What’s up everybody. Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning and I’m flying solo today, so it’s just going to be me, but I have a great episode for you guys with Ola ne [inaudible] and I know that’s really hard to pronounce. Uh, but he’s a great guy. We, we uh, we chatted and I, he let me call him ni, which is an awesome name. His dad’s from Nigeria. And um, we, uh, so let me introduce him to you guys first. He, uh, he grew up in Portland, Oregon. He went to Oregon state, played for the beavers for a few years and then transferred over to Portland state and finished up his junior and senior year over there before he got, uh, before he went and played in the NFL, played for the new Orleans saints for two seasons, uh, before retiring and uh, went on to becoming a firefighter.

And then I just found out on the podcast actually that he, uh, retired from that and now he is full time entrepreneur running his business, his website. I’m not you.com. Uh, which has, has taken off. And he’s, he’s training, uh, high-end athletes, uh, athletes of all different shapes and sizes and backgrounds from, uh, middle age, middle school age kids to, you know, track athletes. And so we had a great conversation, you guys going into the mindset of some things that he uses to train his athletes to become successful. Uh, visualization, meditation. Um, let’s see what else. Uh, uh, helping them, uh, journal, which is I think is very unique in today’s society. Uh, especially with athletes, right? Athletes, the main focus for them is physical performance, but there’s so much more to it than just that. And so we have a great, uh, podcast episode for you guys that I know that will be applicable to anybody out there, whether you’re an athlete yourself, just an average gym goer, whether you’re just your average mom or dad out there trying to lose 20 or 30 pounds, there’s something here that can be applied to anybody’s life and it’s definitely worth the listen.

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All right. What’s up ne, welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. How you doing today man? I’m doing great man. I appreciate you having me on. Yeah, my pleasure. How’s that? Portland, Oregon. Oh, that’s awesome man. We got beautiful weather out here in the summer. We always have great summers, man. It’s usually rough in the winter, but we got this, we got a great weather out here. I’ve heard great things about Oregon and it’s one state where I haven’t really, I’ve driven through like in the middle of the night one time for, for work, but I’ve never really experienced it. But I, I hear, I have to. Oh yeah, you got to man. Especially Portland man. Uh, and there are so many. It’s so beautiful. In terms of the greenery, we got uh, great bodies of water, awesome food out here. That’s the thing that people are most surprised about is how, how awesome of a food culture we have here. Like the food cart, a whole like scene out here is crazy. But yeah, it’s awesome city man. That’s what I’ve heard. Isn’t it? Voodoo donuts or something like that out there. They got the, I’ve heard of them. The maple bars with the bacon on top man. It’s crazy. That’s cool man. Yeah, I definitely need to come out there. I’ve seen pictures of it, you know, heard how about how great it is. So yeah,

I will. And I will let you know I’m out there now.

Now most people call you nee. I heard some people call you Chabot. I mean, what are you comfortable with?

Ni is perfect man. Chabot is like more of my in my playing days, you know what I mean? So, but he is what I go by.

Ni. Okay, cool man. Well I appreciate you coming on. So let’s, let’s start off from the beginning because my followers might not know who you are. Uh, you were actually the first, uh, person to come on. My podcast has played in the NFL, so I’m feel really privileged and I have a lot of questions, kind of selfish personal questions because I play, I grew up playing football, but um, let’s start off with you know, where you’re from, you know, how you grew up and we’ll start from there and then we’ll just kind of, uh, talk about, you know, the roadmap of, of where, where you were to where you are now. Absolutely,

man. So I grew up here in the Northwest. My pops came here from Nigeria when he was 18. And so, um, I was one of four boys. He had four boys and um, I was the middle child and we all played soccer growing up. You know what I mean? But I got, I was like, you know, I don’t know if you had this, but I had, I hit the chubby stage about fourth, fifth grade and I hated running dude. Like I just did not want to run anymore. I didn’t really like soccer and I was running people over in soccer practice anyway, so I decided to play football, man. I started playing football when I was in seventh grade and I just fell in love man. And so much so that my dad put me in a private school in high school and they didn’t have a football team, but I made him, like, I begged him, I was like, please just let me play football.

So I had to take the bus after school to go to practice every day, but I loved it. And I went to Oregon state after high school and I walked on there for three seasons there. And if you guys don’t know what a, what a walk on is, it’s basically kind of like a, an unpaid intern, you know what I mean? Like you’re pretty low on the totem pole. So, uh, I worked my way up, you know, but they never gave me a scholarship. And so I had my first son when I was in college and I was like, yo, I need a scholarship man. I wanna I want to play, I want to have a big role on the team and I believe I deserve a scholarship. And so I reached out to a bunch of schools and Portland state gave me a scholarship.

And from there, man, it sorta, uh, I took off my last year there. So my senior year I had a great season, became an all American and uh, really dominated that last year and got the chance to play in the NFL for the new Orleans saints for two years after that. And so they, uh, yeah, it was dope man. They, they released me the last year I was there, or two years after they released me in the middle of the year, they won a super bowl. So needless to say, I was pretty salty when I was watching that Superbowl, you know what I mean? Um, but it was awesome. It was awesome experience. And ultimately has led me to what I do now, which is, you know, I, I work with athletes and I, and I show them how to develop that Supreme confidence so that they can dominate under pressure because we all know like it’s easy to train a Latin and do well. Everything’s going well. But it’s really your ability to perform under pressure when things are tough, how to deal with adversity, that that makes you a champion. So that’s what I work with athletes now.

Yeah, man, I have so many questions to first start off with your, you know, how you grew up in your story, but I mean, just listening to the research I put into you and your website and some other podcasts you’ve been on and some products that you offer, I would have loved to have someone like you as a mentor at the middle school, high school age, uh, in athletics because man, I having that seems so valuable. Whereas back in the day, it’s just kind of like you rough it tough and you just go and give it your best shot. And if you cry and complain, then what’s wrong with you? You’re weak. You know? Like, I just wish I had that type of a, uh, mentor focusing on the mental toughness aspect versus just a coach kind of yelling at you, telling you what to do, telling you what to do all the time and uh, just kind of like beating you down.

Right? That’s how I feel. Like I love sports, but I got beaten down and I thought, okay, this is how life’s supposed to be. You get beat down so much until you, you know, are sick of it and then you, you fight harder to, you know, overcome or succeed. And that’s kinda how I went through it. But anyways, I’m getting off track here. Um, we’ll talk about you and what you do more specifically in a little bit, but I’m curious, what does your dad think, you know, coming from Nigeria, you playing American football, obviously soccer’s, you know, a bit, a bigger sport across the world. What does your dad think of you playing American football?

Funny man because I always joke around that like I kind of feel like my dad didn’t even know that I played for like many years. It’s like he had no idea what it was like. He wasn’t really that, that dad who, he was super into education. So when it comes to grades and like we had afterschool programs every single day. He ran an after school program and summer school program. That’s what he does. He works with young, uh, youth, uh, here in Portland area. And so always school and always the focus was there. But he didn’t care about soccer and I mean, he obviously like wanted us to play or whatever, but he wasn’t like that dad who was super into it. He wouldn’t even necessarily come to a lot of games, you know, he came to a few games, but, um, so I always joke he didn’t really, he didn’t mind.

My mom was a little wary about it just because of a lot of sleep, like her little baby son and, you know, running, running into people with a helmet on. But I mean he, uh, that’s one thing I love about how my dad raised us. And like I said, I grew up with, um, it was all four of us and he just let us figure life out. You know? Like he just, he didn’t micromanage us. Me and my brothers talk about it a lot. We’re like the things that we really appreciate about how our parents raised us. It’s like whatever we wanted to do, like we did it and it wasn’t nothing, you know, it was like whatever way that we wanted to explore life. Like he allowed us. So with me it was I wanted to play football and he made it happen.

Yeah, man, that’s really cool. And you know, just talking about parenting really quick, cause I’m a dad of two girls and your, you have five kids. Right, right, right. Okay. Yeah. It’s just, I feel like you’re kind of damned if you do, damned if you don’t, uh, you know, with the way you raise your kids, you don’t really know how it’s going to turn out until later on in life. Whereas you, you looking back now at how your, how your dad raised you, there’s some things that you really appreciate and you’re like, wow, dad, you do a good job. But at the time, I mean, I don’t know if I’m doing things right. I thought, I hope, you know, I really hope I am an in 20 years from now, my kids can be like, man, my dad did a great job of this, this and this and I just hope that’s right.

But, um, it’s kind of funny, you know, going back and talking about that, uh, just because kinda makes me reflect, cause for me my main focus in life is, is being a dad. And yes, I do have this fitness brand as well. Uh, but I think ultimately you can agree, you know, being a dad is probably one of the most important roles you can have in this life. Yes. You, you want to help people in other aspects of their life. But being a fathers is one of those like sacred roles is what I call it.

Absolutely, man. And I don’t, I’m to the point now where there’s no separation. Like I’m all about integration, so my kids are heavily involved in everything that I do. Like a lot of the products and things that I teach. I test that on my kids. So it’s like all of these concepts of developing a dominant mindset, like I’m doing all that. I’m teaching my kids how to meditate with journaling, you know, like I’m putting them through tough workouts and things like that. So I’m all about integration man. Because I feel like that’s one thing, especially a lot of entrepreneurs we struggle with like some I struggle with a lot. It’s like trying to find this balance but it’s like, I don’t even really like to use that word anymore because I feel like it’s impossible to have balance, quote unquote. It’s more like how do I make everything work together?

You know? Like how do I have a life that, that that runs smoothly and efficiently and all the parts. Like I always tell my kids, I’m like you guys are helping me. Like you are like I have my kids in. Like I work out here at home. It’s like I want them in the gym with me, you know, counting out my reps. Like it’s like a, like it’s like a body. You have your head, you have your chest, you have your arms, you have your toes. Every part is important as really important. And I feel like that that is, should be the goal as we graduate, you know, and get more mature. It’s like the goal should be everything working together.

Yeah. No, I and I, I definitely agree with that. Uh, you know, I bring my girls with me to the gym and, and they were working out with me and they see it and so, uh, yeah, I definitely see what you’re talking about there. Um, okay. Going back to your story, um, it’s very interesting cause you played at Oregon state for three years and then your senior year you take off to another school, they gave you a scholarship. How hard was that to leave a team that you’ve been on for three years and then go to Portland state for your senior year? Was that kind of hard to do? I mean, I can see how that would be hard,

right? It was, and I went to Portland state my junior year, so junior year I had a red shirt freshman year plus two years at Oregon state, so a total of three years and then two years at Portland state. So it was hard man. And it was funny because I’m a lot like when you’re in the midst of something like especially people trying to make a change, right? Like you, we tend to value other people’s opinions more than we value our own. And we almost look around so that people can validate like the moves that we know we need to make. And so for me it was pretty much a no brainer. It’s like I know what I value, I don’t value looking cool. And saying that I played for Oregon state, like that’s cool to a certain degree, but I I value more, you know, and also getting my NBN having a certain role on the team and it was just, the writing was on a wall.

Like there’s just certain realities about being a walk on. It’s like, like I would see them give guys a scholarship like their last semester, you know? And I’m like, that’s not going to be me. And I want to play like, I want to play. Like I had a cool little role and Oregon state team, but it’s like, no, I’m not trying to just play special teams. I’m trying to have a real role. And the reality is they’re bringing guys with scholarships and they have to play him and all this other nonsense. And so I remember a lot of people, especially my close friend, I remember him being like, dude, like, why don’t you just stay here man. It’s cool. Like we’re the man out here, you know? Or Corvallis is like little small college town, get to travel, you know, get all the cool little gear.

But it’s like, nah, man, um, I know what I want. So it was, it was tough in a sense. But I’ve always, and I attribute this to my pops, you know, honestly, like just he’s, uh, he thinks on his own and that’s what I teach people. Like, you gotta think on your own. And I don’t mean that you don’t listen to advice or gather information. I’m about as avid reader as they are. Like I read constantly, I have a solid group of people around me who advise me, you know, I think, I can’t remember the quote, but you got to go to war with a multitude of advisors, but at the end of the day you got to do what’s best for you. So like you shouldn’t be looking to other people to make decisions for you. And that that meant, especially the more decisions I make like that.

Like I get more and more confidence. Like I recently just quit my job as a firefighter. I was a firefighter for two and a half years and there’s a great job they pay as well. You know, it’s great schedule, you get all the benefits, you get all the other intangible benefits and all that. But it’s like, yo, I know what I want to do and life is really short or it can be really short and I’m not about to waste it doing something that I kinda like or is cool just because other people think it’s cool. I want to do what I really want to do. And so that, that is sort of the mindset that I had at that time at Oregon state that I will never was really conscious about. But looking back, that’s what the whole, I’m not you mentality is it’s like, yo, I’m different.

So when they say business is like, you know, 90% fail in the first X amount of years, it’s like, all right, that’s not me. You know what I mean? Like that may be most people, but I mean, and who knows? It may happen, but that’s still, I just still don’t associate with that and it gets me to do a lot of things that most people won’t do. And I take risks and I, I’m moving away. That’s like, I move quickly. Like I don’t move in a hurry, but I move quickly. I act aggressively. Like, I don’t wait around because it’s just life is just too short. Like every moment is precious. And I know, you know, with kids man, like, like you got very small amount of time, like you don’t have time to be watching TV and messing around and doing this. Like you got kids, you want to spend time once you’ve got a business that needs you, people who listen to you. So that’s sort of the mindset that I had that made it easier for me to make decisions like that.

Wow. Man, I have. So man, I, I love what you’re saying. I have so many questions. I’m, I’m trying to decide where I want to go from here because I don’t want to get too far off track. But, um, first of all, I didn’t know you quit your firefighter job. I knew you were a firefighter, but that’s bold man. That, and that’s kind of scary, but at the same time, life is too short. Um, and I, I think, I think some, you know, your average person out there might be listening and thinking, well that sounds nice. But in reality, it’s that fear that we build up inside of ourselves thinking I can never do something like that. That’s too, that’s way too risky for me. Like, you know, I just spent a month traveling from LA to Costa Rica back to LA, to Vegas, to Phoenix, back to Utah.

And it’s crazy. But I just kind of said to myself, I’m going to do this. I’m going to go to these places. Um, and we’re going to make it happen. But some people are like, ah, you know, I just, I can’t travel. It’s too risky. I get us focused on bills and saving up money to go focus on retirement. And I think you needed to find, I hate that word balance. Like you’re talking about the balance of the short term, the hearing, living in the moment, but then also focusing on the longterm like, okay, where do I want to go? You know, five, 10, 15, 20 years from now. Or like you say, one month from now, three months from now. You know, you do have to both live in the moment and enjoy the moment. But also, you know, focus on the future, which is kind of what you did at Oregon state there you going transferring over to Portland state.

So that’s a great life lesson that can be applied not just to someone that played football, but life in general. So I think that that’s a really bold that you did something like that because I think for me back at that age, I was kind of like more, okay, I started at Oregon state, I’m going to finish at Oregon state. I might not get a chance to play. But yes, it’s cool gear, a good facility. You know, you can say you played Oregon state, but mannequin that chance to play, getting a scholarship, you’re focusing on some other important goals in your life. Um, okay, so selfish question here. Like I said, I’m a big football fan. Do you see, do you see kids nowadays that are going into college? Kind of having that mentality of, okay, yes, I could go to USC, Alabama, Texas, these big schools and maybe ride the bench for three years and maybe get an opportunity in my senior year or something like that. Or do you see them seizing the opportunity going into these smaller schools and saying, look, I’m going to get a scholarship, I’m going to play right off the bat. And the NFL doesn’t really care all the time about where you go to college. Do you kind of see that happening more now?

Definitely a lot more with football. You know, like I can speak a lot to that because the draft and the success of a lot of the players that we see on NFL level, like really dominate and getting it on, on that professional level like it should. Like there’s a lot of players that didn’t go to big school. So in the NFL it’s kind of known. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s very like, you can talk about politics. I don’t, I can’t like the politics and NFL is winning. So it’s like if you start to win, so it doesn’t matter what school you came from. And that’s one of the reasons why I was able to start, you know, um, uh, at new Orleans when I was a rookie free agent coming from Portland state over guys who had come from Michigan and all these other schools, it’s like, can you ball then, then you’re good.

You know what I was. So I definitely do see a lot more athletes taking that sort of mindset. But at the end of the day it’s still like one thing. One of the things that I see as a reoccurring theme, and it’s funny cause it’s not just younger athletes, it’s, it carries over if it’s not interrupted, if this train of thought is not interrupted, it will follow you forever. And it’s just like looking around at everyone else and looking at how things are and letting that determine what you, what you try to do. It’s like, and it’s like, so if an athlete feels like, Oh the only way I’m able to get eczema, like this type of result is if I go to this school. Like that’s automatic. Like that’s the type of thinking in that that I definitely challenge. You know, like it’s a, it’s a quote by Jeff Bezos, the founder of the Amazon story.

He says, you have to be like rigid on the outcome, you know, like rigid on where you’re going, but be flexible on how you get there. So a lot of athletes don’t know where they’re going. They don’t know what their outcome is, they don’t know what it is that they want to experience, what they want to feel, what they want to do, what they want to accomplish. And so they’re allowing, like, they’re, they’re all stuck in how is this going to happen, dude? Like we, like, there’s a quote, there’s a great book called three magic words and he talks about this. He says, you should only get your satisfaction from the work because when you, like if a farmer who plants something, he does the work, right? But the, the, the growing of the bud and the opening of the flower, that’s all God. Right?

And so if you believe in God and nature, universal subconscious mind, it doesn’t matter. But that’s not you. You didn’t do that, but you did the work. You see what I’m saying? So do the work and you don’t always have to know what’s going to happen, but know what it is that you’re going after and know that there’s another power out there that’s working for you. You know? And that is, you ignore the work. That means you do this work today. Like it’s meant to be done. Like this is the only thing that you’re doing, but too many times we value you certainty, like knowing over clarity about what we’re doing. We gotta decide like, and that’s what our challenged athletes decide what you, where are you trying to go, you know, and then decide on what path you’re going to take. So there was no way for me to know that Portland state was the right move if they didn’t hire.

If this one coach didn’t leave and take another job after my junior year at Portland state, I probably wouldn’t have been in the NFL. But because I committed, you know, like things tend to work out for people who do that and people think it’s luck or like, nah, that’s not luck. Like, you can call it whatever you want, but the universe responds to people who commit and move whatever sense of urgency and decisiveness. And that’s something that I’m not, not men, not just men, men and women. We need to start making decisions quicker because you learn from them too. Like you learn from them if you’re, if you’re, if you’re in the process of, you know, evaluating yourself and looking back at your moves and saying what I could’ve done differently. You can learn and then you start to have like true wisdom. But wisdom only comes through like making bad decisions and learning from them.

And of course you can, you can cut a lot of that out by learning aggressively as well. And that’s another thing I challenged athletes with. How, how aggressively are you learning? Like do you have mentors who have been where you’re trying to be? Like if someone has started lose weight and get shredded, they better look to you cause that’s what you done. I’m not going to look to somebody else or try to figure it out on my own. I’m going to read a book, I’m going to watch it, you know, of course, whatever. And so it’s funny, it seems so obvious, but a lot of people just don’t do that.

Yeah, no, it’s so true. And I see it all the time and, and first of all, like what you’re saying is super powerful and I try to get that across to my audience because it’s so applicable to your, your athlete, your, your everyday mom or dad that’s out there just trying to lose 20 to 30 pounds. You know, we’re so focused on the outcome and thinking, well, I’ll be happy once I get to the NFL or once I lose this 50 pounds, then I’ll be happy. But you got to learn to be happy, you know, with, uh, the work that you’re putting in now and that’s, that’s the most important part is you, you think, you know, once you, once you get there and once you arrive then you’ll be happy. But if you focus on being happy now, putting in the work, like you said, the farmer analogy, that was awesome.

That was perfect because you can’t always control what, how your body gets rid of weight and what you’re going to weigh the next day. You can control, you know, how many reps, how many sets you do, what you put in your mouth of nutrition wise. Those kinds of things. You can control that. And if you can focus on being happy on that part of the process, then the outcome will take care of itself. And you don’t have to worry about having your happiness be determined by things that are outside of your control. So man, if we could just get that across to every single person, right? That’s the just the challenge. I know. But hopefully people listening at home can really take this and, and apply that to their everyday lives. Like, like you said, whether it’s a, you know, an athlete, whether it’s, you know, just your average everyday person trying to lose some weight.

Um, man, there, there’s so much more to life than just, um, your physical appearance or how much money you have and those kinds of things. So, um, okay. Let’s get a little bit back to your story here cause I have a lot of questions about what happened. Uh, when you quit your job as a firefighter, how did that, you’re married, right? Yes, I’m married. Okay. How did that, how did your wife take that and what was the conversation and like, cause I’m so curious. I mean, did you just come home one day and you’re like, babe, I quit my job. We’re going to do this. Was she like how did it go?

It was so funny, man, because I had already made the decision that I was going to retire in October, this coming October. And my wife knew that, but I wasn’t really sure that she really took me serious, you know, like, you know, and she’s used to me talking a lot and saying, I’m gonna do this and this. And that’s why it’s so, it’s so funny because she sees like the things that I say and then I’m actually doing what I say and getting the results that I set out for. And she’s almost like amazed. She’s like, dang, you know. But so, so when the, uh, I was actually doing a podcast interview, right, with this dude named Thomas Tadlock. He has a vegan, uh, bodybuilding movement, uh, super dope dude. But I interviewed him for my podcast and we were talking about it and I, and anyone who’s, who’s wants to go listen, you should check it out, was an awesome episode.

But he was, he was talking about following your intuition. Right? And so, and I’m all about that. No, I’m not saying you should just go with every hunch you have, but I believe in that, you know, like I believe that there’s a God, I believe that there is a living in all of us and we have to listen to that and I, and so, but anyway, he was talking about his story and I just had like this feeling in my stomach. I was like, I just felt like confliction because I was almost like, dude, I, cause I’ve already been feeling like I really need to quit because I just wasn’t able to go as hard in my business as I wanted to. Like, and I was already maxing out. Like, I’m like, I’m working every day. I’m not at work at work, I’m working, you know, while I’m at the fire station.

Um, I got my family and my kids and it’s super tough to keep all of them happy and just like have them feel satisfied with the amount of time I’m spending with them. And so I did that, that interview. And so afterward I was feeling like this, this feeling, right? And then right after I had a call, a strategy session with a potential client, right? And so this, this potential, this potential client was a triathlon athlete. He’s like, uh, he’s like in the ranked at the top 10 in the U S and I was talking to him and here I am giving him this pitch, right? Trying to convince him to be a part of my coaching program, which is a significant investment of money. Right? And he was talking about how he had to talk with his wife, et cetera, et cetera. Right? So long story short, after that call, I felt like, yo, how am I asking him to take a risk on me?

Right when I have this thing that I know I need to do and I’m not really all in now I’m going hard, right. But I’m not all in because I’m still working at a job that I don’t really want to work at. Now. The firefighting job was awesome and I learned a lot and not a great, like a lot of great friends there, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. Like I didn’t want to be a firefighter for 25 years and, and you know, commit my life to that because I already know what it is that I want to do. And so after that call and those two calls happened, like back to back I had, I was like, yo. And I walked out in the living room and I sat on the stairs and I was like, my wife was right there.

I was like, I have to, I got to retire like today. You know what I mean? I was like, I’m up there. And I was just kind of gauging like what she was going to stay. And she was like, she looked kind of weird, like almost like, are you sure? You know? And she, and she kind of was wondering what made me make the decision and I was like, I have to do it. And I explained to her what just happened and I was like, I’m going to go email, uh, my chief. I was like, are you cool with that? And she was like, she was like, yeah. And she was still kind of like indecisive. She was just kind of gauging whether or not I was serious. And sure enough, I knew what once I emailed the chief that I was going to have to follow through with it, cause I’m not a dude who’s going to go back and forth, you know.

So I emailed him and um, and so it was funny. The next day is when it was the, like the next 24 hours was the toughest between me and my wife because she was bugging, you know what I mean? And rightly so because it was like all the realities of what that would mean like started happening. So we’re talking about no healthcare you, I got to figure that out now. I like I w I was getting great results in my company, but you know, like it’s not like that that’s going to happen every month. Like, like consistently unless you do systematic things like consistently. Right. And I still hadn’t had a lot of the things that I was doing down to a system, but part of the problem was I just didn’t have the time to like really just iron this stuff out. And so anyway, man, like she was, she was an out, but my wife is cool in this way, man.

She’s awesome. Like once she gets off her initial, like if you allow her just to, you know, flip out for a second, she’ll be cool after that. And she’s been money ever since and it’s so crazy. Like I said, when you make a decision, the universe responds, man. Like the, my business has taken off. I made more in the past three months than I have. Like since I even started, you know what I mean? Like all together and, and it’s, and um, it’s been super fun, man. It’s, it’s, there’s obviously every is a lot of challenges. It’s kind of like being in a jungle. Like I always use this analogy with my kids. It’s easy to be aligned in the zoo. You get all your food prepared, everything’s handed to you, and it’s a lot harder to be in a jungle, right? Like, like you, you the King of the jungle, but you still gotta fight.

You gotta go out there and get your food. It’s droughts. But when you catch that zebra, it’s a lot more rewarding than getting a steak handed to you. You know, like when you set zebra and you really get to eat on your own, and when you roar, you don’t ever see lions roaring in the zoo, but you see it out in the jungle, you know what I mean? And so that’s how I feel. It’s like, I feel free, I feel liberated. I feel like I’m doing exactly what I’ve been called to do. And it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. It’s actually more challenging, but it’s way more rewarding and people need to stop running from things. That’s hard. I’m reading the Ray crock book, uh, uh, grinding it out. McDonald’s, uh, the story of McDonald’s and he said, work is the meat in the hamburger life. You know what I mean? Like, work is necessary, dude. Like love work. Like don’t wish for no work, don’t wish for more vacation, wish for better work. Go out there and find something you’re passionate about doing and help people’s lives. Man, you’ll get more fulfillment than any amount of margarita is on anything.

That’s awesome. That’s a, that’s a great quote right there. That’s a great way to end that little segment, man. But I can totally relate to what you’re saying, the, because I kind of went through something similar back in the day and that’s what I wanted to ask. Like how it went down with you. Uh, you know, I had a full time job in the medical field and I started fit to fat to fit this crazy idea, which was just kind of like this weird idea that I had and I just kind of ran with it. It was doing it on the side, you know, you know, I would, I would go do my job with the medical field, then I would come home and upload flogs and, and take pictures and record things. And, and then before you know it, I had a decision to make because I was starting to go on all these TV shows and publicity and book deals and I’m like, okay, I gotta make a decision.

Do I stay on the safe route where I know I’ll have this job for the most part. I mean, maybe you know, you, you’d never know that you’re always going to have a job. There’s nothing really secure about any job. But anyways, it was the safer choice at that time. Or do I take a leap of faith and go down this fit fat to fit path where this was beginning to going to become my, my brand. And I remember talking with my wife at the time about it and you know, I think I grew up in a, in a mentality of, you know, just stay the course, do the safe route and then you’ll be, if you just work hard, you’ll be blessed in the end. And yes, that might work for some people, but man, if you could do something, if you could make a living doing something you’re passionate about, life is so much better.

And so it’s great to hear your story of, of how you kind of took that leap of faith. And here you are now, like you said, what’s a great success story of you’ve made more in the past three months than you ever have before. I’m going down this path of being an entrepreneur and I, here I am, six years later, AF, you know, after this, this crazy idea and it’s great to hear these kinds of stories now. It doesn’t always work out. It’s not always easy. Uh, but I think that’s a great life lesson just to, to take some risks in life because man, before you know it, life is way too short. Before you know what, your kids are going to be grown up in and out of the house and you’re going to date, man, what did I do with my life? So thank you for sharing that man.

I really appreciate that. And he, I really, I’m kind of sitting here thinking about what you’re saying and it’s really hitting home to me because I feel like now I’m in a transition in life where I’m like, okay, do I take on more risk or do I keep doing the same thing over and over again? I think there’s still even some levels as an entrepreneur where you can get set settled into your own ways, um, the versus taking on new ideas, new new risks. So, um, you’re kind of like how you said you were, you were on that podcast with that guy. Something’s eaten up and you know, eating you up inside. I kind of feel the same way. So I could talk about that a little bit later. Um, but anyways, okay, so, so here you are, you, you quit your job as a firefighter, you and your wife, which sounds like she was supportive after, you know, initially maybe being a little bit worried about how it was going to go, but now you can say, look, it’s taken off. Um, what have, what have been some things you’ve learned along the way during this process? Cause I know you went to a Tony Robbins convention, you’re reading all these books. What are like the two, the top two or three things you’ve been able to take away from this whole experience that you think can apply to, to everybody else out there,

man. All right. So, so the first thing is this, and I came to this realization even more so just yesterday or over the past couple of days and what I realized and drew you tell me if this is the same thing with you. I don’t, are you married or divorced? Of course now. But even with your kids and even with your clients, right? People want someone who is certain about what they’re doing, like you got it. So what I learned is that you buy, you’ve got to develop the belief in your product and your service in yourself in a way that’s so unflinching. You see what I’m saying? Like, and, and it’s, it’s a decision that you got to make because if you, if you, people don’t respond to that, like there was a, I think it’s Tony Robbins who actually teaches this and, and the selling program we talked about transfers to every emotion.

Like when you, when someone buys something from you or when you’re trying to influence someone, you’re transferring your emotion. So if you’re not completely sold on what you’re doing, like people aren’t sold on you. You see what I’m saying? And this is the same thing with my wife. Like if I’m not completely certain about what I’m doing in my ability to get something done, my wife is not going to feel good about that. She’s not going to feel good. And I noticed she responds to my energy. And so the challenge with me is even in times of uncertainty, how aggressively in my confirming and reassociating my belief that I have in myself, my ability to get it done. You see what I’m saying? Because belief is like you can, you can believe in. I always tell my clients is you can believe whatever the hell you want to believe.

There is no right or wrong. I mean in the sense of if you decide to believe it then it can be right for you. So I always ask myself for what does my vision require of me right now? Like what do I need to believe right now in order to move as aggressively, I need to move and sometimes I need to believe that this has got to work. It absolutely is going to work. And what I found over by putting myself in a situation where I have to make it work, right? I quit my job, I got five kids, I got to make it work. And now it’s like the level of the belief and confidence I have in myself and my ability to adjust my ability to overcome certain obstacles is critical. So I just learned that you’ve got to put focus, constant conscious effort into developing that belief.

And so the next thing that ties into that is you got to learn quickly. So what I learned is that like you’re not just going to get smart or you know, be very wise just because you make a lot of decisions and you make a lot of mistakes. Like people always talk about all like, you know, take action and you learn from your mistakes. That’s only true if you decide to learn from it. So it’s like mining for gold. Like you’re not just going to find gold in every situation. You have to like find gold. Like you have to go digging for gold. And so that means everything that happens to you. I become very, very deliberate about finding something in every single situation. As tough as it is like of why this can help me and I have accountability partners. Like I talked with my friends, like I have three friends who I talk to every single week and one of them is including my brother and that’s one of the things we consciously do.

It’s like we talk about what’s challenging us right now and what about this is a good thing like what am I going to look back, you know, next year, a few months from now, five years and say yo that was a good thing that I went through that because as your ability to do that there in the moment is what’s going to give you that calm, poised, objective like spirit about you where you could actually move and you’re not moving out of fear or desperation. You’re actually moving like in a calculated calm way because everyone it like, and this is the same as I feel like as a man and a family, you have to be like this. Like you have to be calm when everyone else is stressing out, like you have to be the one that says, no, I’m not gonna. This is the other thing.

Doubling down on your most important habits in times of crisis, like a lot of times when these get tough, we tend to abandon the very things that we know we need to do. It’s like, no, this is the actual time, like I need to do that more so I’m absolutely going to work out today like B, the fact that all of this stuff is happening, like I’m going to work out, I’m going to eat right today. I’m going to meditate, I’m going to read, I’m going to do all those things that everyone always talks about, but when it’s hard and then everyone abandoned, abandoned it, it’s like a a quarterback in the two minute drill. Now all of a sudden you’re going to abandon your technique, your footwork, and you’re not going to follow your Reed’s like, no, this is the time to do that. So doubling down on your most important habits when shit gets really tough. That’s super, super important. And that’s one thing I learned as well.

Yeah, well I will say, I do see some quarterbacks and you know, even at the NFL level have that fail at that. But, um, no, man, that is so true. And I, the first thing you said, you know, people, you know, people don’t buy your product by you, so you have to believe in your product. You have to come across as if this is the best thing known to man. Right? So this is a believing and that’s the thing is for you, it’s true. If you believe it, it’s true for you. And people sense that. They get a feel for that and that’s what they’re investing in death. They’re not buying the product so much because Hey, this is cool. Um, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re buying you, they’re investing in you, which is the first thing that you mentioned there. And then, um, yeah, doubling down on those habits like you talked about when times get tough, that’s really hard to do.

That’s when I feel like it’s so easy to break. And I see that all the time. Uh, when people start a new lifestyle change, they’re so motivated and this fire is burning, they’re like, okay, I’m going to do this diet. I’m going to go grocery shopping, meal prep, I’m going to go to the gym. And then before you know, it, you know, something happens. They have a stressful day at work or the kids are stressed them out or, or whatever, something happens in their life and they’re there. Those habits aren’t ingrained in them yet. And they just fall back to their old ways. Unfortunately. They’re like, well, it got too hard for me. And you see that all the time. It’s, it’s the diet mentality in America, unfortunately. Um, but, uh, it’s, it’s definitely very powerful if you can have that, uh, those habits ingrained in you so that when things do get hard, you, um, you, you can double down like you said and keep going.

But one thing that came to my mind is a actually just recently started a 30 day of log, which is a challenge that I heard from um, Tim Ferris and sh he had shake Carl on who’s his famous YouTuber and he just kinda challenged him Ferriss to do 30 days of blogging. And uh, I kinda was listening to that and I felt inspired cause I haven’t really done anything on YouTube in a long time. And here’s one thing that I’ve noticed. I’ve only, I’m only three days into this and it’s, it’s hard as hell. It’s way harder than I thought. Recording your life, right? And showing people that it’s, you’re being, you’re opening up and being vulnerable, vulnerable. But the one thing I did notice is, man, this keeps me accountable. Being accountable to somebody else pushes you

when those moments are hard, when you don’t have those habits ingrained in you yet that accountability to other people is super powerful. And even for me, I was, you know, all in may, I’m in the fitness industry the past month or so, I’ve kind of taken some time off from working out really hard and being dedicated in the gym and nutrition. But putting my life out there, uh, for people to see on YouTube has been really powerful for me to stay accountable. And so kinda like you, you check in with these people, you know, three or four people every week, right? Yeah. It’s, it’s very powerful to keep you motivated when there’s times when you just want to be like, you know what? This is really hard. I’m just gonna, uh, take a break or I’m just not going to do this or that, that I know I should do.

Exactly right. Yeah. That accountability is critical, man. However you gotta do it. I tell, and I used to be from the school of thought that like, I’m gonna keep my goals to myself type of thing, and I don’t necessarily go out and profess them to the world. However I do found find tremendous power in letting people know what you say, what’s your, what’s your outcomes are that you’re going after in terms of like, at least the people closest to you, your mom, your dad, your brothers, your sisters, your, your, your best friends. And my, for me, my kids, my kids know, like they, I told them we’re getting ready to do things and they’re like, dad, man, when are we going to do that? Like, uh, it was funny, I told my son I would get him a new bike and I, like I told him it was like last month and he just steady asking me, I finally took him yesterday to get him a new bike. But they won’t, they won’t let you off the hook. You know what I mean? So just having that accountability is critical.

Yeah. Um, that’s so true. Uh, let’s, let’s kind of shift gears here and talk about some of the, not products but services that you provide that you teach to these athletes and specifically, uh, the blueprint, the visualization that you teach. Can you talk about those specifically of how you go about teaching your athletes these things, which are super important?

Absolutely, man. Like I have, I do it in a couple of ways. I have my podcast obviously where I do a lot of teaching on there. There has been people who have told me, man, like the level of content that I give off for free is heavy. You know what I’m saying? Like I, I tell it like I’m, I give practical, tangible things to do. But more specifically up, let’s talk about the blueprint. I believe that everything that you do comes from originates from thought, right? So if you’re not conscious and deliberate about what you’re thinking and what you’re choosing to focus on, then it doesn’t matter what diet you start, what workout routine, what goal you say you have. You’ve got to start at the root. And so a lot of people like they sit like that. They say, what am I going to do today?

Or what? Like people, I bet people ask you all the time, like what, what diet? What I got to eat right? I was actually about to ask you that. Like what do you eat, right? Like, but it’s more so like what is the mindset? So like if I was sitting down with a gala like you, I want to know what’s your philosophy on food? Like how do you approach diet, how do you approach working out? Cause I guarantee you it’s not like 99% of people and that’s why you have that result. So with the blueprint, what it is, it’s a, it’s a way for you to condition the specific type of thoughts and get you to focus on what you need to focus on to get to your end result. So we’re talking about reassociating to your purpose every day. Re revisiting your top priority goal every day.

And you were talking about some earlier when you’re talking about like the habits, right? Like even the question, this is one of the questions on the blueprint, which is a, it’s a journal. It’s a, it’s a custom journal that I create for all my athletes and my clients that that again, the conditions that thought, but what if every day you started off identifying some potential barriers every day, every single morning you said, what are two to three potential barriers I might encounter today? You know, that that might inhibit my ability to be successful on a day to day. And then what are two to three actions I’m going to take today like right now that will limit these, these, uh, these liabilities or, or mitigate some of these potential barriers that that alone, like you’re literally taking out time in your day to focus on the things that might give you problems and then focus on a solution to them in advance.

Another question is why do I deserve the success that I’m going after? Why do I deserve this? It’s so crazy how many people don’t feel like they don’t deserve it. And so that went away. When the opportunity comes up, they’re not acting. When they do get it, they let it go. They don’t, they’re aren’t diligent and follow through and things like that. So that’s one method is just that, that constant, just repetition. If you want to get swole in a gym, you gotta have your ass in a gym. You know what I’m saying? You got to put up the reps. Honors, worsen talks about, he’s in the gym like six hours a day. Reps and sets. You do more reps and sets than the average dudes. You’re going to get results. So I do reps and sets with my mind. I want to have a mental six pack.

I want to be shredded in my mind. So that way when it comes time for challenges, I’m able to move quickly while other people are, their feet are stuck in the sand. And so this is what, uh, this is what I teach my athletes visualization as well. You’ve gotta be able to steep yourself in that vision every day. And sometimes that’s just as simple as sitting for five minutes putting on some tunes. I have a playlist that literally has all the Epic movie soundtracks from, you know, Braveheart, you know, and sick man. And I just think about what I, I just imagine I’m living the life that I ultimately want to live. I’m having the level of impact that I know I want to have. I’m speaking to thousands, millions of people. I’m thinking about all the, the, the impact that I’m gonna have them thinking about me and my kids hanging out in our backyard and our swimming pool, doing all the things that we said we’re going to do.

And I live it every day. So that way I don’t have to wait. You know, and I’m building those mental references in my mind, so I’m not going to go into how the mind works and all of that. But your mind doesn’t understand what’s real or was, was fake. That’s why you can be scared about something that’s not real. It’s all in your mind. But you can convince yourself that it’s real. And the more references you give your mind, the more you tend to believe it. And the more you believe it, the more action you take, the better you feel, and ultimately you’re going to get it. And so you’re just giving, like Michael Jordan said he took, he took way more shots in his mind. He made way more shots in his mind that he ever made in real life. You know, because reality can be like a really harsh teacher.

So you, you have to, you your mind, those mental reps. And so that’s another thing in visualization. And um, there’s a bunch of parts to my program and it’s super, super in depth and it’s very, it’s definitely not for the weak hearted. This is for people who really are interested in getting to the down and dirty. It’s just like you, like, people probably want to some little quick fix for getting the body the dreams. If you really want that, it’s gonna take some work, you know, and you’re gonna have to get, you’re gonna have to face some demons, you know what I’m saying? And so that’s what I help athletes and an entrepreneur is a lot of people that are attracted to my brand and who want that type of mindset. But I’m, at the end of the day, the biggest part is settling that internal conflict man. And there’s a lot of beliefs that we have that are preventing us from moving forward. And that’s what I’ve been able to do successfully.

Yeah. And this might, this might be a dumb question, but do you wish you had these tools in place when you were playing back in the day? Like for example at the saints, uh, do, do, do, do you not have these skills back then and did you develop, develop them afterwards?

Yeah. So yeah, so it’s funny because I just got asked this question a couple of days ago and I was thinking, it’s like that’s the reason why I started my brand because a lot of times I had, I was very hungry. Like I had a really deep desire to be great and I got the chance to accomplish a lot of my dreams and goals, but I didn’t consciously put a lot of these things into practice. There were a lot of things I did unconsciously now I was doing them, but I didn’t realize, right? Things that I learned from my dad, things that I learned from my brothers, things that I just had sort of innately. However, now I’ve, I’ve taken what I know I need to be successful and what I see in others, right? I study other successful people and say these are the common traits, these are the things, the habits that they have in place and I created a system out of it so I absolutely wish I would have had this when I was younger.

Man, I’m thinking back like I remember doing drills when I was like in high school I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I was just like, but I was willing to do stuff, but what if I had the right things to do? What if I had it to show me like, yo, this is how you and, and the, the, the impact that it can have on every category of your life is incredible man. Like this is not just about sports man. It’s so much bigger than the sport. I mean the sport is just going to experience the side effect of you becoming just a champion. You know what I mean? Like a warrior in every aspect and every meaning of the word. So yeah,

the reason I ask is because I was remembering, um, in one of your podcasts you shared a story when you were playing for the saints, you were on the punt return team and you got called for holding and you went over to the sideline and coach Sean Payton ripped you a new one. And I, I totally have experienced that as a player. And it sucks because it affects you the rest of the game. You’re like, man, I messed up. I, why did I do that? And then it just kind of drains you. Not just emotionally, but physically too. And I remember you sharing that experience. I could totally relate. And I just feel like there’s so many athletes that are so gifted physically, but they don’t have that mental strength that you’re teaching people now. And I just feel like, man, that’s the whole package of, if you could give this person who’s blessed with these physical, uh, talents and abilities, the mental strength that they need, then that’s where they become unstoppable.

Because if someone was mentally strong and confident in who they were, if they got yelled at by coach Sean Payton, first of all, I mean, that’s, that’s not, that’s not something that happens to every, every person in the world, but you would be able to deal with that situation differently and you probably would’ve played the rest of the game differently. Um, so that’s the reason I asked that question is because of that story. It kinda, I kinda remembered, uh, like what you went through mentally. And I’ve been there as an athlete, uh, experiencing that. And I think a lot of kids, you know, especially at a young age man, they get yelled at for the first time by a coach. Some of them start crying, you know, they don’t know how to handle this. They’ve never experienced that. And I did when I was playing pop Warner, my first day of practice, I was crying, you know, cause I got yelled at and I just think kids just don’t know how to deal with it. So you know, for respect for what you do and need to kids out there that need this type of a, um, a mental strength at such a young age. And you probably seen the impact that you make in these kids’ lives through that, right? What you do.

And it, the thing that gives me the most joy is when I see the impact that it has on them in terms of how they feel on a day to day. Because at the end of like, like I said, I’m in the sports is cool and that’s ultimately what we want. It’s the same thing in business, right? Like, obviously we want to make money and we want to be successful in that way, but there’s nothing like the M like the feeling of like when you know you’re truly having an impact, like that’s the feeling you’re really going after. And with an athlete it’s like, I just want them to feel that Supreme, just authentic confidence that they just know that they can overcome any challenge that’s ahead of them and that win, lose or draw, whatever it is, they’re always winning. Because if you lose, you get to learn and add to your wealth of knowledge and you get to keep going. And like, like you said in Friday, like remember a Craig’s daddy said in Friday, you live to fight another day. You know what I mean? So like as long as you still alive, you winning, you know what I mean? And there’s, that’s a really cool thing that I get to experience a lot with the athletes and entrepreneurs that I work with, man, because it’s like they, their values start to change just like they look at life totally different. And this just has a cascading effect on everything that they choose to do.

Yeah, that’s so true, man. Um, well we’re coming up on time, but before we end, I got a few more rapid fire questions for you and then we’ll, we’ll send people off. I know you have a gift for my followers and uh, we’ll, we’ll let people know where they can find you and get in contact with you. So a couple really fast questions for you nee. Um, first thing I asked all my, all my guests that come on the show, obviously this is the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. You know, I had a unique experience of gaining weight on purpose. Um, would you ever get fat on purpose to experience what it’s like? Have you ever been overweight? First of all?

Um, I haven’t been really, well, when I was little I was fat, so I was pretty Chevy like, so I thought I was fatter than I was. So I definitely had a fat mindset that, you know what I mean? So yeah, I know what that’s like.

But since then, after your playing days, did you like, I’m assuming you still work out, you still stay in shape somewhat, right? Yeah. So would you ever, would you ever stop exercising, eat junk food for six months to experience what it’s like to be overweight as an adult?

I honestly, man, I don’t, I don’t know that I’d agree to that and that’s why I actually wanted, and I got to have you on my podcast, man, because I can only imagine the inner turmoil like that you had to deal with. That’s what I’m most fascinated with, like is mentally, how did you do that? You know, like in terms of like, that’s really facing those demons in what I call like going through the fire, if you will. So I’d like to say that I would, um, I wouldn’t do it just for no reason, but yeah, you have to have a reason behind the what you did, man. I mean, that’s like freaking amazing dude. Like there’s a lot to be learned from that, so, but I salute you.

Well, thank you. I appreciate that. And the reason I ask people is isn’t to really see if they would be willing to do it. Right. I mean that’s, that’s just crazy. But to really put yourself in that mindset, man, do you, if I really stopped exercising and just getting a bunch of weight, could I really take it off? If you really sit down and think about it, I’m wondering if people really think they could do something like that. And most people, and here’s the thing, I know there’s been like maybe a handful of people on my, on my podcast. I said, yeah, I would totally do. It would be fun, but it isn’t fun. Let me just say that it was not fun, but I learned a lot and I think, you know, people can learn a lot from this. That’s why there’s a T you know, there’s a TV show now and uh, basically I have trainers on the TV show doing what I did to experience it so that they can become a better trainer as their clients so that they have a better understanding of where their clients are coming from.

Cause there’s something to be said as far as the empathy side of it, of put walking a mile in your client’s shoes a little bit to understand, man, this is not as easy as I thought it was. You know, it’s not just about eating less and moving more. There’s so much more to it than that. So, um, anyways. Okay. Couple more questions for you. Uh, obviously who’s your pick for this next year? Super Superbowl. Do you think the Broncos is gonna be able to repeat or do you mean who do you like this year? It’s always so unpredictable, so I’ll just give you a total of, let’s see,

I just go with the Seahawks man. They seem to have a good thing going over there. I’m not a huge Seahawks fan, but I’m from the Northwest, but I feel like with what they’re able to, I really like Pete Carroll man and their quarterback. Russell Wilson is a beast and they got a good core guys over there. One of my guys that I play with, that Portland state, uh, Deshaun shed is still over there doing his thing. So yeah, that would be, that would be, that would be cool that they got another one.

Yeah. Yeah. I, I’m a 40 Niners fan, so I’m, I’m against that. I’m against that choice, but we’re struggling, man. We’re struggling. Um, which is funny cause I’m a USC fan too, so I love Pete kero but man, he’s coaching, you know, the Seahawks and anyways, um, what’s your, what’s your, what’s your go to favorite, unhealthy, just junk food. What’s your favorite like, cheat meal that you go for?

Oh man, that’s a good one. I will, I like all sweets, like honestly, like, so there’s, there’s certain things I’m more partial to now, the one that I have the hardest time with and it’s area go Andy, like, uh, going to the movies and eating candy. So I love donuts as well. And ice cream. Those are awesome. Not a big cake dude or anything like that. Cookies are cool, but it’s candy and specifically sour candy, like sour patch kids, you know, any sorta like chewy sour candy like that. And then second would have to be the donuts. Man, I don’t eat a lot of donuts, but when I eat them I’m literally like I could eat about five of these. Yo. So

yeah, no, I, I’m a donut guy too. Um, I could eat, uh, yeah, probably about five when I did fit, if I had to fit I the most I got to at one set sitting was nine, nine donuts at one time. I felt so sick. Somebody will throw the, throw those down though. Like they’re nothing but yeah man. Anyways, um, okay, the last question I had to hang it just escaped me for some reason. Hold on. Wait, are you vegan?

So I recently and since I went to the Tony Robbins event, I was considering it and since I came from there I made the decision to give a meet. So I’m, I can’t call myself vegan stuff cause I still eat eggs sometimes as well. Ease on occasion. But um, yeah I don’t, I don’t eat meat anymore.

Wow. Okay. So that’s why. Okay, cause you were saying you’re on this, this vegan bodybuilders podcast and then you’re on the rich roll podcast. I’m like, I should have asked him if he’s vegan cause then we could have talked a lot about nutrition as well. But anyways, that’s interesting. What do you notice so far? Alright

man. So first thing I noticed is that I don’t fit like any of my pants anymore. It looks just crazy. Like, and it’s weird cause I haven’t lost any weight. I’ve actually put on a few pounds. I lift really heavy so, and it’s not always my, I actually want to lose more weight and cut more fat off my belly, but my stomach is just shrunk. Dude. Like I literally went shopping with my wife a couple of weeks ago. I hate shopping, but I was like, man, I need to get some jeans. But so and also my energy levels and so I have a pretty high standard for how much energy I want to have. And so sometimes I have to remember how much energy I used to have to where I can look now and be like, damn yo, I have a lot of energy dude.

Like, or like I do a lot every day and I’m pretty much going at it from five till like a lot of times, midnight like day. And I don’t want to continue doing that. I’m not suggesting that people do that. I, it’s, it’s usually my goal to get to be at bed like around 10, but it just rarely happens like that. But the energy has gone up. I noticed that I, I’m not as attracted to meat as I thought I would be. Like, it’s not like I don’t miss it honestly. And I grew up not eating a lot of meat cause we were, we were vegetarian growing up, but I’ll love me. Like I would go to my friend’s house and eat ribs and burgers and hot dogs. I was like, uh, but I just don’t miss it. Like the hardest thing like is, is kinda random. Like the meat that I have the hardest time, like, like, uh, not partaking in is pizza. Like having like pepperoni pizza, you know what I mean? Like it’s like, I don’t know, for some reason it just is not, it just is a struggle. It’s like, I see like I see people eat like pepperoni pizza. I’m like, Oh my God, he looks so good. That would be hard man.

I’ve never done a vegan diet. I have some, you know, I do a lot of experiments on my YouTube channel and things like that. I’ve thought about doing a vegan challenge of some type and maybe I will one day. It’s just, it would be hard. It really would be hard, you know. So anyways. Yeah, I was just curious about that. Okay. Um, let’s, I’ll let you go before we go though, where can people find you on social media, your website, your coaching programs and then tell us about the, um,

the gift that you have for everyone. Absolutely. So you could actually go to, I’m not u.com. So that’s the letter I, the letter M N O T while you.com if you go to Ford slash fit to fat to fit. I got a special gift for you guys there. If you go out, I know you’re going to love that and so on. I’m not you.com you can find me there to find all my information. Um, I interact a lot with my fans and the people who listen to me and my clients, everyone. So hit me up on Twitter. Social media is at an R Y. S O. B. O. So, uh, again, just reach out to me and I’ll hit you back. Okay. And we’ll put all that

showing us your website, the link. Uh, that’s, I’m not you.com forward slash fit to fat to fit. Correct. Exactly. Okay, that’s awesome. Well, thank you so much for doing that ne. I appreciate you coming on, man. Great conversation. Let me know when you want me to come on your podcast. I’d love to. Absolutely. And uh, yeah, man, stay in touch.

Let’s do that, man. Okay, good talking to you. Thanks a lot man.

Thank you guys for tuning into today’s episode. I hope you guys learned something valuable from listening to Ola ni. So Bo Maheen, I know I did. And we hope that you’ll share this podcast episode with someone that you think could benefit from it. Uh, we hope that you’ll subscribe to our podcast in iTunes and we hope that you’ll support us by subscribing to our newsletter. My newsletter on my website is@fiftyfivetofit.com and the newsletters on the homepage, their lens is that to fit@home.com and you can follow me on social media at fit to fat to fit on all my social media handles. And Lynn is at to fit at home on all of her social media handles. So we appreciate you guys following us. Following along and we are open to any ideas, suggestions that you guys have to make this podcast better. So people you want us to interview suggestions or ideas, topics that you want us to cover. Questions, please let us know. We are all ears and we appreciate you guys. So tune in next week for another great episode and we’ll see an accent.

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