What’s up everybody. Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning and I’m your cohost, Lynn. Manning hopefully you guys have been enjoying the last few episodes that we’ve been putting out to you guys today. We have another great episode and we feel like it will bring a lot of value to your guys’ lives and might make you guys laugh a little bit too. We try to make you guys laugh, but also give you guys some good information and today will be another non-interview, um, podcast episode. So, geez, I’m so sick of hearing just from you too. Well, we’ll bring on some people here in a little bit, a couple more. We can’t have a celebrity on every single time, but, um, today’s actually a really good episode. We’ve had quite a few people ask us to do something like this where basically today in today’s episode, I’m going to go through my daily routine.

So I want to talk about specifics of, you know, what I do, what I eat when I eat it. Um, supplements that I take what times, you know, what a day in the life for me looks like as far as like my health and fitness routine so people can get an idea, they can copy some things. Now I actually love listening to these episodes of other people, not of myself because I, I take, you know, here and there things that I’m like, okay, I can add this. I could take out that to improve my daily routine. I think over time we can always upgrade our daily routines to become better and better people over time. Because if you asked me 10 years ago what my daily routine was, it sucked. Probably compared to now, he’s like, I wake up, I ate sardines 10 years ago.

No way. I shall one day, maybe another episode would be me doing what a day in the life of my Fitbit, the fit journey look like now. That would be awesome for people to listen to. Cinnamon toast, crunch mountain Dews zingers. Okay. But anyways, before we jump into today’s episode, you guys, I think, uh, you know, we will jump into our sponsors first. Uh, the first sponsor, as you guys know, is key gen x.com. Now, key genetics is an exotic genus ketone supplement company. And basically it’s a powdered supplement that you pour into water. It actually tastes pretty good. Um, it’s got orange fruit punch and Berry flavors. And basically what this product does, you guys, I take it myself, I’m a big fan of it. Joe Rogan has talked about it on his podcast. Uh, Tim Ferriss talks about taking exogenous ketones. I had dr Dom D’Agostino talk about the science behind these exoticness ketones.

Then they’re becoming really, really popular. They’re becoming more and more mainstream because what it does is it puts your body into a state of ketosis within 60 minutes. So basically you’re hacking your way into ketosis, which nutritionally can take up to a week sometimes for some people of eating a ketogenic diet. Um, and this is just the way it hack into it. So it’s a lot easier, a lot quicker that faster, um, which is perfect for our society. Right? And they’re bio identical to the same ketones that your body produces when you’re in ketosis. So your blood ketone levels are elevated, you’re flooding your system with these ketones. And so it’s great for energy focus, mental clarity, cognitive function, a lot of neuroprotective benefits for your brain, reducing inflammation. Um, so there’s so many health benefits to taking exogenous ketones. Even if you don’t follow ketogenic diet, there’s still some health benefits to taking ketogenics. Um, which is why I still take it every single day. Um, now in this episode, all she talk about how and when I use key genetics, so be looking forward to that. Now you can use my code fit to fat to fit@keygenx.com for I believe 15% off your four week supply. So go check it out. key.com use the code fit, fit, fit for 15% off.

And our other show sponsor is quest nutrition. Most people are familiar with quest nutrition. They offer several actually different types of products, but their most Pope popular one, the one that I liked the most are their protein bars. If you guys have ever done any type of background research on protein bars, you guys, most of them are loaded with sugar. There’s several that I flipped over to the back to the company grams of sugar they have. And some of them have just as much sugar and some even more than a snicker bar. Okay? And even though snicker bars are delicious, you’re not going to be hitting your nutrition goals if you’re chilling down on a high sugar protein bar every day. Um, it’s obviously great to be eating whole foods and trying to get most of your nutrition and calories from that source. But I know for me as a business owner and as a mom, I’m on the go a lot and I fall into that fast food trap if I don’t have something that is high in protein and low in sugar on the go proteins, the most satiating macronutrient.

So it’s gonna make you feel fuller for longer. So I keep quest bars in my car and my purse at my office. That way if I’m on the go and I’m hungry, it’s delicious. It also helps me curve my sugar cravings because of the flavors are so tasty and sweet like cookie dough. Um, so it’s a great way to avoid overdoing it on sugar by having a delicious quest bar instead. So you can check them out, look in the show notes, we have a link right there. Check those sponsors out. You guys. And let’s go ahead and jump into today’s episode talking about myself. So drew, tell us what you do first thing in the morning.

Okay, so first thing in the morning, here’s the, and here’s the thing you guys, before I get into my daily routine, please understand that this is just like a perfect example of like what it usually looks like. But it’s not consistently like this because I have kids and things happen and there’s weekends and there’s travel. And so this is like the ideal, like how I was structured. My day went, and it does happen every once in a while. Just, it doesn’t happen 365 days a year just so everybody knows. Like, like this is like a perfect day for me. Like, okay, this is when I want to get things done. Right. So, um, here’s, here’s a typical day for me. You guys, um, I wake up usually like I’ll, I’ll set my alarm for 6:00 AM okay. And also, I know this, I mean you guys know I use, you guys have heard us talk about like we’re divorced and we have the kids 50% of the time.

So this is going to differ depending on if I have the kids. So let’s just assume wake up at 6:00 AM when you don’t have the kids. When I don’t have the kids like today got up at 5:00 AM and did hot yoga. So that’s what I’m saying. When I don’t have the kids, it’s a little bit, it differs. So, okay, 6:00 AM is like when I’ll wake up and I’ll go pee just by, wow, that’s important. Talk about your poop schedule. I know we’re not talking about that. No, people don’t want to talk about number one. We might as well go pee right away. Everybody does that. Right? Okay. And then the first thing I do, you guys is I drink a big jug of water with lemon juice or lime juice in it, depending on what I have available. But basically what I’ll do is I’ll either use, I have used lemon oil drops or I’ll just cut up a lemon, squeeze it and chug it with some water.

Okay. What does that do? So it’s great for cleansing your system, flushing some toxins out and alkalizing your body. Um, I do that first thing in the morning and it helps to rehydrate you, um, and helps with digestion. So first thing in the morning or you know, sometimes, like if I don’t have limits, I’ll just chug a bunch of cold water first thing in the morning. Um, and I tell people to do that all the time, first thing in the morning. That’s what I do, kind of helps wake me up as well as sometimes I’ll even add in a dash of sea salt just to help with the balance out my, um, uh, electrolytes, you know, adding some good sodium in there as well. And that does flush me out and also help, uh, kind of regulate your cortisol levels. Yes. It does help to naturally raise your cortisol levels, which here’s the thing in the morning.

Yes. That’s how your body naturally wakes up without caffeine. So caffeine, you know, it wasn’t around all the time for everybody and it’s just sad. But like you’re, when your cortisol levels rise first thing in the morning, that’s your body’s natural mechanism to wake you up. And this assists with that. So that’s the first thing I do. Um, and then I will actually start my coffee. Like I’ll just, you know, get it started, put it, you know, ready to go. And then that’s when I go and meditate. And honestly this was a lot better in Hawaii cause I could do it like on the beach. Yeah. But now I’m like in a house in the suburbs of Utah. So anyways, I’ll just find a quiet place in the house. And I generally try and find a place that’s like a, where there’s a window if the sun’s up, right.

As of right now, in the summertime it is. And I’ll have the sunshine on me, which for some reason just helps me meditate. You know, I feel the warmth of the sun. It helps me. But if not, then you know, if I’m in a hotel room, I’ll still meditate and I usually use a guided meditation. Um, for me, I’ve always liked daily or Headspace. So Headspace is a great free, when you can download it, they have a 10 day free trial thing that you can do. It’s 10 days of guided meditations or calm is another one that I downloaded. And that’s free. Seven days of guided meditation just for those who don’t know how to meditate, it makes it super simple. We’ve talked about this on the show before, so I do about 10 minutes of meditation and then I say my positive affirmations, and I’ve talked about this just recently, but basically the reason I do positive affirmations, even though it doesn’t sound very manly, is because words have an actual impact on your body at a cellular level.

So positive words. So some of the things I say, I won’t say all of them, but I say, you know, I’ll, I’ll usually look in the mirror after I’m done meditating. I’ll say, you are a good man. You are a good father. And I’ll say these while I’m smiling too, even though I have to fake it or force it. Sometimes I get it, you’re tired. You haven’t had your coffee yet. But um, they make a big difference in my life, especially if I do it consistently. Like I know for a fact it makes a difference. So I say you’re a good man, you’re a good father. Uh, you are happy, you’re healthy, you’re strong, you’re kind, um, you are blessed and you’re a grateful. Those are just a few of the things I say. And I say it like three to five times depending on how I feel like to make sure I really mean it. I really try and focus on meaning it like I really mean this about myself and then coffee’s ready. Praise the Lord. Yes. And then I, you know, I will drink anywhere between two to four cups of coffee a day. For me that works, right? Like days when I need a little bit extra cause like let’s say it didn’t sleep or whatever. I didn’t sleep well, I’ll have a little bit more, or some days I’ll just have one cup of coffee and I’m good. It just depends like what’s going on in my life.

A cup of coffee. Do you literally mean a measuring cup? Because a lot of times people will brew and it’ll be say two to four cups of coffee and they have it in a huge mug. So just to clarify for people, are you literally meaning about a cups worth of coffee or do you mean a big mug full four times a day?

No, no, no, no. So I, when I measure out how much water I put into, uh, the coffee machine with the coffee maker, it is, you know, between, uh, it’s about four cups between two to four cups. Yeah. So even so, like my cup is like, we’ll fit two cups worth of coffee in there.

Right. Cause most people have about two cups worth of coffee in a mug in the morning. And so when he’s saying he’ll have two to four, he means either one or two mug folds of coffee, not four.

Yes. And so here’s what I add to my coffee, you guys, cause I try and supercharge my coffee. I do my version of Bulletproof coffee. And here’s what I’ve been doing lately. Now this has changed over time, but basically right now I take a tablespoon of grass fed butter, like Kerry gold, which you can buy at Walmart. I’ll put a tablespoon of that. And then I’ll do a scoop of MCT oil powder from quest nutrition actually. And which is a powder form and tasteless. It dissolves really well. And um, a dash of cinnamon. You know, I don’t add any sweetener. Every once in a while that we have these Stevia drops, but, uh, that’s like maybe very rare. I’ll just add it for whatever reason, I’m like, you know what, I want some sweetness to my life. You know, not that I’m, I’m already, I’m already sweetened.

Now I’m already sweet enough. But when I want to add some, I’ll use a couple of drops of Stevia, but I had a Dasher cinnamon and then lately I’ve been using this, uh, this brand of these, uh, quarter steps. And what are the other types of mushroom? It’s from four Sigmatic if you found them on Amazon. I’ve heard Sean Stephenson talked about them on his podcast. I’ve known about the health benefits of O chaga, mushrooms and quadriceps. It’s in the powder form and it doesn’t taste too bad. I add that to my coffee. Now when you say does it taste too bad? Is this on like a true pallet or on a Lynn palette? No, cause you like sweetening your coffee, right? Yeah, of course. Yeah, it then it would be a drew palette so it doesn’t taste horrible. It doesn’t taste like you’re going to vomit, but it also doesn’t taste good.

We just wanted to clarify, but yeah, look it up for FIU. Our SIG Matt tick. Um, maybe I’ll put a link to this in the show notes. Um, you know, I don’t have any endorsement with those guys to be honest with you. I just know the benefits of taking these mushrooms. Um, and I’ve been recently, probably the past three weeks, been adding them to, uh, my coffee. Have you felt any sort of difference from doing that? That’s the thing is I don’t, but I know like for example, anticancer properties, inflammation, it’s not like, Oh, today I feel less inflamed. You’re not going to fail. But it’s doing some good. Once you know the health benefits behind it, you’re like, okay, like for example, official, it’s not like, Whoa, I feel great today. I took my fish oil. It’s like huge difference, amazing anti-inflammatory. Speaking of fish oil.

So I eat, you know, I do have some fats with my coffee, you know, butter, MCT oil powder. I also, that’s when I take my fish oil and my bio Westin. Now bio ASIN is, I’m asked a Hawaiian, asked the Santen, which is made from a specific type of seaweed. And the thing I like about bio Mastin is has omega3s, right? 11 mega threes, but it also protects your skin from the sun. So I noticed like when I take my bio Austin, um, my, I rarely, rarely get sunburn, you know, tan per Hawaiian but still like I still have to put protection on, you know. But I noticed a big difference.

I taking the bio test and I haven’t been burning either.

See there you go. You didn’t know that. Huh? Learn something new. There you go. And also take it for it helps out with joints too. So help helping to lubricate my joints cause if any of you guys know I have a bad right knee, I partially tore my MCL back in college playing football. I was a college football player. I know kind of a job was there but not like a rude junk. You know it was a nice jock. Right. Anyways I took a, I have a bad knee and so like taking bio elastin and fish oil does help out with my joints and I have having those Omega threes cause um,

yeah I’ve seen that really helps you out with your joints. Cause obviously when we’re married with you having a bad knee, anytime we would run or we prepare for races, when you taking that

you have a lot more knee pain. So those things really do help, especially for people that are experienced. Any type of joint pain. Just keep that in mind. And so I like, I kind of take a lot of my fats and supplement form or with my coffee at the same time and in the morning. And that helps to keep me feeling full first thing in the morning. And since I’m doing the keto diet, you guys, most of the food and supplements you’ll hear me talk about are geared more towards the keto lifestyle. And that’s just what I’ve been doing recently. Like, you know, maybe once every six months I could do this to kinda update you guys on what I’ve changed. But for right now this is where it’s at. Um, and so I take those at the, at the same time as my coffee.

Um, I just, you know, I’ll take three fish oils per day. I don’t have the amount of grams or milligrams on on me right now and I’ll take two to three by Westin. So, um, Oh. And then every once in a while, like if I know I’m not going to see the sun for a few days or I’m not going to be outdoors, I will take vitamin D, D three and a great time to take it is with fats because it’s fat soluble is a fat soluble vitamin. So you need fast to absorb it. And so that’s when I’ll take my vitamin D three but I don’t take it all the time and I take upwards of 8,000 IEU and I kind of go back and forth sometimes cause there’s different science on like how much men need, helps out testosterone levels. So for me, I’m just kinda like, you know what, I don’t take it every single day.

I don’t rely on every single day, but maybe like once a week or once every couple of weeks I’ll take like 8,000 for me. Okay. And then that’s when I start my work. Um, I’ll answer my emails. Oh wait, before that, if I have the girls, like let’s say they’re in school, I’ll drop them off at school, you know, get them ready, make them breakfast. Like while I’m drinking my coffee, I’ll make them eggs and, and like some berries or eggs and you know, they, they love eggs. So, and then I dropped them off at school for example. Um, and then I will come back and start working on my emails and I’ll just give myself 60 minutes of emails. Like I try and limit my time so I’m not just there like all day and about this time it’s probably that say, you know, it’s probably by the time I make them breakfast, get them ready, make my coffee, meditate, all that.

It’s probably around 8:00 AM now. So from eight to 9:00 AM I will answer emails. And then right about eight 30, like about halfway into my emails is when I take my pre-workout, which is key gen X. So about eight 39 ish, I will take a full serving of key genetics. Um, and now some people, you know, feel better just doing half a serving for me. I feel really good doing a full serving of ketogenics. So add that to some water. I’ll shake it up and I’ll, I will just chug that about 45 minutes before my workout. So that’s my pre-workout. You guys, I don’t do BCAs anymore. I don’t really do like Jack three D or you know, these pre-workouts that I used to take back in the day. Key genics gives you a lot of energy or the kid genics yes, cause it floods my body, the ketones and it has a, you know, has a small amount of caffeine in it.

But then also the coffee, uh, is, is a great pre-workout. Like I wish I would have taken, uh, I wish I would have taken a coffee back in a day. So anyways, I take my key genetics about 45 minutes before my workout. I finished my emails, I get ready for the gym and I go do a workout. Now, recently I’ve been doing CrossFit, you know, I might go the nine 30 class or something like that. Um, in Hawaii I was kind of working out on the beach or just going to a gym. And doing my own thing. Here’s the thing, you guys, I like to work out smarter, not longer. So you’ve heard of is talk about dollar workout club before on the podcast. Um, it’s our program that we created. It’s an online platform, uh, that has these at home workouts that are 10 to 20 minutes long and they’re high intensity interval training and that’s kind of the type of workouts I do. So whether I’m doing CrossFit or Della workout club workouts, which by the way, if you want to check that out, it’s only a dollar a week and you get access to five at home workout videos that uh, we have prerecorded and you can follow along with us and do and work out with us.

Yeah, there are a variety of workouts. It’s kind of cool. It’s actually we, because we each write a month worth, like I’ll write a month’s worth Natalie than drew the style, even though it’s all high intensity and designed to burn, burn optimal amount of fat and have a strong afterburn effect. They’re all a little different. Like drew actually cause he does like more of a CrossFit style. He’ll do a lot of more, I guess you could say kind of at home CrossFit style workouts. $4 workout club.

Yeah. So check that out. Dollar workout club.com but basically I’ll do a workout even though I might be at the gym for 45 minutes to an hour, my actual workout is probably no more than 20 minutes long. And uh, if you haven’t done high intensity interval training, for me, it’s the best way of working out because you get it done out of the way as quickly as possible. And yet it’s hard because walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes to two hours is not that hard, but it’s uh, it’s time consuming. And so I love 2010 to 20 minute workouts where I’m just like beat and exhausted and then,

well, and you have, you get more benefit. It’s really interesting if you do any type of research about, um, high intensity interval training versus say even jogging for an hour, you’re going to get more of a result from a 10 to 15 minute high intensity workout because of the after burn effect. That means you’re burning more calories for up to the next 48 hours. Versus when you do steady cardio like a jog for 60 minutes, you might burn more calories during that period. Actually you will. But then what happens is the after burn effect, how many calories you burn post exercise almost immediately drops down very quickly. And so that’s what drew means. You can work out smarter, meaning you know, just this, this 10 to 15 minute workout instead of having to work out for an hour and you’ll get more benefits. So yep. And then, um,

you know, I’ll do my workout and then, you know, usually in the past I would have done a post-workout shake. Like it would’ve gotten some proteins and whey protein chugged that cause, you know, I was worried about losing my gains, but now that I’m doing ketosis, you guys, I don’t have to worry about that as much. Cause when you’re in a state of ketosis, your body is very protein sparing, so you’re not going to lose your muscle mass if you don’t have like 30 grams of protein. Like within that 30 minute window. I mean, here’s the thing is I’m done my workout. I took a bunch of water during my workout. After my workout, I’ll go home and then I will, uh, I’ll make, I’ll make myself lunch by the time it’s like 1130, 12, you know, like you’re not hungry because when you’re in a state of ketosis, it regulates your hunger.

That’s the thing is I’m, I’m working out without any like real food in my system. Yeah. I had coffee and some fat, maybe like 300, 400 calories worth and the, my key gen X, but I’m not, like in the past I would have had like a huge meal. Like I need a carb load up or protein before my workout so I can get through this workout. Now I’m pretty much not on an empty stomach, but my body’s running off of ketones at this point instead of running off glucose. So even though I don’t have a lot in my system, I’m able to do these high intense high intensity workout and be okay, uh, be doing ketosis, which in the past, that’s like a big no, no. You’re like, you gotta fuel up before these workouts, you know, so you have the energy and you don’t feel nauseous at all.

Yep. I don’t feel nauseous and I feel I can do heavy deadlifts, heavy squats, uh, adding some Metcon work. You know where I’m doing like a 10 minute AMRAP and I’m, I’m good to go. And by this time, like, you know, I get home, um, and I’ll start prepping for lunch. You know, and my lunch these days looks like this, you guys, I’ll do three to four eggs, whole eggs, um, uh, sauteed in butter. So like a tablespoon of butter. I’ll saw tan butter, cook it up a little bit, add like three handfuls of spinach, like a ton of spinach because spinach is very nutrient dense, low in carbs, you know, full of vitamins and minerals. So I add that into my eggs and then I will, uh, sometimes I will do full fat cheese. Now here’s the thing, you guys, what’s so interesting, when I am in ketosis, I can actually handle dairy, like some forms of dairy.

Yes, because drew is lactose intolerant. Yes. So we never used to have cheese, cheese or milk or ice cream. But here’s the thing, I can do full fat cheese like especially like grass from grass fed cows or goats. And my stomach is totally fine with it. And so I add full-fat cheese sometimes to my eggs every once in a while. Not every single day. But um, I’ll do eggs, butter, spinach, saute that up. Um, and then for me, I do eat wild sardines cause they’re so delicious. No, cause they’re great ketogenic food. Very, very low. Like zero carbs, a lot of fat. You know, I’d get the ones that are wild caught in olive oil. I don’t get the ones that are like soybean oil or vegetable oil or anything like that. I try and get the with the bones and skin still intact and I’ll add that and then also add a whole avocado like on top of it. And I add sea salt or pink Himalayan salt to all my meals. So that’s the thing, you guys with ketosis, you have to make sure your electrolytes, you’re getting in the right amount of minerals, sodium, potassium, magnesium. And the reason people experienced the keto flu is cause they don’t have enough sodium usually added to their food.

And I can attest to this because when I, um, tried out ketosis this, that is exactly what happened. I got the keto flu. I was miserable for like a day. I thought I was dying. I think I even called drew and I’m like, I’m dying. Say goodbye to the kids for me. Just kidding. But, um, and it was because of that. I, I didn’t have, I didn’t realize that I needed more salt. So that’s crucial if you’re going to be doing ketosis, remember that

and that type of meal you guys just give you like a macronutrient breakdown is probably around 70% fat, 20% protein, 25% protein, 5% carbs, that type of meal. Very, very low carb. Maybe a little bit from the spinach, a little bit from the avocado, eggs, cheese, sardines, butter. Don’t really have any. Uh, so it’s very minimal. And that’s based on my macro nutrients split for lunch. And then I check a bunch of water after that as well. And then I, you know, I shower now the shower thing, like I’ve gone on and off of this where I do hot cold showers, which, you know, there’s a lot of health benefits to doing the hot cold. But being a man, you know, shrinkage is a factor and it’s very uncomfortable. But I will do the hot, you know, for a little bit. And then I’ll shift to like freezing cold on my chest area and back area. And yet it’s super uncomfortable. I’ll do it just for 30 seconds and it’s hard and I’ll go back to hot and then cold and hot, you know, and there’s a lot of scientific studies showing that, you know, it affects your, your mitochondria and your Brown fat cells activates them and the more Brown fat you have, the more energy you burn. So, um, it’s actually,

yeah, babies have more Brown fat. You guys, if you’re wondering why you, when you’re holding a baby, it feels like it’s on. Like you’re like, man, this baby’s hot. It’s warm, it’s cause Brown fat is, is a warm and it will boost your metabolism. You’ll feel you’ll burn more calories stimulating that Brown fat.

Yeah. Okay. You guys. And then here is like, after that is about where I take my vitamins for the day. Like, you know, um, I don’t do a lot of supplements like I used to, but I do take a vitamin. So for example, I do take a whole food multivitamin. Um, I, I’ve bought the cheap vitamins before in the past, but for me, I try and stick to whole food multivitamins cause I know my body’s gonna assimilate those nutrients better than, you know, these synthetic forms of vitamins. Um, anyway, so I take whole food multivitamins, you know, just to cover my bases. I will take glucosamine and chondroitin for my joints. And I know that’s kind of controversial for some people, but for me, I just, for whatever reason it works. Like I know notice a difference. I take spirally spirulina, sorry. Um, from the same company as bio Mastin.

It’s a, the Hawaiian esta xanthan, um, company. Anyways, um, I’d take, uh, probably like six to eight of those tablets. Spirulina is a very nutrient dense, uh, protein dense food that does not taste good, but if you just swallow them, it’s disgusting. Yeah, it kind of has a fishy taste cause it’s coming from the ocean. But I, the health benefits are great. So just get the tablets, don’t try and swallow the powder. Um, I take turmeric for as antiinflammatory properties, um, that also helps out with my joints and I actually take quite a bit of that. Um, I get the ones actually from Costco. They have the black pepper extract, which helped to, uh, help your body assimilate the turmeric cause we take just straight turmeric. Your body doesn’t absorb all of it from what I’ve studied. So, okay. Vitamin D, like I said, I take that with my coffee and then I do take digestive enzymes.

Um, lately I’ve been using MRM. There’s are great. Those work just fine. Um, and that, uh, definitely helps out with any digestion issues and digestive enzymes. You guys also help you assimilate nutrients when you’re eating them with your meal. It’s not just about helping you digest. It actually helps you to assimilate the nutrients in your food? Yes, and I probably should have said that before. I’m kind of categorizing them with all my vitamins, but actually take them with my meals. So yeah, I should have said that. Like for example, my lunch and my dinner is when I’ll take the digestive enzymes. Okay. Here’s the thing about ketosis. You guys like that’s my lunch and that’s a lot of calories, probably like 1200 calories and it’s probably like, you know, 40 to 50 grams of protein at once. And in the past I usually went do that.

But for me, like that’s like, it works perfectly. And then I’m good to go. Usually until dinnertime, like six, six 30 ish without any hunger pains or like a hangry issues. Like give me food. Now I’m starving. I’m actually very, very satiated and this is like night and day. I can feel a huge difference. Um, so if I do need a snack, macadamia nuts are a great ketogenic snack. Um, you know, pecans are another one. Um, Brazil nuts. I’ll do some times I try to stay away from like salted cashews or any kind of roasted ones because they’re usually roasted in like peanut oil or safflower oil or whatever, um, which isn’t the very healthiest type of oil. Uh, so I try and eat them raw. Uh, so that’s kind of like, if I do need a snack, that will be my go to snack for dinner now.

Okay. So like during this time, I’m like picking up, my girls were playing at the park or we’re doing stuff for doing homework. You know, sometimes I might have to work. Um, I’m good to go until dinner time and like dinnertime comes around and, uh, six, six 30 is when I eat. And for me, here’s a few different types of meals. Like for example, I, once a week I’ll, or maybe once every couple of weeks off by like a really nice steak and I’ll saute it, I’ll cook it in butter and butter us pink Himalayan salt, some pepper, maybe a little bit of, um, uh, cumin, cumin, I always pronounce that wrong. Um, on there, on both sides. And that is very, as a great ketogenic food. And then I also, one of my go to vegetables that I like to cook is coconut, um, cauliflower.

Um, and you’ve seen me post that recipe on my Instagram and social media. And for me it is cause I love coconut. So basically what it is, it’s one head of cow cauliflower chopped up into rice, like consistency and then you cook it over medium heat with one can of full fat coconut milk. So you add in the coconut milk, uh, stir it up, let it simmer until all the coconut milk is soaked into the cauliflower for about 10 to 15 minutes. And then once like the liquid is pretty much gone, turn the heat off, add in like about a cup, three fourths of a cup to a cup of unsweetened coconut flakes and you mix that in and man, I could eat that all day. You know, and it is a lot of calories. It’s very tasty. So you know, it actually tastes good.

Yes. And it is a lot of calories cause the full fat coconut milk and the coconut is high in fat. And the cauliflower’s is very, you know, obviously nutrient dense but low in carbohydrates. So it’s great for ketogenic lifestyle. And that’s kinda like my side dish. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and I will have, you know, so I’ll have like the steak and the coconut cauliflower. Other times I might just do chicken sausage with some, some more eggs and some more like all kind of broccoli or cauliflower and add it to my eggs to cook in there a little bit. And that’s like a really quick, easy dinner. Or sometimes I might do like a bacon cheeseburger with avocado on top with no bun. And that’s delicious too, you know? And that’s like my ketogenic type of meal. It’s the types of foods that I’m really only eating two main meals a day.

And it’s awesome because I’m like, I used to preach meal prep all the time and yes, that does work for a lot of people, but it is a lot of work. It’s a lot of preparation for this. It’s just two meals and I’m good to go. You know, Bulletproof coffee is, yeah, that’s not really, I’m not chewing during that time. But anyways, that’s kind like, uh, my typical day you guys, after that I don’t need to eat before I go to bed. I’m still full and I do add salt, you know, to those meals. Just so you know. And um, you know, before bedtime, uh, you know, play with the girls, we’ll read books and I usually go to bed around nine 30 and that’s a day in the life of drew.

Yeah. Healthy, wealthy and why I am old. I’m an old man, 35 years old, nine 30, 10, like is my typical when I go to bed usually now, like I said, this is like an optimal day. Like, Hey, this is like what I would like every day to look like, but let’s just, let’s face it, life happens. Uh, being a dad happens, you know, you have kids, you go on vacation, you travel for business. It’s not always the same. Yeah. But this is like, okay, if you can schedule your day, stick to a routine Monday through Friday, like you will see results if you stay consistent, you know, so you know, take from here what you want. You guys apply what you want or just be like Andrews and it, it, I can never do that.

If you were to tell people to integrate just two things that you do in your daily routine that you think is the most important, maybe something that could be like, okay, I can try out these two things this week. What two things do you think would be the most important?

Honestly, I would say meditation and positive affirmations. Other than that, because those are kind of like more mental, emotional, spiritual. Like if everyone could do that, that would be a better human being. I think. Other than that, on the physical side of things, I think, um, uh, let’s see. Obviously preparing their meals or knowing what they’re going to eat in advance would be great. Um, but having it just, I think just having a schedule like, okay, here’s my day and here’s what I’m going to eat. And when I’m going to eat it. Um, as far as like biggest bang for your buck as far as like vitamins or supplements go. Um, you know, for me, I’m a big fan of key gen X of course, but that might not be for everybody, a keto lifestyle. Uh, but I think if you, you know, fish oil, um, and like a whole food multivitamin, digestive enzymes and vitamin D, those things can make a big difference in people’s lives, especially if they don’t really know anything about nutrition and they know they don’t eat healthy, those four vitamins would be great.

Wow. We actually agree on some things. We’re very different as trainers. Neil here, that one next episode we’ll go into like what my day looks like. And as far as trainers go, we, we train very differently, we eat very differently. Um, but there’s some core things that we definitely both do and believe are crucial.

Yeah. So here’s the thing, you guys, at the end of the day, you know, it’s you versus you. You gotta do what’s best for you, find what works for you, make it a lifestyle change. This isn’t just some diet that I’m going to do for 30 days, and then just go back to eating cinnamon toast crunch again for the rest of my life. It’s not about weight loss. It’s not even just about fat loss. It’s about being the best version of you that you can be. And you need to be your own self experiment, experimenter like unique experiment on yourself. Find what works best for you and what’s optimal for you. And that’s, uh, the best way to discovering your best self. Um, just know that you’re worth it. To live a healthy lifestyle. You’re worth it to be healthy. It’s not just about being skinny, uh, but being the best version of you, like the best mom, the best dad, the best brother, sister, sibling, employee. And when you’re at your healthiest, that’s when you’re the best version of yourself because you’re happier. You’re not having to worry about your health, so just know that you’re worth it to fight to for your health. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode. Please feel free to reach out to me on social media if you guys have questions about it. Um, or uh,

yeah, we’ll try to keep detailed information in the show notes so that you guys can really see the exact routine that drew stated, the supplements that he said he takes so that you can click on those links or do a little bit of research to find, like drew said, find your balance, find what works for you and your body.

Yeah. So please leave us your feedback. Um, if you guys liked this episode and we hope you’ll join us next week for another great episode here on the fit defense fit experience.

Yeah. And if you want to find us on social media and learn a little bit more about us, my social media handle is the number two fit at home and I am on Facebook and on Instagram. My website is the number to fit@home.com and if you want to go scroll to the bottom, there’s a newsletter sign up. I like to send out a newsletter. Usually I’ll include some great information, a recent blog post, a healthy recipe, and if there’s any events coming up. So go ahead and register for my newsletter. You guys. And yeah, we’ll talk to you next week.

Yup. Thank you guys so much. And um, yeah, we hope you’ll join us next week for another great episode on the fit fit experience podcast. See, you guys.

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