might be what you’re talking about. I shaved my beard. So it’s like shorter now. Yes, I I, which it looks great by the way. Thank you, dude. If you’re ever going to shave your head, tell me, and I’ll shave mine with you all as you go. And I mean, I mean, I’ll let you know, but what I was going to say is I’m still single, so I might have to wait until you know exactly what I’m trying to try it. Um, but anyway, it’s all right. You guys, I’ll let you go. Thank you guys so much for coming on and we’ll definitely have you guys on, at least once a year, we’ll make this a yearly thing is always good to hear your voice brother. Okay. We’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye bye.

Thank you guys so much for listening to today’s episode with Chris and Heidi. Uh, I always love having the mind. I hope you love having them on, let me know what you thought of the episode. Let me know what you learned. Reach out to me on social media at fit, fit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. So that can hear from you and listen to you, have suggestions or comments that you have also subscribe to my newsletter. You guys, if you haven’t yet, so that you stay in the know with upcoming events. And when this season two of the TV show will air, um, I do all kinds of giveaways on there as well. And discounts, if you haven’t sent it for my newsletter yet, it’s uh, usually only once a week. And I put that out there not to over spam your inbox, but anyways, I appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for your support and we’ll see you see you guys back here next week on the fit to fat fit experience podcast.

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