What’s up everybody and welcome to the fit to fat, to fit experience podcast. How are you guys doing today? My friends, I’m super excited to be here with another great episode on the Fit to fat to fit experience podcast. And I am flying solo today, and it is a cold winter day here in Utah. It’s snowing and I am here in my apartment and I deliver another great guest to you guys with a very, very valuable content. Her name is lotta sushi and she is actually from Russia. She grew up in Russia and lived there until she was 16. She moved to America at the age of 16, and she only knew two words of English. Hello and big Mac, no joke. But what’s interesting is as you guys listen to her, you will not hear one little accent of her Russian accent. She speaks very, very good English.

Um, it’s funny when she does bust out her Russian accent though, it’s very, very entertaining and, um, I love it. I actually really do. I’m a big fan of her. She is the owner of sexy fit. Um, she also owns a podcast as well. She’s the owner, she she’s the host it’s called the sexy fit podcasts. And she just released a new book called the sexy fit method. And in the, in the podcast episode today, we go over her background a little bit, how she came over from Russia, what she learned from that experience, how she learned English and now how she’s a fitness, um, uh, health and fitness coach and how she became an author and led her to these five steps which we talk about, um, in, in her book, she goes into more depth than the book, but training your mind, food, freedom, simple fitness, accountability, and the power of community.

We dive into all of that. Um, honestly, it’s, it’s very, very valuable content for anybody. That’s looking to make a transformation here. We are the beginning of the new year, and most people are trying to make transformations and changes in the new year. And hopefully that’ll last over the longterm. And we dive into how to make this lifestyle change a true lifestyle change instead of just another diet, which we all love to do for some reason. So, um, we’re going to dive into all of that. So definitely you’ll, you’ll want to stay tuned for that, but before we do a, I want to intro you guys, introduce you guys to a new sponsor of the show. And this is, these are my friends over@dropanfbomb.com. Yes. I said that, right? And you’re probably thinking what is an F bomb? Most of us think of, you know, sorry, most of us think of the F word when it comes to dropping an F bomb, but this company is totally different.

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I am doing so well. Thanks for having me drew.

It’s my pleasure. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve I’ve, uh, uh, meant to have you on a long time ago, but you know how it has been an entrepreneur things get busy and I’m so glad that, um, I’m able to get you on in the new year of 2017. How’s your 2017 going so far.

I it’s the best year ever. It’s totally the best year ever. And, uh, you know, it was a long time coming to be on your show, but I’m so excited to be here today because you know, things come up with the perfect time.

Yes, it’s so true. Um, before, before we dive into obviously your new book, which we’re going to talk a lot about the sexy fit method, um, I kind of want to back up and start from the beginning and introduce you to my followers. So w with your name is lotta, a lot of people don’t know, or maybe they do know that’s a Russian name. You actually grew up in Russia until you were 16.

Yes. I moved here when I was 16 years old. And I talk about that in the book too. It was like, it’s something I didn’t want to talk about, but it’s kind of like the fished it out of me. It was quite an interesting journey. And when I moved here, um, at 16, it was a completely different lifestyle. Just to give you a bit of a background, how I was raised. Um, I didn’t necessarily have much growing up. Like I didn’t have a bed like my sister and I had to alternate a bed and a cot because there’s so many of us living in the same apartment, like nine people, a two bedroom apartment. And, um, when I moved here, it was completely different. And, um, things that got put in a different perspective and I, I didn’t know anything about America. I thought Americans are like obsessed with lawns and, and like, you know, have labs, which is true in so far. It was like just your stereotypical cliche, a things that are new about America and not being able to communicate with people was such a challenge for me because I’m naturally such an extrovert and I just love to connect. So that was, that was a big challenge.

Yeah. I can imagine because especially coming over as a teenager, right, you’ve become more of as a three, four, five year old. That’s totally different scenario, whereas you probably didn’t know a lot of English, right. When you first came over or did you,

I, I S I say that I knew two words, hello, and big Mac, which is probably why I was sexy fit when I’m after a couple of months of living here. So yes, they did not. Um, I did not speak any English. And when I joined, you know, the American high school, um, when I went to school, I said, I’m not going to take English as second language classes, because I was told that this is not where cool people hang out, which added like another layer of frustration to, to my living here, because I had to literally come home and spend five to six hours on homework, translating every word and trying to figure it out, which, which was a blessing. And in a way it was so complex, but I believe that’s, that’s, that’s really shaped my reality where I’m at in life today, for sure.

No, that must have been a, such a powerful experience. And I can relate when I was 19, I went to Brazil for two years, and I remember at times being depressed cause I wanted to express my personality in a different language. And I couldn’t because it was held back by the limited vocabulary that I knew. And it’s so frustrating when you want to show people who you are, but not being able to express it in their language is so difficult. And so it can only imagine as a 16 year old going to high school and we all know what high school is like, it’s not the nicest place. Uh, it must have been very, very difficult, but it also a powerful experience. Um, and to be honest with you, I’m still really surprised you don’t have any kind of accent at all. And then maybe that comes out at certain points in time, but you don’t have any kind of accent, you know, when you’re speaking English.

Thanks drew. I made it my life’s mission because I was so like every time I would talk to someone, they would say, Zelada like, that’s, how do you say your name and where are you from? And like, there was like all these questions. And I was like, I remember looking up in the sky and going, I will never have an accent because I’m so tired of answering those two questions, but the truth is I answered them to this day. And I’m so grateful that I don’t have an accent, which was a lot of work. And I immersed myself in that transformation where I watched movies. I didn’t understand where he talked to people. I didn’t, uh, who didn’t understand me and thought it was weird where I was repeating things. And I, I, you know, my stepdad at the, uh, at the time I said, I want you to correct every single word.

And he was like every single word. And I’m like, yes, every single word. And he did, which he was so patient with me. And I believe that was a part of a transformation is really immersing myself. And I swore off, I swore off Russian for many years. And when I moved to San Diego and I met my roommate, um, at the time I didn’t speak very good Russian, like my Russian was kind of broken because I so immerse myself and in that transformation, and now I I’m fluent in both because I mean, I had a roommate who spoke Russian for three years. So I was to an absurd point, not speaking my language.

Yeah. Well, that’s no, that’s awesome. Beer being, first of all, being able to be bilingual is super powerful, especially nowadays. And that’s interesting, like, you know, you kind of gave up one language for the other to become perfect at it at the same time. That’s, that’s where your roots are from like, that’s part of who you are. And so I’m glad that you didn’t let go of that part of you because it’s a big part of who you are. And, and, um, you know, who knows where that’ll take you in the future, um, you know, translating your book to Russian, maybe

Who knows maybe it’ll be in the works, but I did not. You know, I definitely did not give up the culture. I very much loved the culture very much valued the culture. I think there are a lot of beautiful things about being Russian and, and lots of different, like old values that are instilled in you as a human. So, um, I’m, I’m happy that it’s definitely a big part of me and a big part of who I am.

Yeah. So, so kind of walk us through it. And how did you get into fitness? Was that influenced by American culture or maybe Russian culture?

Oh, that was influenced by a lot of big Macs. Um, when I first moved here, I was in such depression because I was missing my family and growing up, McDonald’s had a different meaning than McDonald’s has here and happy meal was definitely a happy meal because that’s what my dad and I used to do together. We would, we would dress up and we would go to McDonald’s and would get a happy meal and kind of hang out. Right. And, um, my dad also used to give me Snickers as, as you know, a sign of love in a way, like you’re doing a really good job. Here’s here’s candy. And since we didn’t have a lot growing up, both of those pieces of my life were such emotionally heavy for me that when I moved here to numb the pain of missing everyone, a numb the loneliness, because I did eat lunch in a bathroom when multiple occasions, um, that’s what I started doing.

I started getting a Snickers every day and, and I was like, in this time machine, like, it would bring back a Foria too, to like an absurd point where I was like, Oh my God, life is better. And you can imagine what that lifestyle brought me six months into it, eight months into it. And I was in dance class, which will tell you that I cannot dance yet. Um, I was not able to dance then. And, um, but I didn’t want to take any PE classes because growing up, I never had a good experience in, in PE. And it was, I’ve never even ran a time mile. Just, just, just, just, I’m doing, just leave that there. So I’m in dance class, I’m in dance class and I’m tying my shoe laces and I’m just minding my own business and the teacher comes up and she leans over and she’s really close to my face.

And she’s like, you need to change because your gut is disgusting in the snarky highest, most demeaning way possible. And I’m looking at her, am I injured? I don’t speak English. And I look at her and I go, what’s gut, like with this, like just decision, honest, like look and what she did then like changed my life forever. And she looked, you know, she stood back, she looked at me and she was like your gut as she was grabbing onto her stomach. And I just got this feeling in my, in my gut where I just wanted to just fall, fall through the floor and disappear and be invisible. And I was like, Oh my God, not only am I a weird Russian girl now I’m weird and fat Russian girl. And this is, this is my story. This is my reality. And then at the same time, it’s like, what am I going to do now?

Like, how am I going to get the shirt? Like, do I leave class? Because my mom’s going to be upset. And like, you know, like a kid you’re like 16. You’re like, what do I do? And this girl tapped me on the shoulder and is like the most perfect, like, uh, uh, American dream movie story should touch you on the shoulder. And she goes, I have a shirt for you. And I’m like, okay. And I turn around and it’s like this beautiful tall blonde cheerleader, cheerleader chick who is incredibly good at dance. And I’m like, Oh God, um, this is good. So she lends, she lets me borrow her shirt. And, um, you know, we go through class and I’m like leaving class. And I’m so excited. You would think that I would be devastated. Right. But I’m so excited. I was like, Oh my God, the tall cheerleader girl talked to me.

And before that she didn’t even know existed. So I clung onto that shirt and I was like, I have a plan. So the next day I show up to school and I’m like, I have, I know exactly what I’m going to say. I know exactly what I’m going to do. So I’d go down to where cool people hang out. I’d like, make my way through the crowd and to give her the shirt. And I go, hi, you know, and if I, if I may hit his shirt, I’m like, and she’s like, okay. She gives me this. So she’s like, okay, thanks. And go,

Could you help with gut? Like, yeah.

So kind. And she was like, uh, sure. Meet me after school. And I’m like, Oh my God, I have a school bus. And so I agree. And then she meets me after school. She’s like putting me through this crazy round of crunches and I’m dying and we’re running and I’m like, Oh my God, like I’m gonna die. And then at the end, I don’t know, by what force you probably just had so much pity for me. And she was like, I am doing a bodybuilding show next month. Um, it’s a high school bodybuilding show. And, um, I have six weeks and I, and I think you should train with me. And I looked at her and I knew exactly what they were talking about. Like everybody, like that was like a cool thing to do, like doing a bodybuilding show wasn’t for everyone and like only cool, cool people did it.

Like you had to be resilient and persistent and do a bunch of sports stuff that I wasn’t used to. And I said, yes. And in that moment, I mind you have never ran a time mile. I have no idea what a bodybuilding show is. I have no idea that I have to stand in my underpants in front of the whole high school. I’m 30 pounds overweight. I I’m just, I just know that I don’t want this to be my reality. And by this meaning, I don’t want to be the fat weird Russian girl. Like that’s an it’s enough and I’ve cried so much by that point that I was just done with it. So that’s how the competitive bodybuilding started. Um, I placed last at that show. The next year I came back and I won the high school show. I won the state show and then the career sort of took off.

And next thing you know, I’m, you know, winning or placing at the 26 shows. And as every human with obsessive personality, there were some things that I developed over time that was, you know, I really want to be a pro. And then there was an eating disorder that came with that because you cannot put your body through so much, so much pressure. 26 shows is a lot. And, um, you know, out of that, my best, I transformed my best friend. She lost 70 pounds. And the re the transformation that I saw in her really lit me up to do this for living, because at the time was working like a corporate standard corporate job I’m hating life. And I said, you know what, I’m going to start a business. I’m going to be a wellness coach, because if I can transform my best friend to lose 70 pounds and, and do this, I can help any woman transform. So that’s kinda how the sexy fit method has started out of that silly shirt situation. And that’s where we are now with the book and with the podcast and, you know, with the programs and things. So,

Okay. So, so two things, one is, first of all, I didn’t know the head bodybuilding shows for high school kids. I’m so surprised that they do even. I mean, this was even what I mean, not trying to say your age, but maybe a couple years ago, 10 years ago. 10 years. Yeah. It’s trying to be nice. Um, and, and so that’s one thing, but two of the most powerful thing is your story. We all have moments in our life where things like that happen to us, where the world is kind of just mean to us. Like something happens and we’re broken down and we can either respond to one or two ways. We could go home, cry about it and just feel sorry for yourself, or to let that be a defining moment in your life where you kind of, um, transform into something even better.

Right. And so seeing what you went through with your teacher saying that, first of all, it’s horrible. And if she’s out there listening to this, she should feel ashamed. Um, but that’s like the worst thing you could say to a teenager girl, like, you know, saying that your guest’s disgusting, like who are like, that just makes me so mad while I’m because I have daughters and I hope they don’t have to go through that, but at the same time, um, it’s really cool to see how it evolved you into who you are today and then going into the bodybuilding thing. That was your start. And even though it wasn’t perfect, as far as, you know, you’re eating healthy and you’re exercising like how you should, obviously, there’s a lot of unhealthy components of that, which we’ll dive into a little bit, but that’s kind of where it started and evolved.

So even though you’re, you know, for people listening, if they’re not doing things perfectly, that’s okay like that, you got to start somewhere, even though if it’s not 100% perfect. So if it’s, you know, going to McDonald’s and eating half of the big Mac, that might be a start for some people, instead of saying, okay, I’m going to jump from eating McDonald’s to going vegan for the rest of my life. That’s kind of extreme. That’s kind of hard to get someone to jump that far, but the little steps. And so it doesn’t need to look perfect all the time. So can you talk a little bit about your experience? You said eating disorders, because I’ve had a couple of people on, in the past of females and males too, who have been through the same thing, and people don’t realize that industry is not the healthiest, just because you have a six pack or just because you’re skinny does not mean that you’re healthy.

Drew, thank you so much for asking that question. And I’m going to add a little bit to what you just said about the journey. It’s a journey, and it’s never a linear path to where I am today and complete food, freedom and peace in my body. Like that was not the case going through the transformation and the journey is not only in your path. And even though I made it, like I made a resolution for myself this year, and I said, I’m going to walk every day for a half an hour this year. And I miss yesterday. And I was like, okay, you can either get down on yourself that you didn’t get your 10,000 steps in, or you can just wake up tomorrow morning and, and be enjoy that you get to do that. So definitely not a linear path. So thank you so much for that.

And the bodybuilding career was not a linear path either. You know, I can say, Oh, you know, I’ve done so well in these, all these fitness shows. And, and, uh, this is, uh, this is what you should do. And the thing is, this is what you should not do. Don’t be me. I’m just kidding. But, um, in a way, so I started competing when I was 16 and I competed for eight years. And the is, the industry is very black and white. When it’s like eat chicken, rice and broccoli, go into ketosis, do a ton of cardio. Hopefully you get into ketosis and not Bingy your way into a competition. And then you get a trophy and then you start over again, the same process. Um, and we have an in season and an off season, and often times our, our body was so deprived.

And so depleted that it wanted to get all the, some weight back, you know what I mean? And, and it wanted to, to, to have higher body fat percentage. And it just wouldn’t let you, um, stay as lean and your body will not let you stay lean. And if you’re at a, at a unhealthy lean ness, so a couple pieces of that story. One, I was either all in or I was all out. So it was clean eating and two hours of gym time a day, or I was binge eating and not doing anything, which when I, one of the, one of the seasons, when I got back into it, my body was just so rejecting this kind of lifestyle that, um, I created this trouble for myself with bulemia where I would eat, whatever. I just like have this moment where it just all logical senses were out of my body.

And I was in zombie, like stage walk to my car and drive myself to like a pizza place. So an ice cream place, and then all the eat, all the things and not supposed to. And then we all know what happens. And, um, I didn’t tell anyone and it wasn’t real because they didn’t tell anyone. And in fact, until I wrote the book, I never told anybody, I didn’t even tell my, um, weight loss coach at the time after leaving, you know, bodybuilding world, I went to a weight loss coach because I thought I had a problem with my weight. And, uh, and it was because I was living in the world of black and white, where nutrition is not always black and white. And I wasn’t enjoying my life to the fullest because I was in such restrictive mindset, even though I looked great.

My body was ill. Um, with this, with this eating disorder, um, I like my hormones were completely off whack. I developed a dream, a stage three, adrenal fatigue. I had hypothyroidism. I didn’t have enough, um, vitamin D or vitamin D in my system. I was a wreck. I looked great on the outside drew, like I was hot, like, like the, the like size 25, six pack, abs like your standard, you know, bodybuilding story, fitness model story. And I was just dying on the inside every day. It was, it was sad. And I see that. And when I was trying to get out of it, I’m on a rant. Now, when, when I was trying to get out of it, I was, I must not know stuff about fitness. So I went back and I was like, I’m going to research more about fitness. And then what you know is that was such high level of competing.

I was like, wait a second. The bodybuilding team that I’m competing with are all the fitness models and magazines are all the fitness models, writing programs for other people. And my coaches, you know, this lifestyle got me here. Why is this being taught to, you know, mainstream? And because this is an extreme way of living, this is not balanced. This is not health. This is not fitness. So it’s kind of an interesting view from the inside, from the inside to the outside, because you’re like, Ooh, all these people with issues are teaching other people how to live healthy, but that’s not really doing them any good. Some make sense. I don’t mean to talk down on the industry, but Hey,

No, but I think it does need to be exposed because I think there’s a lot of people like you and me, and a lot of other fitness and health professionals that have realized this and that people think that they need to look a certain way in order to be accepted. Right? When in reality, a lot of people are doing that. They’re sacrificing their health to get a certain look like their physical looks to get their body, to look a certain way. They will sacrifice their health to look a certain way. And unfortunately, that’s the way it is. And that’s the way our society has taught us to be is to, you know, Hey, as long as you look good, that’s all that matters. And if you’re unhealthy, here’s some prescription pills to take to hopefully, you know, help out with those situations, which ended up causing more problems. But I see, I see the system is broken, but I do feel like we’re slowly starting to shift toward back towards this, um, this, this more realistic approach of what health looks like. And there is no specific

It’s really, and I think it really comes down to the root of it all, even though, you know, I asked this question of my fitness, competitive friends, and, and that was my, that was my very question on my journey, my journey to transform. Then I asked myself, why was I competing? Why am I competing? Why is this important to me? And the question kept coming up like, well, I like being healthy and fit. And I was like, that’s a lie. And I’m like, you’re not, you’re neither healthy right now nor really fit because hello, you know, you can, you can lift some weights, but can you run a marathon tomorrow? Probably not, not to say that that’s a description of being fit, but I couldn’t. And, um, to me it was, it was my way, like after further digging and digging and digging, it was my way to control life.

Like instead of, instead of saying, instead of kind of like swimming in the unknown and the uncertainty of life, my biggest years competing where, when I was graduating from high school, when I was graduating from college and when a boyfriend broke up with me, because I couldn’t control any of the situations. So I was controlling, um, my life through health and fitness because everything else felt out of control. And I had this sort of like crazy anxiety about life in general, which I didn’t know about. And, um, but there are a lot of different Ys, you know, that are, that are hidden wise behind. I want to be confident. It’s like, I want to, you know, some of them are good. Like, you know, control is good at certain times, but when it goes overboard, sure. Some of us like hide our emotions at the gym because gym is therapy.

And some of us, you know, food is the best companion. And when we get to those Ryan real wise and Ryan real reasons, we have that level of awareness that we’ve never had before. And we go, Hmm, I don’t believe that’s mentally healthy or physically healthy for me because obviously eating a Snickers every day, isn’t giving me the ultimate thing that I’m craving, which is inclusion and love from others. Um, or, you know, obviously competing for the sake of certainty. Isn’t giving me certainty or controlling my body because I now have an eating disorder. Does that make

Yes. Perfect sense. Yes.

And I believe that we all should ask ourselves what is my why? And then instead of coming up with the BS, why of, well, I want to lose 10 pounds. Great, cool. But why, and then we get to this level of awareness where we have to sit back and go, okay, that’s the real why? And without judgment and with appreciation of what comes up, then work our way through that and seek the real answers that we’re looking for.

Yeah. Yeah. And so how did, so I’m guessing all of this led you to your SexyFit brand. How did that start and how has it evolved over the years?

Oh, such a good question. I love the question, how it’s evolved, because you would think that, that I just kind of sort of built it, right? It’s like here it is the five step method and what happened was I left bodybuilding. I was dealing with my bulimia. Um, I was going to coaching slash therapy because I was like, okay, what? I want to solve something like, I’m all in. And I’m all in. I hire coaches. I do work. I read books like I’m obsessive, really trying to resolve what is happening. So I’m obsessive trying to resolve what is happening. Um, at the, at this time I’m blaming, you know, the fitness people for breaking me, which in reality, it was just me. It was just a low, uh, take on some personal responsibility here. And my best friend comes to me and she goes, Z, I want to do a bodybuilding show.

And I’m like dying to do this. And she’s, you know, she’s, um, she’s slightly overweight. She’s about 240 pounds and she’s really tall. And, um, I look at her and I go, no, I’m not helping you. And I saw the look in her eyes. She was so heartbroken. She was like, do you realize I’ve sat through 26 shows with you? Like, do you realize I’ve been at every single one of your shows with the sign and donuts and being supportive? Like, you know, we’re, we’re no BS kind of friends. And I was like, Oh my God, that is so selfish of me. So, and I set out to say, okay, I didn’t tell her that I was doing all of this. Um, she didn’t know. So I said, you know what? I know everything that’s wrong. Like I’ve done all the wrong things. And it is my duty as a friend to help her and steer her in a direction of doing things differently in a healthful way.

So I asked her, I said, why, you know what I mean? And I said, and if you don’t win, what’s going to happen because we often set this date for bodybuilding show and then we chase it or like a half marathon. And we have no idea why we’re doing it and what it’s gonna do to us in the process. And she said, I just want to feel really good about myself. And I said, and that is BS. She goes, no, that is not because I don’t care if I step on stage and size zero, which I never will look at me. I have like, she’s, you know, she’s a bigger frame. And she’s like, I don’t even care. I just want to know that I can do it. And, and I was like, okay, sure. I’ll watch out for that. And that’s what she embodied the entire time. She cared about the journey more than she cared about the outcome. She, she was trying so hard with me. You know, we went to the gym and we were eating. And of course it took an army of people to do a bodybuilding show because it always does.

And, um, by the end,

It, you know, I saw like my best friend, but 2.0, where she made a decision to, to move out of state and change her career where she finally started dating. And, and, and she’s actually still living with the guy that she met during that time. And then she moved out of state and then she did everything she did. Like, she just changed, transformed and flourished. And I remember watching her on stage, like every step, every move, like hair flip and a wink. And I was like, dang, she got it. And in the journey, she’s lost 70 pounds. And she’s created this different way of being with herself when I said, you know what? I I’m obsessively love this. And, um, you know, then my story began, I moved to San Diego and I wanted to be a wellness coach. And I was talking to her on a phone and we’re living in different places at the time. And I said, what should I name my company? She goes, well, you know, how about lean fit? And I was like, I don’t want to be lean. I’m not lean. Um, and she’s like, how about, you know, like skinny? And I was like, I don’t want anybody to be skinny. I want people to be like, you, like, you know, the, your own way, like you did something, what do you call that? She’s like, thought I just felt so

Sexy and fit.

And I was like, Oh my God, this is it. So go on. I go online. I go and go daddy and like sexy fit.com boom available. I’m like how in the world granted, it was really expensive. So I had to, you know, I started my business and then for three months I was working under a different name, um, B cause I thought that a business can not be named something unless it had a.com. We’ll talk about not knowing anything about business. And then I finally bought the domain and I was like sexy for.com. This is it. Because every woman has this point in her confidence level in herself to where she just feels really good in her skin. And we all go through different stories. We all go through different transformations and sexy means something different to all of us. And six pack fit just implies that six pack is the only thing about fitness, but sexy is a loaded term. And that’s exactly what my best friend embodied at the time and what I wanted to create for the women and what I was feeling in the moment. And it was, it was a beautiful journey to, to the name and the method in of itself, instead of coaching everybody, how we were coached and bodybuilding, here’s your meal plan, here’s a fitness plan. Uh, clients would come to me and I’m like, what do you want? And they’re like, aren’t you supposed to tell me what to do? And I’m like, no, not really.

And I said, what’s your lifestyle? You know, are you a mom or do you travel? And obviously it’s going to be different consideration for everyone. And out of that, we created the five steps. And out of that, we created the way where we can have a complete food freedom, no matter what our lifestyle is. And we can love the fitness journey, whether we work out at home or the gym, and we can have the community. And most importantly, the mindset to really make that shift and to really carry out that transformation, because we’ve all known people, you know, gain weight, lose weight, you included gain weight, lose weight, but it’s the mind, the power of the mind is so big. So that’s the journey.

Yeah, that is awesome. And I love hearing it because obviously I can relate in similar ways to like when I started my brand. Right. Um, and how it evolves. So I can definitely relate to some of those things. But first of all, I’m so happy for you. When did sexy fit? Um, when was it born?

It was born two and a half years ago.

Wow. And here we are today, two nephew years. Congrats. That’s awesome. You know, first of all, it’s hard to make it, especially in the fitness industry. It really is. It’s so saturated as you know, and it’s hard to find your niche and it’s, it’s hard to maintain that, you know? And so let’s talk about your book, six sex, sexy fit methods, sorry. Um, and the five steps that you have in there. And maybe let’s just briefly go through all five of them and talk about how that relates to people’s overall health.

Totally. And I’ll be really brief, um, with those and as insightful as possible. So the sexy fit method is a step by step guide to complete food, freedom, loving our body and reclaiming our life. Because I do believe that health and fitness is a foundation of everything that we do and our success in life. We start to carry ourselves differently and you see this, we know this and, and it’s that level of, of sexiness that we bring to the equation. I highlighted the five steps of the method that have transformed literally thousands of women that and men, men can use these steps to. They’re not mutually exclusive to a new gender by any means. And step one, the most important step is training our mind to really clearing away the obstacles that are holding us back from creating the body that we’ve always wanted. I’m talking about our story.

I’m talking about our, our, um, approach to, um, to the situations in our daily life. I’m talking about breaking up with comparison and judgment and negative self talk and really practical ways to do that. Not just sitting in, um, and, and, you know, trying to be better. Um, it’s, this is not about trying. This is about every chapter having practices. This is about every chapter being applicable, because if I can apply it in real life, I am doing it. And, um, this is what the first section is about. And it really helps you prime your mind to what is about to come in food freedom in fitness, in accountability, in community. So

Before, before you go to the next one, food freedom, I kinda want to talk about this, cause this is something that’s so important. That’s so overlooked, I think, in the industry, but also something that I overlooked before I did fit for it to fit was, was how much of transformation is mental and emotional versus just physical, right? You could give anybody meal plans and workouts and say, okay, now it’s up to you. Go do it. And people will do it for a minute. And then they get burnt out. And they’re like, ah, this is too hard. I’m going to go back to my old ways. And so overcoming those mental and emotional challenges is the key to making it a lifestyle change to making it lasting longterm. And so I’m glad that that’s the number one, um, step in your sexy fit method. Cause it’s so true is training your mind first. And, uh, before you dive into the physical aspect of transformation

Totally. And it’s like, we dig and we dig deep and then we dig a little deeper. And just because we’re digging deeper, doesn’t mean that we loving what we find, but we dig. And that’s where the transformation is. That’s where the root of the mall. It like even, you know, you said meal plan and you said fitness plan. And even when you hire a coach, like even if you fork out the dollars to hire the Drew’s in this lot is of the world. And even then if we are not, you know, practicing the training, your mind piece, we’re just cranking out meal plans and fitness plans. So choose your coaches wisely too. That’s a, that’s a good lesson. We’re going to get to that food, freedom, food, freedom, food, freedom. We’re obsessed with diets and deprivation and know this and know that. And, and for no reason, you know, like, um, gluten is a, it’s the latest, greatest trend.

Think we demonized fat for so many years, which by the way, latest research, I found this out that sugar industry was paying off Harvard scientists too, to create that Phantom, that fat is bad for you. And, Oh my gosh, but we goes over these trends and you, and I see them, right? We’re like, Oh, see right through it. One of the, um, and I really wanted to have every, every one out there, figure out how we can overcome emotional eating, because we all have it to a certain degree, whether we’re aware of it or not. I want us to break up with a dieting rollercoaster and really experience a way where we can put together a nutrition plan for us and we know exactly what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and then be able to intuitively function in that process with, with what I’m doing in this step is yes, I’m breaking up like 15 chapters of food in every situation when you travel, when you’re gatherings, when you’re doing things and they give you a, a two week plan, and then I give you 40 amazing recipes. And, um, so this is really aimed to help you break, break free from that, and really create your own way that you eat. Does that make

Yeah, no, it totally does. And this is one thing that I learned the hard way about how powerful food really is, uh, before, uh, you know, growing up, I grew up my entire life in shape and for me, food didn’t have that control over me. I just thought it was so easy to just be like, you know, stop eating the junk food. Why is it so hard? Just don’t drink the soda, but people kept messing up and messing up until I did fit Tibet fit. And then I realized just how powerful food cravings are and how real, that connection to food. That emotional connection to food really is. And I didn’t know that existed until he went through this and my eyes were open and I totally understand just how powerful it is. And we all do eat our emotions in certain ways. And in certain forms, whether you’re in the fitness industry or not, we all have our vices.

Um, and so it’s, it’s something that I think is very powerful to help people overcome that. Um, but I think people also need to realize that this doesn’t just go away. It’s not like all of a sudden you’re going to stop craving sugar. You’re not going to go live in a cave and never see processed food again in your life. You’re going to have to deal with it every single day. It’s just being able to, uh, manage it throughout time. And yeah, sometimes you’re gonna screw up, but that’s not the end of the story. That’s not the end of the road. Like that doesn’t mean anything. That doesn’t mean that you’re a failure at all. So I’m sure you address all of that in the book, but a food freedom, I think is another powerful step.

Oh, thank you so much. And, and with me, um, I, when I was in recovery from like my fitness journey, I had to eat some junk food just so I could overcome the fear of food because it was such an extreme, clean eater. So like we said, in the beginning drew, you said it, it’s not a linear path. And to us, perhaps we do need to, to look into more unprocessed foods, diet to create the ultimate health. And for some of us who’ve been drinking nothing but kale juice, perhaps having a cake once in a while is also very therapeutic because it gives a certain degree of freedom. So that’s, you know, that’s, that’s truly the food freedom and, um, simple fitness is a third step. And let me tell you super effective workout routines that you can do anywhere. Anytime. This is specifically designed by women by, you know, for women, by a woman, um, kind of like the, the, the selling point there.

And the thing is, women were coming to me for years, like before I was a personal trainer to I, I coached. And then, you know, when I started sexy fit, it’s like, I wanna, you know, I want to fix this as they’re pinching their thigh, or like, I want to fix this as it were pinching their arm. And it always drove me nuts because you know, us as trainers were like, you cannot, you cannot spot reduce fat. We’ve said this so many times. And then I was realizing I wasn’t doing anyone a favor because I wasn’t doing them a favor by turning them away and kind of like making fun of that whole phenomenon and women were just going and doing some other weird thing that wasn’t giving them the full benefits of what it’s like. So it was like, you know what, I’m going to create a method that is going to spot condition that certain spot and give you the ultimate for the physique that you want. And I’m going to show you how we can do that functionally and aesthetically. So that’s the method that I write through in that fitness piece. And all my workouts are 21 minutes. So they’re in seven minute blocks and there are three blocks within them. And it’s all about functionality and aesthetics. And I want you to be ready for anything like whether you’re throwing hockey six and back of a car, or you are getting ready for zombie apocalypse. I don’t know.

No, I liked that because I think a lot of people think that they have to be in the gym for, you know, one to two hours. And sometimes that’s the body building mentality is like, okay, you gotta lift long periods of time to build muscle. But in reality, I mean, unless you’re trying to become a bodybuilder, which most people aren’t, you really don’t need to spend that much time in the gym. I know not nearly as much as people think. So 21 minutes, there’s a lot, trust me. There’s a lot you can do. And in two minutes and be completely exhausted, let alone 21 minutes, which is totally doable. That’s people could definitely fit that in into their day.

Totally three times a week. I mean, come on. Then we add on the layer of accountability to this as a fourth step, where we are utilizing all the different parts and pieces of accountability that are beyond the scale, because I believe the scale is such a twisted way that we measure our success and I call it like post-traumatic scale syndrome. It’s a thing I’ve suffered from it. I’m sure you have too, where you’re stepping on a scale. You’re like, what? Oh no. And then you’re like, you know what? I have the, the, you say the F word, and then you move on to the, to the thing that you’re not supposed to be doing. So I wanted to give my readers and, and everybody who’s reading, it has this, this book in their hands and wants to try the method, some parts and pieces of accountability that we can all apply in daily life. And, um, I believe that it’s crazy important and critically important to measure our success because what we can measure, we can improve and, and giving ourselves grace in that space is so important for us as women. Um, and, um, yeah, it’s, it’s a, it’s a critical step.

Yeah, I know. And it is. It’s one of the most powerful things. I think when it comes to helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle over time is, is that accountability where, you know, someone, your, whoever your support system is, which I know is the next step is kind of your team, your community. Um, sometimes you need a kick in the butt. You need some tough love, but other times you need encouragement and, and let, and having people letting you know that you’re worth it to be healthy, that you’re worth it to keep living this healthy lifestyle. Uh, because there’s times where we just want to say, screw it. You know, it’s a cold rainy day. I don’t want to go to the gym. I don’t want to eat healthy. I just want to do whatever I want to do. We have those moments and it’s so easy just to be like, ah, I’m just gonna, this is too hard. I’m just gonna go back to my old ways. But when you have like, you know, people that you love that are there to support you, sometimes you need that balance of tough love, but also encouragement and, and unconditional love to let you know that you’re worth it to, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So yeah, for me, I preach accountability all day. So I’m glad that that’s, that one’s in there too.

Yeah. Thank you. And you kind of mentioned on the last step, the power of community, and I talk about this as if we’re in a bus, like if we’re on a bus, like, first of all, I’ll, before we even walk into this transformation, a lot of us are sitting on the back of our own bus and it’s pedal to the metal. It’s driving somewhere, but we’re not really sure where it’s going because we’re in the back because we, we perceive as it’s happening to us. And we forget that we get to drive our own bus. We get to drive life. We get to choose life. We get to do things that we want to do. Not because they’re circumstantially what happened to us. So when I talk about later, about power of community, I’m talking about when you’re in a driver’s seat of your bus at the bus stop, who do you let into your bus?

Is it going to be drew Manning? Who’s like a total badass and going, Oh my God, we’re going to kill this workout. She’s going to be amazing. Is it, you know, or is it my friend? Who’s like making healthy steaks in the back because our bus has a little kitchen and it’s somebody telling jokes. And as somebody like really making this a good time, this can be a really dark journey if we choose for it to be a dark journey, because we’re in the back of our bus. And this can also be a dark journey because there are a lot of negative Nancys and judgmental duties and all of those different types of personalities in our life. And if we let them on our bus, they’re kind of, sort of going to leave a pile of something in the middle of our bus. And then they’re going to get off the bus and we’re left a pile of something.

And I don’t want that to happen to anyone because I want us to know that we have a power to choose the community. And when we really cultivated the sense of community within sexy fit, even though it was a virtual community to start with, we saw our results. Skyrocket our completion rates in programs were insane. Women were sharing on a whole new level. And when I say about power of community, you say about tough love. And you say about love. Both of those elements are so important when I talk about, can you I’m so like, so fired up about the community piece. Can you tell, um, I talk about it not being coaching from your friends. I talk about friends being there with the same values as you do. Um, they’re accepting, they’re loving, they’re kind. They have compassion. They have the same desires as you, and in a way where they’re going to be your vision keepers and not your ass kickers.

I don’t know if this is an explicit episode or not, but they’re your, they’re your vision keepers for what you want to create with your transformation. And they’re there to me, it gets fun, exciting, interesting, and, and, and beautiful in its own way for you. So power of community, you know, we’re, we’re, it really is the make it, or break it point between creating the results that you’re looking for, or riding the sad bus with, you know, negative Nancy’s and judgmental Judy’s. And oftentimes we do that to ourselves, but Hey, um, we, we already fixed that in, not fix it. We already worked on that and train your mind piece, but that’s, that’s the power of community. That’s the power of having the right people on your bus to support you.

Yeah. I love that. I love, I love all these five steps that you mentioned. I think they’re all super critical and super important for anybody. That’s really looking for a true and lasting transformation instead of just giving people, Hey, here’s a six week diet plan and they’ll lose a lot of weight and it be great, but then, you know, what do you do after that? Right? How do you maintain this? And so I’m glad that, that you have all these five steps, cause they’re, they’re definitely right up my alley and things that I believe in as well. Um, okay. We’re kind of running short on time, a lot of, but before we get into the lightening round, I kind of want, I want you to let people know where they can find you, where they can find your book, the sexy fit method and, and, and your social media, all of that. And then we’ll get into the lightning round.

I love that. Thanks. Thanks for pointing people in the right direction. I know how important that is. You can go to sexyfit.com/book to get your book. We have a hard, hard copy and an ebook. I realized that I love having eBooks and hard copy books. So that’s a place for the book and you can find us@sexyfit.com. I host the podcast and love, love, love having you tuning in because your podcast is too. And social media is I am sexy, fit everywhere, a little affirming statement as you’re typing it. Yep, exactly.

And your, your PA your podcast SexyFit podcast is on iTunes, right?

Yes. It is iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify.

And I believe I was one of the first, what? 30 or 50 people on the show. You were one of the first 21, 21.

Yeah. 21 interviews come up back to back to back. And I had, um, yeah, I had you, and it’s always such a joy to talk to you. Thank you for all you do.

Yeah. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. Okay. Let’s get into the lightning round because I know you got to go. Um, these are just funny, easy questions that, um, just require quick little answers. Okay. You ready? Yes, I am all in. When was the last time you had a big Mac? Oh God. Since that was one of your first English words,

A little big Mac, probably 10 years ago. My friend,

I love that. I love it. It totally reminds me. Okay. Did you ever watch five will goes West growing up? I mean, that, that, that cartoon movie,

You must be a miracle. I don’t know.

Yes. Yes. It’s a, these, these mice from Russia, right? They have the Russian accents. They come over to America, right. To escape. I don’t know these mean cats in Russia. So they thought there were no cats in America. Anyways. It’s a funny movie. And your Russian accent reminds me of that. Watch that you have to watch it seriously. It’s so good. Okay. Um, is it true that you’re training for America and Ninja warrior? Can you talk about this?

Yes, it is true. It’s, uh, you know, a new level requires a new level of you. And, um, I notoriously did not, like I was in very good shape. I’ve done marathons, half marathons, but my upper body strength was not where I wanted to be. I wanted to be challenged in a different way. So yes, I’m training in training now and, um, it’s kicking my everything.

Okay. So funny story. A lot of people don’t know this about me is I actually, wasn’t invited to try out as well for American enjoyer. And let’s just say, yeah, it was not my finest, one of my finest moments. Okay. Here’s my story. And of course there’s some justification on the first little steps, right. That are kind of angled. It was freezing cold in Denver. And so it kind of iced over overnight and it was super slippery and I didn’t make it past the fourth one cause I slipped. So that’s kind of like my excuses I slipped and my toe hit the water. I didn’t fall completely in, but just my toe hit the water and I was disqualified. And you only get one try. That’s the thing that sucks is it’s one and done. So keep training and good luck to you. I know it’s very, very hard.

I just got to get past the first four steps and I’m golden.

Yeah. Then you’ll make the show for sure. Right. Okay. What’s your connection to Donald Trump?

Oh, good Lord. Um, I actually, this is, this is in the, uh,

I saw your picture. He posted a wild book. Yeah.

Was miss Alaska, teen USA in thousand nine. And it is an organization, the miss universe organization, which is owned by Donald Trump and at the after party, which this, this tells you like a lot about my mom. I love my mom so much. She, um, she sneaks into this after party, which she’s not allowed to go to. And Donald Trump was there and she’s trying to do the mom thing. And she wants to take a picture with me and Donald, um, like a we’re on first name basis now and Donald and uh, so we’re standing there and we’re taking a picture and her camera is not working. Of course like that one moment, you know, that one moment he starts getting frustrated. He’s like, camera just make this faster. And she goes, she looks at him with my mom, like Russian mom. I like imagine that death stare. And she goes, you stand there. I think big

It’s so funny.

This is over. And he becomes like one of those orange cats and he’s like, Oh, okay. And he like sinks back into the picture. Mom takes a picture and then smiles with her beautiful smile and goes sank. You mr. Trump, like as if he’s dismissed, right? Like you can go now. And you know, that was a, there was a pivotal moment in my life where I was like, Oh my God, it does not matter how expensive your suit is or who you are, who you’re going to be. This is, this is just life like go after what you want.

Yeah. That’s so funny. Okay. What, what is your favorite cheat meal treat meal? Whatever you want to call it? My treat me because I know you eat, I know you eat unhealthy food cause you talk about it a lot. And that’s what I like about you is you’re real, right? You don’t just eat kale and broccoli and chicken all day. So

Act I’m like, uh, I’m like a loud kale hater. Um, I do not like kale, maybe, maybe on my pizza. And um, what’s my favorite. I love, I have a ritual every Sunday. I make pancakes, which the recipes in the book, I love pancakes with coffee on a Sunday. It’s something. I just, it just, so

I still fulfilled fall

And I love, um, what do I really love? Pizza pizza is really big for me. It’s, you know, I think it’s a good group of people type of type of food. And I like a glass of wine here and there. So, um, and I’m not a big sweets person, so pizza and like pancakes.

No, that’s cool. I do that for my girls on Sundays. Kind of like our special day. It’s bright, it’s pancakes for breakfast. And let me do a pizza night on Sunday night. So I kind of like those traditions of having that. And I do try and Healthify it every once in a while. Um, you know, put, you know, make healthy protein pancakes or something like that. Or, but every once in a while I’ll just go get, grab a pizza. You know, it is what it is. I’m not like trying to hide it or anything like that, but I like that about you too. Um, so there’s no Russian foods that you’re missing.

You know, I think it’s really, really heavy. Um, and I tend to lean more towards like the old Russian traditions that my great grandma used to have, which they made kimchi and, um, like a lot of healthy vegetables salads that just like beets in a salad. Like, seriously, it’s a thing now. Right? Like, Oh it beet salad is now a thing I’m like, we’ve been eating beets for the last century. Okay. And, um, so I tend to lean more that direction, like, cause my grandma’s always had gardens and, and um, little, you know, cottages where they grew their own food versus like the traditional, like pierogi loaded stuff. It doesn’t really make me feel good. So that’s kinda how that goes.

Okay. Last question. Would you ever do a female version of fit to fat to fit or do you think you could do it if you really had to? Like, if someone said, Hey, you have to do this, do you think you could really do it for six months? Like completely let yourself go.

Well, it’s not a question here’s where I want right away. The reason I kind of paused is because I’m looking at health. Um, as far as, um, vanity reasons, absolutely 100%. I lived in that version of myself for quite some time after bodybuilding and I got so comfortable in any size. I was because here’s the thing we are. If we think like, especially women, if we think of ourselves as fine aged wine, like, you know, that wine that you drink and you’re like, Whoa, it’s fantastic. And the essence of that wine doesn’t change, whether it’s in a martini glass of wine glass or a tub, and it’s our, it’s our personality. It’s who we are, how we show up in the world, how we show up in a world for others. That’s what matters more than any outer expression of what we look like in our vessel.

The thing is our bodies are vessel our bodies, our temple, our bodies, what gives our personality, our purpose life. And I went through such a serious process of detaching from the traditional conditioning of our society of, of my body is my value. Especially in bodybuilding that I, 100% would be joyful to do that journey, knowing that I don’t, I don’t change as a person on a health. Like the reason I would say no to you drew very kindly, um, for health purposes because I was overcoming adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. I don’t believe that would be healthy for my body and I’m not willing to do that to my body because I’m not willing to disturb the, the balance of my temple in a way. Does that make sense? So, um, that would be a no for me, but if we were just talking about vanity and like helping someone, I would say yes. And it was, if you know, I know you team somebody up and if it like a life or death situation for them and it like depended on E to save their life. Oh my gosh. Totally. Because I know I could restore back to balance, but yes and no.

I know. I totally know what you’re saying. That that was a very good thought out long answer. So I respect that.

Like it was a quick round, right?

Yeah. Like that was the lightening. That was kind of like a, I don’t know, what’s slower than lightning or something

Lightning round.

Yeah. No, it’s all good. I totally respect that. And respect you use a lot of, and I really appreciate you coming on the podcast and congratulations on the sexy fit method and for all the, all of those out there, listening, please go check out. I am sexy fit on social media, sexyfit.com forward slash book to check out this book to help your, your, your transformation. And, uh, there’s a lot of once again. Thank you very much.

No, thank you, drew and thanks for everything that you do in the world that truly matters.


Thank you guys so much for listening to today’s episode with Zelada from sexy fit. And I really hope you enjoy this podcast. Don’t forget to check out our friends@dropanfbomb.com and use my code fit fit for 10% off of their products. Check out their coconut oil, their MCT oils, and definitely check out their coconut butter macadamia, nut butter blend us so good. You guys got to try it out. And then my other friends over@questkito.com check out some of their frozen meals and some of their, their snacks and desserts as well, that are keto friendly too. Um, I appreciate you guys tuning in each and every week. I really hope you enjoy this episode. Please let me know what you thought of it. Leave us a review on iTunes, subscribe to our podcast in iTunes and share these podcasts with people that you think could benefit from this content. I know there’s a lot of people out there that still don’t listen to podcasts, which is amazing. There’s so much free knowledge available out there on podcasts. And so I hope you guys will. We’ll share this with someone that you think might need it. And thank you guys so much for the support throughout the years. A lot of big things to come in 2017 and we will, uh, see you guys back here next week for another great episode on the fit fat fit experience podcast.

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