All right. What’s up everybody? Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning, your cohost Lynn manning. Thank you guys so much for joining us for another great episode here on the podcast. We always appreciate you guys tuning in today. We have a special episode for you guys. A good friend of mine, Craig prize and door. I think I’m pronouncing it right. He’s actually a good friend of mine from fit con you guys. Uh, he’s one of the owners of fit con. Um, he’s uh, he’s known on social media as the superhero maker and which is pretty bold statement. So basically he’d be, he makes superheroes. And what we mean by that is he, uh, he trains high level athletes. You know, he has some MMA athletes under his belt. He has other types of athletes. Um, he’s been a personal trainer for a long time, been in the industry for a long time.

Uh, he kind of gets into his background of coming up, uh, you know, as a bodybuilder. And that’s what first kind of started and then he kind of dives into his journey to ketosis. Now he’s a huge advocate of it. And talking about nutrition for your brain, you guys. So we kind of dive into ketosis for fat loss, ketosis for our women. Yep. So we get into hormones and talking about how, you know, some of his clients have even gotten pregnant, uh, even though they said that their doctor said they couldn’t get pregnant while on ketosis. But we’ll dive into that a little bit later. We get into exogenous ketones and these new smart drugs. So if you guys have seen the movie limitless, right? There’s this pill that he takes and, and uh, you know, that’s, that’s not realistic of course, but there, there is this emerging product, uh, that’s coming out that are, has been out for a while.

These smart drugs, which Tim Ferriss has talked about on his podcast and a lot of people in industry have used. And, and Craig created one of his own called lucid. So he talks about, uh, what that is and what that does realistically for your brain. So, uh, before we dive into this episode, you guys, there’s a lot of, uh, great gyms in this episode. Before we dive in, our show sponsor is key gen X. Now key gen is a exogenous ketone supplement company. You’ve heard me talk about it, you’ve heard me post about it. I too am a huge fan of, of nutritional ketosis. But what’s so cool about these exaggerations ketone supplements from Kegenix are that it puts your body into a state of ketosis, helps accelerate that process. So basically you can test your blood ketone levels before taking it, which let’s say if you’re eating a lot of carbs, you probably aren’t in ketosis.

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All right, you guys. Let’s go ahead and hang out with Craig prison and door.

All right. What’s up, Craig? Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. How are you doing today man? Doing great man. Thanks for coming on. Now let me make sure I pronounce your name right for everybody listening to this as it present or for prison. Dorff right? Like PRI, like [inaudible]. I don’t think I’ve ever prison door. Well I’ve never, you know, use your last name when I talked to you. It’s called you Craig, you know, so I wanna make sure we’re all pronouncing it right. Let’s call him Superman, Superman. You could call them the super hero maker, the super hero maker, which is, you know, that’s what most people know. You as anyways is the superhero maker.

So I’ve met Craig in person, um, for those of you are there listening to the podcast. But honestly, when drew said we were going over to his place and he was telling me name, I’m like, I don’t know who that is. But then he said, Oh, the superhero maker. And I’m like, Oh yeah, I know who that is.

The world of social media.

We are up the social media world and I have seen you many a times come up. So we’re definitely excited to have you on the podcast here.

Yeah. Yeah. So just so everybody knows like how I got to know Craig was basically through fit con I think through Dalen Craig was one of the owners of fit con and, and I went to fit con the first year, uh, last year and that’s how I got to know you and like start following you and like, you know, learning more about you. And so that’s kinda how we came to know each other. But for those that don’t know you know much about you, Craig, let’s start from the beginning, man. Tell us a little bit about your background. You going into the military, you were a Marine. Let’s just kind of start, you know a little bit more about your background so my audience can get to know you better.

Yeah. Do you want me to go? Well that’s, that’s, you know,

that’s just go as deep as you feel like and what kind of go from there.

All right. That’s what she said.

Craig, I’m already going to love you. Okay.

Uh, so yeah, so I mean, I started, so I was raised out here, you know, uh, pretty, pretty LDS, pretty hardcore Les. And uh, to the point where like if I said a curse word like shit, I would get grounded for three months. So that’s how hardcore where you are, right? So like, uh, I started, uh, lifting weights about 12 years old. I just like soft flex magazine and wanted to get forearm bands as bad as possible. And so I started with a one 10 pound weight. That’s all we had in our house and I’ll do him forearm curls until I couldn’t anymore. And all I wanted to see is the forearm mains in my wrist, get up to my forearm. And once that was accomplished, I kind of step my game up. I got my first gym membership when I was 12. I was at the Lehigh legacy center and I can, I can remember doing chest flies for the first time.

I was like, Oh my gosh, I’ve never felt that in my life before. This is amazing. And, uh, you know, so downhill from there, what happened is, you know, one of my young men’s leaders asked me like, you know, when I turned 16 are you gonna start dating chicks? Cause that’s the age that you know, you can start dating in that kind of community. And uh, I was like, no, I gotta get buffed first. And that was, that was literally my response. And uh, from then on, you know, I jumped in the Marine Corps, I kind of had it, you know, with my, my home and wanted to kind of, you know, I thought it was my balls. I didn’t think what in my head at that point. And so the Marine Corps was that choice and going in, I was in really good shape.

I played a lot of soccer, I did a lot of running and I trained for bootcamp cause they’re like, you’re gonna be pushups and pull ups. So is that like 50 pull-ups and a ton of crunches within two minutes, whether it was like 170. And my runtime was about 1745 for three miles. It was phenomenal. And I was at the top of my class and when we got to boot camp, everyone was like the drill start Greg, I remember specifically say so you came in really good shape so you came in terrible shape and in the end you’re all gonna meet in the middle. And I was like damn it. At that point I knew I was in for a really rough time. So at the end of boot camp I ended up getting 35 pounds of fat and Marine Corps bootcamp because they just fed me.

Yeah, yeah. It’s more mental too, right? Like bootcamp was actually very easy physically for me, but it was just, you know, they fed you like cafeteria food. So I was on double rations too cause I was so tiny and so they’re just like feed me everything like bread. And they made me drink soda and you know, it was just, it was crazy. But at the same time that’s what they did. And I saw, you know, we had one guy in my camp and I saw, he was like, couldn’t do one pull up and all he could do one pull up that was the bare minimum and be like one and a half. And he was overweight and wasn’t that overweight. And he’s just super tall and lanky. So you know, like his, his structure wasn’t necessarily built for athleticism. And at the end of it he lost 70 pounds. But at the time he could only do two pull-ups in 40 minutes. And so at that point you’re looking at it and you’re like, what went wrong here? If you lose 70 pounds, you can’t do more than five pull-ups, you got a big discrepancy. And so that’s what really kind of rocket immune to figuring out what real fitness was about. And yeah, and you know, cause I mean you should be doing 20 bullets. So I’m losing 70 pounds. That should be a no brainer. Yeah.

So funny story, really quick, sorry to cut you off, but like I did this PFT with some Marines recently or no, not recently. About a little over a year ago and they invited me to come do it with them. And it was fun, man. Seeing like, you know, all different Marines have different backgrounds. Some could do to pull up, some could do like 52 kind of like you. And I remember doing the pull ups and the sit ups and the run and uh, and then afterwards, like I actually went to speak on health, you know, the teach, you know, teach the Marines a little bit more about nutrition. Right. Because you just eat what you’re fed. Right. And I remember after we did all that breakfast burritos and Gatorade is what was served.


So I totally get where you’re coming from. I, it would be easy to gain 35 pounds, so I get what you’re talking about. But anyway, so that’s kind of where your fitness, you know, your interest for fitness. Well, it started when you were 12, but you know, it kind of piqued your interest when you were in the Marine Corps.

Yeah. And I, I figured there’s gotta be a better way. And so my parents weren’t too happy about what my dad was proud of me. Right. But my mom kind of ran the show. And so my mom kind of like kind of booted me out of the house because I went to the Marine Corps in a sentence and wasn’t going to church anymore. And so at that point, like I was homeless for about three days and I moved in with one of my buddies, um, and his dirt floor, basement, cause he was quite poor too. And so is his dad. And so, you know, I, uh, I busted up to Larry Scott’s facility. I found a good mentor in Bailey hall and he, uh, pretty much said, you know, if you, if you come up here and you put in your due diligence, we’ll do your certification for free, just, you know, recommend people over. And so, sure enough, you know, like when I grew up, my parents said you’re going to be a lawyer or a car salesman. So at that point, like, you know, I haven’t,


So at that point, like, you know, I was able to bring people in and kind of pay for my certification that way. But I was able to mentor under Larry Scott, which is, I mean invaluable. And he was so intelligent in the way he did things and he learned under Vince Garamba so and the old school salad bodybuilding, I mean that’s really what the gem of bodybuilding is. It’s been so far distorted into what it is now, but it is kind of moving back if you haven’t noticed with Pittcon and everything with the classic division. So it’s cool to see that. And so at that point I was able to see, you know, what true connection with your body was. He actually taught me, you know, the first thing you taught me was like if you can’t flex the muscle wire itself, you have no like position adding any resistance to it. And at that point that was massive. And that still applies today when I’m learning from, you know, with Ben [inaudible], he teaches the same thing. And so at that point, you know, kind of moving forward, I got it. I got a job at Gold’s gym as a personal training sales manager and at that point it was kind of just to get chicks to at that point,


You’re a personal trainer and you thought it was how I would wear my personal training shirt to the mall.

Oh my gosh. All the ladies, this is, this is where men don’t understand women, my girlfriends and I always joke like if you have a Tinder profile and one of the pictures is of you shirtless, that girl is not swiping right. Okay. I just want you to know everyone listening to this podcast. This was free dating advice. Like the funny, it’s like the funny meme where it’s like a guy, what a guy thinks will happen when he lifts weights. It’s him with a bunch of chicks, but then it says reality and it’s him with a bunch of dudes. What do you do? Lifting, lifting weights. You know, it’s kind of funny. Yeah. Yeah. So, so you became a personal training sales manager, not a personal trainer yet.

Yeah. I mean, I’m so personal trying to sell it and personal training goes hand in hand because I had to do a lot of free sessions start the sale. Right. So what it was was it was Walmart stop training. It was the worst of the worst. I thought I was doing something good and you know, there were, you know, the 2% that would see results and whatnot. But you know, so continuing on, I stayed in that realm. I was always training. I had some plants on the side because I was trying to further what I could do as a trainer and a coach. And then, I mean fast forward, I mean it was pretty much the same stuff, same stuff until I kind of found um, Ben [inaudible]. And that kind of brought me back to what I learned from Larry cause I got a sense had moved away from it with the whole sales and you know, training, different modalities and whatnot.

So Ben close to me brought me back into the intention of training and like you moving the muscle with your mind instead of just going through the movements and why are you moving that now? Why are you lifting? What is that weight doing for you? Like cause your bicep doing the whole work are you compensating else? And those were massive for me and you know, it went from, you know, lifting heavy and going hard to lifting intelligently and adding resistance when nets necessary. And yeah, I mean that’s how you save yourself. You know what I mean? I mean there’s a place to get strong and that’s during the big lifts, like the dead lift and you know, the bench press and you know, some explosive movements like kill those swings and ball slams. But if you’re in the wind, you know, the gym slinging hundreds. Like I tried it once, you know, it was just, you’re going to just, yeah,

yeah, yeah. I think a lot of people overlook the mind muscle connection that we kinda just go through the motions. Like, okay, I’m doing bicep curls now. Okay, I’m doing Dumbo Rose. I’m doing bench press but and then the whole time they’re there, you know, they’re thinking about work or they’re thinking about life and, and, and they don’t see the results they want to. So I think that mind muscle connection is something that’s very, very, very overlooked in the industry. So that’s kind of cool that you preach that and you’ve kind of understood that and you pass it on to those that you, you train. So, so tell us your journey to kind of where you are now to being the superhero maker. I know you’re kind of getting there like a what at what point did that carry over to you know who you are now?

Yeah. So as soon as a Marvel started doing all their superhero movies and they, I think the first one was iron man, if I’m not mistaken. I looked at that and then Thor came out and captain America came out and I was like I need to rebrand. Cause like I was thinking superhero something, right. Cause I was always obsessed with Superman obviously. And in Batman and the flash is actually my first original favorite. And I looked at that, I’m like, Hey, we’re moving from a pop icon culture to a superhero culture and now everyone’s going to want to get in shape. So at that point I’m like, I need to make super new. And so what I did is I actually went into Jeremy Horn’s gym, which is spiders, and I was like, look, I can do stuff for you guys because you guys aren’t doing anything that’s going to be optimal.

They weren’t, I mean they weren’t watching their nutrition too tightly. I mean, Josh Tyler, which you know, he has been, he came from a wrestling background, so he was like 5% fat. He was running 12 miles a day pretty much every three days. And he was amazed created. And so like I stepped in, we did some modifications to nutrition. This was before ketosis. This was more of like just a roundabout 40 40 20 you know, protein, carb, fat ratio. And you know, we saw improvements. I mean I stopped them from all running because in a sense it’s like if you’re going to be a fighter, you’re going to fight, you know, 18 minutes total, three, five minute rounds of three minutes, you know, a break in a sense. Or you’re going to have five, five minute rounds with four minutes or in break is 30 minutes total.

And why are you training anything over 30 minutes? Like you need to be as bad ass as possible in a maximum of 30 minutes. And so at that point, like all endurance training pretty much went out the window and branding yourself as a superhero maker and training fighters is quite easy for myself because buyers, in my opinion, are the ultimate athlete. And if you can get a fighter to click at every level, you can get any athlete to clip at any level. So at that point, you know, it went further and further to that. And then I saw the brain damage being done and everything kind of shifted. So all honesty here, I did a whole summer full of mushrooms. So okay, I love the honesty. Hey, no judgment here, Craig. It’s all bad, keep going. You guys are phenomenal. And so like I did a lot of mushrooms and you know that actually helps in a sense heal my brain.

Cause if actually I didn’t know it was doing that and just it seemed like the intuitive thing to do and I jumped into that and it really changed everything that happened and all of a sudden it was like I need to focus on nutrition for the brain first and everything else will follow and that’s when I, yeah, I started following in a sense carb backloading with John keeper who was my first introduction because he had that two week, you know, fat adaptation Pais which I was actually stuck in because I failed three or four times trying to even get an Akita and didn’t work because he recommended junk food, which he actually came out later and said, Hey, no junk food. I was wrong on that. It was a marketing tactic.

I remember him talking about pizza and some kind of like lemon filled donuts or something like that. It was a dream come true, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. People jumped on that. Again context though, cause he was also talking about taking, you know, extremely chubby powerlifters who were already had this great base of muscle and dropping them to just 15% so if you’re going from 25 to 15 and you take out fast food, breakfast, lunch and dinner and just let them eat fast food and dinner, obviously they’re going to drop to 15% body fat. So I think the context was a big thing that we all didn’t get until later. And so getting into that, you know, actually started going into Mark Sisson’s, the primal blueprint where she was saying, you know, an extreme athlete doesn’t eat any more than 150 grams of carbs a day.

I was like, what the hell? That’s crazy. And Charles Polycon was a big leader into this too when he said he got all like 80% of his Olympic athletes were on 70% I’m like, what the hell? How is that possible? You know? And so at that point I really started diving into that. She was actually my first introduction into neurotrophics as well cause he’s been using them with Olympic athletes for so long, like alpha GPC, Bacopa, Huperzine, all those good focus supplements. And so I started experimenting there and then I got deeper into the race in Kansas as well. And this is all brain focused again. And then eventually, and then we took ketosis. And at that point the superhero maker journey in a sense was perfect. And the fact that I, so yeah, go ahead. No, I was just going to ask, so, so at what point did you convert to ketosis? Did you experiment on yourself first or were you experimenting on your athletes,

putting them in ketosis and seeing the amazing results cause you, it sounds like you’re similar to me. You researched the science, you’re amazed by all the science, like wow, this sounds interesting. But the application of it was that you first and your athletes and then you were sold or at what point were you sold on ketosis?

Always me first. Always be okay. I don’t feel comfortable putting any, anybody in something I haven’t done. And you at that point, cause I, you know, you don’t, you can’t master it until you mastered it and then therefore you can’t coach it, I believe, until you’ve mastered it. And it took, like I said, I failed three full times. Have you been getting into ketosis? I was too high on protein. My body builder instinct was like, Oh, I’m so preview of this. Sorry about that. I competed three times and yeah, a big, big issue I need to bring up with that is my first show. Um, I failed at even getting into, so like three and a half times I went with a coach and he may say to me, you know, doing four hours of cardio and 900 calories and chicken a day. Yes. And he abused you a little bit, you know, my wife died with me and we were just both like, I mean, we dying right and get out.

My coach, he pulls me up, he’s like, you’re not gonna make it. And so at that point I’m like, what the hell? You should know if you’re a coach and like six weeks of I’m not gonna make that shit, you know, at that point. So I switched to another coach and um, that pushed, the coach put me on so much of gear. Um, I couldn’t even see straight and I thought that’s cause I wanted to be a provider with it. Right. And so at that point like, sorry, this is pre ketosis, that’s a hard end date back here, but this is kind of, so at that point, like he ended up putting me on stage and I looked good, but he was feeding me dyazide every three hours. What’s that? Uh, which is that people that don’t know what that is, it’s a diuretic over the counter.

Well not over the counter starts stretching diuretic. So Mike, let’s just that all the water in your body and protests. And so what happened is he was feeding me then every two to three hours and I actually had the prescription from the doctor. So it wasn’t like I was going out and actually had the prescription for like the massive amount of testosterone when I was running from the doctor and cause I pretty much told him I’m going to do it and if he doesn’t prescribe him to do it anyway. So he ended up prescribing it and what happened is, you know, a day after that competition, I ended up going into full body paralysis over about eight hours to where I couldn’t even move my head or neck and to look sideways. And at that point in my wife had to dealt with me off the couch, put me in a wheelchair, deadly coming out of the wheelchair and rushed me to the emergency room in park city where they measured my blood potassium level of a 1.3 which is the lowest they’ve ever seen in their own tire time would be open for 13 years.

And so Whoa. Yeah, that’s scary. It scared the shit.

Good thing your wife can dead lift man.

Good thing your wife can dead lift

I suppose. I’ll tell you what, like she endured a lot of stuff through my, you know, in my trials and errors. And uh, at that point, you know, they said if you would’ve stayed two hours longer and not call, you would have died and we could have probably back. So at that point that was a bit shocking. You know, cause when I started the ring Corps I kind of signed up and the potential I might die and they told me that a million times. It was like cool, you know, I take that risk but I didn’t sign up for that like bodybuilding. So that was a big shocker. And at that point when I’m in the emergency room I’m like fuck this, I’m going to find out the most healthy way to do everything period. So it never happens to anybody again that I come in contact with and I actually relapsed again in the hospital.

So the half life of the guys I had kicked in and I dropped down to 1.7 again, which freaked me out again. Cause I was going to a point where like, okay, I’m feeling good and then all of a sudden I’m feeling like shit again. I was going to die. Of course I’m not going to die in the hospital. They had me under control. But at the same time, you know that double whammy was just a big impact in the universe and that’s kind of where the superhero became the super hero maker, right? Because every superhero has a massive, massive trial or tribulation in their life. And what do they do from it? They use would become the villain, whether it becomes a superhero. And at that point my choice was to help fucking people.

Wow. That’s a, that’s an incredible, incredibly powerful story. Sorry to interrupt you. Keep going though. Okay. Yeah, I know. So no, that’s great man. That’s such a cool story. And I knew some of that but I didn’t know all of the details and that’s some scary stuff man. So thanks for sharing that with us. And I think it’s an eye opener for people that you know, um, are, are eating. Cause I think what you said about ketosis, it’s eating for the brain, right? Nutrition for the brain instead of, you know, eating to get skinny eating to get ripped, doing whatever it takes to look a certain way. And that’s what our society has become, especially here in American and all over the place. Now people are just doing whatever it takes to, okay, how can I lose weight the quickest way possible with the least amount of effort. You know, what’s the trick that I need? And I think people are looking for that and unfortunately their health, you know, takes a hit and that’s what I tell you.

Well they’re not told like, just like Craig, like you, you had no idea the ramifications that would come from taking these diuretics and you know, it hadn’t crossed your mind, Oh I could die from this. And I think most people, like I even saw someone on my Facebook today saying that they’re going to do a fitness comp quote, a fitness competition. And like my main question to her, I messaged her, I just, I’m like, you know, have you researched this? Had you made sure that you have a good coach? Have you made sure you have somebody that’s not going to starve you? Or you know, a lot of people will come out metabolic resistant, like basically having problems with their metabolism after doing these events cause they’re not coached into doing it the right way. And that’s the problem.

Yeah. Yeah. And you’ve seen that firsthand too. So, so kind of shifting gears here. Correct. Cause I know that you train a lot of athletes. I kind want to be a shift this to, you know, your average listener. Let’s say someone that’s, you know, really hasn’t done ketosis or isn’t an NMA athlete, let’s just say that they’re trying to lose 50 pounds of fat. Talk about ketosis for specifically fat loss versus ketosis for, you know, your endurance athlete or your MMA fighter.

Yeah. So I mean what it comes down to is, the reason I started trading MMA fighters is everything can trickle down. So they’re the ultimate athlete and I can take whatever they’re doing and trickle it down into the normal person. Because in a sense, if you really tap into that individual, they want to perform, they want to become a superior, they want to fucking be a badass. So at that point, if you can harness that kind of mentality and bring that out of them, they’re going to want to perform and they’ll stop thinking about how they’re looking or what they’re doing to do it. And so they’ll latch onto something. And as powerful as ketosis is, I’ve never seen any solid nutrition and I’ve done it all. Trust me, I’ve done it. I haven’t been vegan. I’ve done vegetarian plus Italian, I’ve done paleo, I’ve got high carb, I’ve got low card without fat.

I’ve done everything for extended amounts of time to see what was optimal and never have I seen some style of eating, turn people into this machine to where they have this wonderful sense of personal awareness. For the first time they smoke cravings, they want to come into the gym and they want to kill it because their brain has been unleashed for the first time because it’s not getting clogged by all this processed crap work being constantly inundated with. And so at that point, like we’ve been able to get them into ketosis. I mean they’re eating bacon and butter and eggs and like everything that, you know, you should kind of eat in a sense and they’re happy with their foods and once they get past the little hump of converting over, they, they latch on and it becomes a craving. Now they crave real food versus can we clean deuce food? And at that point everything switches on to optimal health. You’re like muscle gain comes on, fat loss starts flying off. Not necessarily weight but fat loss because we want to gain muscle because you want to perform. It’s not vanity anymore. It’s performance. Correct.

Yes, correct. Yeah. No, that’s awesome man. Cause I think, um, uh, you know, by the time this air is my, my episode with dr Roswell will have aired already. But anyways, yeah, I remember being on there talking about like butter and bacon and all these things that people were like, Oh I thought we weren’t supposed to eat that. There’s still this misconception that, you know, fat is bad for you, but I think it’s slowly starting to become more mainstream. Now your average person’s starting to learn about this, but

take into context too. If you were only eating butter and bacon every day, yeah, that’s not good for you. You know, if that’s all you were eating and you’re not getting in any micronutrients, right. It’s like no, no, no, no. Right, right. We’re saying we a lot of other things, we have a lot of healthy fats. You know the big thing for um, Craig

with kurtosis and I actually did try it out for, for a period of time just to see, and actually, because I heard that it could actually help women balance their hormones is how, what are the positive and negative side effects of ketosis in regards specifically to women that you know about from your research you’re taking on a hormonal level to Oh yeah, absolutely. Cause that’s the biggest thing for women. You know, a lot of women that have tried different diets, for example, if they were to just try a low carb diet as opposed to ketosis, a lot of research shows that, um, causes a stress effect in women and it can actually imbalance their hormones. So how is ketosis different or how does it affect women compared to men?

So yeah, great point. And thanks for bringing that up because it needs so much clarification. So the science for ketosis is saying that it’s healthier is out there and the science for performance in ketosis isn’t being done yet, but it’s just done in the trenches right now. So when it comes to females never in my life, and I’ve seen such great results from real ketosis, a lot of people get the low car mentality and they forget fats because fats are a fear factor for 90% of people I talked to. And that was my reason. I couldn’t get in as Catherine Dreesen could against her bats weren’t high enough and our protein was way too high. So we’re still on a low carb diet, which in a sense of gluconeogenesis is actually a really rough process for you to keep forcing. And so your body has to compensate by raising cortisol and doing a whole bunch of other different things that shouldn’t be doing all the time. And so I want to do is crank fat up because I’ve had literally five clients now, male and female. So one in particular. My name is Amber. She had pretty much uh, her, one of her ovaries was pretty much toast. The other one was on the way her doctor said she would never get pregnant. We put her in ketosis for three months and she’s pregnant right now. So at that point,

Oh, that’s pretty amazing. Testimonial.

Yes. My wife has gotten three and so one of her other clients, my wife’s plans, same thing like told she never be pregnant, she just had a baby and another one of her clients. And we have two males, like one. One male was at the point to where he was a certified plant based nutritionist and he’s a doctor. He was coaching people on plant base. He switched right over to Quito. He went in vitro for his first two kids, then he got his wife pregnant after being in keto for six months. So hormone jump and we’ve seen free testosterone go up on, on clients in ketosis and as they get older, which is supposed to be impossible. Okay. Like you have to get hormone therapy for that. Correct. That’s what everyone says. So at that point, that’s what I’m talking about when it comes to women, like they need to stay higher fat. They need to really modify their protein. It doesn’t have to be that high and they actually can use a little bit of glucose cause a lot of people they think Atkins, they think higher protein, higher fat, which is not ketosis is not ketosis.

Yes, yes. Yeah. And that’s the misconception I had cause I thought this is just a low carb diet that it’s just about cutting out bread, you know, cut out bread but it’s not, it’s more about like, like you were saying, so like a percentage wise. So it explained real quick, Mac, like explaining real quick the basics of macronutrients and about what you would need to be in to do ketosis. Just so that women understand how this is not just high protein, low carb.

Yeah. So there’s three levels, right? So there’s a level of training of obese chick. Like some, somebody goes CrossFit, someone’s got an MMA athlete, there’s, you know, a workout level to where, you know, they’ll do some, you know, glue kick backs and they’ll get on the treadmill. And then there’s a sedentary level. All of these three requires something different. So we’ll say, we’ll start at the sedentary level. So you’re sitting around, you know, you might go for a walk. What we want to do is we want to be relatively very low in protein, almost 15 maybe 20% protein, 5% carbs in 80 or 75%.

Hmm. Okay. So, and for, and for people that don’t understand that everything you eat is made is either a protein, carb, or fat source. That’s what macronutrients are. And the best way, if you’re a beginner and you really don’t understand the concept of what falls into what is to download a free app like my fitness pal and you can scan and track your food and it will tell you your macronutrient split. So you can stay in the zone that Craig is just mentioning right here.

Yes, absolutely. Okay, so that’s the sedentary level. Yes. So now the trainer though, like the one who’s just kind of, you know, doing blue kickbacks and working out or you know, they’re going in, you know, getting a real workout chest and Jersey shore biceps, you know, so at that point I’ll probably bump up to 2020 5% protein, still 5% carbs and about 65 to 70%


Okay. Now for the beast mode, right? So now we’re looking at this point to where we can get down to 60% fat, 30% protein, and up to 20% carbs. So I mean the levels can play around everywhere. At that point. It just takes testing and feeling out on the process. Right. I’ll obviously hiring a coach is going to be beneficial at every level at that point, whether it’s for a month or three months, as long as they can guide you there. So those are the different levels and that is a massive difference in how you’re going to be adapted, how you’ll get in or if you even get in different things like that. Cause like the being stuck in low carb limbo, which is pretty much if you follow Atkins, you’re stuck in low carb limbo to where your body has depleted its glycogen and doesn’t know how to switch over to fats yet. And so it’s like trying to choose every day on which source of energy it’s going to use. And so all it hasn’t consistency is protein, which therefore it’s turning over really harshly in your body and giving a really hard time.

Yeah, and I experienced this when I was transitioning over to ketosis and I got what they call the keto flu and I thought I was dying and yeah, I was going to say, and a big part of that. So people are really interested in, in trying out the keto diet. And people know, I’ve been very up front about this. I’m not into dieting. I’m not into restricting the types of foods I eat or even necessarily the calories. I feel like a lot of women have eating issues. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t try different lifestyles, especially depending on your body and what works well for your body. And that’s where I tell people, you know, if especially for example, because I heard this could help women regulate their hormones and it helps for women that are insulin resistant and it helps for people that you know, have, for example, some auto immune diseases. Like I’ve heard a lot of the benefits. So I said, you know, this is something good that you can try to see how well your body responds to it. Um, but there is kind of a nasty transition, right?

Yeah. What are some of your tips, Craig, for help? For people that have tried or who think they’ve tried this before and they’re like, it was so hard. Like, what are some tips for the key to flood the transition that they can do?

Okay, so the keto flu is actually just some dietary mistakes, um, or some areas that you aren’t quite seen. So none of my clients have had the keto flu because there’s a lot of tools out there. If you don’t use the tools, what we need to do is making sure you’re eating enough. Okay? So if you can get your resting metabolic rate tested, that’s going to be acid. All right? So when I got my recipe Mulberry, which is how much you’re burning at rest, doing nothing. So my, how many calories my body is gonna use if I lay in bed all day and don’t move. Okay? So what happened is I went and got calculated off my body fat and lean mass, and I was burning, it said 2100 calories. Then I went and actually breathe in and measured my carbon dioxide and I actually burned 3,600 calories. Okay. So yes. Massive, right?

Yes. Wait, your resting metabolic rate is 3,600 calories. Wow. All I have to say is, I’m sorry

[inaudible] popping over here for you. 3,500 calories.

Don’t be jealous cause I have to be 4,500 calories on activity is really hard. Like, yeah,

I mean I get that, but I don’t feel bad for you right now. All I’m, all I’m thinking of is 3,600 calories continue on.

No. So at that point, what you want to do is if you can’t give that test, then obviously you kind of kind of go by feel, which is a little harder. RDN I’m going to say hire a coach and I can’t, like I’ve hired coaches and so I can’t express how important that is. You guys are coaches, so you guys understand that too. And so at that point you’re making sure you’re eating enough because if you’re not eating enough, what happens is when you’re transitioning into Quito, the first two weeks you’re going to see an automatic 20 deficit because the transition from glucose to fats as fuel takes that amount of calories. Does that make sense? Hm. Interesting. Yeah, that does make sense. Yes. So if you’re to make sure you’re eating enough. Yeah, so if you’re eating low and you’re knocking off 20% we’re in big trouble.

You’re going to be exhausted no matter what. Okay, so another one is once you’re in ketosis, you think about fat and water. They don’t mix, right? Yeah. So we’re actually in a state of diarrhesis. So at that point, if your water doesn’t go up and your electrolytes, meaning real salt, Himalayan salt, sea salt, you’re not salting everything, you’re going to be in massive trouble again. And so that’s, I didn’t realize that that was a big thing. Not having enough salt when I started. Absolutely. And we’re talking like five grams plus a day because obviously if you’re on a carb based diet and you’re doing a lot of sodium, you’re going to hit hypertension. You’re going to get all these troubles that we’re looking at. And doctors are saying stay away from salts. They were consults, they were from salt, but they don’t understand that if you’re in ketosis, you’re in dire racist at that point.

You need salt. But it’s real salt because it has all your minerals. And all the nutrients that you’re not going to get anywhere else. Yeah. So boom, it’s huge. Then key genics as you know, or keto, S or CADA. Those are massive tools. So the beautiful thing about those, if you start taking them from the onset of getting into or starting ketosis, by the time you hit ketosis in two weeks, you’re actually keto adapted, which usually takes four to five weeks. So at, right. But what’s the difference between that? So adaptive? Yeah. So the first two weeks, your body, okay. So I’ll get into the testing and everything. How’s that? So it sounds good, but you have peace bricks, right? So if you pee on a strip that says you’re in ketosis. Yeah. Not necessarily. Not necessarily. What it means is you’re producing ketones. Okay.

So your body in the first two weeks hasn’t figured out how to use ketones. It does the heart, lung, diaphragm, um, the brain, they still felt ketones regardless, however, the muscles, they haven’t figured out, okay, this is a good source I can start using. So the first two weeks you’re becoming adapted. After two to three weeks, you get keto adapted. So you actually start using ketones in your muscular system. Therefore you start feeling it. So if you take eugenics or lists or KIDO kinda or even keep tonics, now there’s lots of different options out there. So you can start at the onset. When you start this diet, at 14 days you will become skied over that. And so your body will understand you’re using ketones and they’re all attached to minerals. So you’re magnesium, your calcium and potassium, and what am I missing? Sodium are all in there. So you’re already setting with that. So you skip out any keto flu symptoms. Granted you still need to solve that is so and drink. And if it’s hot outside like it is now, you need to drink more water because your liver gets to flush, your kidneys need to flush.

This is very good information and you actually explained it in a way that I could understand because when I listened to Drew’s interview with the doctor, all I heard was blahblahblahblah science, blahblahblahblah words you don’t understand. Well blah, blah, blah. I couldn’t even finish it. It’s our own podcast and I couldn’t finish it.

I’m like, Hey man, my audience is very, very basic. So,

and by basic, I mean everyone listening to this were normal intelligent people, but we are not doctors. You know what I’m saying?

I completely understand that. My role and situation is Dom and everyone else.

Yeah. You have taught me more about ketosis in this podcast than anybody has up to date. So just wanted to say thank you.

Maybe even convince her to do round two.

Actually I really, I now that he’s explained the difference between ketones and being keto adapted, I actually was curious. So I don’t know. I’m not committing, I’m not committing. I’m a woman. I’m not committing. I’m just saying, I’m thinking, I’m thinking about it. We like to think


Oh you know, well I’ve been told, I’ve been told that the man at times. Okay so

dude, that’s, that’s really useful information. I think a lot of people are going to find that very, very valuable. Um, okay, let’s shift gears a little bit here. Cause I want to talk about, you’ve mentioned neutral tropics, there’s lot different names for it. Okay. So a lot of people listening probably like what is he talking about? Okay, think of the movie limitless and there’s this pill you take and yeah, it was fake in the movie, but now there’s these things called smart drugs and you know, Tim Ferriss has talked about it and a lot of people in the fitness industry are starting to use it. Um, tell us the basics about it first and then get into like your product to lucid and, and just kind of, you know, your, your understanding of what it does and what people can, you know, benefit from taking something like this.

All right. So first I’m going to say is that neurotrophics have actually like the parapsychic Tams family. I hadn’t been derived from glycine, which is an amino acid, which is naturally produced in your system. And you can eat it through a various different amount of foods. Pretty much any meat has it and they have all been deemed safer than salt. So you can take salt more and it will kill you first. So at that point it makes a big difference on what it competes for in the brain. Right? So it doesn’t fry your brain like a lot of things out there, but it actually helps heal it. And so at that point what’s happening is I took a whole bunch of them and combine them together. And I use a, you know, a couple of sorts like alpha GPC, which is a really good source of Coleen, which you don’t have to eat a of eggs, you can get enough, but you’d have to eat a lot of eggs.

And what I want to do was again, focus on the brain. So I actually put ketones in there and not enough to really raise ketone levels as in the blood and get you into ketosis, but enough to maximize brain function, heart function, diaphragm function, kidney function, like the internal organ. So once those are all operating efficiently, the whole body can operate more efficiently and the brain can think more clearly. And so at that point what we did is I wanted to come up with something that people could take that wouldn’t hurt them, wouldn’t give them a countdown because another thing we have to watch out for is like caffeine. Synthetic caffeine is probably one of the crappiest things in my opinion that you can keep putting in your system and you have to take more.

Oh hold up, hold up. I want to break you in the middle and I want to find out why, why you think that? I’m just curious.

Okay. So synthetic caffeine will actually give you an insulin response, right? And you can’t ever take enough cause you always get accustomed to it. So no matter what.

So give, give people an example of, of talking about coffee. I know he’s not talking about coffee or tea. So I want you to tell people the difference. Cause I think this is actually really interesting.

Monster pre-workouts, uh, powder, caffeine, caffeine pills, no dose, any, anything in five hour energy. Like that stuff is all junk because coffee and tea, they have all these wonderful plant benefits that’s going to help regulate the system. And caffeine in your system. So when you don’t take that with that, you don’t get the bean, you don’t get the antioxidants, you don’t get the cat clothings from the coffee. All you get is this pure synthetic caffeine which elevates insulin, which insulin hypothesis has been proven wrong lately and it’s not insulin. That’s the problem. It’s the constant like elevation of it with glucose and caffeine and synthetic crap that we’re taking.

Interesting. Okay. Sorry for the little second

[inaudible] though. I mean they do coffee but at the same time that’s throwing a ton of sugar in there. So anyway, so with a pre workout you’re doing the same thing. And so like I said, you can’t ever take enough because you keep having to take more to get the same effect. Mo, I get a lot of clients who come in and they’re a gram of caffeine a day, three suits, pre-workout and take a nap.

Wow, that’s scary. Yeah. Yeah, I know. And I used to, I used to be of that same mentality, like I thought monster and red bull, but stay away from coffee, you know, pre-workouts all day, pre-workouts for days and thinking, Oh yeah, this is going to give me a better workout. But anyways, keep going.

Oh, I mean I was in the same boat when I was bodybuilding. It was like, you know, three scoops of Jack Reed. It’s just like I didn’t even show it and then I took a month, you know? So we’ve all been, so at that point, what I want to do is help people get off that synthetic burden of caffeine. And so this was another reason that I came up with this supplement. And what it does is actually has TIAA crane, which is direct from another tea and you do not need to take more. And it’s only a 25 milligrams, which is actually can be a sedative like property. So what I’ve noticed is that obviously everyone is so stressed out, period. Everyone is overstressed. And it’s the biggest thing that I wanted to do. And I took this from buyers because if a buyer goes in and, okay, let’s kind of put it in some context for numbers.

Okay, so a normal person, let’s say they’re at level five, a fighter is at level 10 caffeine will bring the level five up to a level 10. Now 10 is the max you want to be at before you start seeing debilitating returns. So as a fighter, but they’re taking caffeine at level 10 they’re gonna re, re, re kind of regress in a sense they’re going to over stimulate themselves and gas out faster. Same thing with people. I mean you gotta think about the mom for crying out loud. I mean she’s got so much on her hands with kids and you know, if they haven’t done and then cleaning the house and then dealing with like drama, like it’s all over the place.

[inaudible] yes, yes

I do. I do. I really do. And at that point, what I want to do is I want to reduce stress. So if we can give, you know, the brain better function, all the control organs, better function and then bring blood flow everywhere. And also provide nutrients to the system that’s going to help reduce stress. And you know, in a sense create a better sense of awareness where you don’t have your emotions writing you, you get to really kind of choose which ones you want to engage in. And so that’s what you know in a sense lucid is doing is, is giving you that control. So whatever holds you have, it’s filling knows. And so like one of my competitors, like one of the females, she is the most sat beautiful like Oh my gosh, her physique is phenomenal as muscular. And it’s like, and you guys know it’s Nicole and she’s a phenomenal person and you can see the potential in her but she can’t see it. So I give her a super lucid and everything in confidence and abilities and outgoing, it all came out. It was like Alicia Kurt Reuss self on everybody and it was dangerous cause she is amazing. And so at that point like that’s what’s been happening with everybody. Mood boost to concentrate.

It’s basically a mommy happy drug but without like the actual bad stuff. Well. Yeah cause a lot of, a lot of moms, the mommy drug that people were taking was Adderall. Adderall. Yeah, I saw that crazy episode about, I’m sure you could talk about the negative side effects of that, but

Kenyon for crying out loud, it really is.

Wow. Yeah. I mean which sounds nice in theory, but let’s be honest, you guys. Yeah, cocaine not good for you.

Yeah. Value was the huge one too. Right? Big stress reducer. Happy Valley for a reason. And so

so, so now you’re saying lucid is, is one of these smart drugs that can give you the same benefits but in a healthier way. I can’t say that.

Oh you can’t say that. So you’re not saying this. If someone were to say this may help, it may help with all these things. Sorry, sorry, I appreciate the question but I’m just letting you know legally I can’t say anything unless I want big pharma knock on my door. So yeah.

What are some, what are some things, so you said Nicole experiences this. What are some other things that like your, your average person can expect to feel taking like lucid or these nootropics? Lucid cause there’s different types of nootropics. Cells.

Yeah, tons. So lucid is a specific combination of nootropics which am ketones and MCT, which is actually patent pending and no one can touch it because I don’t want anyone abusing it. And at the same time it took me five years to really dial this in and I couldn’t release it until two years ago because BHB hadn’t been on it, you know, available on hands. And so at that point, which is beta hydroxybutyrate which is Tito’s, sorry, let me break that down. Yeah. Yeah. So at that point we’ve had, I mean focus is a huge one and focus is really a hard really thing to nail down because caffeine will give you focus, right? But in a sense you can get shit done. You are so engaged in that situation that you don’t really have to break out. And if you choose to break out, you don’t have that lingering. So you can go from task to task and stay in task to task as long as necessary. And another one we’re noticing is besides the mood boost is the sleep is phenomenal and the lucid dreaming is unreal. Like you’re making decisions in your dreams and there are so realistic and so wonderful cause like lucid dreaming is really hard to tap into. But this supplement like after two weeks of being on it, the onset is immediate. And so yeah,

yeah, people that that would be like a whole other subject. But there actually is like some interesting studies and science behind what he’s talking about, which is called lucid dreaming, which I think is a phenomenal subject in and of itself. But yeah, sorry, keep going.

Oh no, absolutely. And so I mean lucid what it means, like the reason I called it that and the symbol on there is it’s about being in the moment. It’s about being completely aware of your surroundings and being able to choose which emotions you’re going to interlock with. And so I mean, yeah,


attention has gone through the roof and it says, not tension but arousal. And a sex drive has gone up and we’ve had,

Oh great. Now every, every guy is writing down.

Okay, so I’ll be there in front of you. And so one of my guys texted me, he’s like, Hey man, is it normal to have boners left and right while on this stuff cause it’s insane. So there you go. That’s what’s happening there.

That is funny. Okay. So we’re kind of coming up on top or coming up on time here. Craig, that was a great note. No, one last question before we get into our lightning round. Dude, I kind of want to get your take on where you see the future of supplements going. Cause now we have like these exoticness ketones, we have these, uh, you know, your lucid product, these new, uh, neurotropics. Uh, where do you see the future of supplements go in the next five to 10 years in your opinion?

Uh, towards the internals. So like what we’ve done is like the BCAs and everything is technically focused on vanity because we want to get bigger with them. Protein has been like, okay, it’s been a, a subsidized, like, okay, it’s a supplement. And you know, with bodybuilders are drinking three or four a day and they’re using them as a meal replacement, which isn’t, isn’t the optimal way to do things. And so you want real food, right? That’s what we’re moving back to. And so these supplements, they’re going like exogenous ketones for example. You can take them, whether you’re not in ketosis or you are in ketosis, they will work in a sense, I’ve used them with competitors and they can be clearly for the first time versus being completely amazed created and ready to kill their spouse and get divorced. They’re actually happy. They’re driving around and enjoying life during their prep again.

And so at that level, the most debilitated situation, it elevates that and never in the history of supplements has something. And being able to actually change the paradigm and actually physically maneuver you into another altered state, which is a better state than you bid it. And so that’s what ketones are. And it is literally the revolution of supplements because now when I’m taking lucid and ketones, and I don’t want to say this cause I run fit con, but I don’t need any other supplements ever. Like BCAs protein, all that stuff goes out the window. I had my pre-workout, I had my sleep supplement, I have everything all wrapped in to supplements and it’s over. At that point I’m taking one thing and the rest is whole food, real food, real nutrients and not chemicals. And that is going to be life changing in Miami.

That’s awesome. Thank you for sharing that. And I kinda, I kind of agree with you. I think like, you know, how many more protein flavors can we come up with? How many more, you know, BCAs and pre-workouts. Can we come up with it just with a, some crazy name and some cool packaging. It’s like, you know, is this going to be able to carry on for the next five to 10 years? But then I discovered that key Genex or these exotic ketones and I, uh, the, the nootropics, like those kinds of things I think are, are the future of supplements. I think most people are gonna realize, okay, this is, cause it’s like you said with ketosis, it’s nutrition for the brain, taking care of the inside first. The outside will reflect that in the end.

And we’re going to come up with a mitochondria supplement that’ll help engage, build new mitochondria and use mitochondria better than you’ve ever had before. So that’s what we’re talking about. Is the internal system being optimized versus, you know, maybe I’ll get some out of his BCS with this pre-workout.

That’s cool man. Interesting stuff Craig. So as you know, we always wrap up our podcast with a lightning round of some fun questions that we just, you know, it’s lighthearted, it’s pretty easy going. So you know, you’re, it’s, you’re up for this. So

of course I can already tell with your great personality, you’re going to like this done, done, done. So just to clarify, just to make sure you’re aware of the rules you have to answer as quickly as possible. First thing that comes to mind, you’re in, right? Let’s do this. Okay. If you could be any superhero superhero maker, who would you be and why?

Super busy for him. Superman. Yeah. I mean he, he, he sets the example everywhere. Like everyone wants to be Superman. So like if I can surmise Superman, then you know, people can look up to me. I can lead for an example. I take that with humongous responsibility into the fact that I will always stay open to everything and keep learning and never be shut off to any one way.

Okay. I thought you’re going to say you liked to like the tight leotard in the Cape, but that was a good response to okay. The LA, the first joke, the first joke that comes to your mind.

Oh shit. Uh, so it’s Kat Williams, right? He’s talking about marijuana for some reason. He’s like this here, this shit here. This is the columnist of the crank of the crock. Have you ever seen it or you’re going to see it in her account? We’re going to stand up, but we’re going to never going after this. We’re going to lift it up now. Yeah. I don’t know if he always pops to my head. He is the most hilarious individual in my opinion.

That’s good man. That’s a good, that’s the first one that popped up.

Three words, three words that you would use to describe you. Three words, adjectives, three.

Uh, meditation and balance.

Nice dude. I like it. That’s what we’re good ones. Especially the boom. If you don’t know grey Craig. He’s always saying boom. Um, alright. Yeah. Hashtag uh, if you could fight one UFC fighter, who would you fight? Oh shit.

Oh. Might as well. Just not that you would win. Not that you would win, but like, who would you love to fight a Anderson Silva.

Ooh, that would be that. He’s my favorite fighter of all time. Just FYI. Just throwing it out there. Yeah. Um, okay dude, I gotta ask you this, cause you, you said you gained 35 pounds in the Marines, but I’m assuming you were still kind of fit even though you put on 35 pounds of fat, would you ever seriously do fit to fat to fit, gained 75 pounds of pure fat, no exercise for six months and then take it off. Would you really ever do that

in the perfect situation? Yeah, it will be. Absolutely. What is it? What does that mean? Perfect situation. If I didn’t have, um, you know, five businesses to run. Yeah, no, it would make it a little bit hard and boosted and career attrition and Quito academics like, yeah, that’s a lot. So if I had the time, absolutely do it. Cause I, I actually did it, you know, contest prep to contest prep. I gained 60 pounds and dropped 60 pounds. I gained 50 pounds and dropped 50 pounds. It was, it was three times I did it.

Yeah. And so I love it. The what you did with that show and like I actually watch it more for the trainers because to see them experience what it is to fucking struggle is priceless. It’s so wonderful.

Yeah. That’s awesome man. Thanks for your honesty. Well we appreciate you coming on. Craig. This was a great one. And we’ll have to have you on again in the future. Uh, definitely for sure man. So before we go to work and people get in contact to you if they have questions. So your social media, your website and all that.

Yeah. So the super hero maker is my Facebook page and then the superhero dash maker is my website and it goes from there. Engaged performance is worked with a four instead of performance or performance, you can find lucid.

Okay. And then I Instagram or anything like that.

Yeah. So Instagram is super superhero maker without the E at the end cause someone GA.

Okay. Come on, we’ll put all this, we’ll put all this in the show notes.

It’s in the show notes. So, uh, yeah man. Thank you so much again. Cray for coming.

Yeah, thanks for the plethora of information at a level I could actually understand and Lynn will let you know if she does. Uh Oh, I can feel much pressure now. I’m only doing it if Craig’s my personal coach. Okay, Amanda happen. Okay. All right Craig, good talking to you, Greg.

Have a wonderful day. You too.

Thank you guys so much for listening to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. We always appreciate you guys’ support. Uh, please, please, please leave us a review on iTunes. If you enjoy our show, please leave us a five star rating leaves a review. Feel free to reach out to us on social media too to let us know future guests, future people you guys want us to have on on the podcast. Uh, we’d love hearing from you guys. Don’t forget our show sponsors, key gen Use the code fit fat to fit for 30% off to see what ketosis can do for you.

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