what’s up everybody? And welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. Thank you guys so much for joining me for another great episode. I’m your host, drew manning. Welcome to this podcast. For those of you who are new, uh, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m the one who did the fit to fat to fit journey back in 2011 in the beginning, 75 pounds on purpose in six months, and then lost it again in six more months. And now I’m here with a podcast to bring to you guys a unique twist on health and fitness. And what we do on the podcast is try and dive into, um, a lot of episodes with, uh, experts, nutritionists, doctors, sometimes talking about health and fitness. And since the TV show has been out recently, what we do each week is we have a, the client and the trainer from the current episode of the TV show on the podcast, interview them.

Uh, so today’s episode is with Tremmel, Jason and Johnny, who was the, they were the 10th episode, uh, on season one. A fit test fit on A&E and we also have Monica treadmill’s wife as well, uh, on the episode two. So we dive into a lot of the things that you don’t get to see on camera. Uh, we dive in to what their real thoughts and feelings were during some of the scenes, like the pop tarts scene, um, the their first workout that they had. And um, a lot of other valuable information and some clarification on some things that came across a certain way on the episode, but, uh, some clarification’s from Tremmel and Monica and Jason and Johnny along with some very entertaining stories about their journey. Um, but anyways, you guys gotta listen to this episode. It’s a great episode, but before we jump into the, to the episode, uh, our show sponsor for today is none other than dollar workout club.com you guys dollar workout club.com is uh, our own online program.

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All right, what’s up guys? We’ve got Jason, Johnny, Tremmel and Monica on the phone here, right? How are you guys doing today? Yay. Thank you. Yeah, thank you guys. All four of you guys for joining me. Um, I really appreciate it. Fantastic episode. You guys loved it. You guys killed it. I, I was highly entertained during the entire episode. Thank you guys so much for joining us here on the fit to fat to fit experience podcast so that people can get to know you guys on a more personal level. We can talk about some behind the scenes stuff and really dive into what you guys’ experience was with this. A brand new TV show that’s a totally different than anything else out that’s out there, right? I mean you got biggest loser or you have extreme weight loss and then we have fit to add to fit.

That’s kind of in a category of its own because it’s putting the trainers, um, kind of in their client’s shoes. I don’t want to say completely because as we all know, I mean, uh, Tremmel did what he did for four months. You know, I did what I did for six months and in no way are we trying to pretend to know exactly where our claims are coming from. But at the end of the day we can at least say we have a better understanding of versus who we were before. That’s the hope at least. But anyways, let’s get started with you guys and your guys’ episode. So I’ll kind of shift gears and say, okay, this question is for you. Tromeo this one’s for you, Monica. This one’s for you, Jason and Johnny. And we’ll just kind of go from there. Cause it’s, I know that if it’s four people are talking at the same time, it’s going to be, it’s going to be kind of hectic, but okay. So let me ask you guys, Jason, Johnny, um, when, when they filmed treadmills, um, recording of him telling you guys that he was going to gain this weight, was that real or did you guys already know beforehand at that point or was you guys kind of really shocked when he told you that?

Um, that was 100% real. We had no idea.

That’s cool. And so trauma, what about for you when they, when you applied for the show, did you know that this was what it was going to be?

Um, no I didn’t find I was going to have to gain the weight until I was already accepted as one of the cast members.

So after you signed the contract, they’re like, Oh by the way, gain all this weight

I want it to do, or if it was, you know, and you know, I just kinda took a step back and you know, decided that it would be something that would kind of be valuable for me and informed my growth. So, like I say, I do recall, you know, I think in 2010, 2011 watching your, your, your post on CNN and I was like, I would do that one day. And then it’s just funny how time, you know, met up with time and I was actually able to go through the experience myself.

So I got to ask you, what was your conversation like with Monica when you first, when you first told her and what was, and Monica, maybe you can speak to this. What was your reaction when he told you?

I think when we first kind of figured out that it was going to be, this kind of experiment was we were sit, um, your book and I started flipping through it and I’m like, wait a minute, what? I just see you getting bigger and bigger. And I’m like, wait a minute, is this what they expect me to do or what, what I signed up for. So, and that’s when we kind of got a hit of what was going on.

That’s, that’s, that’s funny. Now you work in the medical field, right, Monica? Or what do you do exactly?

Physical therapist.

Physical therapist. Okay. So you kind of know some of the health ramifications and health risks doing something like this. Right. Were you worried about that with tremolo going into this?

Um, like I said on the show, I thought that he was first of all in such good health to start off with. I thought that, you know, four months wouldn’t be that bad. I’m like, ah, four months, that’s not going to be a big deal. You know, years for him to get to a point where his blood pressure, we’re bringing it up that high. Cause before this show, I think his blood pressure was like 90 over 52 or something like ridiculously low and therefore 140 and that was probably in like two or three months. It was like really?

Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s interesting cause I, I kinda can understand it from your perspective. Um, but it is only for four months and all the doctors that I’ve spoken to is like, there’s not a lot of studies or research on short term weight gain in this kind of context. But the good thing is that at least he was monitored by a physician throughout to make sure it was again too serious. Cause what was it, two months in that your blood pressure w um, got pretty high, right? Trauma

two month Mark that I was starting to get a little, little slight chest pains and humors and that’s when I talked to production and if we could, you know, uh, speed up the uh, doctor visit and um, that’s when we set a visit that week and that’s when all the stuff that’s at that now, I guess somewhat famous scene.

So what, so what did you measure your blood pressure at the end of the four months and if so, what was it?

Um, it was, I think about 10 points off of where I started. So my blood pressure D I don’t know the exact [inaudible].

Okay. So, well that’s what I was going to ask. Is it two months in? It was, it was already pretty high, but at four months in wa was it even higher than that? It was about stable. It’s about stable. Okay. Well that’s good then because we know as we all know, Adonis, you know he had to stop early 10 days early because his got so high. Right. So you were able to last the four months even though at two months it was already pretty high. So that I thought that was pretty interesting. But um, uh, going back to, let me switch gears, going to Jason and Johnny, have you guys ever worked with a personal trainer before? [inaudible]

this is Jason speaking. I actually have, I’m on two or three occasions. I never followed through with it. I always ended up quitting and the majority of time it was because I didn’t feel comfortable with a trainer. I didn’t feel as that the trainer understood me. I, uh, one thing that they don’t,


No, when I discussed it very much in detail during the taping of the show, cause I’m a weight loss surgery patients. So after I had my weight loss surgery, I hired a trainer and was working with him one on one in the gym in my apartment complex. But I just never felt comfortable with him. I felt he passed judgment on me. I felt he didn’t understand where I was coming from. Uh, so I, I have on a couple of different occasions, but no, never followed through. What about you Johnny?

I never worked with a trainer before. I’m, the closest I got to a trainer was when my mom had a trainer and I thought that was pretty cool. But, um, other than that, yeah, no, the terminal was my first experience with a trader.

So that’s what I was going to ask you guys is what was your, what was your perception of trainers, and it sounds like, you know, Jason, you already had a perception or you kind of firsthand experience, right? But what were you, how did you guys view a trainers and then how did you guys view trauma when he first came to you? Was it the same kind of perception? And then, I know this is a long question, but when he came back and was fat, did that perception of him change or was there a value in him gaining the weight in your guys’ eyes as, as the trainer? Does that make sense?

Yeah. Um, I’m going to try to answer all of that. Um,


My initial perception of trainers, I don’t, I don’t know that I ever had any negative feelings toward them. I just, you know, you just see a trainer and you just think, Oh, there’s someone who’s always been fit and that’s what God gave them to do and be in life is be fit and shorten one else. Hey, this is how you be fit. You know, my, I feel like there was definitely value in [inaudible] gaining weight. That gave me a whole different perspective and a whole new level of respect. Especially, I mean, my respect shot up when he said he was going to do it, but of course, you know, there’s more value in an action than words. When we walked in and we seen that he actually put on that weight, then I was like, okay, this is for real. You know, like he really put this on. So I felt that much more encouraged and committed within myself personally to make sure that I didn’t gain B for loss, no pun intended. True.

Or where the guy dropped out and didn’t finish it with a trainer. I could have not been that person to Tramell knowing that he invested that kind of time and energy into gaining the way to work it back off with us. I’m not in any way faulting or bad mouthing. I think his name was JD [inaudible] couldn’t have done that because I hold myself in higher regard to what Tramell did for us that I feel we owed that back to him.

So at least make an attempt to finish. And we both felt, not like to bag line, but we both felt really bad for his trainer. I can’t remember her name, violin for Fallon silver cause I was just like, ah man. I couldn’t imagine that


doing that to [inaudible] so

yeah. [inaudible]

were there times that you guys did want to quit though that you’re like, you know what, I screw the TV show, screw the exposure, screw this whole thing where you guys like, you know, this isn’t worth it. Did you get, were there any moments of like that that you guys had?

We had a lot about on the scenes, we had a lot of behind the scenes drama, trouble with work and things of that nature where it’s just, it all, all combined together was very overwhelming at certain times and points. And then, you know, sometimes some of the production crew people would really rub us the wrong way too.

Yeah. Like real talk. We, when we started this project, everything that could have went wrong just in life in general between family and just all just stuff fell prime and it got really hard.

And a lot of times the production crew, people weren’t sympathetic to that at all. I mean, you know, last minute doctor’s appointments for workman’s comp and they’re telling me I can’t go because I need to shoot and sorry, but that’s my day job. That’s my livelihood. So yeah, there were times where you wanted to quit because if you could do the whole process and the grueling in your face camera every minute you move every day just became too much sometimes. Yeah.

Yeah. And that’s, that’s the one people don’t get to see on the, on, you know, watching the TV shows. They just kind of see this condensed version of what you guys go through. And like they think, Oh man, they had it, you know, they lost it. So easy for them. But life still happens for you guys. You guys aren’t on some resort or camp where you know, you guys are fed your meals and you’re working out six times a day to lose the weight. It’s like you have to deal with all these other things. It’s like almost having another full time job just with the production, you know, part part of it, right. Cause you’ve got to fit it in your schedule and you’re already working to make money. So that’s something that people don’t, don’t get to see. So I’m glad you guys talked about that a little bit. Um, [inaudible] another thing that people didn’t get to see with you is, um, didn’t you have to switch gyms midway through the process? Like you had some other trials that you had to go through as well, right?

Yeah. I think, uh, Johnny hit the nail on the head when he said that could have happened, uh, happened. Uh, we were, when we started shooting, I was a part owner of a gym. And, uh, at the pretty much the three month Mark of my heaviest point, um, we actually had to close the gym. We had to shut our doors down. So I had to find a new job and then I had to come on to that new job as a, um, a fat or an overweight trainer, you know, that, you know, I was getting those looks from the other, uh, you know, the members of the gym and the clientele and, uh, even the other trainers. So I was constantly, uh, you know, being self conscious and worried about, you know, how those people were perceiving me to be, you know, an overweight trainer. So it was definitely trying for me as well.

That’s funny man. Cause I was gonna ask you about that. Like did you feel any moments of judgment or um, you know, um, lack of self esteem in certain situations and it sounds like you being a a trainer where you’re training people, did you feel like you had to go? Did you, first of all, did you go out of your way to explain to people like, Hey man, I’m usually in shape. This is usually what it looked like, or did you kind of just stay silent and let them kind of judge you or whatever?

Oh no. Every person I met, I made sure to let them know that really fast and the point where my wife was like, no, you have to stop telling people that because that’s the feeling, the purpose of doing the experiment. It’s so you can go through the real, you know, an overweight person, Hey, I’m not really fat. Look at this picture of what I’m supposed to look like. Um, at that point I really had to take a step back and you know, take a big swallow of my pride and let people, you know, see me how they saw me at the stage of life that I was in. So, you know, initially I was very, I think, no this isn’t the real me, but um, I think if I would’ve continued on that I wouldn’t have gained as much affection. Um, and then the purpose of doing the project.

Yeah. And I can totally relate to that cause that’s, I went through the same thing. I wanted to go up to complete strangers handing out flyers. Here’s my website, here’s, here’s what it used to look like. Here’s what I normally eat. Those kinds of things because you kind of, when you grow up in shape your entire life, and I know not everyone can relate to this, but you identify who you are a little bit with your body and what it looks like. And when you lose your six pack and the sculpted muscles and that nice physique, you kind of freak out. You’re like, who am I? Like this isn’t me. This is normally who I am, but eventually you got to get to the point where you realize, you know what, there’s so much more to me than just what my body looks like and my body fat percentage.

Um, but it’s hard to transition to that when all you’ve known your entire life is six pack or being in shape, you know, being an athlete your entire life. So I can definitely relate to that. Um, going back to the show a little bit, one of the clips that I thought was really funny, um, and I kind of want to get Jason Johnny’s a real reaction and they did talk a little bit about this is when you guys first met instrumentals, gone through the, the cupboards and the refrigerator and the freezer. He’s like, Nope, Nope, Nope. And then basically all that you guys are left with is, I think it was tuna

beans and tea. Am I right? A tea or maybe oats as well, right? Allison? Whoops.

What would you guys, was that for real? Like he basically said, this is all you guys can eat. And then where you guys like kind of devastated at that point or what were you guys’ thoughts at that point in time?

I, I can say from having had weight loss surgery and learning how to read labels afterwards, I knew he was right because I had stopped doing that. It had been about four years since on weight loss surgery. Um, and I, I had attended nutrition classes and everything as part of the weight loss surgery had gotten very lazy with how we cooked in the house. And at least I have, cause I do the majority of the cooking.

It was pure devastation footie like what the hell else?

And then they’d probably been in our cabinet for about two years.

That is so funny. So Bay, so basically during those four months of him gaining weight, I mean you guys didn’t just eat that, right? Like did, what did you guys do during those four months of, of waltz? Romell was gaining weight.

It cut out your mail got onto us because we had a lot of canvas walls and a lot of tan, uh, items that we were using to code. So we phased those out and started trying to buy more frozen vegetables that, not necessarily fresh, but at least frozen, started trying to grill more fry last, I mean I grew up in this house and everything’s fried. So we, we started trying to eat a little more healthy, not, not nearly like we did after we started working out, but we did change our diet a little bit.

Gotcha. And uh, so Tremmel with you during that, that phase, um, I know, I know that it was a struggle for all the trainers, right? To put on this way to really eat and something people don’t realize is there is pressure, you know, from the production team to really make sure you’re gaining weight, right? Because there’s this balance of, you know, and this is what some people kind of reached out to me about on social media is like there’s this balance of a reality. Like most people don’t eat that way, right. To gain the weight. And I get that. But what we’re trying to do in this short little four month windows to have this experiment to show some dramatic results. So if there isn’t that pressure to really push yourself and eat as much as you can in those four months, then people will complain on the other end saying, well, they only gained 20, 30 pounds. Like, that’s not, you know, that’s not fat, that’s not, you know, noticeable. So there’s this pressure from both ends and you can never everybody, but, um, how did you, how did you, uh, find that balance for you to Hormel? Of, of, okay, I do need to push myself and eat more, but at the same time, like, I don’t want to get too fat or I don’t want to gain too much weight. Does that make sense?

Yeah. I mean going once we, it a wife and I accepted the fact that I was going to have to gain weight, um, we decided to just have fun with it. So, you know, I kind of tried to dive into the mindset of having as much fun as possible. Um, I was a competitive bodybuilder, so, you know, I’ve been used to a strict diet of very strict, boring died of lots of foods. So I really did die wood. And tried to, you know, he is much different foods Zach could in foods that I would always see people eating and things of that nature. So, um, initially it was, it was a, I was having a blast but got to the point where, you know, constantly stepping on the scale and you know, changing that mind frame of Ooh, I hope I gained five pounds. I hope I gained seven pounds in relationship with the scale became, you know, something that I was never used to. And um, you know, that pressure of gaining, trying to get on on that weight was definitely something that, uh, started to take its toll.

Yeah. That’s funny man. I know. So Monica for you, I have to ask this question. Did you, um, join in with trimodal at any point in time during his, uh, you know, awakening phase? Did you kind of support him? You know how sometimes a woman will get pregnant and the man will kind of gain baby weights to sympathize a little bit? Did you kind of do that kind of thing with treadmill?

I tried my best not to, but it’s kind of hard when every Friday night turns into pizza night and there’s donuts in the house, then he leaves to go to work before I do and there’s still a doughnut on the counter. So, uh, I ended up putting on a little bit of way, of course, not as much as he did, but I ended up getting about 15 pounds through the whole process.

Oh wow. I didn’t know that. That is so funny. I could totally see that happening. Especially for me, like my weaknesses. If the foods in the house, I’m going to eat it. And so that would be really, really hard. A test of your willpower, like how strong are you to not eat those foods when it’s there right in front of your face. That would be really hard. So I can imagine it was a struggle for you to try and stay in shape as well. Uh, so I think that that’s really funny. Um, uh, [inaudible] now comparing your episode a little bit to Seth’s, did you watch Seth’s episode though? You know the one right before yours? Yes, I did. Yeah. So he ended up throwing up a lot. Did you throw up at all?

Um, no, not one time. I have a pretty resilient stomach, so I, okay. I got on the verge a few times, but, um, I did not actually get to the point where I was, I was forced to throw up. Okay. Well that’s

good. I’m glad to hear that. Cause that was a definitely something that people did not like to see. Um, especially with his massive beard. Right. Was there any point in time trauma that you did struggle though from an emotional perspective? Uh, with the, the weight gaining phase, thinking to yourself, cause I know you’re trying to have fun with it. Um, and it didn’t seem like you struggled too much from the episode from an emotional perspective, but were there any moments that you can remember where you’re like, you know what I like, I want to be done with this, I don’t want to do this anymore. Um, just from like an emotional perspective, the biggest,

uh, emotional struggle that I had was, um, the day that we actually had to close the gym or the day I got the news that we closed the gym cause we were actually filming that day. Um, it was kinda brought up on to me a last minute notification that Hey, we gotta close with, we’re shutting down in two weeks. And, uh, my business partners knew that we were coming to an end a little bit earlier than I did. And I, and the way I found out about it, it all kind of snowballed into an a very emotional time and probably the worst. Um, I’m actually surprised that they cut a lot of that out. But, um, I guess it didn’t really go with the story that they were trying to tell, but that was by far emotional part. And then another part that really struck with me was, um, I was good friends with, uh, Sandra bland and, um, my, my, I went to high school with her sister and her. And, um, so when all of that stuff was happening with, um, you know, the black lives matter, Sandra plan well in, in that nature. So that was a pretty emotional part for me. Um, and, you know, go through that and have to film while a lot of that stuff was going on. Those are probably the two more emotional cause, you know, you try to, you try to put on fake cameras, but it was kinda hard to deal with with those two issues.

Yeah, man, that’s, uh, that’s interesting. Um, and that’s, that’s uh, that’s what I wish that, um, you know, maybe next season the episodes will be two hours long to show a lot more of the footage that got cut out. Right. Because there’s so much more to show both on the trainer side and on the client side. Right. There’s a lot more drama and a lot more details that I think people would benefit or would be able to relate to if we were able to show a little bit more of that. But, um, uh, okay. So let’s talk about a little bit about the second phase. You guys. Um, let’s talk about that first workout, uh, for you guys, Jason and Johnny winch. Romell you guys come in, you see him and Tramell he gained 66 pounds. But here’s the thing. Trauma. I think you carried it really well to where it, I don’t know, your body type was interesting to where it wasn’t like, um, you, you, I don’t know, you just carried it really well. And so Jason and Johnny, when you guys first saw him 66 pounds heavier, but you guys impressed like, okay, damn, he’s, he did it for real. Like he’s legit or were you kinda like, well, you know, he gained six, six pounds, but it doesn’t look like he gained 66 pounds. What was your guys’ reaction to being completely honest? I mean, you could,

no, he had gained weight, but he looked honestly like he could go and put on pads and tackle anybody on the football field. He looked like an eye condition professional athlete. He was just had a few extra pounds. I mean, it was obvious having seen him before, but it wasn’t, it wasn’t like the other trainers that we’ve seen it. He did carry it very well. I agree. Yeah. You’re male. Look the way that I want it to look when it was over with.


Honestly I was like, yes, that’s what I’m going for it.


nice. That’s something about that.

Yes. Go ahead. Monica.

After, um, Trammell was able to start losing the weight and was able to start working out again. Uh, he actually joined the gym by our house so he could do more cardio. Cause before of course he didn’t need to even have a gym membership there, so he wanted to do some, you know, fast at cardio. So we got a sign up and I already had a membership so he came to sign up on my family membership and I was just adding him. So the guy that, you know, signing us up at the gyms, like, so man, where are you been working out? Clearly you’ve been working out somewhere and I’m looking like, are you kidding me? Like, he hasn’t worked out in four months and had been eating donuts for four months. And you’re wondering, he’s like, yeah man, what, what’s your secret? I’m like, you got to be kidding me. This is ridiculous.

That is so funny. That is hilarious. That’s not, that’s just not fair. It’s not fair to her middle. I’m just saying. So trauma where you, I know that you were disgusted because of you are so used to it being like, you know, really, really lean. But for you, where you kind of like the same way you’re like, you know what? I don’t look that bad. What was your thought about how you looked at 66 pounds heavier?

I personally thought I looked quite horrible. Um, and then I was, I was in utter shock the moment that Monica just spoke on, I was in utter shock. It kinda disappointed me at the state of, uh, health and fitness that I could be 66 pounds overweight. And someone’s asking, what’s my secret? How do I clear? Clearly you work out when? No. I was like, no, I haven’t worked out in four months. But yeah, I was not feeling the body. I mean, and there are a lot of people would tell me I carried it well and um, but I was just like, I didn’t see it. I couldn’t see it. I did not. There was some that I did not want to believe. I was like, no, I look horrible. What are you talking about?

That is so funny, man. No, that’s a really funny story actually. I’m glad that you shared that Monica. Cause uh, yeah, I think that’s, that’s very interesting that it’s all about perception, right? I mean, uh, you know a lot of, uh, people for example, like bodybuilder, bodybuilders have this bulking phase where they do look, they do gain weight. They do gain some fat. But I mean you, you looked like you were still working out, but I know that you weren’t. Um, anyways, okay. Jason and Johnny for you guys, that first workout with Trammell didn’t look too bad. I’m talking about the one in the gym, not the one on the track, but you guys were still sweating. You were still dying, right? Am I right? Was that like where you guys kind of scared like, Oh man, what did we sign up for? Yeah, it was

painful. It was painful and I have no clue. We looked so pathetic to be honest. Thought on TV.

Yeah. I was telling [inaudible] I was talking to a male that first day when we actually watched it like we got so we were busting up at each other cause we like to like broke down all the crimper men trying to come up off the bench using sticks and stones, man. Like we’re going to break arm. Yeah. It was really bad. It was really bad. It was pretty funny.

Yeah. But, and then the next day was the, the track workout. Right. So, uh, trommel how, uh, you, cause you look like you still killed it. Right? You didn’t throw up. You, you still look like you killed it. But I mean, how exhausted were you with your first workout back after four months of no exercise,

it was definitely a 10. On a scale of one to 10. Um, I could feel everything moving all over the place. You know, all the extra jig land. And even when I was trying to run, like if, if, if anyone’s had a, I guess I can call it the pleasure of actually seeing me run. I was known. They actually called me Tramell the gazelle, uh, back in my running days because I had a pretty good stride, a pretty nice dry. But watching myself run and even just feeling myself run, I was just like, no, this is so horrible. I am a track coach and I look like this. So it was pretty bad. Um, it was, it was definitely hard. Uh, they did a good job in that case of editing to make me look like I wasn’t struggling as much as I was, but it was horrible for me.

Okay, gotcha. Now, Jason, Johnny, man, I was actually really impressed with the workout. I know it was hard. You guys struggled, but man, I was really impressed with how well both of you guys did or were you guys actually impressed with how you did or at least the way it looked on on the episode?

I feel like we handled the, the on the track better than we did. Trying to push up.

Yeah. It was, uh, I felt good about myself for the most part until I seen the episode. But no, I didn’t. I, I felt like we did better than we probably thought we would have done considering that we’d had no physical activity for years

if ever. And the dramatic effect of the rain came, Tommy was perfect. So

yeah. That, that actually was kind of cool. It happened right at right. And your, your uh, your workout righteous.

Yeah, that’s right. Yeah.

That was, that was cool though. The see Johnny cheering you on and helping you out, like pushing you through it. It was cool to see that comradery between you two and it’s really inspirational and motivational in my opinion. I think a lot of people really enjoyed that part. Um, cause that’s where you see from the other episodes. For example, a lot of the, you know, the clients are pushed to complete exhaustion and then they just hate, they just like, I don’t want to do this at all. But that was, you guys ended on a positive note where you’re like, you know what, we can do this even though it’s hard. Um, let’s fast forward a little bit to um, you know, after that point in time, um, here are you, are, you guys are losing weight treadmills and weight together. Did that add value for you guys to see that Tremmel also had to kind of, even though his ground zero was, you know, maybe even better than where you guys were starting from, but what did that kind of help motivate you guys knowing that Tremmel had to go through this process as well?

Motivate us? Um, was a little jealous because he had more free time to work out, lose weight back till a couple of times. You know, I feel like that was a little unfair, but a lot of kids agree.

It’s all, I always feel, I’m like, you’re always in the gym. This is not fair.

No. You know what’s funny is I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me kind of saying the same thing. Like, Hey, the trainer should only be allowed to work out when his client can work out cause they have a schedule where they can’t work out two, three times a day and you know that that should how it should be. And so I get, I get where you’re coming from cause people have said the same thing. Like, okay, it’s gotta be equal, but there’s no way it can be equal because I mean, maybe if they gained the weight and kept it on for 10 to 20 years or the same amount of time that you guys have, then it would be fair. But obviously you can’t do that. So I totally, I totally get it. Um, maybe we’ll set up some, some other rules, um, for season two. Another cool suggestion that some people had were you should have the clients train the trainer during the wakening phase to cheer them on, to push them harder and during their eating challenges

to our favorite place for a Philly cheese steak. Yeah. We got to push them a little bit to our, to, to the dark side. Yeah. There were days where, uh, it was the Johnny and Jason challenge where I had to eat not only Johnny but also Jason’s favorite foods in one day. So you take a combine what, 620 pounds worth the man and the foods that they eat, their favorite breakfast, both of their favorites, breakfast, both of their favorite lunch and both of their favorite dinners. So that was, that was one of the hardest days and most challenging days. It was like a smorgasborg on top of a smorgasbord. So that was the most ridiculous day ever. Chinese food and fried chicken together. Yeah, that’s like 12,000, 15,000 calories, right? I mean, yes, it was definitely hard.

Okay. So there was a little bit of that. Obviously people didn’t get to see that, but there, there are some cool suggestions like, like, like that one or the other one that we just talked about that I think would make for some interesting drama as well. But, um, uh, the next thing I want to talk about is the pop tart scene from out. And I know it’s kind of funny, we tease you about it. You know, next time I see you I’ll bring a pop tart of course. But it’s, it’s actually really cool cause people really related to that. Um, you were I think the only trainer that showed a moment of weakness on his journey back to fit. Whereas every single other trainer, for the most part, it was like a machine, you know, black and white and no cheat meals. You gotta be on point a hundred percent of the time and who you are eating a pop tart.

Right. And I think that was really cool because it showed how human you were and how the cravings are real. Cause that’s the one thing I’ve talked about since I did my journey was people were like, Oh well do you still have Caribbeans? I’m like, hell yes I do. I still crave this stuff. Even five years later, the cravings in my opinion are always there. They just become more manageable over time as you stay consistent, uh, and, and eating towards your goals. But I feel like they’re always there. Like if a pop tarts in the house or if a donuts in the house, it’s that, you know, it’s so convenient just to eat it. So the question for you, trauma is first of all, why was the pop tar there or did you go out of your way to get the pop tartar to someone, give it to you? How did that happen? Like what, what was the setup for that? There was

the, on the last fat day that I had before we switched back to fit, I just so happen to have one pop tart leftover and I put it on top of the fridge and I told myself, when this is over I’m going to eat you. And every day it was like that little silver shiny package was my name. Well eat me, eat me. So finally it came to the point where I was just like, you know what you’re going down today buddy. So, I mean I went all out, I put the pop tart in the oven and I, you know, I let it get all nice and Brown on the sides and you know, it just got to a point where my willpower, um, wasn’t strong enough to resist the urge and I had to uh, give in. I just had to give in and that’s, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Well no, no drew. I will say one thing my, my sister said she really liked the fact that it, she showed a sign of weakness there in [inaudible]. They didn’t show this during the show. We had a trip to new Orleans plan before we ever started filming the show and we made it very clear to the production crew that weekend is off limits. We will do nothing for the show that weekend. Although we got talked into it and got harassed the whole time we were in new Orleans, filmed this, do this, do that, do this, do that. And then none of it was used of course on the show. But Tramell did give us, because he said we were doing so well the right to have a cheat meal while we were in new Orleans. Of course, you know, obviously you’re in new Orleans, you won’t see food. We went, we got a big seafood platter between the two of us. We shared it, couldn’t eat half of it. We went to beanies for the record.

Amazing. Amazing.

Yeah. Everything’s fried. Everything’s dipped in something. It’s a traditional new Orleans seafood.

But the thing about it was when we got back, I think that there was, everybody was on edge like, Ooh, we know they gained weight. We got back and we had actually lost five pounds during that

and we had hurricanes. We had alcoholic beverages, but we walked a lot. We was on bourbon street, so it was labor day weekend. New Orleans at that time of the year is so high. We needed two or three changes of clothes and everywhere were sweating so bad. So we got that physical activities. Still. We did have that one cheat meal,

but that’s what’s cool that you know

it. There can be a balance in life. You can’t have, you know, a happy, healthy life, but you can also enjoy a cheat meal, a treat me or whatever you want to call it. Every now and then you can have your pop tar, your alcoholic beverages and have these social settings. You don’t need to go live in a cave for the rest of your life and say, okay, never eaten sugar processed food ever again. Uh, it’s just not realistic for a lot of people, you know. Um, and depending on the culture you come from and your family that you come from, the way you were raised, it’s, it’s a lot harder for some people versus others. But I think that’s a great story in example to, you know, you can’t have fun, have a balanced lifestyle. Now I, I get during these four months, it is like, okay, we got to lose as much weight as possible to the good for the show.

I understand that. You know, cause maybe some people, some of the clients are working out two, three times a day, sometimes a to look good for the camera. But, um, I like that story for both of you guys. Um, and then the next thing I want to talk about [inaudible] is, is that the end of the day, you know, I thought, what was your thoughts on you not hitting your, your weight loss goal? It didn’t seem to affect you too much, but was there any part of you that was like, okay, well maybe some people are gonna call, you know, think of me as not a good trainer. Were there any negative thoughts, um, about that part of the show where you didn’t lose all the weight? Oh, clarify clarification, right purposes. Um, throughout the whole filming process, my goal was to actually end at about one 90 to one 95.

Um, and, and have a six pack and have a, uh, my body fat returned back to 10% or lower. So in reality, I did not hit that goal. But, um, if you, if you notice at the end when I was doing my interview and we were talking about it, I asked specifically say I wasn’t going to trip over four or five pounds, which kind of contradicts the 181 pound goal cause I ended up at one 99 and four or five pounds would have put me at one 95. So, you know, my, my personal goal was to get to one 95. I really wanted to use that as an opportunity to put on more mass. Um, but um, to answer the question, um, I wasn’t disappointed because, you know, getting back to the original weight, um, it, it, it was, um, superseded by getting Jason and giant to a place where they were in a healthier. Um, and then I was more concerned of just more so getting my health back to normal. Then I was concerned of, uh, getting, uh, the, the weight or the scale back to that starting point.

Yeah. Well, the reason I ask that is because I went through this, this same thought process before I ended my journey. Um, you know, I was trying to lose the weight and I thought to myself, you know what, I don’t know if I’m going to, I’m, if I’m going to be able to lose all this weight. Um, but at the end of the day, it’s a win win situation. If you hit your [inaudible]

goal, cool.

People think all right. Yeah, he’s a trainer. He hit his goal, he did the numbers, like he knows what he’s doing. Um, but at the, at the other side of it is okay, he didn’t hit his numbers. He’s human. He’s just like me. It makes you so much more at the end of the day. So I think those two things, the pop tart scene and you actually not hitting your goal makes you such a more relatable person in my opinion. So I haven’t seen any negativity or any haters out there from my perspective. Uh, I just want to make sure that no one’s hating on you for that. Um, but I, I’m just letting you know from my perspective, I haven’t seen any, but I went through that same thought process, even though I did hit my goal at the end of mine. Uh, I was like, you know what, it’s a win win situation either way, cause you’re going to be relatable. And so I think that’s really cool. Have you had any, um, uh, reaction to that directly? Have people reached out to you and said, Oh, I’m so glad you didn’t hit your goal or what’s the been the reaction?

Um, the reaction to that? No one’s actually mentioned that. Um, the only reaction that I’ve gotten, um, I guess negatively has been on, you know, the initial intake interview. Um, the, the quote of me being disgusted by, Oh yeah, let’s talk about that.

We have some Clara clarifying there, right? So go ahead and you guys, you told me this, you guys tell him this.

Okay. So initially, you know, the interview goes, uh, it shows me saying that I am a disgusted by fat people and um, there could be no further from the truth. Um, you know, I have family members that are overweight, you know, you know, my mother and my brother, you know, I have people in my family that I love dearly, that are overweight and um, for me to say that it’s totally out of my character. Um, the best I can say without going too far into detail is that’s the magic of a television editing. Um, we are asked thousands of questions, mostly the same question to get you to give enough information and to chop and cut the way that they please. But, um, the only flag that I have caught was, uh, over those comments. But in terms of me not losing the weight or getting back to one 81, um, it makes me be, like you say, it makes me more relatable. People definitely, uh, have commended me on that. Um, that and the pop tarts scene, which are two scenes that I didn’t think was going to get as much attention, but I’ve gotten more messages about the pop tart that I think a Kellogg’s or whoever makes pop tarts needs to cut me a check, I think. I think that’s where we’re at with that.

Okay. The question is, would you spot, what’d you would pop tart or would you allow pop tarts to sponsor you?

Um, if the money was right? No, I would not. I, I’m a health and fitness professional and that is not something that I could condone.

That’s funny man. Nah, I’m just playing with you there. But no, thank you for clarifying that. I know that you did want to clarify that cause there was some reaction to that comment and you and Monica did a great job on reaching out to people on social media to let them know, Hey, this is, this is not who treadmill is. This is really what he said and this and that. And so I thought you guys did a great job of clarifying that. And unfortunately that’s the nature of the beast sometimes with the reality TV is they, yeah, I have no control over that either. Just so you know, uh, people listening. So, but personally drew it,

he was, that grossed out then he would’ve been grossed out for about three or four months of seeing me and Johnny and his shorts and tee shirts he would have. Well, let’s go over to some point. That’s all I know. I totally get it. So, um, let’s kind of update people,

but with, with where you guys are at, so Tremmel obviously it’s been, what, five months since the production of the show, where have you, have you maintained that weight, that body fat percentage that you ended the show at or where have you progressed to, uh, to today?

Um, right. Uh, right as of right now, I weighed myself about a couple hours ago after I took a shower and I weighed in at 190 pounds. I’m back to single digit body fat percentages and uh, but more importantly, my health, both mentally, physically, and spiritually. I’m in a much better place than I was, um, starting the project. Gotcha. And that’s what I wanted

to show people. It’s like, you know, even the terminal didn’t get back to it as a goal weight or body fat percentage at the end of four months is like journey is a, is a destination. Like there is no finish line. Um, and so you just keep working towards your goals and yeah, it might take a long time but eventually you’ll get to where you really want to be. But at the end of the day, my hope with the whole fit to add to fit show was having these trainers come through and at least gain a better appreciation for um, their clients. Better respect, um, a better understanding and some empathy. It was my hope. And it sounds like you really came out of this, you know, a better trainer, a better human, um, with more empathy and more respect and more understanding versus who you were before. Not saying you weren’t empathetic before, but I feel like just like I just like me, when you grow up and you’re only in shape and that’s all, you know, it’s tough to really understand where people are coming from. And, and maybe I’m putting words in your mouth, but maybe you can speak to that as far as what you learned from this whole experience.

Um, yeah, the biggest thing I did learn was, uh, it was truly a test and empathy. Um, because, you know, I have never, like I say, my whole life I’ve been in shaped, I’ve been in a, you know, a, a pretty good athlete. I’m always one of the more athletic, most in-shape people in, you know, my circles and, and, and things of that nature. So for me to take that and walk in, uh, you know, a mile in someone else’s shoes, it definitely showed me not only, uh, the mental and, but the physical struggles that an overweight person goes through. And it definitely gave me a new perspective on what is important in life and, and what is important in health and fitness. So that’s awesome. Jason. Johnny, can you guys, uh,

do you guys mind talking about like, updating people where you’re at now, um, with your, your weight loss journey and if you guys are comfortable with that?

Oh yeah, sure. I’ll let Johnny speak first. Um, for myself, I’ve probably lost about 15 pounds more since this, uh, this journey began ended.

Um, I can say that I get a whole lot more physical activity. I both of us do. Um, unfortunately, I, I lost my, my car shortly after, you know, we found some financial hardships, but that has actually turned out to be a blessing because number one, I have 600 more dollars a month in my pocket. Number two, um, I walk everywhere. Like to get to work, I got to walk, I climb, we live on top of a mountain,

so we have to walk over and down the mat.

So we got to walk over down the mountain just to get to the bus stop or the malls behind us, you know. So we’ll walk to the mall and we’ll walk around the mall. So I, and I work in Buckhead. Um, so I’m always walking up and down the streets. Like I just, I, I feel more physically inclined to do things than I ever felt before, you know? And that feels really good.

Just to throw this out there. Drew talking about getting to the bus stop. We did find a shortcut through the woods, but it goes over Creek and you have to go across this fallen tree and you have to balance yourself. Johnny’s brave enough for the balance. Whilst the longer path

you won’t. I tie wrote the tree every day to work. Like I crossed that little tree and I tell Jason Alipay and he was like, nah. He threw some pebbles into the Creek and then hopped over

and I add my food, got in the Creek and I got, yeah, it wasn’t nice. I just walked the longer route. That is so funny. I

actually want to see a video of you guys Trek to work, you know, or to the bus stop. That is actually sounds really entertaining. More entertaining than most people.

I have pictures. We have pictures, pictures. We took pictures. Yeah. Yeah, but we both, yeah, we both lost about 15 palaces to show stop daring. We get a lot more physical activity. Our dogs are happy, our dogs are happy. We run in play with them. We’ve taken in a second dog. We had one dog during the filming of the show biscuit. They never showed up. We have a second dog named Bo now and he’s a beagle and very hyper, very hyper and likes to run away. The other day, actually the day of our viewing party in the day to show a year, Bo ran away and I had to chase him halfway around the neighborhood. Never caught him.

Oh, I know.

He decided he wanted to chase the ducks and end of the pond and we had a very fishy smelling dog.

Yeah, I got the flu that day and some kids came to the door. We found your dog. We’re all out of bed. Jason was already gone to the party. I could make it either. Crawl out the bed, go retrieve Bo, put him in his crate and get back in the bed.

That a man that’s, those are some, some great stories and here’s the thing that’s so cool about all this. Yeah, it’s cool. You guys lost an extra 15 pounds, but let me put this into perspective. The, the show was done filming in October. I think November-ish right. I believe. And so this is even over the holidays, right? Uh, December, January, you know where a lot of people put on a lot of weight. You guys were still able to lose 15 pounds on top of what you guys already lost. Um, so let ask you guys, what are some things maybe like three or four things that you guys have that are been big changes for you guys that have just become habits now were part of your lifestyle since the show.

What are you looking at? Labels when we buy groceries.

Awesome. Um, and what do you look at when you look at the labels?

We look at the sodium content. We look at [inaudible]

it’s a lower caloric need. Take car carbs and we’ve learned about labels that you gotta watch the per serving cause they’ll treat, you get tricked up that way and you think, Oh it only has 220 calories per serving and then there’s five servings and one whatever it is you’re buying. So we paid. Yeah, we pay close attention to that. The things that we eat. Definitely like we still stick to vegetables and meat for the most part for our, um, for dinner we cook at home. We don’t eat out a lot anymore. Like we used to. Um, we, we pass McDonald’s, we pass checkers. All of this stuff is like right in our faces, you know, especially where I’m at, where I work, there’s a McDonald’s right across the street and think twice about it.

Okay. That’s cool. [inaudible] can you talk a little bit about the nutrition side of things for you on your weight loss journey and what you did versus what you had Jason and Johnny do like maybe some specifics cause people always want to know like, okay, the show doesn’t, maybe you should, we’ll show you guys eating a salad. But it’s like, okay, I think we know, yeah, salads are healthy. But can you talk about some specific, uh, like some of your nutritional philosophies and things that you implemented for both, for you and for Jason and Johnny?

Um, the biggest thing that I try to preach to Jason and Johnny is, um, one ingredient food items. That is a, the thing that I live by. And what I mean by that is an Apple is a one ingredient food Apple or an Apple is an Apple. Um, a piece of lettuce is lettuce. Steak is steak, carrots are carrots, you know, kale is kale. Um, and I appreciate that that you can take these one ingredient food items to make a meal, but I would rather and much rather have you eating and making meals off of one ingredient food items instead of having something that has an ingredient list. And at 16 I make up this one product and the eight of the 16 items you can’t even pronounce. So yeah, that is my big thing that I try to instill into all my clients. And then the other big thing that we would do was, um, we would not, we would have a just fat, a healthy fats and protein for breakfast and we would save the majority of our carbs, um, for post-workout meals. Um, those are the two, uh, sticklers that I would do for a nutrition.

Okay. That those are actually really cool rules, really easy to follow rules that a lot of people that listen are listening to this can implement. Um, uh, last question I had before I had, before we get to the lightning round, you guys, which is the fun part of the show, uh, is for Monica. Monica maybe from your issue there? Yes. Okay, cool. Just making sure before I ask the question, uh, uh, what, what did you notice, uh, how treadmill changed throughout this entire process? What from your perspective, how did this benefit or add value the man that you’re married to? [inaudible]

um, well of course all the physical, um, side effects that kind of happened during the process. You know, I’m snoring at night. Um, all the um, you know, the DEMA, the swelling, you know, pain. He was just having a lot of pain all over. Um, that all that stuff, it has a force of cited. But as far as his personality, it’s still pretty much the same. But I think, um, he just understands a lot more of what it feels like when you are out of shape. And so when he is pushing those clients that he may have that are brand new to training or never had training before, it haven’t worked out in years. Um, knowing kind of how hard that is, um, I think has changed a little bit of maybe how he approaches, you know, that first or second workouts. He’s still tough. Don’t get me wrong, they are going to be hard, but he just, he’s able to kind of, you know, I’ve been in your shoes. I know how I know how hard it is. So the more respectful them in that aspect.

Yeah. That’s cool. I’m glad that you talked about that. Um, one other part that I was going to say that, um, unfortunately I think it shown was the part, you know, remain true. Mel both had some pizza on the basketball court. Do you remember that trauma? Yeah, that was definitely good fun day. Um, I’m actually glad that they cut it out because I was like, Oh, for 12 on my basketball. I promise you I was making everything before the cameras came. But as soon as they, we hit action, I was like, just bricks. It must’ve been the pizza that we had or something for the record. Drew, I could out shoot Johnny on the basketball court.

Yeah, sorry. Basketball. That’s funny man. Okay. Um, anything, any other stories you guys want to add before we get into the lightning round and wrap up you guys or anything that you guys want to say about the show or about your experience about, you know, any last, any last words or stories that you guys want to throw in there? I think we’re ready for the lightning room. Okay, cool. Yes. Um, so the way the lightning round works is just really fast, really simple, easy questions, kind of fun. So just the first thing that pops up in your mind. Um, and then I’ll kind of direct the questions to each you guys and kind of, we’ll go from there. Um, trommel what was one food that you had to eat during your fit to fat phase? That you’re just so sick of that you never want to eat ever again? Donuts. Okay. Did you ever count how many dorms you ate during that, that, that fit to fat phase? No, I didn’t keep an running, but I know on one day, I think they planned it. I had four clients show up late and they all brought a dozen donuts. So on that day alone, I had 48 or 48 donuts. 48. Oh dude, that is crazy. I didn’t get them all in, in that one sitting. But uh, by the third day

those donuts were gone.

That is crazy. Okay. Jason, Johnny, you guys, what’s one food that Tramell made you eat that you guys are like, I, I’d never want to have this in my diet ever again.

Wa Johnny, Polly Panola, when he wrote it, I didn’t even know how to say it went up. We didn’t like it at first. I learned how to cook it.

Okay. Okay. That’s funny. Um, uh, the next question is, uh, for, for true men, uh, what was the, what was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during your fit to fat phase? First thing that pops up.

I was in Centennial Olympic park and I was trying to, uh, get new clients at my heaviest point. Um, so I was pretty embarrassed passing out business cards and telling people about health and fitness where I felt I was a lot overweight. But, um, I actually did pick up a client that day, which was kinda crazy, but I, it was embarrassing for me.

Did you, did you ask him or her what, what, like what they thought of you when they first saw you?

Um, yes. Uh, I asked, uh, well the producers asked what was the perception of me and they said, well, he looks like he’s in shape. And I was like, are you kidding me?


that is funny. Okay. Jason, Gianna, you guys, what was your most embarrassing, uh, moment during your, the entire eight months of filming,

um, that they showed or didn’t show

the either either or that they showed or didn’t show?

Uh, for me it was when my back gave out on the track, that was the dates. Ooh. My back was like, no, and then I couldn’t do anything else and I went all the, I did exactly what I said I didn’t want to do. I’ve laid all down on the ground and

all in and the tears and my face was looking crazy. My knees was ashy. It was just bad. Yeah.

For me, uh, there were two or three times that [inaudible] did make me puke from the workout. It never got caught on camera, but that, that would probably be it for me. I mean Johnny and it was right at the end on our way out the door. I’m literally inside the car and I’m like, hold on, hold on. Just got out and keep driving by the car.

That is funny yet too bad. That didn’t make the episode. Okay. Monica, was there ever a time that you were embarrassed for treadmill in a social setting of any kind? Anything that pop that pops up?

Um, not that I can think of. I just remember there was an event that we were supposed to go to together. A friend of mine was having a birthday party and it was kind of a more of a formal, not really too formal, but you had to yeah. To look kind of nice. And he didn’t have any clothes, so I had to find another date cause uh, he was not able to come, nothing to wear. So I felt bad for him in that aspect. He’s like, I’m just gonna stay home and watch TV with Bella, our dog. And I’m like, Oh, I’m sorry. Okay. Bye.

Uh, that is, uh, that’s heartbreaking. Portrait portrait. No, that’s, that’s tough. I thought you went to the Goodwill store to find some clothes. [inaudible] you couldn’t find any like Texas or suits.

Nothing that would have, uh, looked, uh, that would have made me, uh, look good with what

my wife had on. So no. Uh, okay. I got ya. I can, I can relate to that. Yeah. Okay. Well, quick story, really funny. When I was doing my fit defend to fit experiment, I was going on all these TV shows. I was in New York and they were telling me what it had to wear for like to go on dr Oz and good morning America. And I’m like, okay, first of all, I can’t find anything like that in my size, downtown New York city, you know, times square. I’m like, every story go into large as the biggest size they have. And I’m like, there’s nothing stylish. How am I gonna I was, I was literally out walking for two or three hours going from store to store. I’m like, do you guys have anything an extra large? And they look at me weird, like, uh, of course not. So I understand the struggle of trying to find stylish clothes that are in the bigger size. Uh, so anyways, that’s kind of funny, but okay. Traumatic. Would you ever do this experiment again?

Um, I like an experience to be on an experiment, to be a once in a lifetime experiment and um, I, I’d much rather keep it that way. So, uh, I would definitely like income and will continue to help overweight people reach their goals, but me putting on that weight on purpose I would not do again. No.

Gotcha. I don’t blame you and a second that I definitely would not do this again either. So I’m one and done for me. Exactly. Okay guys. Um, thank you guys so much for coming on the fit, fit, fit, experience podcast. Honestly, we had a great time. You guys had an amazing inspiring episode. Continue to inspire and motivate people by living the lifestyle. Um, I’m really, really proud of you Jason. Johnny, you guys did awesome and great and I’m glad that they put you guys on there. It made for such an interesting show and I think a lot of people are going to be able to relate to you guys and [inaudible] people are going to be able to relate to you. Probably send you some pop tarts, you know, just as a joke. But anyways, I just wanted to say thank you guys for being a part of this. Thank you. All right. And where can people find, find more out, more about you, social media websites. How do people get in touch with you guys

in regards to the social media concept? I’ll give you personally, I mean I am on Facebook. Um, Jason [inaudible] at gmail.com is the way they can look me up there. Um, on that note would like to mention one other things. You either we’re working on it, there’s an idea that I came up with, spoke to Johnny about and then we spoke with Romeo and we’ve also spoken with Corey, the other trainer and from the other show here in Atlanta. And we’re speaking with Raila regular, the one that participated with him. We’ve actually come up with an idea of a charity benefit to give back to the local community of Georgia ranks in the top five in the country for childhood obesity. We’re calling this benefit the perimeter challenge and I two 85 which circles, the city is roughly 64 miles to drive around. So we’re challenging people to walk the first 59 miles over a two month timeframe, keep track of their progress.

And then everyone gathering while the final five miles together. Now this is a concept that we’re really roughly about three weeks into planning. We’ve already gotten some major interest as far as sponsorships, we’re talking as far as a facilities for hosting it. We are working to get five Oh one C three status. Uh, we’ve got a benefit organization that we’re choosing to benefit from the, from the uh, the charity event. Once we organize it and have it planned, we’re looking for a late date, a date in the fall. We did go ahead and put a website up the perimeter, challenge.com which is a link to some social media stuff as well and has a link to a go fund me page. There are a lot of costs involved in getting just the basic setup. It’s a couple of hundred bucks just to get organized as, as a [inaudible]. So any, any support that people can throw away, if they can go on there at the perimeter, challenge.com click that link and donate. We greatly appreciate it.

Okay. That will be in the show notes and definitely we’ll throw support your w your guys’ way cause I think that’s an awesome concept and I’d love to see it come to fruition and definitely make a difference in your local community out there. Um, and it Johnny, any other, we did get our first online donation today. Okay. There you go. See, this is a snowball effect where it’s going to start, keep this rolling. So, um, yeah, the more information you guys have, just keep me posted and we’ll reshare it and retweet it and put it out there and for people to continue to contribute and donate to this cause. So I’m uh, I’m glad you guys are doing this.

Nice. Uh, this is Tremmel um, act could be found on Instagram as dark skinned underscore Clark Kent dark skit with the end. Um, my Twitter is at tremolo Smith and uh, my Facebook is backslash Tramell Smith and I also have launched, um, a website, um, total nutrition and training.com, um, which is just my brand of personal training and um, nutrition where I buy videos and articles and online training as well. Awesome. That will be in the show notes. And this is John.

It can be found at, uh, Facebook, uh, backslash giant Collins. Um, I have a ReverbNation page where I keep my music. Um, also Facebook artist page, um, which you can find from my regular Facebook page. Uh, and I’m also on Twitter as vocals part two. That’s the number two, um, on Twitter.

Monica, do you want to put yours out there or no?

Um, my Instagram is Moni, M O N I Berg Smith. So just a money Ferg Smith.

Gotcha. All of this will be in the show notes so that you know, once the podcast airs people will be able to reach out to you guys a lot easier. And um, just want to say thank you guys again. Seriously, I’m glad that you guys were a part of this and a part of this movement is, is what it is to be honest with you. So thank you guys. Um, stay in touch, keep us posted. We’d love to hear more from you guys. Uh, but thank you so much for coming on and we’ll talk to you as soon. Okay. Okay. See you guys have a good one. You too. Bye bye.

Alright, you guys, thank you so much for listening to another great episode of the fit to fit experience podcasts. Please leave us a review on iTunes. If you’d love the show, please subscribe to the show. Help us continue this podcast to bring you guys great content, uh, more information to help you guys stay in the know on the latest trends in health and fitness. Um, so you can continually upgrade your knowledge on what is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you. That’s what we bring on people from all different types of backgrounds, um, to bring some diversity to the show. But we can’t do it without you guys support. So please subscribe. Leave us a review on iTunes, tell your friends and family about the show. Um, share some of the episodes with some of your loved ones. If it hits home and you can relate to them.

Um, please follow me on social media at fit to fat to fit on all my social media handles. Lynn, her, uh, social media handles are at to fit at home. And, uh, her website is to fit@home.com mine’s fit to fat to fit.com. You can sign up for my newsletter just to stay in the know so you know what’s happening, any big events that are coming up. Uh, but thank you guys once again. We really appreciate and love you guys for your support throughout the years. And we promised to continue to deliver great quality content to you guys and to keep you guys, um, uh, in, in the know and, uh, up to date with what we’re up to. So we’ll see you guys back here next week for another great episode.


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