What’s up everyone. Welcome back to the fit to fat, to fit experience podcast. It’s me drew Manning and your cohost lynn Manning. Yes, we are both here this time. And today we have a very special episode for you guys. So sometimes we don’t always do things about health and fitness, and this is one of those episodes. So if you are not a history buff and you don’t like history, you might not like this episode, but we know that you history bus out there will freaking love this.

You are a geek like being, you will love this episode.

Seriously, Scott Walter. I met him down in Mexico at this a and D Latin America event where he was down there talking about his show on the history channel called America on earth. And I met him and he was talking about a story. I’m like, man, this guy is like the modern day in Indiana Jones. He’s out there solving mysteries, you know, about the past and the history that we’ve been told, especially as Americans, American history, certain things just aren’t true. And he is a scientist and he definitely knows what he’s talking about. Um, you know, and it’s, it’s really, really, we get into some deep stuff here. You know, some stuff that you guys might, some people might not like.

Yeah. Well, and the thing is, is a lot of times when we are taught one thing and then we find out that there’s information kind of showing it’s false. I know sometimes people can get pretty upset or feel like this is some type of weird conspiracy theory. And for me it’s not about right or wrong. The fact is is these are the facts. You can Google them. You can look them up yourself and just gauge for yourself on maybe some of the things that you have been taught or learned growing up. Aren’t quite true. So I find that fascinating.

Yeah, he’s a forensic geologists been doing it for 31 plus years. And like I said, he has his TV show in America, uh, on the history channel H two series called America unearth. And we’re super excited to have him on. It’s a great conversation. Some things are gonna blow your mind. Um, there’s no agenda here with this episode. You guys, there’s no religious or political agenda that we’re trying to get across at all. It’s just getting his information out there that is backed by science. And you know, what you do with it is up to you. We’re not trying to sway anyone either way.

Yeah. I would just think it’s interesting and fascinating. And just like to do with the health and fitness industry, when new information comes out, we talk a little bit about that in the eighties, how they said fat was so bad, it’s going to make you fat. And of course, now they come out saying, actually that’s not true. And some scientists were paid by major corporations to lie about things. So we just find it fascinating when you have all the facts written. And maybe you find out that some of the things you thought were true.

So a couple of teasers for you guys, some topics, but one is big fit. Two is Jesus Christ actually, uh,

three is yeah, Christopher Columbus

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All right, let’s go hang out with Scott. All right, Scott, Walter, thank you so much for joining us here on the fit to fat, to fit experience podcast. How are you doing today, man?

I’m doing really good. And I’m excited to chat with you and Lynn. We had so much fun in Ken Kuhn. I wish it was still there, but this is the next best thing

it is. It is. And first of all, did I pronounce your name? Right? Len you weren’t invited, but I did I pronounce your name right? Scott.

I’m sorry. Say that again. Did I pronounce her name, right? Yeah. Walter it’s within. Oh, and you did, did a perfect man and that’s a German. I’m assuming it is Volta Volta.

We’re gonna just call him Indiana. And the first question I have for you, Scott, is what, what is, what is your job title? What do you tell strangers when they’re like, Oh, what do you do?

My job title is what my real life job title is. I’m a forensic geologist and I operate a materials forensic laboratory in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’ve done that for the last 26 and a half years. And you know, the, and, and then on the side, what I do is, is television. And, um, I’ve hosted, uh, uh, a show for three years called America on earth. Um, last year I did a show called pirate treasure. The Knights Templar I’ve been, I’ve also been involved in a couple of documentaries that did very well on history. Channel one was called, uh, Holy grail in America. And the other one was called, who really discovered America. And you could tell by some of, uh, by the titles of these shows that, uh, it’s about investigating, uh, historical mysteries primarily in the United States, but you know, the, the North American continent didn’t sit in isolation. There were people coming and going across the continents. This is going on for thousands of years. So really it’s about cultures all around the world, but primarily focusing on North America.

Okay. Then we’ll get into all of that. That’s very cool. We’ll get into, we

call them the modern day, Indiana Jones. The things that I have heard that Scott has basically unearthed about

MIS and it’s mind blowing jurors told me just bits and pieces. Yeah. This, this is probably going to be one of my favorite episodes.

Yeah. It’s just so everybody knows. Well, we might talk about health and fitness a little bit, but this is kind of just for our own pleasure. I’m picking Scott’s brain. So, so for those of you who don’t know, I met Scott in Mexico. We were down there a couple of weeks ago for a and D Latin America. They had, um, I don’t know, what would you call it? Some type of conference? Um,

I think what it was was a, a get together of their advertisers and their, their clients for the networks. And they wanted to bring in, you know, talent for the various, um, channels for a and E and, and you and I, and some other really cool people were there to sort of rub elbows with their clients and, and, um, you know, uh, shore up those relationships. I think it was important that we were there for the a and E people, because look, if we don’t have advertisers, um, paying money to prize, uh, during the commercials, we don’t have a show. So I think it was really important that we, that we were there. They, they treated us like royalty. It was really you guys. And go back right now. How about you?

Oh, man. I would love to, man. That was such a good time. And I’m bummed, you had to leave early because you missed the trip to the temple of KUKA con. And I wanted to hear your perspective on some of the things that our tour guide was telling us, you know?

Yeah. Well, you know what, I, we actually did a, the first episode we ever did in America on earth, we filmed for a week at a cheetah NITSA. And so I know that area very well. And what you guys heard from the tour guides is, you know, the basic stuff, but there’s a lot more going on there. It’s a very sophisticated culture, as you can see when you were looking at those amazing monuments, but like everything else, there’s always more to the story than you have time to see.

Yeah. So I guess my question for you is did the aliens help the Mayans build this temple?

Well, my honest answer is, I don’t know if, but I, I highly doubt it. I think, you know, one of the things that I’ve learned from doing this show and from writing books and doing all the research I’ve done is that I think it’s a mistake to underestimate the intelligence and sophistication of ancient cultures. Um, and I think, I think in general, you know, people nowadays, uh, we think we’re so sophisticated and advanced that people in the distant past were way below us, um, on many levels. And I don’t agree with that at all. In fact, I would argue that I think maybe in some ways we regressed a little bit and I think we need to sort of, uh, look inward a little bit and, um, maybe humble up a little bit because we’ve got some big challenges we have to overcome. And one of the things I say all the time, and I know you guys have heard, this is, um, those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it. And I think we’re going down a path that, uh, we can probably, uh, we can do better. I think,

wow, that’s really bold. I like that. I’m curious as to just really briefly, what are some ways that you feel like based on historically and based on everything that you’ve unearthed, what are some ways that you feel like we’ve regressed?

Well, I think, um, and, and I’ll, I’ll, uh, put out a plug for somebody I have not met yet, but I’m going to be meeting him next month. His name is Graham Hancock. He wrote a bestseller, uh, many years ago called fingerprints of the gods. And he recently just wrote a new book called magicians of the gods. And essentially what he’s saying is that about 12,000 years ago, 12 five, I believe it is. Uh, there was a high culture that existed around the world and many of these ancient megalithic structures that we still Marvel at today and wonder how they were built. Some people want to interject aliens.

I was going to say like the pyramids and the aliens

then, um, would just just know there’s there’s many of them around the world, but that there was a worldwide, uh, culture that interacted with each other regularly communicated, traveled, and shared similar ideologies and beliefs. And in essence, we’re living a pretty balanced, um, high level existence, what, what he claims happened. Um, and he provides some pretty compelling geological evidence is that there was a major meteorite impact that actually hit one of the continental ice sheets, uh, that caused a huge Ash cloud and a catastrophic environmental collapse that caused this high culture to, uh, dramatically, uh, shrink and, and almost go spanked. And so a lot of that information was lost and now we’re just rediscovering. This is what happened. Now. It really makes a lot of sense to me because, um, one of my concentrations in college was glacial quaternary geology. And he said,

yeah, to mine too.

Yeah. The glaciers are the massive ice sheets that covered, uh, the Southern hemisphere EHRs and quarternary is the time period that they existed basically the last 2 million years. But what, what he’s saying is is that this meteorite hit the ice sheet in, in North America. And so very little of this catastrophic impact is around anymore because once the ice melted, it took most of the evidence away and he makes a very compelling case. But the point is, is that many, many academics in multiple disciplines that are not hard science. I want to add that in the humanities disciplines are reticent to accept some of the theories about these ancient cultures. That quite frankly, the evidence is so overwhelming and obvious it’s really, really disappointing. And one of the disappointments I’ve had that actually led to the show was some of the pushback I got when I was talking about some of the artifacts I was working on, and the clear evidence that indicated that the Knights Templar came over, uh, around 1400, that they brought a treasure that was later recovered, uh, at the time of our founding fathers and used to fuel the revolutionary war.

And the reason that I think a lot of people are reticent to accept this is because many, uh, academics have been cultivated, have been brainwashed into thinking a certain way that certain things just did not happen. And there are, uh, there are larger forces at work believable. Not that that are, have a vested interest in one version of history. When in fact the truth is, is, is something else. And one of those institutions to be quite Frank is the Roman Catholic church.

Hmm. Interesting. So that’s, that leads into another question that I have for you is, um, with the TV show, do you feel like that gives you more freedom to talk about anything you want or does that make you more restricted in a way, because the TV shows like, or the network is saying, Hey, Scott, we can’t do this because that might be bad for ratings or, or is it more freedom to do, you know, really expose these truths?

I would say that I have more freedom and I have to really say that I appreciate the support that the network gave me and the production company that we work with because let’s face it at the end of the day, when you’re in television, the networks, all they care about is ratings and they don’t care how those ratings, how they get them. I mean, you know, obviously they have certain standards and lines that they can’t cross, but, you know, we conducted ourselves, I think, in a professional manner. And I didn’t just throw stuff out because I felt like it, um, no, it’s, it’s, uh, they, they were really, really good. And I think it did give me a positive platform, but, you know, with that comes a responsibility and you have to make sure that, you know, we’re not overreaching because I still have my job.

I still do the material forensics. Um, but you know, you’ll read a lot of crap about me on the internet, but it’s, it’s just that it’s all crap. Uh, because there are people that are actually being paid to continue, right. To undermine people like me that are telling a different story than they want people to believe. And what’s interesting is that, you know, I work in a hard science field. I do material forensics all day, every day for 31 years, that’s all I’ve done. And so I understand the process very well. And since they can’t attack the evidence, what is the next best thing they attack you personally, to try to undermine your credibility, which will break down the work that you do. Um, and I find that fascinating because, um, to me, that’s a sign of desperation and it also shows the more criticism I get, the more I know I’m on the right track.

Ah, yeah. That’s so true. So what do you think are some of the biggest myths that people have that you have kind of proven wrong or, or maybe even proven? Right.

Well, I think it’s patently obvious that there was, there were many cultures that were going back and forth to North America prior to Chris.

Oh, so Christopher Columbus did not settle. Did not basically find America first.

Oh, wait. You mean that guy that never set foot on the continent that already had millions of people living here.

Yeah. That guy we have a holiday for. Yeah. The one that we have a holiday celebrating.

Yeah. That guy. Um, well, um, yeah, that the, the myth of Columbus is one of the biggest lies we’ve been told, but you know, it’s interesting because the one thing you always have to keep in mind when you’re talking about pretty much anything, but especially when you’re talking about history is you have to understand context what was going on during that time period. And, and so when you look at it from, let’s just say, let’s go back to manifest destiny, that wonderful policy that our government had at the time that we were expanding across North America and basically founding our country. And it basically, in my opinion, was comprised of two parts. One was the persecution dehumanizing of the native American cultures. And of course this is an age old technique that cultures all around the world have done. And continue to do that to this day is by demonizing a group of people so that you can persecute them in this case.

The convenience of all of that was with the goal of eventually taking their land, which we did. And, and I think it’s it’s time that we all just manned up and, uh, and admitted and woman up that it was a genocide. I mean, let’s face it. That’s what it was. So that was part, one part, part two was the myth of Columbus. There was nobody here before Chris. So it’s our God given there’s the Catholic church influence a sovereign right to take this land. And so that was really the policy and it was a grand diced and publicized by our government and people bought into it. Um, and, and it’s, it’s, you know, looking at it now, um, it’s, it’s obvious what happened and it’s terrible. And I think at some point we have to in this country be honest and, and fess, you know, and own up to it. But if you look at it from that perspective, back in those days, you know, it was the right thing to do and dammit, we’re going to do it. And they did so again, context is always important to look at. Yeah. Wow.

Yeah. That’s true. That’s interesting. So I gotta ask you Scott, um, with all these things that you’re unearthing and you there’s all these people, or, you know, large entities that are, you know, against what you’re trying to do, have there ever been any dangerous situations that you’ve been in because of these things you’re unearthing these truths you’re exposing

well, um, if you, if I have I ever felt like my life was threatened, I have to be honest and say, no, but part of me, part of me just doesn’t go there. I mean, I, you know, if someone has something to say to me, say it to my face and that’s not what happens. So if someone’s going to go online and creep around and say things, um, anyone can be a tough guy behind a computer. Right. And so I really don’t worry about that. And there’s other reasons why I don’t worry about that and without getting into it too deeply, um, there are certain aspects of ancient cultures that have, um, that continue to this day that say that after 2012 and this’ll sound weird, but it’s, it’s absolutely true. You, you remember 2012 when, when the world was supposed to end, you know, calendar, right?

Yeah. That was the Mayan calendar, but actually there’s many cultures around the world that keep track of this calendar, which has everything to do with the astronomy and the precession of the equinoxes. And it’s, it’s all scientific quite frankly. And I understand it completely, but, but in the end, there’s also sort of a psychological impact that these things have on human beings. And I guess what I’m getting at is that in 2012, there was a huge paradigm shift that occurred. And basically one of the axioms that I heard about was that in 2012, the reign of the Fisher King would end the Fisher King, of course, is Jesus of Nazareth. And the truth about Jesus would be revealed. And I find it credibly that something called the tilapia tomb was discovered in 1980, but was only brought to public consciousness in 2007. And why is that?

Well, I, you know, I don’t know why, why was it found right about the time they said the truth about Jesus would be revealed because in the tilapia tomb, in Southern Jerusalem, in the East [inaudible] neighborhood, when they were blasting the hillside in preparation for building some apartments, putting the foundations in, they discovered a first century tomb that had 10 bone boxes called ossuarys in them, seven inscribed with names aims like Jesus, son of Joseph. Actually, his name is Yeshua, but we, uh, we call them Jesus, another one that says James son of Joseph brother of Jesus, another one that says Matthew, another one that says Maria, another one that says Joseph, another one that says Judah, son of Jesus. And the last one, and the only one carved in Greek, the others were carved in Aramaic. Um, the last one says, Mary MNA, the Mara and Mary MNA is basically a pet name for Mary for only Mary Magdalene found in the acts of Philip. And the Mara is a title of honor as in Lord master or queen and the odds of those seven ossuarys with that group of names, not in Jesus’s family, that Jesus is about 2 million to one. Wow.

Wait. And so where, where are some of this information published? Did you say again,

just Google [inaudible] tomb T a L P I O T and, and, you know, just really be careful because you can imagine how much crap is out there. Do you think this is you think what I’m doing is contentious, but you know what, it’s funny. Um, it’s over and I understand why the humanity of Jesus is only now being realized. He was a very important guy. He was a very, uh, uh, I, I think for the most part, a good person, but the person that’s been pushed into the shadows that needs to get there just to his, his wife, his concert and fellow teacher, Mary Madeline.

Wow. That is, so you are writing, are you writing, are you writing a book about this?

I’ve already written some of this in a book that I published three years ago called [inaudible] to the founding, the mysteries of the hook decks. And I am in the midst of a, another book actually. I was just about to finish it. Um, but, um, something big has happened recently that has demanded that I rewrite the whole thing. Uh, but it’s worth it because, um, one of the other things that’s interesting, not published in my 2000 or 2013 book was something that was brought to my attention by Israeli, um, archeologists and biblical scholars. And that was something that has not yet been published in a book, but it is published on my blog called Scott Walter answers. Um, and that is that there is a symbol carved on the lid of the Jesus. Yes, you, a son of Joseph ossuary. His name is inscribed on the side of the box and very, very nice, very readable aromatic, but they did not ever publish the symbol that was carved on the lid of his actuary.

And that’s one of my big reveals in my new book. But since I published it, if you want me to tell you, I’ll tell you, tell us you guys each owe me a beer. If I tell you this well. Um, and if you haven’t, um, read any of my other books, I’ve, I’ve written a number of books, but one of the other ones I wrote before I can not, and it came out in 2009, it’s called the hook decks key to the secret history of North America. The hook decks is a symbol that is carved on five North American rune stones that have been found over a period of about 118 years. Scholars had no clue what the symbol was. And it was one of the reasons why they decided to dismiss these rune stones because their attitude basically was well, gee, if I don’t know what it is, then there must be something wrong.

Well, no, all it means is you don’t know what it is. And the geological work that I did on the rune stone and these other artifacts have proven to me that they’re very old. So if they’re not modern hoaxes, they must be genuine. And if they’re genuine that there has to be an explanation for everything that’s carved on these stones, including that problematic decks. Well guess what’s carved on the lid of the Jesus ossuary, the hook decks, the hook decks and another symbol. It’s all a towel cross, a towel cross. It looks to anyone else like a normal tea with a longer bar on the top. But, but the symbol is actually a monograph of the two symbols. And if you understand anything about, um, old Hebrew or ancient Aramaic in their alphabet, the Hebrew Aleph symbol, which is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet looks an awful lot like a hook decks.

And in fact, when it’s a straight line version carved in stone, it is the hook decks for alpha. And then the Tao cross is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It’s a gypsy one. It goes all the way back to its origin. Do you guys know what the Egyptian ONC is? No. Yeah. Well, you’ve seen it. You just don’t know it. It’s basically a towel cross with a handle. It’s the most important symbol in Egyptian iconography. If you look it up, you’ll see it. It’s a, it’s basically a symbol of, of restored life of resurrection, new life. It’s, it’s the most important symbol in Egyptian iconography and it’s a tea with a hand, but basically the T shape goes back even farther in Egypt. And its origin is, it was originally used to measure the height of the Nile. It was called the nylon meter and it would, it would predict, for example, if there was flooding in the spring, this would destroy crops and there’d be starvation if there was drought starvation to the people.

But if the water level was right in the wheelhouse in the middle, there would be prosperity to the people. So that symbol became a symbol of life and death. And so that’s the origin of it. But here it is as the second symbol in this monogram carved on the lid of Jesus, son of Joseph. But the, the, the towel cross is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. So I’m, I made the case that it was a symbol for alpha Omega beginning and end. And I think, I think Jesus said something about that in the scriptures. Didn’t he? Yes, alpha and Omega that’s, that’s pretty profound. And um, if you read more of my work about the Templars and the G and the tilapia tomb, you will discover that the archeologists are the ones that are saying, somebody entered that tomb around the time of the first crusade and who fought the first cruiser, all the Knights Templar.

And it’s more of my work. You’ll see that I claim that they are the bloodline descendants of Jesus and Mary. How would they know about this tomb buried in the ground? Unless they had information passed on through the family. It’s like the Dan, this is like a Dan Brown book right now. My mind is being blown. My life is a, is an ongoing Dan Brown movie right now. But you know, the basic premise of his movie, which of course is fiction. The basic premise of the bloodline is a hundred percent true. Wow, wow. Yup. It’s pretty heavy stuff. You didn’t,

this is heavy stuff. I feel like we need to shift to like big foot or something cause wow, everyone’s gonna be listed as podcast. Like everyone’s Googling right now. I need guarantee anyone lets me right now is Googling and looking up this information,

Hey, let me, let me just, uh, let me just throw in a little tidbit that has to do with fitness. And you know, I have to say, I guess you’re pretty fit Scott. I’ve seen your bicep. We flexed in Mexico. I remember that he destroyed me, man. I was, I was, you just put me in my place. It was very when you’re a few years older. So, but you know what I mean? In all seriousness, I was really impressed with, you know, the work that you’ve done and, you know, gaining all the weight and then losing it again. And the whole idea of empathizing with your clients, you know, you and I talked about how I work out here at lifetime fitness and you know, I’m not saying they’re all like that, but I have definitely seen, uh, people that are coaching people that are, are going through the motions.

And they’re, you know, they’re just trying to get through it all and to have somebody like you coming and, um, re-energize them to, to remind them what their, what their jobs are. And it’s, it’s not about them. It’s about their clients. I was really impressed, um, by, by, by what you’ve done. And you know, I’ve always tried to keep myself in shape and I’ll tell you what, when I started doing America on earth, it was all hands on deck. And it was funny because a lot of the people that were, um, on the crew when we went to these crazy, out of the way, places and climbing up mountains and doing all this stuff, I mean, I was tired, but you should have seen these people dragging their fannies man. I was, uh, I was laughing at him and, and it was, I took great pride in it, but it’s important to take care of yourself.

I don’t care who you are, what you do. The one thing you have control over to a certain extent is your health and your fitness. And it’s so important. And I think myself for keeping myself in good shape because, um, it enabled me, it helped me to be able to do the job, uh, on this show by, by being physically fit at, at an advanced it. Yeah, exactly. How old are you? I’m 57. Yeah. You’re 57 years old. You’re in great shape and yeah, to go exploring and do these things. That’s what I call you. The modern Indiana Jones, man. You really are. You gotta, you know, some, you know, not like the movie where you’re getting chased by a big, huge Boulder.

I want to know if you’re like, I want to know if yeah. If you, if you are in like pits with snakes and crazy other creatures and being chased and hunted,

I’m being stocked online, all the that I can. Yeah.

Is this like the modern day Indiana Jones? He’s like, yeah. I’m getting stocked online. Yeah.

Yeah. Haters online is the modern day. Indiana Jones. It’s a different world, isn’t it? It really is. It really isn’t. I haven’t looked into all the people that have written articles about you. Um, but I know there, there are, and always will be haters. Um, but what what’s cool about you is, you know, you can back it up with science versus just, uh, yeah, I think this is what happened. And I have no proof of that, but you know, I just have a gut feeling about it. You can’t prove

hearing all of this evidence that you’ve, that you’ve found and like the way that you guys tie things together to come up with basically the end result. Like this is fascinating to me, especially because the fact is, I know people sometimes hear things like this and I’m like, Oh my God, conspiracy theories, people are crazy. They always, you know, Oh, we didn’t really land on the moon. The people always get so upset when they hear about conspiracy theories. But the fact is, is what do we really know while we know is whatever has been perpetuated through years of people telling us, this is what we know. And like you were saying, a lot of times things are hidden because big corporations, institutions, religious institutions have hidden them for hundreds of years.

And here’s, and here’s where I’ll tie it in. Here’s where all tied into health is for a long time, we’ve been taught that fat is bad for us so long, and now there’s new science and it’s published more and more. And the literature that’s out there as fat is not the enemy, but you can go back and look and see why we were told fat was bad. And yes, it has to do with corporations, sugar and low fat foods

back. And it came out that those scientists admit that they lied. So it’s like what we were told and what was perpetuated, what we were taught was based on this false deceptive institutions, Trey sickly, trying to get us to think a certain way. So it’s really interesting. Sometimes what I think is the greatest gift someone can have is the ability to allow themselves to just be like, you know what? I don’t know everything, and I’m not going to hold tight onto something. I’m instead going to be open to the possibility that I’m wrong or that I don’t know enough information or that I need to learn more. And so whenever I hear something that most people might consider, this sounds like a conspiracy theory. I’m like, you don’t want to know what, like, I’m just going to open my mind and hear all the facts and just decide after that. Like there’s no reason to be closed off the possibility of what you have heard and who has taught you that was wrong or had a limited amount of information.

Well, you, you know, the, the, the reason we have the word conspiracy is because there really are conspiracy. Sometimes. I mean, there, there are people that plot things they intentionally try to deceive and this, this stuff happens. I mean, it, it, it really does happen now. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I find it interesting, certain words like conspiracy, all of a sudden, his become demonized, or if somebody uses that word, it automatically means that that what you’re looking at is not credible or you’re not credible. And I’m like, wait a minute, crazy. This word exists in our dictionary for a reason, because these things do happen. But again, you said it, and I’ve said it a million times. It boils down to the facts and the evidence. And, you know, what’s interesting too, is that when we did a lot of our episodes, you know, sometimes the conclusion wasn’t, yes, there’s something here that, that changes history and we’ve been lied to about this.

That was the answer. Sometimes. Sometimes the answer was no, there’s nothing going on here, folks. Sorry. Interesting idea. But there’s no evidence to support it. I’m calling BS on this one. And sometimes, sometimes the answer is, I don’t know. And a lot of people didn’t like that. Well, how come you didn’t reach a conclusion? And the simple answer is because it wasn’t appropriate for me to reach a conclusion because there simply wasn’t enough evidence to do that. Now in those episodes, we hope that we presented enough information and new material, maybe a different perspective on an old problem. Uh, and people learn something, but sometimes they’re just look, do you think I like saying, I don’t know, hell I eat it, but I have to do it. Then I got to do it. And that’s just the way it is.

Yeah. That’s, that’s very interesting. So, um, couple more questions for you, Scott, before we let you go. Um, what’s, what’s one thing you think people will remember you for after you leave this earth. What’s the one thing legacy you want to leave behind that people will know Scott Walter for?

Wow. That’s a heavy one. Well, um, I, I guess I want people to remember me for being, um, a diligent researcher for, for not being afraid to challenge a paradigm. Um, but you know, I’m not unique in that regard. There’s a lot of really wonderful people that are doing some great work and I stand by them and they’ve stood by me. So, um, but I think the one thing that I probably will be remembered for more than anything has nothing to do with any of the TV I’ve done or the Templars or alternate history. It’s probably going to be the work that we did in my lab at the Pentagon after nine 11 after the nine 11 attacks and, and the year long, um, time that I spent working on that project. And I’m really very proud of that. And I will always be proud of that because I, I know we all remember what happened that day and the feeling of helplessness and, and violation and, and fear and, and all those things.

But to, to be, uh, assigned, I was assigned by the, the, the government to work on that project, um, to be able to do something was really awesome to, to, to, to be able to help and make a positive contribution. You know, I couldn’t pick up a gun and go to war, but we could help with the rebuilding and, and figuring out exactly what happened. And, and the other thing about that, that I, I find kind of ironic is there’s a lot of people out there online that are claiming I’m a pseudo scientist and I’m a liar and I’m this and that. And the other thing, and I don’t know what I’m doing, but yet apparently I’m competent enough to be able to be assigned, to work on the Pentagon, uh, fire damaged concrete. But, but when it comes to looking at rocks with inscriptions on them, I’m not competent.

It’s kind of a thing if you think about it. Yeah. Like you were saying, especially when it’s challenging the status quo, people, people don’t like that, you know, I’ve seen the same things and I will get, won’t get into too much of this, but I’ve seen the same things where it has come to seeing science of things that can help cancer. And people think that sounds crazy, like crazy talk, but if you’ve actually seen it, and then if you talk to any of those people that are involved with that, you’ll hear the same thing. Companies, corporations, everyone trying to attack that person, be little, that person tarnish their name terms, the reputation, because if it attacks something that is the status quo, especially if it’s something that’s been, especially if it’s like a moneymaker, something like cancer that,

wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, are you saying that, that the epi pen?

Yeah. That’d be the epi pen jumping, you know, 300% in cost. Uh, yeah. I mean, things like that and seeing no reason, aside from the aside, from the fact that the, the individuals who work in the company and the CEOs are all taking massive bonuses. No. I mean, there’s, there’s nothing to that effect

on the up and up. Hey, I gotta tell you guys something on this vein. Um, my daughter, my Jan and I have a son and a daughter, my daughter’s 22. And when she was nine years old, she was diagnosed with type one diabetes. So I hate to say this, but I am, uh, jaded enough to believe that there probably has been a cure for diabetes for a long time. But the reason that, that it hasn’t been made public and introduced is because the amount of money that is made by the drug companies to treat diabetes would be catastrophic to their bottom line. And it makes me crazy. And I have to say that my wife and I are one issue voters, and it’s, it’s, it’s anyone who’s forced STEM cell research because that’s where the cure is. I personally believe they are, they already have it, but you know, that’s another area where just bad stuff going on. And it’s all for the sake of the almighty dollar. And it deals with the health of our children and the people of this country and diabetes is just one disease. I think there’s probably more advances in cancer than, than had been made public. And it really bothers me too to pap peeve that, but I’ve become jaded by my experience in, in this world with, with what goes on and it’s, it’s disappointing.

Yeah. And that’s why I like it kind of coming back is kind of coming back to what we talked about earlier is my big thing is not about again, not like, Oh, I believe every type of theory that’s out there, conspiracy there, it’s out there. I just believe, you know, facts are facts. Honesty is honesty, and there’s no harm in breaking it down and really looking at what people are finding and the science and looking into it because you, you can’t just trust one source. You can’t just trust one corporation saying, Oh, there’s no cure for cancer, that’s it? You know, cause if you actually look into a lot of the science and some credible resources and different studies that have been done with double blind placebo controlled, you might find that there is more out there than what is being shown to you. And so I just find that fascinating. And it’s why I love what you do. And I love that you’re bringing all this information to light so that people can see a different side.

Yeah. I know we’re running short on time here, Scott. Okay.

I, I think you’re going to be remembered for your Bigfoot story. I’m just kidding. You want, tell us, tell us your, tell us how that happened and your experience with Bigfoot, and then tell us what he looked like when you met him. No, I’m just kidding.

All right. Well, no, here I’ll, I’ll tell you exactly how it went down. One of the things that I said early on when I knew that we were going to be doing the show is of course I had the, the, the, you know, the stuff that I wanted to work on. But look, the network has a say too. And so you gotta play a little, there’s a little give and take there. And of course, Bigfoot is, is a popular subject. A lot of people, uh, are into it. And, uh, you know, at first I said, I would never do a show on big foot. So then the production company sat down with me and said, well, um, the network would really like to do a show on big foot. And I’m like, ah, geez.

And then she said, Oh, by the way, we’re going to go to Nepal and climbed Mount Everest and go to a monastery and look at a Yeti scalp. And I go, okay, okay. A man, because being a geologist and going to the Himalayas is like Nirvana in the, you know, for a geologist. Right. So, but, but you know what, in all seriousness, I, I said to myself, okay, I’m asking, you know, people around the world to be open minded about the stuff that I think is interesting and important, right? So I guess turnabout is fair play, but I said this, I said, I, I said, that’s fine. I’ll do the episode. But these are the conditions I said, I’m going in a skeptic. And unless I see a body, see a skeleton or shake, Bigfoot’s hand, I’m going out at skeptic. And I didn’t see any of those and I didn’t shake his hand.

Okay. Okay.

But I will, I will also say this. I interviewed a number of people and I can say that at least a few of them, I absolutely 100% believe that they believe that they saw big foot. Okay. They were not lying to me. They were not making it up. I absolutely believe that. That’s what they saw. They think they saw that doesn’t mean that’s what they saw. Yeah. You know what I mean? Right, right. Right. A lot of things are just perception, you know, or, or it’s something else or yeah. Who knows. Maybe they did see something, but I, you know, I just, nothing panned out. Put it that way.

Yeah. You’re, you’re more of a scientist. You gotta see hard evidence. Exactly. So I get that. Um, okay. So we’re, we’re running out of time here, Scott, but, um, really quick before we get into our last set of questions or lightning round questions, where can people find you on social media? Where can people at your website, you know, your books, just go ahead and list those off so people can enter the show notes. We’ll put these, all of these links in the show notes.

Okay. I really appreciate that. Thank you guys. Well, I would say if people are interested in reading my books, they should go to www.hooked.com and that’s spelled H O O K E D x.com. Just the way it sounds hook decks. And you’ll see my books there. You’ll also see my wife’s book that she wrote with a wonderful British friend of ours. His name is Alan Butler. Who’s also written many, many books and was the guy who inspired me to learn about the Cistercians the Knights Templar that led to a lot of the discoveries that we made their book is called America nation of the goddess. And it’s really, really good. So those are all on the website. If you want to, if you want to engage me, uh, in, in a discussion on any one of the topics on my blog, go to Scott, Walter answers, dot blogspot.com.

And you’ll see a lot of hard hitting heavy stuff. A lot of trolls come on there, but I try to be respectful with them and, and, uh, you’ll find some interesting exchanges there. Um, and I’m on Facebook. Um, I know that I have to clear out some space for people to come on, but just send me a message request and I’ll process them. And I’m also on Twitter. I’m at real Scott Wolter and, uh, you can Twitter me. We’ve got a lot of fun going on there too. And, and, um, people can find me on the internet. I’m not hiding anywhere. They can find my email. I get a lot of phone calls.

I’d rather not get phone calls, just so we don’t want us to put your cell phone number out there, what you’re saying,

but look, my business is out there so they can find me if they want and they do

exactly. Okay. Last set of questions really quick. Uh, when does season three, right of America on earth, where are you guys on season three,

season three aired about a year. Well actually had aired almost two years ago in the States, but it’s airing right now down in the Latin countries. Um, and then last year we did a show for history called pirate treasure, the Knights Templar, and that aired about a year ago. And now we’re, we’re talking with, uh, networks about a new project. So, you know, and, and the reason that that eight, that America on earth went away, our highest rated shows were the last two we did was the number one show on the network, but they sold each too. It just, uh, and the problem was the demographic for H two was, is not the same as history. And, uh, they just didn’t think that the bulk of their audience on history would, um, it would be a good fit for them. I’ll leave it at that. But anyway, um, uh, Hey, listen, we went,

we went out on top. We love it. Yeah, no, it’s all good. Okay. So what’s the most influential book you’ve ever read? What’s your favorite book of all time fiction or nonfiction?

Wow. Um, probably, well, I don’t read much fiction because I just don’t have time. I’m too busy working on my own books, but I have to say, Alan, Butler’s the goddess, the grail and the lodge was one that, uh, really put a lot of things together for me regarding the Knights Templar and their origins. Um, and, and, and those families that really are responsible for, you know, that, that, that are descendants from Jesus and Mary. And they are the ones that were responsible for founding our country, uh, the United States of America. And we call them collectively the venous families. And you can read that book and I tell you what, it’ll, it’s enlightening as heck. So I would have to say that was probably the one, if I had to pick one.

Interesting. Do you believe in aliens?

Um, I let’s put it this way. I’m open minded to it, but I have not seen any hard evidence to convince me yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in them. Um, I just haven’t seen anything to convince me yet.

Okay. Yet,

is there anything that you have seen as far as artifacts, you know, say for example, the, or, or even just like how people think, how could we have possibly made the pyramids, like this doesn’t make any sense that makes you feel like, is that what makes you feel like there’s something else out there maybe possibly

the X files music?

Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ll be perfectly honest with you guys. You know, when I was a, when I was a younger man, um, I thought I could explain everything. You know, it was an answer for everything. And, you know, my son is, my son is, uh, uh, the same way. It’s funny, you know, but you know, it’s interesting as you get older, you see a lot of things. And one of the things that I came to realize was that there are some things that happen in life that you’re just never gonna know the answer to, and you have to learn to accept it. And that was really difficult for me, but I’m kind of at that place now in my life. And the other thing that happens as you get older is you get to a point where you realize that no matter what happens to you, you’re going to get through it. You’re going to survive. And there’s really a nice calming, peaceful thing about that. That when you get to be in your fifties, you, you come to that realization and I don’t know, it just helps you sort of smell the roses a little bit more. And I think I’m finally getting to that place. It doesn’t diminish my interest or my excitement or my passions. I think it actually enhances them. So you guys have that to look forward to.

Awesome. Well, thank you so much, Scott, for coming on. We’re out of time, but we’ll have to have you back on in the near future, so please stay in touch and, uh, yes. Thank you once again.

Yeah. I’d go check out his stuff. You guys, I, I, I’m actually going to be having a conversation post this podcast about some other interesting religious, um, history and, and artifacts and things that I’m pretty interested in. So loved it.

Hey, thank you for having me guys. And I’m so glad I met you down there drew. Um, I really admire the things you’re doing and you know, if you’re hanging out with Lynn, she’s cool too.


We think we’re pretty cool. So

I think I’m a big geek, but it’s all good. All right. Thanks Scott. Thanks, Scott.

All right, guys.

Thank you.

All right. You guys, thank you so much for listening. We hope you enjoyed this episode. If not, let us know if you did let us know as well. We love hearing from you guys, what you thought of this episode. You know, it means a lot to us, you know, should we have other future guests on that? We have connections with that maybe have nothing to do with health and fitness that, but, you know, have something to do something interesting to say. Um,

yeah, I would love to know what your guys’ thoughts are on that. Because even though I like to talk about health and wellness and new diets and tips and tricks and our overall health, I also love things like this. I’m such a geek. I love science. I love history. I love learning about just the around us. And when

we find a meet interesting people, I think it’s great to kind of switch things up and have him on. So let us know what you guys think you guys can. Of course, find me at the number to fit at home, to fit@home.com is my site. You can sign up for my newsletter, but also on Instagram and on Facebook, you can find me at, to fit at home. You can always send me a message there and let me know what you think about the podcast, um, or leave us a review on iTunes.

Yep. And obviously the best way to get ahold of me is through social media at fit to fat, to fit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, um, sign up for my newsletter. There’s a lot of big things coming. You guys, uh, this new year that I am super excited about. I think you guys will love. So thank you guys so much for tuning in once again. We’ll see you guys back here next week for another great episode on the fit to fat fit experience part.

See you guys


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