What’s up everybody. Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning

and I’m your cohost Lynn Manning. And today I’m going to be leading this today. So I’m taking control today. You guys, you are in for a special treat on this podcast as I will be interviewing drew Alan Kypo Manning to get

guys and just tune out now. You can go ahead.

Don’t listen to this nervous. He’s nervous. So if you have been with us the last couple of weeks and if you haven’t that, I’ll put this in the show notes, but if you’ve been with us the last couple of weeks, we actually, uh, two weeks ago opened up a little bit more about our divorce, talked about, uh, what we went through a little bit more details, um, and then most importantly the transition post-divorce, how we’ve been able to maintain a relationship, especially for our kids. And we gave a few tips in there for, for people that are transitioning or have gone through divorce that are wondering how they can improve that. Um, and then last week drew interviewed me and he asked me some pretty personal questions. Some of them were funny. I appreciated those and I can’t believe I shared that, that story about pooping my pants anyways.

It’s fine. It’s totally fine. So what we’re doing Renee Brown, this is all her fault. It’s still happening because also tell her she should come on our podcast. Okay, great. Thank you. Um, so what we’re going to do today is I’m going to actually jump in and interview drew asking some questions so that you guys can learn a little bit about him. I’m actually not going to ask him at all about fit to fat to fit if you’ve been listening to the podcast and falling from me for years, you know, all about fit to fat to fit the experiences, the lessons, what he learned. I really want to get to know the core of drew and who he is, but you guys kind of see a little bit bit of a background of what I know about him and get to know him on that level. What we decided to do for these podcasts, just like last week, he doesn’t know any of the questions that he’s going to be asked. And he’s going to answer all of them anyway. So you’re going to really get to see a spontaneous, vulnerable look at who is drew. So we’ll go ahead and get right into it after we talk about our show sponsors. Go ahead, drew.

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So we’re going to go ahead and dive into this interview with drew, asking him a bit of some personal questions about himself and I’m actually going to be following a similar format to what he had lined up for me, uh, last week as far as with some of the questions. And I do want to go ahead and start and I want you to tell people a little bit about your childhood growing up, how many siblings you had, what it was like, maybe even from a religious standpoint. Um, you know what it was like growing up in your family.

Yeah. Okay. So a really quick, I grew up in a family of 11 brothers and sisters. My parents, uh, I don’t know how they did it. I guess I would call them crazy cause I have two kids and it’s hard enough to, I don’t know how my parents did it. They had one kid at a time. So no twins or anything like that. It’s all from the same mom and dad, pretty much every two years. My mom popped out a new kid, so pretty much, yeah, I think the oldest in our family is 45. The youngest is 21, 22. So you can see like, you know, 20 plus years of having kids. I was the seventh kid. There’s eight boys and three girls. Um, and uh, it was very, very interesting growing up in a family of 11. I grew up in San Diego, California until I was about 13.

Then I moved to Northern Virginia and, um, it was definitely very interesting growing up with a family of 11 siblings. We, uh, obviously all played sports. We were all active. Um, even though we had a lot of kids, I wouldn’t say we’re very close. Uh, we didn’t talk about emotions, we didn’t talk about personal things. Um, we kind of didn’t know how to communicate about that kind of stuff, which is good and bad, right? There’s good and bad things from that. But yeah, I did grow up. I grew up Mormon, pretty strict. Um, and, uh, we all did, you know, we’re all raised in the Mormon church or the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is what it’s called. But, um, I grew up, you know, very conservative and I played sports growing up, played football on wrestling and I learned a lot of things about discipline growing up, uh, from sports, from my parents, from my brothers and sisters, and uh, had a very like tough love type of childhood, I guess you could say. Uh, really wasn’t shown like a ton of, uh, sympathy or compassion, uh, when it came to certain things that like, you know, if I cried or whatever. Um, but anyways, I I feel like, you know, for the most part my childhood was a positive one. Um, definitely a lot of good things and bad things, but that’s me in a nutshell.

Yeah. I’m not going to lie. When I first started dating you and you told me how many people are in your family, I remember one of my first thoughts was, I am never going to remember all of these people’s names. This is never going to work. I actually do. I know everyone’s names. I know their kids’ names, which when you have that many siblings and that many kids I’m stocked. My memory is not the greatest. Okay. So next question. Okay. This is the only time I’m actually even going to really talk about fitness, but what made you decide to get into fitness or how, what got you to where you were at deciding to be a trainer?

I think it was because it all started watching my older brothers play football. Um, my brother Eric who might listen to this episode, uh, he’s a big uh, podcast listener. He might listen to this episode. I remember him playing high school football. I remember all of his, his buddies, him and the people on the varsity team are these buff guys and like, man, I want to be like that. So ever since I was a little kid I like, we had some weights downstairs that I remember him and his friends would, would work out with. And so I just started that from a young age wanting to look like them wanting to be buff. You know, I was playing football and like I look up, looked up to them and uh, and him, you know, uh, inspired me to want to be a good athlete. So I always was into exercise and nutrition not so much, cause actually, you know, when you’re cooking for 11 kids, I mean we didn’t have a lot of money.

We weren’t rich, we weren’t poor, but we always had food. And my mom had a cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner for 11 kids every single day. Right. And I don’t know how she did it, but, uh, we didn’t have the healthiest foods, but I remember growing up we didn’t really have box cereal. We didn’t have like Gushers and Capri suns and Oreos in our cupboards. It was all just like homemade food that my mom made from scratch for the most part. Um, so we had a lot of like lentil soups and casseroles, whatever it took to feed 11 mouth, you know.

Uh, yeah, those Castros are actually pretty good.

Yeah. Um, so it was like poor man’s food. Uh, so I wouldn’t say I grew up like really healthy, but same time probably stayed away from a lot of highly processed things. But we had like powdered milk and, and other things like that that we grew up on. Yes. I remember my mom would actually, she won’t listen to this, but she would actually try and trick us by putting powdered milk in real milk cartons to, you know, be like, Oh, it’s real milk. We could totally taste the difference. But like, mom, this is powdered milk. What are you doing? You know? And she’s like, sorry, that’s all we have this week. So I complained a lot as a kid. I was kind of probably a brat growing up. Like, you know, my, all my friends had like, you know, the Gushers and the Oreos and their lunch and I white bread, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, like two or three of those. And I’m like, I was so embarrassed as a kid growing up. I’m like, man, I just want the school lunch with a pizza, you know, and the fries. Like, I was so embarrassed to bring a Brown bag to lunch to school, you know.

Oh, I was laughing because his family has a private Facebook group just for the family members and on it. Yes. The other day his brother posted this picture and it had like four white pieces of white bread and it was like growing up poor. And it shows like for sandwiches, for hot dogs, for

hamburger buns, hamburger bar, like bread for garlic bread, like pretty much, it’s all the same piece of white bread. You got to get creative. Yeah. We would use it as hamburger buns. Hot dog buns. Uh, yeah. Garlic bread was all just made on white pieces of white bread. Yeah. Anyways, it was very unique. Chocolate.

I love it. Okay, so, uh, going to a little bit of a serious question. Dot, dot, dot. No, and that you don’t need to go into specifics, but I know you’ve had, um, a couple of big obstacles in your life, some struggles that you’ve had. And I wanted to know what are some of like the greatest lessons that you’ve learned from going through such hardship and struggles? Um, whether it’s something that you’ve learned that helps you overcome them or some practices that you’ve put in place or just life lessons in general. Like what, what are some big lessons that you’ve learned from hardship

without getting into specifics? Well, you can get into the specifics if you want. This episode is going to be a long episode. If I do that though, it’s up to you. Um, am I save them for another episode? Actually. Um, but basically as you guys know, um, you know, Lynn and I have been divorced for over a year now. We talked about that two weeks ago on our podcast. Um, we didn’t really get into why and you know, I have grown so much over the past two years, more so than the first 33 years of my life. Um, it’s been quite a ride and I wish I would’ve learned these lessons earlier in lax. I think it would have saved me and even land a lot of heartache and stress. Um, I had a very tough time learning to love who I was. Like I said, I grew up with a lot of discipline, a very black, white mentality.

You know, you, you either a plus student or you’re a failure. Right? That’s kinda like my perception of how I was raised. I was, I was never good enough. Um, I was never, you know, it felt like I, you know, I felt like had to be perfect all the time and I wasn’t. And because of that on the inside, I hated who I was my entire life, even though Lynn probably wouldn’t even have noticed that cause I acted like I was, you know, confident somewhat on the outside, on the inside. I was not confident. And I think some people who maybe knew me really well could tell that, but other people couldn’t. But I struggled with that my entire life. I never knew how to love myself. I always thought my motivation was to beat myself up more and that would cause me to be a better person and Oh, how I was wrong.

Um, I definitely had to fall flat on my face. You guys, um, w hit rock bottom. Um, and this was like around the time when Lynn and I had struggled in our marriage. I hit rock bottom. I kind of lost my identity, didn’t know who I was. Um, and I hated who I was. I literally hated who I was on the inside and I had no outlet. I had no way of expressing that or talking to Lynn about or anybody. I kept all my issues, my weaknesses on the inside. And I just figured, well, if I don’t talk about it, it’ll just work itself out. Work itself out one day. And, um, it doesn’t work that way and it doesn’t, everything came out open eventually and not the way I wanted it to. And certain parts about me that I would have liked to keep private works posed.

Uh, but it had to happen. Everything in my past had to happen. And it happened for a reason. And, um, it wasn’t until I met the life coach, uh, Catherine Dixon from clarity coaching that brought that out in me and finally learned how to love myself despite my weaknesses of my past and the mistakes that I made in my past. Um, because I felt like I would, I never was deserving of love. Like I just figured, Oh, just suffer. I deserve to suffer. And that’s what I, that’s what I grew up with and um, cause a lot of issues in our marriage because of that

and everybody is deserving of love. You guys, everyone, I don’t, you know, I know that this would be controversial, but I just want to say no matter where you’re at, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, no matter what hardships you’ve gone through, I’ve made mistakes in my life, especially in my youth a lot. And it’s never going to help for you to dwell and beat yourself up and cold yourself in that space. That that’s who you are. All you are is your mistakes. All you are your weaknesses, all you are are your sins. If you’re religious, that’s how they see it. Sometimes people say it and you’re not. You know, you’re so much more than that. And if we all only focused on our weaknesses, how sad would this world be? You need to sometimes just give yourself some grace and realize we all struggle and we make mistakes. And so one of your greatest lessons than drew was realizing that you could love yourself regardless.

Yes. That I wasn’t, I didn’t need to be defined by my past. And that was the problem I think was even though I grew up religious, the guilt and the shame that came with things that I did that I knew I wasn’t supposed to do. Um, I let myself define myself by those mistakes and that’s all I was ever going to be, was those mistakes that I made in the past. And you know, I’m not religious very, I’m not really religious anymore. Kind of taking a step away from the guilt and the shame that comes with it. And I’m kind of, um, you know, re exploring myself or reinventing myself and discovering, you know, what makes me happy. And I, you know, once I learned how to love myself, my life has been so much better and I’ve learned how to be vulnerable because that was my issue was I didn’t know how to be vulnerable.

You know, I figured that wasn’t what a man was supposed to be and until I learned that it’s made such a difference in my life. So one is love myself. Two is to learn how to be vulnerable, own your story and not care what other people think. And the reason I don’t share my personal story of specifics of like what we went through and why we got divorced is it is my story and I do own it and it’s just, I feel like there’s a time and place for it and maybe one of these days I’ll be able to share it completely. But I just feel like, um, you know, for right now it’s uh, not something that we’ll talk about for now.

Yeah. I’m willing to be honest and fair. You know, our life stories are personal and you share them with and home. You have that, that openness, that trust, um, and that space, like you said, that the open space for it. Um, and so I don’t think it’s necessarily needs to be shared. I think what’s more important is the lessons that we learn about ourselves through trials and how we can kind of share with others the amount of growth and learning. And I think especially in like in your case, drew, you know, it’s, it’s hard for me an outsider’s perspective. Like it’s hard for me. It was hard for me to see how much you didn’t love yourself. And we’ve kind of talked about this a little bit I think in the last episode, but you know, when you were talking about you can’t have your happiness be dependent on someone else’s happiness.

For me, I realized I could never have loved you enough to made you make you be a certain way or love yourself. Like I, you can’t make someone else loved them. And the more you love that person isn’t going to make them love themselves more. It, it only comes from within. You know, someone’s only gonna love themselves if they put in the self care and the self worth and, and work on their self confidence, you can’t do that for them. You know, you can praise them all you want or talk about how great they are or you know, it’s not about you, it’s about them and it’s their journey. And don’t put that weight on yourself thinking if only I change or love them a little bit more. You have to realize, you know, that that’s for them and their journey and process and they’ll work on it and go through it in their own time.

Yeah. So next question, a little bit more lighthearted. Um, you are such an amazing dad and uh, that’s one thing that I always talk to people about. It’s interesting whenever they, you know, you get the crazy like, Ooh, your X, you work with your ex or crazy things about your acts. And the, one of the things that I always say is even though they’re especially a few, a few really, really, really hard years that, uh, I sometimes wish I could erase from my memory. I’m like, you know what though? Like when I really, even now looking back, I’m like, I would do it all again and he is the greatest dad. Like if you are going to be having children with someone that you’re now not married to. Like if you have somebody that’s an amazing dad, you lucked out and not every dad, you know, gives their kids time and energy that drew gives our kids. He’s such a good father. And I wanted you to share maybe a little bit of what has helped you be such a good dad or what are some of the things that you try to implement with our girls to make sure that they know they’re loved and help with their self love and their confidence?

Yeah. Um, I kind of want to be careful how I say this, um, because I definitely don’t want to offend anyone, but I feel like, you know, we only have our experiences in life when we can draw from those experiences. That’s kind of shape. That’s kinda how we’re shaped and molded is through our past experiences. And I feel like, you know, I might not agree with a lot of things or the way I was raised by my parents, even though I love them and they’re great and I learned so many things from them. There’s a lot of things that I don’t want to be, um, in my life and that’s come from them. And I feel like I want to be, you know, uh, for my girls better in some ways. Like I, I want to, I definitely don’t want to be certain characteristics that maybe my parents were and, uh, that’s not knocking them or, you know, saying, you know, I’m disappointed in them.

It’s just, you know, for me, I, I, it shaped me and molded me into wanting to be the best dad possible. And the, one of the, the things that helped me was when we were pregnant with Kaliyah, um, uh, someone recommended this book to me when they found out I was having a daughter called strong fathers, strong daughters. And I don’t remember the name of the author, but just Google it. Um, and it changed my perspective on the importance of a father. And a daughter’s life. And I kind of saw what happens, you know, when, um, there’s not that special relationship there. And girls are so different than boys and when they’re raised with a dad that, so for example, uh, I believe a daughter learns how to love, uh, from her mom, but she learns how to be loved from her dad. You know, and I feel like, um, that helped me to realize that I need to have a special relationship with my daughters where I show them love and, um, tell them I love them and give them hugs and kisses and praise them and tell them that they’re beautiful.

You can’t say that enough to your daughters cause I think they need that, especially in a world that kinda tears them down and uh, and uh, challenges, their self esteem and their confidence. So many girls grow up with, you know, self esteem issues and confidence issues. And I see seed in my family firsthand, uh, my sisters and even me, I grew up with like low self esteem and low confidence. But for girls it’s, it’s totally different. So for me, it just made me want to be the best as possible to my daughters, understanding the importance of this role. And yeah, I have, um, not been the perfect husband, you know, um, I tried, but you know, it is what it is, right? We’re divorced now. Um, I wouldn’t say like I was a failure by any means, but I know that in my life I have the chance to be the best at possible. And if I fail at everything else, if I fail at business, fulfill other relationships, if I can look back at my life and, and I, and say I was a successful dad, I was a good dad, I will, you know, rest easy at night knowing that that was my mission in life.

And I love that. I love, yeah, I love that you put our girls first and everything and I love that together. And I think that’s why we are able to work together and co-parent well together is that we both do that. You know, we both know that our girls self esteem and self worth and everything is number one. Um, for any parents out there, like wondering a good place to start. Um, one of the things that I love to do is every night before bed I read my children the parent teen manifesto by Bernay Brown. If you just want to Google it, you can find tons of copies. And I like to read that with my kids. And of course they’re young. So I break it down and I explain like when it says that we’ll be open and vulnerable, what does vulnerable mean again?

And there’ll be like, it means we share our emotions and it talks about how, you know, as a family, like you’ll love each other no matter what. That you’ll open up, that you’ll share the good and the bad, that there’s always a place for you no matter what. And one of the things that I love about drew and I that we’re very consistent on is parenting is for our kids to know that we all make mistakes, that we don’t expect perfection out of them, that we want them to try and to be kind of course and loving, but that we make mistakes. And I apologize to my kids all the time. I’ll be like, you know, mommy made a mistake or mommy got mad and she shouldn’t have yelled. Or, you know, I think a lot of times as parents we think, Oh well we need to, you know, we’re the authority so we shouldn’t say we’re sorry.

And I think that’s a huge mistake. You know, I think that showing your children that everyone makes mistakes and being vulnerable about that and apologizing and just being loving is one of the best approaches. And my kids, um, you know, as far as their behavior and stuff is actually I think even better because of that, you know, cause they’re more open and they’re willing to tell me when they’ve made mistakes. Um, so yeah, drew does such a good job at loving our daughters and making sure that they see their self worth. So I love those tips. Okay. Drew? Yes. I’m here. An interesting talent or ability or thing about you that people don’t know

an interesting talent or ability

or experienced something that people might find unique about you that they don’t know. Like they’d be like, what? I would never have expected that.

Um, Drew’s a really good ballet dancer. I’m kidding. I’m totally kidding. I wish I was and I could say that, but I can’t say that. Um, let’s see here.

Yeah. Maybe you have some ideas here. But the one thing that pops into my mind was, and I don’t know if I told you this in Hawaii, I was fitting spontaneous and I was invited to go to a hip hop dance class and you saw the video, you showed it to me. Oh shoot. I forgot. But I did cause I’m like, you know what, life’s too short. Like I don’t dance like a lot. Like, you know, Lynn knows that I’m not a big dancer. Um, I’ll buy my head a little bit and do the side step, you know, shake his hips a tiny bit like side side. Yeah. But you know, so I kind of went out of my comfort zone and went to a hip hop class. That was me and three other girls, that’s all. And it was just really awkward. But I was told I did actually pretty good even by Shaunti who is a good friend from, you know, he’s from insanity now. Shaunti condensed. Right. And I showed him if he said I did good, then hopefully he meant that. But I don’t know. I’m not, I didn’t, I just went to one class, but, um, I’m trying to think of what else unless you have any, I don’t have any cool abilities.

I don’t have any amazing abilities. Uh, I, I, you know, I was just thinking anything new for people that they maybe didn’t know about you, but I mean, I think we’re going to get into something more entertaining and that’s similar to that and more of the lightening

if I think of something, Oh, she prepared a little lightning round questions. Okay. If someone else comes to my mind, I’ll mention it.

How about this one? What goals or dreams do you have that probably no one knows about? Maybe something you thought about, like, you really want to accomplish this or do this or where you maybe want to be in a few years that you haven’t really shared.

That was another tough question. Um, cause I like you, I, I’ve learned to live in the moment and I haven’t really prepared for the future. Um, but I kind of have had some thoughts and some ideas. Um, and it has to do, I can’t get into specifics cause it has to do with my story, but it does have to do with being a single dad and um, opening up and writing a book about, um, my journey and what other people can learn from it. Um, and it’s been totally open, 100% transparent sharing everything. And um, I haven’t set a goal like here’s the date it’s going to happen, but it’s just been in the back of my mind because I feel like there’s a lot of people that have gone through this and I feel like there’s, it’s not talked about. Wow. Are they at all? Wow. And I feel like a lot of people can maybe benefit from it. So, but obviously I’m a little bit nervous and scared to talk about it. Um,

wow. That would be huge. That’s kind of amazing. I wasn’t expecting that answer. See what happens when we don’t talk about what we’re going to, I don’t know. I thought you were going to say something. I know you’re going to say something like I’m going to go hike Mount Everest or something. Fitness related. Physical related. But that was emotional related. Okay. So let’s finish up with a few fun light questions. Fast loading light questions. Most embarrassing moment.

Oh shoot. Why did you have to ask this? Um, okay, there’s two good, let’s share both. One was, Oh shoot this, okay. I won’t mention names here but uh, back in high school I had this girlfriend, she probably won’t be listening to this. Um, and uh, I was very self conscious back then and I remember one time she was massaging me and like I went to scoot forward with her. She was sitting on my back, right? So there’s pressure being pushed down and I went, I was like, she’s like, can you scoot for something cause we’re kinda off the edge of the bed. And so I’m like, Oh sure. And I did. And as I went to scoop forward, I totally farted

and I didn’t say anything cause I was like, Oh my gosh, just really, that really just happened. And she didn’t say anything, but I knew that like I was like, okay, you were sitting right on my butt. So I was like, uh, I didn’t say anything. She didn’t say anything. It was like, Oh, how’s the weather outside? It’s really cold. We just totally changed the subject and it was totally awkward.

Um, and number two was, and you’re gonna laugh at this. So I went on this TV show called the view, which I don’t watch, but I know there’s a lot of women on it. And I went to like, I don’t know, I was in Hollywood and I knew that people were like, you know, kiss them on the cheek when you meet them. So I decided on live TV. Now the view is live, it’s not recorded, but I went and all the women, there was five women on the show. I like, you know, they introduce me, drew, Manny, and I come out and waving to the crowd. I’m like feeling good and I go and and shake everybody’s hand. But then I pull myself in for a side kiss, you know, slash hug and did it to every single one. It was just really awkward by the end, like Barbara Walters and I think um, what’s the redhead? Joy Bay heart. We’re like, what are you doing? Like yeah, they shook my hand but then they kind of pulled away as I went to kiss them on the side of the cheek. Noticeably. The reason why that’s the sole,

I told him not to do it. I said they don’t know. You don’t kiss their cheek and you’re like well I’m going to see. And the, the woman that came out before was Joe Biden’s wife and so she kissed them each on the cheek and they of course were cool with that cause they’re women cause and she’s a woman and they kind of know her. But then it was funny cause like you could see the apparent awkwardness.

Ah, it was bad. It luckily you can’t find it on YouTube, I don’t think. Unless someone has, if you do,

someone has it and can find it and share it, it’s pretty good. Okay. Worst date.


or awkward moment on a date.

Here’s the thing. I have not actually been on a lot of dates even in my entire life. I haven’t like gone out and dated girls. I can’t think of one dates. Come on. I haven’t had like

a bad date though. I can’t remember. So maybe you just don’t have a bad date. I was going to say you’ve been on several dates in the last little while. I ha, well, I mean in Hawaii, so I just, I mean they’re not sure. I haven’t.

Um, but I don’t really recall anything like weird or awkward happening that I know of now. If he asked the girl, maybe she might have a story, but dang it, all women have girls. I don’t, I don’t, I mean, I just, I, I’m a very easy, I get, I, I’m very easy to get along with and even, even if there’s an awkward moment, like I make it not awkward for them.

Okay, good. Aside from if you fart and they fart and then no one says anything, he changes the subject. Okay. Okay.

Let’s see.

Most feminine. So this kind of goes back to your interesting tale. I think. You know, most feminine thing you do that people wouldn’t know.

I, here’s the thing, and you’re going to make fun of me because of this, because you’ve been married to me for a long time. It’s called manscaping, so it’s not feminine, but a lot of people are like, Oh my gosh. Do you shave your arms, shave your body? I shave all my body hair except for my face and my head. Um, I don’t like body hair. And so I use like, I think it’s Phillips neuroco like body groomer and it’s like 30 bucks at Walmart and I spend like 45 minutes a week on average body grooming my entire body. Um, and it takes a long time. Lynn knows and it’s a mess to clean up.

It’s a disaster cleanup. I don’t miss that. I’m just going to throw out. I do not miss it. If people want to know, people are like, why’d you guys, I’m just going to start saying cause he manscaped I’m just kidding. You guys know we like to make landscaping so I don’t know if it’s considered feminine, but I was thinking more of like you blow drying your hair and stuff. But I mean, well I take care of it. I use product in my hair,

you know, I get it cut and I the the blow drying of the hair makes it look thicker. So self conscious about going ball. Cause all my brothers are bald. You guys don’t tell them that, but they are.

Don’t tell them. They’ll never know. Oh okay. Celebrity crush.

Um Oh what’s her name?

Show me the movie. I might know. I probably not though. I’m really bad at celebrity names.

No, I’m trying to think. Here’s the thing. Ever since I was little, little, little Michelle Pfeiffer has been my go to girl. Like ever since I was little. Even now she’s like hasn’t aged in 50 years. I’ve always had a crush on Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle Pfeiffer. She’s a good one. Yeah, I mean she’s classic. She’s ageless, right? Is that the right word term? Like she’s just classic, like she’s always beautiful movies, you know? Um, yeah, she’s my go to one.

Okay, good one. Okay. That was it. You survived. You wrapped it up. Okay. That’s all I have for you. That’s I have for you. I didn’t think it was that bad. I mean, I left, I followed similar to your thing, but I didn’t include anything about like why did you marry me or what’s like the most annoying thing I do? Cause let’s be honest, I don’t want to know that. Well, let me tell you, go down the list. No, no, just kidding. Just kidding. Now you can wrap it up with any tidbits of information or inspiration.

Then you guys, I, I am who I am. I, some of my positive affirmations that I tell myself every day when I look in the mirrors, I say, you know, you’re a good man. You’re a good father. Um, you’re happy. You’re kind, you’re blessed, you’re grateful. Um, you’re healthy, you’re strong, and um, you’re happy. And I look at myself and tell myself those things every day, and they’ve made a big difference in my life. Deadly meditation as well. Um, and, uh, I actually like who I am now for the first time. And this isn’t, I’m not trying to sound cocky or like calm or, you know, I am confident, a lot more confident now than I used to be, but genuinely like, it’s, it’s so interesting how life is so much better when you like who you are and you don’t care about what other people think.

I mean, for the most part, you obviously being in the public eye it’s different because you can’t just be a jerk or just, you know, do whatever you want to. Um, but I definitely worry a lot less about what other people think of me. Um, and, uh, yeah, it’s just this past two years that people asked me, are you happier now versus when you were married? And I say, honestly, I am happier now and I know Lynn’s happier now and we’re in a good place emotionally and spiritually. And um, yeah, it’s, it’s weird how, you know, even though you know, in other people’s perspectives and their outside opinions, it’s like, Oh, well you can’t be happy cause you’re not doing this, this and this. You know, but you, I am, and I know Lynn is. And, uh, I still have my hard days. I’m not perfect by any means.

I’m still learning. I’m still growing. And that’s what’s beautiful about this is there’s a lot of things that I don’t know. Um, and I’m OK with that. Um, but one thing I do know is that I love being a dad and that’s my main mission in life. Whether a fail at everything else, that’s one thing I know I can be successful at. That’s one thing I know I’m good at. Uh, but in the meantime, I do enjoy what I do with fit to, to fit. And I had no idea any of this would happen, but I feel grateful and blessed to be where I’m at today. And I promise you guys to give my full self to helping, uh, as many people as possible. Um, not just lose weight cause I hate that it’s so superficial. You know, it’s like anybody can give you a meal plan or workout plan but it’s uh, you know, my, I think my approach is different now that I’ve been through what I’ve been through with fit to about to fit and um, with my new perspective on life I guess you can say. And so I hope you guys enjoy this. I hope you guys find value in what Lynn and I bring to the table. So thanks for, thanks for having me on my, I appreciate it.

Thanks for having me on. Yeah, you guys, I hope that you guys realize that it may be a little different cause you may think, how does some of these episodes have to do with, with fitness and our approach really is, is an overall synergy in your life of spirituality, mental health, emotional health, you know, physical health. We don’t want to just feed you nutrition information or tell you about all the latest diet trends, which sometimes we will talk about those, but we want to talk about other things that are real and in our lives and how we can improve that. So hopefully you guys enjoyed those questions about drew, getting to know a little bit more about who he is, not fitness related because that’s just such a small component about who he is and yeah, we’ll have, we’ll have some, some goodies and stuff for you guys next week.

Now if you want to continue to follow us or get more information about us, you guys can find more information on our websites. Mine is the number to fit@home.com and my social media handles are the number two fit at home on both Instagram and on Facebook. On my website. There’s a little section where you can actually put in your email if you want to join my free newsletter. And that’s where I’ll share some recipes, some health and wellness tips, some self-love tips as low as well as I announced if I ever have any new programs or events coming up so you can check me out there.

Yep. Thank you guys. Once again for tuning in. Uh, all my social media handles are at fit two fat two fit with a number two, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and my websites, Fitbit, fit.com. Sign up for my newsletter there. You guys, uh, definitely delivering a lot of great content and information knowledge, uh, for you guys and to stay in the know as far as like upcoming events and the TV show. Um, a lot of big things come and you guys, we appreciate your support. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys, so thank you for tuning in. Please subscribe to us on iTunes, leave us a review. Please. Helps our ratings, um, and shirt with a friend. Uh, we appreciate you guys and we’ll see you guys back here for another great episode on the fit. Perfect fit experience podcast.

See you guys


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