All right. What’s up everyone? Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. Thank you guys for tuning in for another great episode here with me and Lynn. Um, today’s episode is a little bit unique. You guys, we are here in Carlsbad, California and

beautiful Carlsbad, California,

ugly here. It’s horrible weather. So we were in a hotel room, uh, filming this and, um, our filming recording this. Um, and basically today what we wanted to do was bring on the, uh, winners of our dollar workout club 60 day challenge that was sponsored by MRM, um, the supplement company based out of Carlsbad. And they are the ones who sponsored it. And so basically what we did is we created a six day, uh, program that people could, um, join by purchasing a pack from MRM. And anyways, um, the two winners, uh, right there, they S they submitted their stores or transformation photos. It wasn’t just about weight loss or you know, you know, uh, who was the most ripped by the end of the challenge, but it was who had the best story. Right. And of course, you know, obviously they did have to lose weight, but that wasn’t the biggest requirement. Right. So when it was Dan Ashworth and Malia worth, uh, Dan is from North Carolina. Malia’s from Kansas. This is their first time in California. So they’re loving the ocean and the beautiful weather. And uh, obviously Lynn and I grew up here so we’re pretty used to it.

We love it out here, but we’re happy. We’re happy. We’re going to be here for a couple of people’s first beautiful experiences out here. And you guys are gonna love Dan and Malia. As we jump into the podcast, we’re going to share a little bit about the challenge, what they learned, the biggest takeaways that they have. Not even about the specific challenge details but in health and fitness in general. Cause it’s great to hear other people’s stories and what inspires them.

Yeah, they basically talk about how they, you know, were the challenges they went through. Right. And how they found out about Della workout club. Um, they’re experienced in the 60 day challenge. Things that they learned and took away from it. And, and things that are going to help them to maintain this type of lifestyle after the 60 day challenge. Cause as we know, most people just scan the weight back, right? Or they fall back in old habits. So we talked about things that they can do or that they’ve done to maintain this cause the, the challenge ended quite a few months ago so we brought them out here and they had to kind of maintain that since uh, you know, they’re going to be meeting us in person. Anyways, before we jump into today’s episode, you guys, our show sponsors our first Everly, Evie E R L Y w E L

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Yeah, you guys have a big fan of their keto products to their, their um, changing the game and the key to industry, uh, if you go to quest they have amazing crackers, uh, you know, so they’re high in fat, moderate amounts of protein and low carbs. So a little bit different than their protein bars or protein chips for example. They have amazing crackers, they have amazing, um, desserts like the, uh, the, the cups, the peanut butter cups that they have or the fudge cups, chocolate bars. They honestly tastes so amazing cause they’re high in fat. And when it comes to ketosis, you guys, they’re really good for you. So check that out too. And we’re definitely very grateful for our sponsors cause we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without them. So. All right, let’s jump into today’s episode with Dan and Malia. The two winners from the 60 day challenge. From

what’s up everyone. Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning and I’m your cohost Lynn Manning. Now today, uh, we have a little bit of a different setup so we need you guys to be a little bit patient with us. So basically here’s the scenario. We are in my hotel room and there’s four people. There’s four people on a bed stopping dirty and two microphones. Okay. So we are in uh, Carlsbad, California and um, we are with the winners of our dollar workout club 60 day challenge. So we have Dan Ashworth. Can you say hi? What’s up everybody? And we have Malia worth. Hello. So they are the winners of our 60 day challenge and we’ll get into the details of what all that is. But basically I brought all my podcast equipment with me. We’re here in beautiful California and um, you know, I wanted to do this but I didn’t have the setup for four different mikes.

Um, so eventually I’ll get to that point. So just bear with us. Linda and I are sharing a mic and Malia and Dan are sharing a mic, so we’ll try and um, we’ll try not to throw elbows as everybody wants some airtime space. Yeah, we’re all gonna be fighting for the microphone, I’m sure. Um, okay, so real quick, we’re gonna jump into this. The reason I have Dan and Malia on is yes, they were the winners of the 60 day challenge. I want to, I want them to share their experience of what uh, what it was from their perspective, um, how they overcame challenges and what they did to win the six day challenge. And I’m on the, in the show notes of this episode, you guys, you will be able to see their transformation pictures and put a link to their story as well.

Okay. So do you give you guys a synopsis? Um, me, Lynn and Natalie are the creators of Delaware art And you might have heard us talk about it in the past. Basically it’s an online platform that people can subscribe to to about a buck a week and people get access to five at home workout videos. Five motivational videos on five healthy recipe videos, new content every single week for about a buck a week. And people can subscribe and stream the at home workouts to their smartphone, their iPads or their laptops or computers, even their smart TVs. And so anyways, that’s what Delaware court clubs in a nutshell, what we had this idea, we teamed up with this supplement company called MRM, um, metabolic response, um, metabolizers, no metabolic metabolic response modifiers, MRM. See why he won

MRM for short.

So basically we teamed up with them, they sponsored it and uh, we provided are the people that signed up for the six day challenge with 60 days of meal plans, uh, 60 days of workouts from dollar workout club. And um, each person had a packet, had a purchase, a pack from MRM for the 60 days, right to implement into their, um, nutritional program. And then we said the grand prize winners, uh, one male, one female will be flown out to California for a, with an all expenses paid trip out here to meet me, Lynn and Natalie, and to tour the MRM facility and hang out with the owner. And have some fun.

I mean, we went on like on a hike to Torrey Pines. We walked on the beach, we ate good food, we’re going stand up paddle boarding at sunset or do you know, bonfire. So it’s mostly fun. It’s mostly just, yeah. And how has it been for you guys so far?

It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed it.

Yeah. It’s been a blast. So, okay. Really quick bring someone with them too, so that makes it a little bit more, yeah.

Yeah. They were able to bring a significant other. Malia brought her sister, Dan brought his wife. Um,

Dan, where are you from? Charlotte, North Carolina and Malia. Great bend Kansas. Okay, so they’ve, neither of them been to California. Correct. This is their first time and I love that actually. That was my favorite part is like what’s cool. Alright, so really quick. I am,

Oh, we’ll start with you, Dan. I just want you to give a short little background of, of you, um, and then also how you came to find out about Delaware car club, what led you to Delaware car club. And then we’ll get into the challenge in a second.

Okay. Okay. So, uh, I guess to start off, I actually found out about you drew, when I was out, uh, at a customer’s home. I remember, I think I saw you on good morning America. I can’t remember if it was good morning America, dr Oz, but I remember seeing you on the TV and you were in your, uh, your growth phase like that. He’s being nice about it. You’re in the fit to fat to fit a challenge you were at on the way up. And, uh, and I just remember thinking, uh, you know, that that seemed kind of crazy at the time. You looked a lot like I did, you know, you had gained a significant amount of weight and so I basically kind of followed you from the beginning. Uh, so I found about dollar workout club just through you got, I guess it was the guys social media, you put it out there and um, but I didn’t, I didn’t join right away. Uh, so I, it was really through the 68 challenges is what made me decide, you know, I think I’ll give this a shot. Yeah. Malia your turn. I originally

follow Natalie on Instagram, I think it was. And then I found Lynn and then I saw they were doing the 60 day challenge with Delaware. Got club. And so I joined dollar workout club and I’d been a member for a little bit, but then I joined the challenge and yeah, it’s been like that ever since.

Awesome. Yeah. Well thank you guys for sharing that. So, um, you, Malia, you were a member of dollar workout club before, right? And what made you decide to sign up for Delaware car club? First I had saw that it was only a dollar and you can do them in your house. And I really liked that I have been paying for a gym membership and haven’t been going. So I was like, okay, I’ll give this a try and see if I can actually stick to it. And I can, I like it. I enjoy it. Yeah. So I know you’re like most people who have a gym membership, they pay the monthly fee and then don’t even go. So yeah, that’s one of the reasons we created a dollar workout club was for people you know, to get rid of, not to really to get rid of that excuse, but to make it more convenient for them to show them that you don’t need a gym to get in good shape. And so that’s one of the reasons we created it. So, um, okay. Dan, back to you. You didn’t send it for Delaware call club before the challenge. What was your expectation when you signed up for it and then what was your experience? Did that meet your expectation?

Uh, yeah, I think my, my expectation was, uh, part of my work is I travel a lot. I’m always on the road. I stay in hotel rooms often. And I also had a gym membership. And I think my reluctance to join it was just that, you know, I thought you gotta have, you gotta have big weights. You know, you’ve got to be able to go to a gym to really get in shape. Like how much can you really do, you know, body weight, exercise or things at home. Um, but, uh, so I guess maybe I was skeptical of it. Like that just sounds a little too easy, a little too good to be true. And uh, not that I had like massive gains or anything like that. It was just a mentality, you know, it was just a mentality that I had to be at the gym.

So, uh, I think, you know, I don’t know when you guys put up the 60 day challenge, it’s like, you know, I do really well when I’ve got, you know, when I’ve got a, a, a short period of time to really just focus in on something and maybe get a part of a group thing. So my expectations were that, uh, Hey, this would be a great way for me to get some workouts in. You know, I can do them anywhere. I mean, I carry the tablet with me and I’ll do the, I would do the workouts in hotel rooms oftentimes, um, in my garage. I mean, just, just anywhere. I just carry that tablet with me. And, um, I think I was really surprised at how quickly you could get burning. I mean, like, just every part, your parts of your body could be really burning in like 10 minutes, you know, 10, 10, 12 minutes and you know, then you’re just really struggling to finish the workout. So I was surprised at how fast that the workouts would fatigue me. And, um, and I think really the, I think the biggest surprise was the, the support in the Facebook group and the community that you guys have developed and how, how everybody’s just so uplifting. So inspiring. That was, there was so much, I mean, that, that was probably the biggest surprise to me was joining that little, that little Facebook group and seeing how many people were, were in there. Just encouraging. And

yeah, I’d love that. And see for us, you know, there’s so many programs out there, there’s so many ways that you can diet or exercise and we don’t really believe there’s like one, right, right. You know, it’s not like, Oh, you can only do dollar workout club and you’ll seek success just like you can’t, you know, paleo might work for keto for another. And so it’s always interesting and inspiring though to hear what helped propel somebody into living a healthier lifestyle. And what you guys don’t see. Um, but hopefully if you click on the show notes, you can read a little bit about it is our choice wasn’t just based off physical results and even though Dan Emiliya look amazing, that wasn’t the reason why we chose them. It’s the whole encompass factor of their story and what they wrote about the mesh emotional or mental standpoint and everything like that.

So from your point of view, we’ll start with Malia and then we’ll go to, to Dan. You know, what do you feel are some of the things, you know, and it definitely doesn’t even have to be the actual workouts, but what do you think are some of the things that have really helped you to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Whether like Dan was saying a little bit, it might’ve been more of the support or maybe it’s something else that you learned throughout the 60 day challenge, but what are some takeaways of things that have really helped you to create more of a lifestyle around healthy living?

Um, something that I learned was um, changing the way I was eating. I used the SPS that they made in the meal plans, but then I use the recipes and all the workout club and um, changing up how I was eating and how often I was eating changed or like helped me a lot. Cause I would tend to get hungry and then I would just binge on like junk food. And even though it’s good, but I, um, would have been done that and then wouldn’t see results. And so I think just more mostly the recipes and eating. Um, the workouts were helpful too in the community, but I liked it all.

Malia, do you mind, okay so you guys, you know, you guys, you definitely have to click on the shadows to see Malia’s transformation pictures, but also her story. Can you tell us a little bit about you and your story? Cause a lot of people might not know.

Um, I don’t know how much into detail you want, but I want us to tell us possible. Okay. I was born three months early. I weighed one pound and a half when I was born in the NICU for three months. Um, I was born with cerebral palsy. I have a brain bleed and I had a brain bleed when I was born. Um, and so it’s been a struggle for my entire life, um, to learn to work out the right way, to not hurt myself by doing it. Um, but I have learned to get stronger through the workouts. I can switch from green to yellow to red. Um, depending on what I’m working out. Cause like my legs aren’t very strong, so I’ll do green on those, but my arms are stronger so I’ll do bed on those. But, um, so I kinda just pick whichever one. And I liked that about Delaware club cause it’s not, you have to lift as much as you can or you don’t have to, you can modify it. So. And so, yeah, I kind of went a long roundabout.

No, I know that I asked for as much detail as possible. For those who might not know that much about cerebral palsy, can you tell us what it is for you and what the limitations that causes you to have?

I swear falsely. Um, I actually don’t know that much about it. Um, Natalie actually posted a podcast and I listened to it on the way here. Um, I have, my hips aren’t as flexible so they’re more spastic, so I have to stretch my hips more. And um, so, and then it tends to make me, I’ve only had two surgeries, so I’ve been lucky. I can walk. That’s true too. Um, I’ve been lucky with that. But, um, so I just stretch my hips more and everything like that. Yeah. Awesome.

Yeah. So going over to Dan, kind of back to that other question as far as your, um, cause when Lee was talking a little bit about what she thought was like inspiring, helping her to live a healthier lifestyle. Like what are some of the things, whether it’s the 60 day challenge or in general, cause I know that you’ve been, you know, incorporating healthy lifestyle for a while cause you’ve been following us for a long time. But what do you think have been like the, some of the biggest things that have helped you to incorporate living a healthier lifestyle?

Um, I think first of all, uh, probably one of the things that I always say to people who are maybe where I was when I started is you have to get so uncomfortable, you know, more uncomfortable with the way that you live that, that, that, that uncomfort is greater than the discomfort of change. You know? So I do remember, you know, that that day, that, that moment where I was like, you know, this is it. I’m done. I missed out on a cousins, uh, graduation party and a bunch of family were going to be there, but I was having lots of like, reflux issues and heartburn and it was just so I would always say like, you know, sometimes you, you kind of have this aha moment and like, you know what, things have got to change. So from there I felt like it was, it’s been a constant struggle.

I mean, that was all way back in 2009 that I began trying to make changes, but there’s just so many habits that I had acquired that were just awful. I mean, just, it’s just awful. I mean, you know, eating all the wrong things, you know, being hard on my body, you know, not getting adequate nutrition, sleep. I mean, you name it. I mean, I was pretty much doing everything to give myself a heart attack at 40 you know? And so, but uh, but the struggle for me has been, you know, I was like, man, I feel like I’ve only got so much willpower to be able to implement change. Like I can do certain small things and kind of gradually get there, but I feel like it’s been a very slow process. So, but one thing I have learned is, and I think that I really love about the dollar workout club is it’s simple.

You know, it’s, you, you pull it off, put it on the video, the recipes or you know, you know, it’s like I didn’t necessarily, because I do travel a lot, I couldn’t necessarily stay with the exact, you know, each meal do this meal every single day, but I could find a staple, you know, Hey, I can make this and I can make it over and over and over again. And I can incorporate that in as like my GoTo thing instead of it being a McDonald’s cheeseburger, you know? So basically just trying to find a way to, I remember like a first thing I did when when you got off your fit to fat to fit journey and you’re, and everybody was, there was this big production about what’s the first thing he’s going to eat now that he’s gotten to his pre weight, what’s the first thing he’s going to eat?

And I was all excited to see like, was it going to be donuts? Was he going to be, you know, it wasn’t going to be. And he makes this spinach shake. And so I remember long, long ago, like I even, I was like, well if I can just eat the spinach shake for breakfast, you know, that was, I might have had McDonald’s for lunch that day, but I had a spinach shake, you know, so I changed breakfast, you know, and then I gradually changed lunch in. And then it was just a matter of finding, you know, finding healthier recipes cause I didn’t know when you get those sugar cravings, you know, when you get those, like I really need, I just wanna eat some junk food. There are actually some really good sweet tasting, you know, healthy recipes that, that you know, that aren’t as bad for you. So lots of, you know, lots of good things and let, I’ll work out clothes.

Yeah. And what’s interesting about that is I love when I hear people talk about how they’re able to create healthy habits. And of course you could probably read a million studies and everyone’s again getting result different. But I was listening to an interesting, um, can’t remember if it was a Facebook post or whatnot, but it was talking about the statistics of habits and habit stacking. Habit stacking is when you create one habit and you stack it upon it, what Daniel was saying about the spinach shake and that that was like his go to focus and then he kind of built upon that. I think what the study was showing was that in general, when someone’s creating a habit, if they focus on one thing and that’s it, that’s like they’re literally laser focused on one habit, their chances of succeeding if they’re just focused on one, is actually about 80% which is very high.

But the moment they integrate in a second habit before the first habit is formed, it goes down to 35% a significant drop. Because unfortunately for most people we tend to get overwhelmed by doing too much at a time. And that’s what’s hard about diet programs and weight training programs and you know, if you’re doing too much at once. So like what we like to focus at, you know, drew and I just as individual brand and then with Natalie for dollar workout club is we aren’t all or nothing. We’re not the no excuses. We’re all about just like integrating in small healthy habits. And yeah, maybe you get in a workout and that was your only focus for the day. Or maybe you just do one of the healthy recipes and that’s one of the focus for the day. But if I could say one thing to most of my clients, it’s always that it’s, you know, take it easy on yourself, love yourself through the process, just focus on one thing each day and then build upon that. So habit stack,

habit stacking is definitely a great tool. All right? Something that people need to learn over time because they do have that all or nothing mentality. And sometimes that’s the downside to the 60 day challenges sometimes is people go all out, 100% in and they do it and then six days is over the, Oh man, finally it’s over, I can have a cheeseburger, donuts, you know, and then they’re like, ah, you know, I can have this now. There’s no more six to eight challenge. What are some things that you guys have done since the six day challenge has been overwhelmed to maintain the results because sometimes life happens. So what are some things that you guys have done? I’ll start with Malia.

Um, something I’ve done is I have slacked off sentences, the 60 day challenge, but I tend to just try to make one meal from the SPS to eat like three days a week. So

that way I’m still getting in a good meal at least three days a week. And then I try to stick with the water and water and, and to workout every single day. So.

Gotcha. Yeah. You guys, you guys definitely need to see Emily is, uh, photos, her abs, her arms. Like even, even Dan was telling me he’s jealous over triceps, man. I was saying we should we go here. I’m like, Oh my gosh, I just want to go squeeze her arms. And it was mesmerized by the crisis.

Well I saw her after photos of her abs. I, I jokingly looked at it, you know, Natalie, I was like, I mean I have apps like that too, like underneath this layer of fat that I use to protect them cause I care about them so much. But yeah, no, she looks amazing. Go check out that the after photo. It’s of me.

Yeah. And then, uh, tell us about your results. I mean obviously, you know, we’re not talking about six pack abs, but for you, what were your results man? Like what, like six pack? I know it’s there. I know it’s there, but like Len said, the transformation wasn’t about, you know, who lost the most weight. Right. Cause there was people that lost more weight. Tell us about your transformation. What, what? Like, you don’t have to talk about pounds if you don’t want to, but what, what transformed for you?

Yeah, well, I mean, I can say pounds. I mean, I, you know, I feel like I think I lost about 13 pounds over the 60 days. And, uh, there have been times in the past where I went all out, like cut out, no sugar, you know, and I’ve lost more weight, but, you know, and then I did it until I got down to a weight and then I was right back to the, all of the old habits and it came back with a vengeance, you know, it was like came back and then some, so, uh, I knew that going into it, first of all, like starting the challenge, um, there, there was a lot of activity like with the Facebook page and I was seeing tons of tons of activity and I was just like, it was overwhelming. You know, I wanted to comment on everybody’s stuff.

I just remember seeing like how many people, uh, but I remember thinking even early on, I was like, man, I, I know that if you know that this is something that I’ve got to, like I’ve got to implement it as a, as a constant lifestyle change. So, um, I mean it’s interesting, like with anything, you know, we all go go in hardcore and then by the end, you know, there’s not that many people left that are, you know, that are as involved. And, um, so, so for me it was just a matter of, um, of just knowing that about myself, you know, that I could be that guy that just goes all in at the very beginning and, and then taper off. I’ve been that so many times and I, and I just, I think that was probably like the one thing that I told myself this time, I’m not going to be that guy this time, you know, I’m going to stick through this the whole way and then coming out to the end. Um, of course, you know, we had to come out and meet you guys.

It’s just like I can’t show up like a big fat slob. So we planned it that way. We’re like, let’s delay this trip as much as possible so that they have to meet. No, I’m just kidding. Um, no, but you mentioned an interesting thing, the Facebook page, right? I feel like that right there was, was probably the number one thing that helped people during the challenge because you could get meal plans anywhere, right? You could go to someone will give you meal plans, right? You could go find exercise program anywhere, right? Like get it for free, pay for it. Whatever. The accountability though, having a support system is what there is, where the real value is. Right. And you guys on the Facebook group, me, Lynn and Natalie are only three people. We try to keep up with comments and responding and liking and motivating.

Like it was really, really hard cause I think we had like 500 people, um, that were on the Facebook page. And what was really cool was to see people like Dan out there every single day posting a video, talking about his struggles, his successes, motivating other people. And that’s really what the challenge was all about. Keeping each other accountable. Um, and, and so that’s what you know Lynn and I talked about is staying accountable to somebody, whether it’s a Facebook group, whether it’s your mom and dad, your brother and sister, your your spouse, your kids, whoever you need to find someone to stay accountable to because no matter who you are, even for Lynn and I, sometimes we get burned out of working out too. Like if you’re just working out to weigh a certain weight or to look a certain way that goes away over time.

Like you get burnt out of like, Oh man, I got like I just want a six pack but I have to put in so much effort. You, you lose that motivation over time. But if you are constantly making new goal, setting new goals and you have someone to stay accountable to, that’s where we found most people were able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Like we see people on biggest loser or extreme weight loss. So even from my TV show, the ones that have kept the weight off, um, are the ones that still stay accountable to their social media following. They’re still posting, you know, meals that they’re eating. They’re still posting workouts that they’re doing and they’re not perfect all the time. But they admit those things they don’t. Whereas most people from the shift, from those shows that fall off, they just stop posting cause they’re so ashamed.

They’re like, Oh, I’ve gained 10 pounds back. I can’t post yet. I got to lose this weight before I started posting again. And then, you know, life happens and they’re like, man, I’m getting almost all my weight back and I can’t post. Like I’m so embarrassed, I’m so ashamed. Um, and these beat themselves up and it’s sad to see the ones that just continually stay accountable, you know, whether they’re, you know, successful or not, those are the ones that usually are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle over time. Cause we go through cycles sometimes during the year of, you know, it’s holidays. So we’re going to take a break or, you know, I’m traveling for work for the next three weeks. It’s too hard. I’m too stressed out. I don’t have time to exercise. I go through that too. I worked out one day this past week, you know, and my nutritional wasn’t on point. We went to a donut shop today. Lynn Lynn made his go.

I didn’t make anybody do anything. Okay. Everybody willingly walked into that donut shop and everybody willingly put a donut in their mouth and I don’t feel bad about it. We just went for a hike replacing that glycogen levels. I always liked to say that

she likes to sound scientific, justifying a reason to eat a donut. Um,

I was going to say, I wanted to ask you guys a little bit question. I want to say something nice about MRM. Um, they were the sponsor for our, our challenge. And this is the thing that people, I want to say that just to, so people really realize how genuine the statement is. MRM does not pay us. MRM does not pay me for marketing. They don’t pay me for advertising. Um, they don’t even sponsor me. They, they are an amazing supplement company and one of the main reasons I love them is because, well one of course if you actually look at their product, they are organic, they use all natural ingredients and they are use science. You guys, they have studies on all of their products and what they do in the ingredients they use, you know when they’re using, for example, when they’re using a milk product they make sure that the cows that are producing the milk are not being pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and different things.

Things that they’re going to great lengths to make sure you have a quality product. And because I like their product, I like their protein and fish oil and they’re just a good company. We, we wanted to see if they would be willing to host the challenge because we felt confident in people using their product cause we know how good they are. And I also love like the owner, you probably haven’t even heard of him. Maybe you guys have, but a lot of people haven’t heard of them around because they’re not this company that’s out there with half naked people holding a bottle of product that they don’t even use. Again, this is a company based on quality ingredients and science and they don’t do actually a lot of online marketing and I really respect that about the company. So just to, because I appreciate them so much and because I, you guys might have used their products. I know at least Dan did. I think Bollea did as well. Will you guys share maybe one of the products that you liked and why? It doesn’t even have to be a long explanation, but um, I like their vanilla protein powder, but I want to try the strawberry cause everybody says it’s really good.

Yeah, the uh, I’ve, I’ve tried several different protein powders to make that spinach shake and yeah, hands down. It’s the best tasting vanilla whey protein. And, uh, the other thing is with that 60 day pack, I mean I’ve, you, you get all these other, these other items, but the digestive on enzymes, I didn’t bring them with me and I’m like, I feel bloated because I’m not taking this to the donuts. It must have been done. But they really, I mean, there’s been times where I was like, Ooh, I know I probably shouldn’t have eaten that. And I pop those. It really helps. I mean, it’s amazing how much of the chest of enzyme can help.

Yeah. What’s interesting is, you know, like Lynn said, we’re not sponsored by them. They’re not paying us for this podcast. We’re just saying, you know, they’re genuinely nice. They paid for everybody’s expense out here. I honestly don’t know if they made money or lost money or, you know, I don’t know. I know they don’t care about money. They care about genuinely helping people. And that’s why they were so nice to sponsor the six day challenge. And everybody had to buy a pack to enter the challenge. Right. That was the, that was the one of the rules. Um, but yeah, I’m a big fan of their digestive enzymes. They’re wild Alaskan salmon fish oil. Um, there are so many great products and Mark, you know who we actually might bring on the podcast here pretty soon. The owner, he is a scientist first. Like he’s not a businessman.

That’s why he doesn’t pay for marketing. He doesn’t believe in it. And uh, it’s just a totally different supplement company. We actually know quite a few people in the industry that are sponsored by other supplement companies, uh, that are, they they’re paid for, but they take the MRM product kind of on the down low because they don’t like they, you know, they could get in trouble, but they like the quality of it. And what I like about their protein is that they use artificial sweeteners and the fact that they have a vegan protein powder that I like is amazing. And it’s the Cinnabon cinnamon bun, veggie elites, it’s delicious. Not use artificial sweeteners. Right. So again, you said they do not use artificial sweeteners, right? Yeah, they do not. No, they do not. Yeah, they really, yeah, they use aspartame. It’s amazing. You guys taste like? Tastes like diet Coke.

Okay, well we are going, are we going? Are you ready to go in the lightning round? Okay, so what we’re going to do, we’re going to wrap it up. You guys did awesome. Look, you guys were in the hot seat. We actually didn’t give Dan or Malia really any notice. We’re just like, Hey, come up and let’s do this podcast. You guys survived, but we’re putting you in the hot seat for one more hot second where we like to do the lightning round and if you guys have listed our podcast, you know what the lightning round is. It’s where we ask a few series of random questions that literally have nothing to do with anything. We just really enjoyed them, so you get to answer them as quickly as possible. We’ll tell you who gets to answer what. Are you ready? That was the first question.

Yes, I think so. Okay.

Who should we start with? Drew? Flip the coin. Y’all. You want to do it? Okay.

Okay, I’ll do the first question. Okay. This is a serious question now. So now smiling. Have you ever done dollar worth her club at home, right? Or in your hotel room? In your underwear? No.

Absolutely. Okay. Have you done it naked before? Yes. Mad respect.

Mad props. Okay. Anyway, thank you for not filming that and putting that on Facebook for us.

Hashtag dollar workout club. Um, I’m not gonna lie. I mean, I’ve done like naked squats or lunges where, of course not in public. So yeah, I mean sometimes you’re naked and you’re just like, now is the moment to squash.

You know, you don’t want to pack another set of clothes, you know, it’s sweating out all those clothes. You could maybe at the hotel or just do it Nick.

But that’s what was great about Delaware code club. You guys, you don’t need clothes to get a workout in. Okay.

Um, what is your favorite healthy thing to eat? I’m just throwing that out there cause I never ask it because you know, I don’t care. But I’m actually curious because you guys are actually normal people. If you had to pick something healthy that you actually enjoy eating, what would it be? Both of you? Um, grilled veggies.

Oh wow.

Yeah. And my staple has been that spinach shake forever. But recently mixing that protein powder with Greek yogurt and putting like some blueberries and a little bit of granola. I mean that’s like dessert.

Okay. That’s what I was going to ask next is what’s your favorite doll workout club recipe, which I’m guessing that’s kind of one, but do you have one?

Um, it’s not very healthy, but the healthy cookies and queen pie, that’s really good.

Well it’s a healthified version of it. We helped the fight it.

Yeah. Yeah. I think finding healthified versions of suites to get you through those cravings. So I went out and bought a donut pan. I actually, I made all the ingredients cause I was thinking, I didn’t know I had to have a donut pan. So I had everything mixed up and then I had to run out to the grocery store. I went to like four stores trying to find a donut pan. So those donuts are prevailed. Healthy protein donuts. Yeah. Protein.

Yeah, those are actually delicious. You guys know that? I don’t, I generally do not like knockoff healthy items. I’ll try like a healthy muffin. I’m like, this is disgusting. But the healthy protein donuts on dollar shave club are legit. They are so good. They’re delicious. Okay, my question. Next question. This one can get me in a lot of trouble. I literally don’t get offended, so we’ll go with it. Who is your favorite dollar workout club trainer and why? And we’re watching you where you guys can all get out of your way saying Natalie, she’s not in the room, but you, it could be anybody. You’re going to be anybody. All of them together cause they’re hilarious. Oh well Leah, take the cop out. It’s like a parent that’s like, I love each of my children equally.

It’s, it really is hard to say because I like all three of you for different reasons. You know, it’s, it’s hard. That’s hard to say. I don’t know.

Okay. No, that’s fine. That’s totally fine when we get it. Okay. Give us your best impression of Natalie.

Okay. Or give us your best impression of any of the traders

you’re gonna say. The only thing I think is like, I think I’m going to hurdle,

gosh, for those that don’t know Natalie, in the last round of filming, we were filming the workout and at the very end she’s like, bye. And then like that was the cut, but the cameras were still rolling. She’s like, I think I’m gonna throw up. And she turns around, there’s a pond right behind where we were filming and she was hurled everywhere. And we actually, since we got on camera, we put on a blooper reel.


Yeah. It’s on my Facebook page. If you guys want to go watch Natalie throw up on camera and we’re all laughing at her. Okay. That’s a good one. Malia, can you do, do any of us

just do this? You got a burner? I was thinking of something like that goes for the girl. She nailed drew on that one.

That was a good one. Dan, you got one for us? Oh, that was it. That’s all I got, man. That’s all I got. Oh, that’s funny. Okay. So no, um, I can, I can do it. I’m Natalie. She’s going to kill him. Uh, so this one time at track camp, I have a track story and I was running as okay. And it stops there because Natalie, every time she’s doing a workout, she gives us a track analogy and it’s just sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it makes no sense. And that’s why sometimes I will start busting out laughing or shaking my head during the actual filming of the workout.

We love Natalie. Oh, Natalie’s my favorite. Her and I laugh all the time. Okay, last question. If you could have dinner with anyone, whether it’s dead or someone that’s dead now or alive, anyone famous person, who would it be? You could have dinner with anybody. Anyone that’s ever lived or is currently living a random hard one. I know.

Oh really? Drawing blanks here. Um, the problem is like, we were just talking in the van about Carrie Underwood. There you go. And is it Carrie Underwood? I’m thinking that’s all I can think of right now. Cause I mean, I’m a pretty big Carrie Underwood fan. I just wouldn’t mind having, okay. Maybe she could serenade me through dinner. Right. She’ll just sing to you. Okay, well mine’s a singer too, but probably Luke Bryan, so that way.

Oh God. Dang. They’re both picking hotties there. All right. All right. Mad respect, mad respect.

Alright, you guys survived. You guys are done. That’s just quick lit interview. But now we appreciate you guys coming on. We appreciate you guys letting us share your stories because at the end of the day, you guys, you guys are the ones that most people can relate to. All right? Not everyone can relate to Lynn. Not everyone can relate to me and my fit to better fit story sometimes, but it’s those, you know, you guys are your, your, your everyday average great people that most people can relate to. It’s not so much about us, um, your guys’ stories. You never know who you’re gonna inspire, right? And that’s one thing to keep in the back of your mind, to help keep you guys going on your journey is that your stories probably have inspired people that you don’t even know, right? And so, um, keep living the lifestyle and thank you guys for sharing the story and coming on the podcast and hopefully, um, you guys will, we’ll see you guys around the future and keep posting on social media.

Yeah, thanks for having us on very first podcast. Thank you.

Welcome. All right, we’ll see you guys. Thank you guys so much for listening to today’s episode with Dan and Malia, the winners of the 60 day challenge. We hope you guys enjoyed this short little episode. Um, and uh, hopefully learn something cause I think at the end of the day, not everybody can relate to Lynn and I, you know, um, I think Dan and Molly are good representations of people that um, you know, are your everyday people that struggle. You know, maybe their goal isn’t to have a six pack or isn’t to look a certain way. It’s to take care of their health for their kids or their, and you know, Malia having, you know, was born with cerebral palsy. I mean, she has a struggle and she’s able to overcome that and she’s in amazing shape. So hopefully you guys were inspired and learned something from this episode.

Inspired me. Yeah, I love them. They are amazing you guys. Um, thank you guys so much for supporting our podcast. We really appreciate you being patient with us and, and we promise to continue to bring amazing guests on here on the podcast and please feel free to reach out to us with ideas or suggestions of people you want to hear from on our podcast. And you know, we’d love to interview new people and, and spread the knowledge. That’s, I think my whole goal with the podcast is to take what I’ve learned and what I know and, and then find people smarter than me and bring them on the podcast to find out what they know to pass it on down to you guys. So I just feel like I’m the middleman here and I’ve learned so much over the past year. We actually had our one year anniversary, um, for the podcast a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, um, uh, feel free to reach out to us on social media. All my social media is at fit to fat, to fit lenses all to fit at home. Those are our websites as well and don’t forget to tune in next week for another great episode here on the fit thread fit experience [inaudible].

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