What’s up everybody. Aloha. Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. It’s me, drew manning your host of the show today. I’ll be flying solo today. Um, today’s episode, you guys is a great one with someone that has a huge, massive social media following and I was super excited to get her on. Her name is Natalie Jill. So first things you need to know about her, you guys is she’s over 40. She’s a mom and she has a abs. No, but seriously, she is a, you know, over a mil. At 1.5 million Facebook followers, almost a half a million Instagram followers. Um, she has an amazing story. The reason I brought her on is because mostly because of her story, you guys, I love the stories of inspiration like hers where she basically hit rock bottom. She went through some financial troubles, she went through some marital problems, ended up getting divorced, um, gained weight.

Um, and what’s cool about her is she has celiac disease. So in today’s episode we talk a lot about how she was able to come back from her fall and, and how she was able to do that and how she was able to get, you know, uh, beef, how she was able to stay in such good shape at 40 years old. So we kind of dive into her, her daily routine there. We talk about, you know, her being celiac and uh, what that entails. And we talked about my gluten free journey and what I did there. Um, and kind of compare the two and just her thoughts on, um, you know, health and fitness in general. But also we dive into some very specifics, uh, some takeaways, some jumpstart programs and how her whole brand you guys was pretty much an accident and you’re going to be amazed by hearing her story.

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All right. What’s up Natalie? Jill, welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. How are you doing today? I’m doing awesome. Where are you coming from today?

Oh my gosh. San Diego, California. But it’s not so sunny in San Diego, California today.

That’s what I heard. That’s what I heard. I um, I grew up in San Diego actually. Wow. Yeah, Rancho Penasquitos. I lived there toast 13 and I loved it. But then my family for some reason relocated to Virginia. So the other times,

see that’s where I’m from initially. Washington [inaudible] area. So I grew up in Fairfax County. Tyson’s part of her day.

Yeah, that is so funny. I went to Senegal high school, class of 99. Shout out to all my fellow while listening. Um, but yeah, that is so cool. Um, welcome to the podcast. It’s great to have you on. I’m glad that we connected. Um, the first thing I want to talk to you about, Natalie, is, um, you and I love your story by the way. You have such a great, inspiring, motivating story. Why do you think people are able to relate to you and how, I mean, cause you’re super successful. You’ve, you’ve killed it in the fitness industry. Why do you think people are able to relate to you and you have such a large following? Why do you think, what do you, what do you attribute that to?

Well, thank you. It’s funny because I always kind of giggle when someone says that like you killed it in the fitness industry or you killed it in business because I don’t really think of it like that. I just think I’ve been somebody that I, I like finding solutions for things and through finding my own solutions with my own struggles and my own body and sharing it with others, I helped them find a solution to, and because of that, because I wasn’t trying to build a business or trying to do books or products initially, that’s why people I believe relate to me if I were to get, because I just was sharing and being authentic and being real and helping solve my own problems, which also helped solve theirs.

Okay. That makes sense. I guess. Yeah, and I see where you’re coming from. I guess what I’m saying is there’s this, the fitness industry is saturated, right? With meal plans, personalities, workouts. I mean there you can find any, you can find, I don’t know, probably millions of people, but not everybody makes it to the level where you’re at. So I guess that’s what I was trying to say is like you’ve killed it, you slayed it in the fitness industry. Um, but I think what you’re talking about is being authentic and being real. Whereas if you started this whole thing like, okay, here’s how I’m going to make $1 million, here’s my to do list, um, and here’s how I’m going to get there. You just kinda did it with a heart of, you know, wanting to help people. Am I right?

I did, I did. And it’s, and I’m good at listening and I like finding solutions. So as I attracted an audience on social media and understood what they were dealing with, inevitably I moved that into solutions, which became programs and, and ultimately my business. But that’s funny because whenever somebody asked me like, Hey, you know what, I’m trying, I want to do what you do, or what’s the credential I need to get, or how do I, what’s your advice? It’s, it’s funny cause to me, I am always, I always go back and say, just be yourself, be yourself and share it, and your audience will come and then you come up with a product or program our business based on that audience, not the other way around. Not the way old school business was done. It’s not coming up with the idea first.

Yeah, no, I totally agree. And here’s the reason I can relate to that is because that’s kinda how I started where when I did my fit to add to fit journey, I was like, you know what? Here I am. I worked in the medical field full time. I was a personal trainer part-time. I’m like, I have this cool idea. You know what? I’m just going to learn how to create a website and have people follow me and maybe I’ll get like a few hundred followers and people will be inspired by this. But I had no idea. I didn’t have this marketing plan. Like, okay, here’s how I’m going to write a book. Here’s how I’m going to get a TV show and sort of podcast. I just went about it, really wanted to, uh, for one, learn some lessons myself. And then at the end of the day maybe help a few people. And so that’s why I can totally relate to you cause people are like, Oh you’re this marketing genius. Can you, can I replicate what you did? And it’s like, look, I don’t, I didn’t really plan for all this to happen. So yeah, I can totally relate to that. Okay. Let’s just,

you listen to your audience and that’s what I love when people do that.

Yes. Okay. Let’s back up about seven years. Natalie, your story is very inspiring. I want people to hear my followers especially. How did you get started, uh, building this and where did it all come from?

Gosh, it’s so funny because, okay, so I, if I think back to several years ago, I was in medical sales and I was working at a dental implant company, which has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition. And I had this great job and I had what would have looked like the perfect life to anybody that saw me. He and I, and I was pretty self-righteous about it all. To be quite honest with you. I was somebody who had not gone through struggles before. I had this great job I had, I was married, I had a baby on the way. I had two dogs. I had this nice house from the outside, looked like this totally happy, perfect person and I, and I thrived on looking like that, if that makes sense. I was a fake person. I was that trying to keep up with the Joneses and I fell into that, that I had this appearance to keep up and I guess the world had a different plan for me because right when I was pregnant, um, a lot of things started to change.

One, my husband, who was my best friend at the time, and I started, we realized we could not be married anymore. There was a lot going on there. This was the time when the market had crashed. So the housing market was changing, my savings was going away and I was having a baby. So I found myself being somebody who I had always been smart and good about my credit and everything else. All of a sudden being completely house pour in debt, going through a divorce, about to be a single mom and then to make matters worse, having to take a job demotion because my job involved traveling full time and I couldn’t do that as a single mom. So which involves a pay cut then so I went from this, having it all together or appearing like I had it all together to really not knowing what the heck I was going to do with myself because I didn’t even know where I was gonna live or how I was gonna pay my bills or take care of my daughter and to make that even worse, I had gained a lot of wheat during that time because I was depressed and quite frankly I was just eating anything to make me feel better.

Yeah, I can totally relate to it. How much weight did you end up getting, if you don’t mind me asking?

So I’m only five. Two. So to put it in perspective, I’d say this is not a lot, or I gained, while I was pregnant, I gained 50 pounds, which is a lot for five two, which is 65 more than I am now. So I’m, I was already a little bit overweight before I got pregnant and then gained the 50 and I will attribute it 100% to eating French fries and junk and just wanting to make myself feel better. It wasn’t because I was pregnant and I just gained weight. I was eating junk.

Got it. I’ve been there before. Um, okay. So tell me, how did this Natalie Jill fitness brand start to come about at that point in time?

So I came crashing down into a depression after my divorce was final and I realized I was gonna lose my house. And I remember that’s the only time in my life that I ever couldn’t say. I actually went through a depression and I understood it at the time, what that was and I didn’t get help, which I should have in hindsight. Um, but what kept me going was just knowing I had this daughter that was so important to me and I couldn’t let her down, so I had to keep it together. But it was a struggle just getting out of bed, just getting moving. Um, it just, everything and I, I went through, I had about three months of really feeling, just completely miserable and down. And then one day, um, I, and this is, I always like to share this part because I think the commonality in any transformation, whether it’s through a job, a job or relationship, your weight, anything is you have to decide. And I had this moment when I just decided that this wasn’t going to be me anymore. And that was literally the first step. I had to make a decision. I didn’t have a grand plan for a business or no one was going to do. I just decided I was done feeling depressed. I was done being overweight. I was feeling like my life was out of control and I decided I was going to find a way to fix it.

That’s awesome. So, and then that’s where you started to get back in shape, I’m assuming.

Yeah. So what happened was, um, so I decided this and you know, everyone, anyone listening that is going through a depression might say, well that’s great. You can decide, but I, how do you do like, okay, I hope it’s focus. Like you decide. Well, I also knew that I was so far rock bottom and really didn’t have any friends to talk to about it or anything that I had to create some kind of vision so I could have a feeling to work towards because we kind of changed towards feelings and, um, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it felt like to be fit or successful. I just felt down. So I made a vision board, and I don’t know if you’ve done that before, but it’s, what I literally did is I went and got a piece of poster board and I just went through magazines and I started tearing out anything that was appealing to me.

And that happened to be fit bodies, you know, happy families. Um, success, just anything looked appealing to me. I cut out a picture of a golf course and sunshine and the beach. I really didn’t know why I was cutting things out. I just wanted to pull things that made me feel happy and I made this vision board and I told myself I was gonna look at this thing all the time and try to imagine what it would feel like because I thought if I could get that happy feeling about it or it might help me move in that direction. So that was literally like I decided and then I made this vision board and that was just the beginning. And then from there I started researching, you know, how to lose weight and get myself in shape. And now I had been just as a hobby, I’d had my certified personal training certifications and, but I, I wasn’t the credentials that I am now. So I just started looking online and I remember feeling really overwhelmed. Like, my gosh, there’s a lot of information out here. Like I didn’t know what to do, like grapefruit diet in the fat or no fat and sugar free. I was still confused and it was overwhelming. And I thought, I don’t even know what the heck I’m looking at here. I really need to dig in and learn this myself. So it became my crutch. I started really studying nutrition and working out and um, I started experimenting on myself.

So let me back up just a little bit. Um, for example, your, your divorce, you said you really didn’t have anybody to talk to. Do you feel like doing the vision board was the first thing that kind of propelled you into the right direction or did you eventually get help? Like seek help from a therapist or,

so the vision board helped me generate that feeling and then when I started researching and digging into nutrition, that gave me something to do and to focus on. But where I got the support, and this is really funny, but this is before Facebook was popular, so I just had like my little Facebook page with a hundred followers from high school or whatever. It wasn’t even now, it’s funny cause I’m 1.5 million on my Facebook now, but I literally turned to my Facebook for support. And what I mean by that is I posted what I was eating. I was like the original meme of like, here’s what I’m eating. Take up the food before you eat it. And I started sharing and I didn’t care what anyone thought because I was doing it for myself and I started sharing what I ate.

That is so cool, but it’s something that’s so simple and so smart and actually try and tell people that when you first try and make a big life transformation, talk about it publicly. Because what that does is it makes you accountable. It puts you out there people, you never know who you’re going to inspire as well. And that sounds like what you did. And it sounds like a lot of people eventually were like, Oh, what’s Natalie doing? Look at her like, look at her meals. And then that’s kind of where people started asking questions. I started following you. Right?

That exactly what happened. And it’s really crazy because I was literally taking pictures. I Blackberry thought I don’t even make blunders anymore. And I was hoping I’m on Facebook. I didn’t care what people were thinking. I just was posting them and saying, this is doing this when I’m eating. And what happened was everyone was really curious. Well that looks good. How’d you make that? You know, tell me more. What do you, what are you trying to work towards? So then I started getting requests for, why don’t you turn this into a little recipe book, make it an ebook. And I thought, any book, I don’t even know what that was. So I Googled ebook, okay. On a book. So I remember I took all my Blackberry pictures and I spent like a few hours merging it into a word document and I wrote what they were and my little descriptions, no food photography, no nutritional breakdown.

But I, um, made this little file and I put it on my Facebook and I said, okay, I have my recipe book, $10 or $12, whatever it was. And people would send me a little PayPal for 12. And I emailed it to them. And it was funny because all of a sudden I started, you know, itself, two or three of these things a day. It was crazy. And people liked them and they would ask, well, how do I put this together for a meal plan? So after getting that request enough, I sat down one weekend and I wrote with now is my best selling. I’m program seven day jumpstart. And I did that by literally sitting down one weekend and I wrote out everything. I just do, how to do a vision board, how to decide how to, the kind of recipes I started creating.

I literally, I just wrote it out. I did. I don’t think I had anyone proofread it. I didn’t put any professional graphics. It was embarrassing what it was now. And I put it on Facebook. I remember it was like 7:00 PM on a Saturday night. And I’m like, okay guys, I had my seven day jumpstart, $35. And um, same thing. People would PayPal me, I would send them a little attachment. And what happened next was just really amazing. Um, what happened next is my program started getting results for other people and those people would email me or send me a Facebook message and say, Oh my gosh, your seven day jumpstart is amazing. I feel like I have my life back. I lost five pounds, or whatever it was. They were happy and I would screenshot what they sent me and I would share it with their permission and I was, and I would end the caption with who is next. So it was never about me, it was about them. It was like, you know, look at, look at Jenny. Like look what she did. Oh my gosh, this is what she’s taught me. Who is next? And it started like wildfire.

That is so cool. So let me ask you, why seven days, what, what, what’s so magical about that and why do you think people love that number or the love of the seven day?

So Devon, because I feel like anyone could do a week of anything. You can do a week of anything, telling someone to do four weeks, 12 weeks, you know, the typical three months I, I got it. But it’s still really good after seven days, chances are you’re going to keep doing it. And I just thought it was a little bit more obtainable and you could see a result at seven days. So I picked that number.

Um, let me jump back to the vision board really quick cause I think that it really is very powerful. But do you find that, I’m guessing this is mostly geared towards women cause I feel like I haven’t done a vision board personally and I don’t know why other than I feel like, okay, this is a girl thing maybe cause I saw maybe because I saw Lynn do it. I’m like, okay, I see you Linda.

So true. Okay. What I’ve learned about a vision board was from that to be the secret to remember the movie. The secret was a book originally and then it became a movie

shoot. I’m trying to think who was in it. Was there any like action scenes in it?

John [inaudible] talked about a vision board. I made it because of him. And I will tell you my, I’ve had a lot of female transformations, but my biggest, most dramatic transformations are men and they, and I have a seven day jumpstart for men too. And my book is geared for both, but they, um, a vision board is so critical and, and I’ll tell you a little crazy story. I just moved. Um, it says, since I lost that house that I was talking about earlier, I’ve moved three times and the health I just moved into a couple months ago. I love it. I’m so happy to be living here. And when I was unpacking and moving, I found that original vision board I made eight years ago. And the craziest thing was I looked at this vision board and not only has every single thing on that vision board come to fruition, I mean every single that’s come to fruition, but there’s a picture of a golf course view on it that I forgot was even there. And it’s the exact same view of my backyard right now.

No way. Really. Okay. I will [inaudible] I’ll make you a promise now that I will do a vision board. And I will take a picture and post on Instagram and share it with you. Okay. And show that guys can do this too. Okay. Here’s the thing is I, I’m shifting towards that side of things. For example, I do meditation, I do positive affirmations. We will, stuff that I used to think was really weird. Like, okay, this is kind of hippie-ish, you know, why, why am I going to say positive affirmations about myself or do a vision board? I really do believe in the power of these things. It’s just, I just have to talk myself into doing it. And so, okay. I promise

my new vision board, believe me, I’d put like a private chat on there or went free up there. I’m like, I’m putting everything.

Okay. That is cool. Okay. I made that promise you and I’ll follow through with that. So everyone keeps me accountable with my vision board. I just haven’t done that since. Maybe like, you know, I haven’t bought magazines or anything like that so.

Well, online I did my new one, I just

Googled images that I wanted and I printed them up. All right. Um, and what kind of want to, um, segue into a different topic here about being gluten-free? Cause I heard you on a podcast talking about how you were celiac and uh, for those of you that do know or don’t know, I did a, an interesting gluten-free journey and I’ll describe it to you really quick, Natalie. And then I want to get your thoughts on it. So basically what I did is I’m not, I don’t have celiac, I don’t have gluten sensitivity, but I do for the most part eat 99% gluten free just because I stay away from processed foods. Okay. So what I did was for, for two months I wanted to show people that thought gluten-free was something gluten free foods were healthier, is for two months, ate gluten, gluten-free processed foods.

And uh, I documented my journey, did my bloodwork, ended up gaining, uh, 24 pounds and um, double my body fat percentage. You know, it went from seven and a half to almost 15% just to show people that just because something is labeled gluten, gluten free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. And then the next two months what I did was ate gluten free, real food things. I don’t need a label with gluten free and obviously my blood work come back to normal, lost all the way, you know, got my body back, things like that. It was just a mini experiment because I feel like there’s a lot of people even even today, Natalie, that still think gluten free is healthier for them. Do you still get that? Do you still get that today?

Oh my gosh, I, okay. So, so much to say on this and I’ll, I’ll narrow down. So yes, there’s that. It’s so funny because yes, I am a celiac and I am gluten free, but I did not call my book gluten free. I call it an unprocessed your diet because there’s a difference. And when you eat a natural, unprocessed food diet that is gluten free by nature, if you eat things in its raw natural state, which before someone tells me wheat is not processed, you’re, you’re not eating raw wheat. So, but when you eat a real natural food diet, things that ones grew, think um, fruit, vegetables, rice, sweet potatoes, um, meats, fish, all of that, that is naturally gluten free. So eating an unprocessed diet is gluten free by nature, by taking process foods and making them gluten free, you are going to likely gain weight and create orange shoes like type two diabetes because what happens is gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

And in baked goods it happens to be something that will make you um, it happens to be something they could actually make the food tastes chewy good cause it that gummy texture. So when you remove that, you have to add something else, likely sugar, other fats to make it have that texture. So you’re going to get a higher glycemic food, which is going to create a bigger insulin response. When you eat it, it’s going to create you to be more hungry. You might as well just be eating candy as far as I’m concerned. So eating free processed foods is not what I recommend. Now, am I a fan of gluten free processed foods? Sure. If I’m going to have my once in a blue moon treat of some sort, you know, I might have a gluten free cookie, fine, but it’s not, that’s a staple in my diet. But when you eat an unprocessed natural food diet, you, you are going to naturally lose weight and that is healthier and that’s healthier for anybody gluten free or not. Yeah.

And that’s what’s interesting about his is, and I also put this out there when I was doing it, I’m like, look for people that have celiac disease that can never have a gluten free cupcake or a cake for their birthday. I totally get why there is this section in the grocery store for gluten free processed foods. You know, it sucks to be a kid and not be able to eat your own birthday cake or go to a friend’s house. And so yeah, I totally see the, the occasion occasional, you know, gluten free treat, uh, for people that do have celiac disease. So I’m not trying to say we shouldn’t ever have these foods, but when people look for it as a fad diet, cause the reason I did it or I was inspired to do it was that Jimmy Kimmel clip where basically he went around asking people, you know, are you, are you gluten free? And they be like, Oh yeah, it’s so healthy. And he’s like, well what’s gluten? And they had no idea why they were doing it. Right.

It’s almost embarrassing now to tell people. Sometimes I feel like I hate when I go out to eat and something. My husband says something like, you know, Oh, she’s a celiac. She can’t have, I hate calling attention to it because it’s almost, it’s become this trendy thing. And it’s like, I don’t know how it became this trendy thing because when I was diagnosed with celiac years ago, no one even knew what gluten was. All of a sudden it’s this trendy thing and I don’t want to be lumped into that. So I just order unprocessed natural foods and I don’t have a problem.

Yeah. And here’s one good thing. By it becoming trendy, uh, is that you can pretty much go almost anywhere, any restaurant, and they will accommodate you. Right? There was, but they know what gluten free is.

I gotta tell you, I would rather that there was not gluten free donuts and pizza cause then that’s, you know, I’m a human, I’m gonna want to eat it all. It was kind of nice when I just couldn’t have,

Oh, gotcha. Okay. I see what you’re saying. I guess what I’m saying is like, Hey, I have celiac disease, so please make sure there’s nothing in the seasoning or the sauce. You know, that that’s what I’m, that’s what I was referring to. Not like, Hey, give me some gluten free pancakes.

But yeah, I don’t, I’m not, I don’t love it. They have like gluten free donuts everywhere now I packed, I gonna blame all any weight gain I have on blaming on that.

Okay. Maybe we’ll have to do a journey together to kind of get rid of that, you know, that kind of section. Um, so how do you eat, now I know that you say you eat gluten free, but would you categorize yourself as, you know, paleo, vegan? Like what kind of, how do you,

I’m an unprocessed diet fan, so that means that I don’t mean everything. I mean, I mean like 95% of what I do, which is the other thing. I don’t think anyone, I don’t, I’m not a fan of extreme anything. So I would say 95% of what I eat is an unprocessed natural food diet, which means it’s in its natural state, it wants grew. Um, it’s very basic. So I love vegetables. I love fruits. I love nuts, seeds, proteins, rice, yams. And when I eat that way, I don’t find that I need to measure or, um, I’m eating real foods with real flavoring. I’m not having artificial sweeteners. I’m not having high fructose corn syrup and not having things with mess with my taste buds or my cravings. So that is what I base my books on is on processing or dieting, eating natural foods. And that works. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not human. Like I, I’m the first to admit that like, it’s that time a month. I’m having reasons for me, but like I’m human. I’m not what you do every single day. It’s, I mean, it’s not, it’s what I do most of the time. It’s not what you do once in awhile.

Yes, I totally agree with that. It’s kind of like how you find that balance in your life, right? With eating those foods and not fit into deprived, um, and, and having balance and moderation in what you eat. Right? So you’re not saying you never eat those foods. Um, so here’s my next question. This is kind of interesting because here you are, you’re 44, right? Am I correct? You don’t mind me saying that on air you have six pounds, you have a six pack, you have a kid, your mom, I mean, seriously inspiring and motivating to so many people out there. And I’m sure people are cutting you out to put on their vision board. Right? So here’s my question is you live this lifestyle. You’re, you’re, you’re in super good shape. Um, what do you do to stay motivated to stay in shape? Is it the accountability to your followers or do you set goals for yourself throughout the year? You know, year after year it’d be like, okay, I have to maintain the six pack. Is it just for your followers? Is it just for your own self? Um, you know, um, motivation of wanting to always look good or do you get burnt out of like, okay, I have to look good for my followers. Um, how do you find that? How do you find that balance and staying motivated?

It’s definitely not for my followers. Um, it’s cause I’m really real with my followers and I don’t mind sharing if I’m gaining weight or losing weight or whatever, but it’s really the way I feel. I, I don’t want to, I want to be pain free. I want to be able to be active. I want to have a lot of energy and I want to feel confident and good about myself. And that’s really what that boils down to. So whether that’s a size two or a size 10 as long as I feel good about myself and I had energy and I can move without pain, I’m happy. And I’m not a big, I’m somebody who doesn’t like to sit. I have a lot of energy. So I like to move around and I like to stay active and I do not feel there needs to be extreme anything.

So I’m not an extreme diet or I’m not an extreme workout person. It’s, you know, I, I post these little clips on social media daily, like really short clips of body weight moves you can do. And there’s all somebody that says, okay, but what do you really do? Like, I really do that. I don’t spend two hours in a gym. I don’t even have a gym membership. I literally use my body and I, it’s always, it’s always, some trainer will chime in and say, well, there’s no way you can have abs, you know, working out 10 minutes a day or 15 or 20 minutes a day. Really try to hold a plank for five minutes and tell me how you feel. Because I guarantee it works towards holding a plank every day for five minutes. For the next year you will have abs. It’s not cheesy. It’s the types of exercises. Um, I like to challenge myself. I love when people tell me I can’t do something because I’m determined to make it happen. Like girls can’t do pull ups. Really? I can do them. Or you know, girls cannot, you can’t have six pack after a baby. Yes I can. You can’t be a fitness model after 39. Yes I can. So I just, I like, I like challenges.

That is okay. So you set challenges for yourself of always trying to stay motivated. Cause for me, here’s the things I get. I do get burnout if I’m just trying to look good. Right? I think for me that’s not my focus. That’s just a byproduct of wanting to live a healthy lifestyle for my kids. And it ends up being that I do have a six pack, but that’s not my main focus. Like you, right. I think the trend is, is working on is for people to learn how to work out smarter, not longer necessarily. So 1520 minute workouts, you know, four or five days a week is enough. Especially if you know how to get your, your diet and nutrition dialed in and stayed consistent. 80 to 90% of the time. I feel like there’s a shift in the fitness industry to move over to that.

So I say work towards stronger. I tell everybody like don’t work for skinny or perfection cause that’s not possible. What you can work towards being stronger. Like just if you, I could name, I could rattle off 10 easy exercises that if you just do those through your own body weight, you will change your whole body like a pull up. For instance, a pull up or a chin up works so much of your body just working on pull-ups. Everyday is huge. Doing planks like I mentioned or doing, um, you know, there’s are tricep dips. There’s so many things you could do with your own body weight that are intense and will change your body.

Do you still feel like there’s pushback from girls to be, to not want to lift weights or not to want to get bigger or the stronger thing? Do you feel like girls still kind of pushed back where like, I don’t want to have muscles. Do you still get that?

No, that I get that as much anymore. Um, I, I tell ya, you know, I used to have a real, I definitely have a six pack sale, but it used to, I think I used to show it a lot more and I would get that, that’s manly or whatever. And I don’t, I don’t think about like, Hey, does this show my six pack or, and when I’m showing this, I’m more just in teaching and if people see it, they see it. There’s times I wear long shirts. I’m not as concerned about that. I think, um, for me, I just want to empower people to, to feel best about themselves and I’m the first person to tell somebody like, Hey, go on a social media cleanse. It’s looking at other fit people stresses you out or you know, just work towards being your best. You, and when you work with your body weight or towards stronger, it’s really cool cause you can challenge yourself to progress and you see the progression where if you’re just going and taking the same class every day and doing, you know, three sets of 12 and you’re not really working towards changing, that gets discouraging.

Yeah, no I agree with that 100%. Um, let’s shift gears here a little bit. I want to talk to you about, um, supplements. Cause there’s so many people ask about supplements in the industry, right? And we’ve unfortunately people look at those as the magic pill, right? Like what supplements do you take to get the six back? Well it’s not, it’s one small piece of the puzzle, right? So can you just tell us like what supplements, if any, do you take and how often you take them?

Exactly what you just said. I think supplements are meant to be a supplement. So in addition to a real healthy, natural food diet, I think in your taking, eating real national healthy foods, you don’t necessarily need to supplement at all. And I’m a fan of real foods first. Always. That being said, there’s a few things I take because I like the way I feel when I do and it doesn’t mean everybody needs to do this. It’s just for me. Like I do take fish oil every day. I’m a huge fan of fish oil. It helps with my concentration. It helps with my joints. I just, I like taking fish oil. Um, I definitely use whey protein. Um, I use a very natural way protein because for me it’s a, it’s a fast digesting, fast absorbing protein. It keeps me full. It helps me feel my muscles.

It’s a clean protein and it’s convenient. It’s quick. So like I love to have lately coffee with whey protein in it in the mornings. It just, it’s, and I add some fat to that too and it’s, I love it. So I’m definitely a whey protein. I’m definitely a fan of caffeine, so I’m going to supplement it. I get why some people don’t want it. For me, I like it. It helps me, it helps me focus. I’m for sure add over the top and helps calm me down actually. So for me, I like it. I like caffeine. Um, I also take magnesium at night. It helps me wind down and sleep. So I love magnesium and I’m sure, I’m sure I’m leaving something out. Oh, I, I do. Um, there’s a couple of like, it’s not, there’s a couple of brands I like, but I’m not, it’s not the point of it being a brand. There’s, it’s what I take in those things. So oil for instance, I use MCT oil, which is just the best like of coconut oil based.

Yes, exactly. No, I use MCT oil. I’m big fan of it. Do you take it in liquid form or do you attitude

by my new I was, I never drank coffee literally until two weeks ago in my life. Like I’ve been missing out my whole, I do kind of like a modified version of Bulletproof coffee. You know what that is? I do. Lately I’ve been doing, and I do use the Bulletproof brand cause I like that brand now, but it’s the first one I tried and I like it. I use that. And then I use, um, I add, he says to do like two tablespoons of MCT and two tablespoons of G. I don’t do that. I do a teaspoon of MCT, the liquid, and then I do a teaspoon of ghee. I do a scoop of my chocolate. I use Isogenix way for that whey protein. And then I use this product called Mito XL. It’s just like raw cacau, but it has their stuff in there. I use two teaspoons of that and I put it in my Vitamix and it’s amazing. And that’s my every morning now go to,

yeah, no, I get that. It’s like a modified Bulletproof coffee. And here’s the things, I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t drink coffee my entire life, um, until probably about like six months ago. I used to drink energy drinks. Like, Oh, this is my form of caffeine. But I’m like, why am I drinking energy drinks when coffee is so much of a healthier alternative without the side effects and all the chemicals added to it. So I’m just like you, I do the Bulletproof coffee thing, modified of course, but I’ll do coconut oil and

I’m sure have a lot behind the 400 or 500 calories of fat. I just can’t, I can’t do it in the morning. Psychologically I can’t do it.

Well. And plus people have tolerance. You have to build up a tolerance to the MCT oil. So for those of you who are just trying to experiment, don’t just go at a ton of MCT oil, you’ll be in the bathroom,

I think. I think a teaspoon of each. Well if you do about three teaspoons total of fat, you’re getting about a tablespoon of fat that’s going to keep you full. And it does the trick, at least for me, it, it.

Yeah. No, and I agree. I think that, you know, it’s becoming more and more trendy. I remember I was at, um, where was I? I was in the airport, uh, asking for some coffee. I was like, I know this sounds weird. Peculiar. Can you add any butter? Can you give me some butter? They’re like, what? Like butter in your coffee.

No, I just asked that. I said, do they have a at Starbucks? I don’t think so.

Yeah. No they don’t. It’s, it’s, but it’s becoming more and more popular. So maybe eventually it’ll be

so good.

Yes it is. Um, okay, so your seven day jumpstart plan that is in print form. It’s not ebook anymore.

So we, I still have my ebook 70 jumpstart, which is the planet, which is the original plan, which is still great. But I have my new book, which is in all bookstores on coming out May 3rd it’ll be everywhere. You can, people can preorder it now, but it’s a brand new updated version of the jumpstart with 84 brand new recipes.

Okay. That’s what I was going to ask. What’s the difference?

Yeah, it’s a, it’s an a modified, uh, newer meal plan. 84 new recipes. I walked through how to do the vision board, the goals. I’ve got some great transformation stories in there. And then the other cool thing is I put seven, seven minute workouts in there using just your own body weight.

Interesting. Okay. So it’s pretty much all in one where it has the meal plans, the recipes, even workouts as well as the original one have the workouts or is the,

it does not. The original one does not have the workout and um, the original, it does not have nearly as many recipes. This one will be in like the recipe book section. It’s a full on cookbook with, I mean there’s like 50 color pictures of recipes and these are really good recipes that I worked with my whole team on. I mean they are yummy. You’ll never know they’re eating healthy. It’s just so bad.

That is, that is awesome. And I’m a big fan of that, that type of a book with that type of information. Cause that’s pretty much what people are looking for. Then all in one type of thing,

whether some, you know, there’s, it’s definitely not a vegan book, but if you’re vegetarian there’s a lot in there for vegetarians. If you are a paleo, it would work really well with a lot of paleo. It’s if there’s really any category can relate to it because it’s just a heavy plant-based, healthy national unprocessed food book.

Awesome. That is so cool. So we’ll put that in the show notes and you said it launches on May 3rd.

Yup. They can get it anywhere now on Amazon or Barnes and noble or anywhere or just my website, not illegible fitness.com. Forward slash book.

Okay. And then are you going to be going on tour when the book launches?

Yeah, I got all kinds of fun things planned for that. But um, I will be doing a big trip to D C so I’m glad to know you’re there cause I get all this DC and New York and LA of course, and here and I’m not, I’m not gonna, I don’t think I’m going to do the traditional book tour. I’ve got a lot of other stuff, but I am totally open to things as they present themselves.

Okay. Well I’ll tell all my Northern Virginia friends to check you out when you’re in DC. Yeah. Um, okay, so P I’ll put all of that in the show notes now. Where can people find you? Before we end here, I’ll just go ahead and have you talk about your social media and where people can.

Sure. Natalie, Jill, fitness.com is my website and I’m on every social media. Natalie, Jill fit or you can just find it from my website. Um, I’m Natalie. Jill fit on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, buying, whatever, all of them. Snapchat. Oh, you’re on vine too. I, you know what I am, but I, I shouldn’t have even said that because I’m not very active on it, but I’m actually on definitely Snapchat daily. Instagram, Facebook are my, probably my largest Pinterest. YouTube is the only one that’s not Natalie. Jill fit. It’s Natalie. Jill fitness.

Okay, gotcha. We’ll put that in the show notes so people can follow along and kinda, uh, be informed of, you know, to stay in the, know where you’re going to be and, and events like that so they can meet you. Awesome. Um, okay, now this is the time where we kind of end up when we kinda just talk about some very, very funny questions that are just kind of lighthearted and just quick answers. So the first thing that pops up in your mind, Natalie, um, this is, people love this for entertainment purposes. Okay, so don’t hate me if I asked you something kind of funny. Okay, so the first question right off the bat, I ask every guest this. Would you ever do fit to fat to fit Natalie on purpose?

Gosh, is there money in there?

Well, yes. Well here’s the thing is that, you know, there is going to be a season two a fit to fat to fit and we are looking for trainers and so I just threw it out there. I’m just saying,

I don’t know. It might be kind of fun, but you know, you got to think about health too. I don’t, I, I said I would meet, I consider it. I can’t say no to any, it might be a fun time to do it. It’s just the, gosh, it’s um, I know what that excess weight, everything does health wise now

I totally get it. It’s not a serious question. I just kind of thrown it out there because here’s the thing is I think a lot of people can learn from it. I totally get the health thing right that that’s, I know I took those risks going into it and luckily for the most part, no one has any longterm effects, especially from, you know, the trainers on the TV show. But it is kind of fun for a little bit. Um, but at the end of the day, I think people learn from it and people are inspired by it in a different way than like say the biggest loser format. Right. I mean that’s always inspiring, but this is obviously a different approach. I’m just interested to see if anyone would really be interested in doing it.

I’m a, I’m open to everything in this world, so I say I would be open to it. Yeah.

Yes. Cause you said you do like challenges and this would be one of those challenges. Okay. If you did do it, what foods would you eat if you did?

Oh my God, I would eat gluten free donuts and pizza and racist pieces all day long. That’s what I, I would feel like crap, I’m sure. But that’s what I would eat.

Now Reese’s pieces are gluten free, right?

Yes. Oh, I’m assuming I’ve never gotten sick from them, but I got, I don’t know what the heck they, I don’t even want to know what’s in them because I know it’s not good for me. They are addictive. That would be interesting

cause we don’t, I don’t think we’ve had anybody that had the eat gluten free as a trainer to gain the weight. So getting gluten free donuts. Oh, that’d be interesting to see how that would go. But I know you’re not going to do it. But anyways, I just want to,

I would, I would shout out because it’s the one I eat starchy sugary carbs. I can’t stop. I just, I definitely have that response where I’ve smoked more and more and more, so I’m sure I would have no problem gaining the weight.

I’m the same way. Um, if you could be on any reality TV show, which one would it be?

Well, yours, of course. Other than mine, I can get any re, gosh that’s, I don’t watch that much reality TV. So that’s a hard one. Um, I w I would, I’ll tell you, I don’t know what it is now, but I would be on one that’s probably not aired yet. I would be on one that has a positive motivational drama free side, which I know will probably never exist because everybody wants drama, drama. But I don’t like drama. Like why can’t things just be happy ending and we show but happy.

That’s interesting. I don’t know. I guess we’re addicted to drama,

but we’re moving forward. They did too. Empowering and encouraging. And you know what? Most people that are empowered and encouraged don’t watch reality TV show because it’s Trump. He could have a whole new market power and encouraged.

Okay, well if that ever comes on air, you let us know. That would be funny.

I don’t think that’s what I would want to do. Funniest moment. Oh my gosh. I have so many funny moments. The first one that pops up. Okay. Funniest moment. I was doing a shoot for health magazine and I had to make partisan the hairstylist and all that stuff. And just when they left they came and signed I bit of carrot and my front tooth broken half. What are you serious? Literally I was the Jacqueline banner. Oh my gosh. What the heck. Like I am missing my front tooth and I, I, you know, should go show my husband. He’s laughing at me and I’m like really, really upset. And it’s hard not to laugh, but it’s really upsetting and it’s a weekend and no one can do anything or help me. So, so, um, I would say that was probably the funniest moment and me, I don’t mind making fun of myself and I don’t, there’s nothing I hide. So I took all kinds of pictures of myself like that and, and my next presentation I did on stage, I put that up as the starter.

It’s so funny. So what did you do? Did you cancel the photo shoot or did you just go,

no, it’s right after the [inaudible] after I think for the weekend for sure. I just took pictures of Santa to people and it made like little memes out of it. But yeah it was, it was, it was embarrassing. It was like, it was funny cause I like laughing at myself like that. I did a care of my tooth broken half day that that goes. I guess that’s jack-o-lantern

scroll through Instagram to find that photo. Um, I guess, well that, my next question was what’s your most embarrassing moment, but is that qualify as both or do you have a, an embarrassing moment that you would be willing to share?

Gosh, that’s nothing. I would say I’ve had numerous embarrassing moments of being on TV or filming and then like, cause I don’t go in, I don’t spray, I don’t have like a real tan. I mean I like the sun but not real [inaudible] and it always rubs off on things in awkward times. So I can think of times I was like on camera or something and you get off the yoga mat and you got spray down there. That’s kind of a bear I guess.

No, that’s the struggles of a spray tanning I guess. Right. That is so funny. No, I’ve had that happen before. Not on national TV or anything like that, but um, I’ve, I, it’s weird how that happens, right? Especially when you’re sweating. Okay. What’s one thing you can’t live without other than like family cars? Like anything big, like something small. So for example, me, I’ll give you an example for me, I can’t live without chapstick. Like I, after I brush my teeth, my lips are always dry. I have to have chapstick. Is there something that you can’t live without? Toothpaste?

I have to brush my teeth a lot. I can’t stand the feeling of not having clean teeth.

Do you brush your teeth after every meal?

I brush my teeth like 10 times a day.

And you bring it with you when you travel? Like

Oh yeah, I know they had a little disposable toothbrushes that I can carry in my bag. Yeah.

Okay. That’s fine. Okay, well that, that concludes my lightning round questions. That wasn’t too bad. Right. Well thank you so much Natalie. I really, really appreciate you coming on. Uh, we’ll have to have you back on in the future. Cause I know you’re going to have other big things to come and I’m glad that we connected and thank you so much for sharing all this valuable information with my followers. Okay, now they stay in touch.

All right you guys, hopefully you enjoy today’s episode as much as I did with Natalie Jill. Um, such an inspiring story. I really hope you guys go check her out and go check out her new book. Also, uh, just want to mention the sponsor key Genex again, uh, don’t forget to use the code fit to fat to fit. If you want to try out the product a for 15% off, you can’t find that type of discount anywhere online to be honest with you. Um, so I definitely use that code and check out key genex.com forward slash fit two fat to fit. Also, if you want to stay in the know, um, about my upcoming events or announcements that I have, please follow me on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are all at fit to fat. To fit Len’s social media is at to fit at home. You guys and my website is fit to fat to fit.com. Her website is to fit@home.com. Um, so please go check, uh, those websites outside for a newsletter so you can stay close to us and we’ll keep you posted on what’s going on you guys. So stay in touch and we will be back here next week with another great episode on the fit to Pratt fit experience podcast.


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