what’s up everybody? Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning flying solo today. Lynn is not here. Uh, I will be doing this interview by myself. So today you guys, we are diving in with Seth and Dave from last night’s episode of fit to fat to fit on A&E. This is episode number nine of the show and just like every other week I have the trainer client come on to talk about more behind the scenes stuff of what went down, what didn’t get shown on camera and all the questions that you guys usually ask me. I kind of dive into with them in this, you know, 45 minute to 60 minute episode. Uh, which is great because you guys get to see a small little glimpse into what it was like for them during the fit to have to fit journey.

Uh, both for Seth and Dave with Seth, we kind of dive into more behind the scenes of, of uh, his philosophies on nutrition. We kind of dive into juicing a little bit and what kind of a nutrition plan he had Dave on during the weight loss journey, we talked about how Seth was humbled during this process and how he kind of used to be overweight before this journey. Um, but kind of not and how it was different. Uh, for him this time around, uh, doing fit to fat, uh, with Dave, we kind of get into his military background and how that helped him with his, uh, his discipline, which he admits that the exercise ended up being easier for him, which for some people this, uh, but, uh, so that wasn’t a surprise for me, but we kind of dive into what happened to him after the show.

Uh, he did gain some of the weight back. He talks about how he’s able to overcome that and find balance, you know, from the show. It is kind of extreme during the four month, uh, weight loss period. But he talks about how he was able to transition into more of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. So we talked about those tips. Um, and, uh, definitely a lot of hidden gyms in this episode for you guys to take away and apply in your own lives. Uh, but before we jump into today’s episode, the sponsor is none other than dollar workout club.com. We, you guys have heard us talk about Delaware car club. If you haven’t checked it out. Yeah, definitely. Check it out. You guys. It’s only a buck a week and you get access to at home workout videos, you get access to healthy recipe videos and you access to motivational videos from me, Lynn and Natalie Hodson.

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Doing good, how are you? Drove good stuff. Good stuff.

I’m doing good. Thank you guys so much for joining me. Great episode last night you guys, uh, so blown away. So inspirational. And now your guys’ episode really reminded me of JJ and Ray’s like, people were really inspired and saw how they bonded. It was cool to see you guys come together and bond. Um, I kind of want to take a step back and start from the beginning. Uh, for you, Seth, what was it like when you initially found out what this TV show was about? Like the fat gaining phase? What, what, what was your initial response to it?

Yeah, I’ll never forget the conversation with the casting director. Originally they were calling it master trainer and I’m like, that’s right, I’m a master trainer. Fantastic. And like, I, you know, we talked for like 30 minutes and I’m like, this is it. I’m going to be on the show. It’s gonna be fantastic. I can profile how I blend strikes initially with yoga. This is right up my alley. And then the casting agent was like, well, there’s one kick. And um, I, she told me, you know, the, the whole thought to fit fits fat fit. Uh, I mean I was mentally so committed at that point to, to take part of this, this reality show that I would have done basically anything. And then once I kind of thought about it and, and, and looked into you a little bit, it was a no brainer. Like I was diving into this experience with, with the attitude I take and everything I do in life, which is just give it my all and make the most of it. So it was a second of hesitation and I figured I was going to enjoy the process and it’s impossible to have any expectations of what it was like. But I was cool.

Yeah, no, that’s, that’s interesting man. They’re like just a minor little detail and not a big deal, but just sign here first and we’ll tell you what it’s about. I’m just kidding.

I don’t tell people things until it happened. I told my brother and my dad some friends and then I was like, ah, I’m not going to get fat. Nothing was going to stop me. Drew.

Yeah. That’s what now Dave, have you applied for other TV shows to be on a weight loss TV shows?

No, this was my, this was my first, uh, first time maybe applying to do anything remotely similar to this.

How did you like, what pushed you to try out for, like what, what was the thought process there?

Um, it was a Facebook thing that I found and it was my son was just born, so I was looking for different alternatives and uh, you know, why not ask to give it a shot.

Um, okay. So getting back to, to the, to USF, your, I saw your casting video and there was a point where you actually were kind of overweight before this at one point in time. Freaking trainer.

Yeah. Well, so I was always an athlete but I was always the scrawny a skinniest kid to the point where my um, my physical for my high school soccer team, the co the doctor said if I was going to play any other sport, he wouldn’t sign the physical. I’m so skinny. Um, so like little comments like that my whole life kind of mentally scarred me a little bit. So when I got into college I decided I wanted to get muscular and a buddy of mine started kinda training with and he basically told me the only way to get big is to eat, eat, eat, eat. So in the four years of college, I went from about one 50 to, I got up to like two 20. Um, I didn’t think I was fat at the time. I thought I was, you know, muscular fit. But in hindsight it wasn’t, uh, it wasn’t a good look for me. Um, so yeah, I mean my waist was up to like a 37. My, um, my chest was huge, my arms were Bay. I just looked like a power lifter, not fit, not lean or anything like that. Then I went and traveled through Europe and the middle East for four months and I couldn’t eat like a pig anymore, did a lot of calisthenics and uh, I got caught, kept my strength, my arms and chest stayed the same. My chest, my waist went down to like a 32. And that’s where I’ve been living like really comfortably since.

Yeah. So that’s the thing is you were exercising at the time, you a power lifting still versus this was different. You were set into for the first time in your life. Right.

Even when I first found out about the show, I was, this is awesome. I’m going to eat like a pig and I’m going to do a whole bunch of strength work. I’m going to do like 10 sets of uh, excuse me, like 10 sets of reps. So for heavyweight, eat a cheeseburger in between sets, this would be awesome. They’re like, Oh yeah. By the way, there’s no exercise either that that freaked me out more than the eating part.

Interesting man. Yeah, I know. Cause people would be like, when I did my journey, they were like, Oh, so you’re doing like a bulking thing? Just like body builders. I mean, no, I’m not exercising at all. Like this is all pure fat. I’m not getting muscle during these, these six months, you know? So yeah. That’s interesting. So what is your, um, your gym and your focus, your training focus? Like who’s your typical client? Is is Dave or typical client, do you focus on people that are overweight or do you work with like high end athletes and trying to help them become better at their sports?

The name of my gym, it’s my little, my little baby. It’s iron line fitness and we’re all over the spectrum. We have a 80 year old ex business CEOs all the way down to like high school athletes trying to improve performance. Uh, we tried a lot of the questions who are professional athletes in there, the question fields, um, overweight fit. We’re literally all over the place. We’re just a boutique little fitness studio that our take home message is that you feel better about herself after you walk in the door than when you walked in the door. And we have the education and the tools to provide your goals and expectations are to deliver. So we are all over the spectrum and we like it that way and where we’re always, uh, growing, evolving and improving so we feel confident that we can help anybody. That’s awesome. Now, Dave, have you worked with a personal trainer before? Um, just that

the big box gyms, uh, trying something with there. I actually went, um, a couple of years ago I was working with a personal trainer, going to a small boutiquey gym, but he was working on a device. Um, uh, and I had some good results from that, but the cost was a little high and you know, there wasn’t really any food, um, avenues of what way to follow. Just come to the gym a couple times a week and sit in a sauna and do this machine. Yeah, no, that’s interesting. The reason I asked

that is because in your episode you, in the beginning you say, you know, there’s no way a personal trainer could understand what a fat person goes through. Did you feel like there was a connection or empathy or understanding from your other personal trainers versus, you know, your trainer Seth? Now is there a difference?

Well, now I see there is, you know, growing, you know, when we first started the workout phase or the get the fit phase that, you know, I didn’t, I did see the empathy there, but when I first met them, no I didn’t. I didn’t feel that at all. And went to that big box of jugs. It’s the same thing. You know, they’re just going to have you do your sets and you know, if you do it great, if you don’t do it, whatever. And uh, and nobody really takes that personal connection with anybody, you know, if they’re always these funny little

bastard. Well I always tell people, I always tell people that it’s called personal training. And the personal for me is more important than the training. I mean at the end of the day anybody could, could tell somebody to do exercise. But it’s all about building that personal connection, finding out where that person’s coming from, what their goals are, and putting together a program, you know, that is going to suit suit their personality and their mentality more than just, you know, uh, exercise programming.

Yeah, that’s, no, that’s really interesting. And that’s the reason I ask is to get people’s perceptions of personal trainers. Cause that’s the whole idea with this fit to fat to fit movement is to bridge this gap that exists out there between people who are overweight that look at trainers, you know, skinny fit people as these people that are lucky, you know, their genetics and they’re just so foreign to them. But to bridge that gap and help the understanding on both sides to get these people who are trainers and skinny and fit to understand that it’s not as easy as they think. And it’s not just about the physical aspects of weight loss, a meal plans, exercises, you know, eat less, workout more. It’s not as easy as just do it. Right. Which a lot of us think if we’ve been overweight or hole or in shape our whole lives, we think like just do it. It’s not that hard until you do something like fit to that fit. Right. Seth?

It’s not in my head over here. Like, yeah, it is hard and it’s, it’s, it honestly it sucks. Um, I, I tell everybody after this experience, you know, I used to be able to tell people like, do it. I don’t understand. These just don’t eat this. It’s simple. And then the coolest thing happened, uh, about two or three weeks into to me getting fit again. I did everything perfect, true, like a hundred percent eating, dieting, sleeping, supplementing. I was on point and uh, I just had a great workout, took my shirt off, I go to walk out to my car and my best friend’s like, what are you doing? And I was like, I’m going to my car. He’s like, you can’t walk outside. You’re fat.

I was like mentally back to fit. And then I looked in the mirror and I was like, Oh my God, I am fat. And it was like deflating. Like, dude, I did everything perfect for three weeks. I should be fit by now and planning moment. But that was like a pivotal moment for me to like now I could really, like I practice what I preach now and I gave myself a pep talk of it’s a process you didn’t get here in three weeks, it’s going to take more time. So that was the coolest experience for me. My personal experience to come from this was now I can talk to people and say, I know it stinks when you make all these sacrifices and it’s hard to say no to dessert and you know, eat all the right things and not get the results. But you got to keep chopping away and just, just know that it’s system. It’s a process.

Yeah. So, so Dave, I want kind of want to get your perspective, and I’ve asked other clients this as well, I just kinda want to hear your thoughts. Did you find value in Seth doing the fit to fat journey before trying to train you? Was there value that you saw in him doing this versus if he was just a normal trainer that had never had this experience? If there was it, was there value for you? And if so, how did it help you in your journey?

Well, it totally, it totally helped because now you have somebody who is working out with you that actually hasn’t been working out in awhile, but knows the right way to do the way you’re supposed to be doing stuff. And you know, now that they’re, you know, granted four months for a fit person isn’t a lot, you know, they cut quick body fit by one, two months in. He was already back to normal. But uh, you know, it’s, it’s the, just by you giving him at a glimpse of was was where the appreciation came from.

That’s kind of what I wanted to hit on. Right. There was just a glimpse and that’s what we try and you know, I try and portray to people, it’s like look, we’re not coming across and saying look, we understand exactly what you’re going through or we understand your struggles now cause we did this for four months or six months. It’s, we’ve got a glimpse of kind of how hard it is. And we were blown away at just, I just, you know, we thought it was one way and it’s so much more mental and emotional than we ever imagined and it opens up their eyes. I just want to see if there was value in it for you. And I really appreciate that cause I can definitely tell the clients on the show for the most part show their appreciation. Like, man, this guy sacrificed, you know, his body and mind for months.

It’s time for me to sacrifice my body and mind, you know, for the next four months or for the rest of my life, you know, to understand that I have to live this lifestyle. So it’s really cool to see that. And you guys episode as well. I’m Seth, I want to talk about your fit to fat journey a little bit because they take a four months of content and you know, package it into 20 minutes maybe of the show, you know, so like a lot of stuff was missed out. Obviously that first meal was intense. You threw up and you tried really hard. But like tell us a little bit more about the struggle stuff that happened off camera behind the scenes that we didn’t get to see on camera because they honestly, they just showed you, you stopped manscaping and you know, and uh, what was it like for you mentally and emotionally off camera? Like during those?

Yeah. I mean, I, I took this attitude that I’m going to have as much fun and try to enjoy it as much as I could. But, uh, after like two days, it was really a struggle. Uh, you know, again, it just, it reaffirmed my, my beliefs. So it really validated, uh, how I feel. And that’s, you know, the happiness is from within and external things shouldn’t affect your moods, but it’s hard, man. It’s, it’s really hard when you’re, when you’re feel like a slop, you know, like my, I had no energy. I was drained all the time, so mentally I’m giving myself pep talks, but I, I literally felt like a slop for four months. Um, and then the biggest thing was I just, I just didn’t feel authentic. Like I did not, I didn’t feel like I was being true to myself. And that made me just blah. The eating too. I mean, you begin to resent food. You, you, I do love food. I consider myself a foodie and I eat, you know, relatively bad, but I pick my spots, you know, like I’ll be super clean for six weeks, then I go on vacation and eat like a moose for a week and they’d come along and get her back to work. Um, so I thought this experience would just be like four months to that and it really wasn’t you. You really learn really quick the cause and effect of food.

Yeah. And that’s the interesting thing. They, like you said, happiness does really come from within, but it’s really hard to be happy when your health is at risk, when your hormones are out of balance. And that’s what people don’t realize. They think if they eat a cheeseburger and fries, yeah, they’ll gain some weight, but they don’t realize that affects you at the cellular level and your physical physiologically changing on the inside. And it changes your mood. It changes your personality even though you, you can, you know, uh, you, you say to yourself, well, I need to be happy from within. At the same time, the food goes inside of you and it changes your brain chemistry in a way. And that’s what it does to other than just causing you to gain weight. So that’s what food is so powerful and people don’t realize that, that when you’re a healthier you, you really are a happier you.

I’m not saying you can’t be happy and overweight. I know a lot of people that are confident and happy that are overweight, but I’m saying is you can be a lot happier if your health is in check. So that it’s, it’s very interesting. Um, uh, I remember talking to you during the a fit to fat canny journey. Seth trying to help you out. What I think would be interesting, honestly, you guys is if we changed up the show and had Dave coach you on how to gain the weight, just be, you know, tell, give you, have him train you on gaining the weight to give you his tips of how he gains the way and how he eats the food. And maybe that would have helped some of the trainers out. Cause it’s the opposite end where you’re telling them how to lose the weight. I thought it would been funny to have Dave do that.

Well we did. Did uh, did some of that, but I don’t think it ever, I actually recorded [inaudible] segment on that, but I don’t think Seth ever Assad, I think we just had to like write it down. Yeah. I actually remember having a, a film part of that and I got really into it for this restaurant and got to go with that rash try. You gotta go there. You got eat it this way. You know, I was a, I was ex, I was hoping to see that, but when, when I started seeing the judges episode and then, and then everyone’s, I noticed that there was some stuff that I thought would have made great sense to make into this, but it never data.

Yeah. But no, that’s okay. I mean obviously there’s a lot of stuff that was cut out, you know, it to fit this into 45 minutes, but I’m now Seth, you kind of beat yourself up because you didn’t hit your goal. Um, were you really upset about that? Like, do you feel like, man, I really should’ve tried harder cause I mean, here’s the thing, you threw up again right before you weighed in and you’re like, well man, I just lost three pounds right there and you know what I’m saying? But you really felt kind of deflated in a way. Um, how real was that? And like what God tells you about your, your thoughts going through your head at that time?

My biggest thought was I was so mentally ready to be getting fit again. Like I was, I was ready manly. That was my last meal. I was ready to get back to, to my ways. I had my juice cleanse lined up, I was ready to go. And knowing that, you know, I came up just short, I was under the impression I was going to have to continue, uh, eating. Oh, okay. Yeah. So was just a huge bummer thinking that I was going to have to keep going until you hit your goal. So I hit my goal. So that was the thing is like, I was like, I was mentally like last gross meal and I was so ready to get back. Um, so to come up just short that last way and I was, I was definitely bummed thinking that I was enough to go another week or so.

Yeah. Okay. That makes more sense then. That makes more sense of why I’m like, man, like you were, you were, you were close, you gained a lot of weight, but yeah, you were really bummed about that, which is cool. Kind of says a lot about your personality of like when you take on a challenge, you do that challenge and you succeed at it. Right. Uh, but this is a little bit different. Uh, no one really purposely does this, you know, as a challenge, you know, in the fitness industry. So it’s a little bit unique. Um, okay, let’s, let’s fast forward to you guys first workout, which, I mean, I’ll be honest, it was very inspirational day of view or a very inspirational guy and you having a military background. Um, I thought gray, uh, made for a great scene because here you are, you know, you, you haven’t worked out in a long time but you like that discipline.

You remember that discipline, how important it was to you, uh, kind of someone telling you what to do, yelling at you, being militant about it. Whereas most people, you know, feel bad for the clients on the first workout cause they’re like, man, this trainer, so mean. They’re like making them throw up and puke and they’re like, so like, you know, um, broken down but you kind of thrive on that in the scene, which was really cool. And at one point Seth is like, you’re done man. Like you don’t need to go any further and you keep pushing. Where, where did that come from? Is that always been a part of your life or is do you think that was from the military?

I want to say, I don’t want us to give all the credit to the military. Obviously my parents had a big thing to do on that. But, um, the military did, you know, break you and you first go in and then, you know, they build you back up. So they, they do give you that fitness of a being a hockey coach, you know, I’m the same. I’m the same way when I’m coaching, you know, it’s, you know, you push and push and push cause you know, you only get 30 seconds to get that game winning goal, you know. So I try to, the goal to get back onto the ice is, you know, I’m still relatively close right now and uh, you know, just wanting to get back into that mode. So the working out of all this time was the easiest part of this whole journey. I actually loved every part of it. You know, I had some, you know, there was some spots where in the beginning, you know, I couldn’t really do a whole lot. It was really depressing, but, uh, it came, it started to come back.

Yeah. No, I, I could tell like for some people that exercise is the easiest part of it, right? They know how to push their bodies, especially if they’re a former athlete or military. They know how to push their bodies to the limit. And it was cool to see that. But like at one point you kind of broke down and were very emotional and all these emotions came to you, but you kept going and it, whereas I think a lot of people would have stopped. And I think that’s really inspiring to a lot of people to know that, you know, you can, your body can do amazing things. Like it really can if you push it past its brink and you’ve probably experienced that, uh, it being in the military, you know that your body can do amazing things and Seth, you’ve seen that as well. So it was really cool to see you push past that point and just keep going. I think that’s gonna inspire so many people that watch that scene. Um, Seth, did you know that you’re gonna have to do the same workout is the end and if so, did you design it a certain way to be harder or not as hard knowing that you had to do it too?

No, I, I I designed it with, with Dave in mind and I was so excited to work out, man. I wanted to struggle. Like I wanted to just feel my heartbeat again, wanted to breathe heavy and sweat, not just from being fat, a loud espouse, stoked to get in there and do it well. I had no expectations of of what, what to expect. I assumed, you know, I’d be not where I was four months before, but uh, I was excited just to feel my muscles again and, and get like the heart pumping. I was just excited to struggle through movement again. Yeah, no, that’s cool man. I really, I really appreciate that your honesty there. Um, uh, I kind of want to dive in to, you talked about a juice cleanse that I want to talk about your nutrition philosophy. Like tell us about what your strategy was for you.

Obviously it sounds like you did a juice cleanse. Did you have Dave just follow suit, do the exact same thing you were doing or what did you have him do? Well, um, I D I like to do like Juicery boots where where, you know, six or seven juicers spread out throughout the day, you know, you get all your nutrients, your, you’re getting your calories. It’s just simple for me mentally it’s easy to do, especially with my busy work structure structure. But at the end of the day, like that was just like a reboot for me to get started. And then normally I’m just a very simple protein, uh, vegetables and then, uh, six small meals every three hours, mixed a couple of meals. I throw in some good carbs and I keep it pretty simple. I’m very simple. So think originally that’s what I kind of asked Dave to do, but early on Dave was like, I can’t eat cold chicken.

I can’t, I can’t do all these things. I’m like, dude, to get a little, get a little cooler bag, you get six cup words, simple, don’t worry about it. So Dave struggled with that first. And then once I realized that that struggled with that, once I got to know Dave and see what his lifestyle was with his work schedule and just boiled down to that, juicing would be the most efficient for Dave as well. So we got Dave juicing and we mixed it up. We’d be, you know, a couple of days to chew, seeing couple of days eating, couple days, mixed juices and eating. Really, we just found the juicing to be a very convenient way to get our nutrients and uh, and Dave actually said it best. You said the beat, the hunger Jay eat something every three hours. You never get those hunger pains that are like unsatisfiable kind of, I was just saying that I had of the hunger and then the greatest thing was Dave went on a pretty big juice cleanse couple of days, maybe six days, seven days.

He called me up and he’s like, is it like an afternoon? I’m like, Oh no, dude never calls me to answer the phone. And he’s like, he’s like, I can’t do it, man. I’m about to throw up. I’m gagging on it and I’m like, dude, they’ll get a chicken breast, you know, go get some vegetables, make a salad. And it told me later that day he was like, dude, it tasted so freaking good. So it’s like, it’s all perspective. The foods that couldn’t imagine ever eating early on became like delicious to them. And now I’m looking at his desk and I see quest bars and protein shakes and uh, you know, so it’s all just, uh, education and learning.

So when you say juice, was it, do you actually use a juicer or do you blend it up in like a blender? Like a Blendtec and you have like a smoothie or is it like pure juice, you just,

no, we mixed it up. We used, yeah, we use a Blendtec, um, to do our own juices. We’re both, we’re boys. We don’t really, we don’t really pay attention to recipes. Okay. Get, it’s kind of like, here’s some spinach and some of this, here’s some this, throw it in. So we’ve tug it. Yeah, basically, you know, it’s cool. We’d add some like protein powder and things like that. So, so I mean like I knew from a physiological standpoint it’s a perfect meal. Like we got everything we need nutrient wise. Uh, the taste most people would probably gag on, but then we would go, we would also go to the store and get some, uh, ready to drink juices that became, um, you know, the, there’s a market next to iron lion that had sales on juicers and Bay would just buy like 24 at a time. It’d be like mindlessness. I’m loaded for the next six days or so, so on a cooler

and it was just every couple of hours and had one of those with a bunch of water and it just made it so much easier. Yeah.

I think Dave learn, and he could speak for himself, but it’s all about just setting yourself up for success and kind of knowing a day ahead of what your next day will be and if it’s juicers or food, it doesn’t really matter what you can never get in a situation where you don’t know what your next meal is cause then it’s too late, then you’re hungry. Then you’re like, find me some golden arches. I need to eat.

He’s, so, Dave, how was it for you doing the juicing of your, done that before? Or was this your first time and then like was it really disgusting or did it become easier over time? Like what was your experience during the weight loss journey?

Well, the end, the beginning, everything was hard, you know, just because, you know, like I typically don’t, I just eat a lot at night. Typically I don’t eat a lot during the day. You know, beforehand, you know, I’m, I’m on the go all day long and I’m really, really just in my office for a whole day. So I’m seeing different clients throughout a day. So I would sometimes not eat breakfast and eat something in mid lunch and then have a big dinner when you get home or not eat all day and then just have dinner. So, you know, years of doing that is where it got me into the shape I was in. And getting into a structure just made it so much easier. But I had trouble in the beginning with the prepping because, you know, I just didn’t have the time to do it. You know, I didn’t want to have to cook an extra, you know, whatever it was to make sure I was ready to go the next day.

And so I’ve had these, uh, he has this cooler that does all that and it has little containers in it and all that stuff. And um, you know, it looked really cool at the time and I was like, ah, that looks nice, let’s do it. And then, uh, we got under the juices and one brand that juices was okay. Um, uh, some of them ha, well some of them Mark them. I like the fruity or ones, but those are higher in sugar and he didn’t want me on those, so I had to start doing the more vegetable ones and there was just one that I just couldn’t do

when I called them. It was the time to do that particular one cause I was, I, I’ll always leave him until the last, you know, I just couldn’t. And then, uh, I actually went on the way home and we stopped at the grocery store and I stopped off at the, at the store and bought that same bag that he has and it became my new best friend. And it was so much easier having a container place to put all your stuff for the next day and you know, and actually bringing it to client’s offices and when they’re eating lunch I’m pulling out my, and they’re like, what are you doing? So it was a, yeah, it took a good, was it almost three months before I was able to get into that mode so that it took my getting, you know, finding the food process was, took a lot longer than I wanted it, but it was, it was rough, really rough. But just the light bulb went off and that’s when I stopped having, um, no better results too, was when I was actually prepping for the food.

Yeah. No, I think that’s one of the key is to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is knowing what you’re going to eat and when you’re going to eat it. Cause you can’t always trust yourself if you’re leaving it to chance. Like, Oh, I’m going to eat healthy today, but I have no, you know, food prepared. I’m just going to go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner here and there and I’ll find something healthy. But it’s so hard to do, you know, it takes a lot of willpower to do something like that. So, um, so let’s, let’s talk about transitioning from the show to now, cause it’s been about five months since you stopped, uh, filming. And that’s where a lot of people want to know, like, okay, well of course they’re going to lose weight because the cameras are on them and they have a trainer and like, okay, what about when they were in real life mode? What does that look like? Are you doing Jewson for six, seven days? Are you working out as much? And like give us like a glimpse into what your lifestyle is like or what it’s been like after the filming of the show and where you’re at now?

Where I’m at now, I’m actually the same as I was when the show stopped. Um, we, uh, took a big break and, you know, I was just completely burnt out when the show is up and, um, I actually gained weight back. Um, and then I reached out to Seth and, um, you know, we’ve actually been working out quite a bit since then and, uh, I ended up losing all my weight that I gained, so I was actually, um, what two pounds lower than the show weight. Um, my clothes are actually, um, looser than I was at the show way too. So all in all, you know, I actually just ran a fiveK this song this past weekend, so yeah, that was, that was, we actually started training for that in January and uh, you know, that was, that was huge. So that was one one, luckily, bucket list check off and uh, you know, it’s just, I’ve been able to, you know, maintain the weight I’ve been at, but I still want to get lower and uh, you know, we just gotta you know,

so we’ve talked about, yeah, absolutely. The coolest thing to me is when, you know, it was really, we took a break for the holidays and that’s when Dave went up North and, and we, we still stayed in touch. We weren’t training like we were with them. And when David got home, you know, we decided to continue doing what we’re doing and it’s basically Monday through Friday, seven, 7:00 AM, excuse me, five days a week, Dave comes in and, uh, and I got a friend and comment in. Yeah. Is there any insider friends? So it’s the three of us. And then maybe a month or two ago, Dave Dave said to me, uh, Hey man, uh, after the show airs, would it be okay if I start a little class for people? Kind of like, not only overweight, but feel kind of helpless, so that would be intimidated to come into a gym and get started?

Like, because they don’t even know where to start. So the idea started that day would do like a walking club every Wednesday at 7:00 AM where he would just walk with people and, and, uh, we’ll talk and answer questions, talk about nutrition lifestyle. Um, things like that. And then, uh, that was like the idea, but now we’ve been talking a little bit more and, and starting, um, the week or two after after the show is we’re going to be, uh, we’re going to be doing like a Seth and Dave fit to fat to fit, you know, program for people were, were Dave’s going to be leading it, you know, he’s going to be a big part of it. Um, so to me the fact that everything Dave and I did together, educated him and inspired him to want to do the same for others, made everything worth it and we’re excited to put this program together and start inspiring other people.

Wow. That is actually really cool. But it’s very, very smart to do something like that, Dave. Cause here’s the thing, it’s like so many people after these TV shows have weight loss TV shows, they gained the weight afterwards because now all the fame and the glory is gone and there’s no accountability. Doing something like this is going to be something that helps to keep you accountable. And you talk about that in your episode of, of staying accountable to someone and leading a class like this where people are looking to you for inspiration and you’re leading it. It’s like, okay, well I have to stay accountable. I can’t, you know, tell people one thing and then go home and live a different thing. Like, you know, you have to stay accountable to these people and have integrity. So I think that’s really, really smart. Very powerful.

People are going to love that. I think that’s a great idea. So kudos to you and, but here’s the thing is I want to touch on is, you know, I think people expect like, okay, now that the show’s over, you know, they’re going to gain all the way back, but you know, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not just, you know, a four month that you’re on. Yes, you do want to lose a lot of weight to look good at your finale. I N we understand that, but people want to know like, okay, how does a normal person with kids and a family, how do they maintain this lifestyle? Because people think, well, I have to dedicate all this time to meal prepping, I should dedicate all this time to working out and I just have to work, you know, and I have bills to pay and it’s just not a priority in my life. But it’s great to see you being an example to those that think that and uh, you’re able to fit this lifestyle in to your schedule, even though you’re busy, man, you have kids and things like that. So

one of the things that I, we’ve introduced at home is, you know, when I get home, depending on what time or the hour is, you know, if it’s not too late, I’ll actually strap my son on my back and we’ll go through for a walk. And then, uh, you know, my daughter was actually running with me a little bit too when we were, when I was trying to get ready for the RA or for the five K. so now, you know, the whole family is starting to get active. My wife’s actually doing, um, she’s actually helping with the meal prep and she’s actually making my, my daily meals too. So, you know, we do all different kinds of foods. So we’re actually working together now. Um, so that’s, that’s actually helping as well.

Yeah, no, I was, I was gonna ask about that. Like how does your family view you on this lifestyle? Do they jump in and they follow suit? Are they kind of doing their own thing? Uh, was it like that during the show though where they, you know, was she meal prepping for you and eating the same foods or what was it like

the show is brutal. There was a couple of times that gave in, you know, I’m going to beat myself on the, uh, uh, you know, I gave in a couple times cause they were doing their own thing and then, you know, um, I always set him and did it. It didn’t bother me cause I was, you know, I heard my juice and they’re sitting there eating a sub or you know, chicken fingers or whatever it was. And, uh, you know, then I would lean in to have a bite, a little taste or, you know, and you know, now, um, you know, my daughter, you know, my daughter’s very active soccer player, so she’s, you know, she’s always gone to town, but, um, my parents had actually been for the beginning of the year, they’ve actually lost about 30 pounds between the, both of them and they’re actually going out, walking and getting active now. Um, so they’re actually on a plan themselves and they’re kind of mimicking what we were doing with the meat and vegetables. And my mom’s, well, my mom’s into these quest bars like, uh, like crazy now. So it’s, uh, it’s cool to see the, you know, it started or you know, go off and other people are starting to kick on it. You know that

from day one I told Dave, come on dude, you’re going to inspire so many people from personal that, you know, in everyday life to the, you know, millions that ended up seeing the episode. And I don’t think that sunk in until maybe even after the show was over. There was a moment though where he realized how powerful he is.

People at the gym that, you know, they, they actually go out of their way to come over and say, you know, thank you and you know, you’re keeping me calm and you know, there’s one lady there, um, and she comes just because she’ll get to see me. So it, it’s, it’s a, it’s a good thing, you know, and um, it keeps me wanting to keep going and make sure that I don’t gain it all back. You know, I have a lot of clients, I see a lot of people and even though I’m not losing a lot of weight right now, I’m still maintaining or losing here and there. Um, they’re still thinking that I’m losing weight. Granted, I haven’t bought any new clothes yet. You know the, the jeans I have on now, I actually bought these in October, so I had a pair of jeans to wear and these are big right now and I’m still, you know, we also,

we also started doing a lot more strength training the last three months because I was, his shape is changing even though the scale is not dropping during the show. We were more focused on the scale, doing a lot of high intensity. Now we’re kind of pumping up the weight. So he was getting some guns.

Yeah, we’re actually, we did a video, you know, I’m following. I did a, uh, I did a curl. I can’t remember what we curl. I think it was close to what, 133 years curling one 35. Wow. This is awesome.

Yeah. So, so that’s the other thing, you know, his body shapes changing and he’s getting strength.

Yeah. I’m actually wearing two X shirts, so anything new now I’m buying, I’m buying my shirts. There’s still two Xs are still a little bit bigger, but three X is way too big. This is a four X shirt. I’m still on, you know, but they’re embroidered and I’m too cheap to go buy new clothes. But you know, once I buy the two Xs, I’m going to have to get one X’s again. So I’m waiting to get, you know, then next, you know, 30, 40 pounds down and then I’ll go to address the wardrobe. So, you know, I got, everybody is always saying, you know, you’re looking, you know, it’s still, it looks like on your losing weight, you know. So that’s that. That keeps me going to that. That definitely helped.

Yeah. No, I, I can, I can, uh, relate to that and I agree with that. It’s good to hear compliments from other people and things like that to help help you keep going on the journey. Cause that’s a never ending journey. That’s what people need to realize. There’s going to be times when you might gain the weight back and you are a little bit of a back and then you lose it again. You get refocused. And sometimes there’s ups and downs like that. Now a really quick, there was, um, a Seth, you’re a unique, cause you know, here you’re, you’re the first Yogi on the show, you know, and you’re a dude, you’re buff and it’s, you know, people are gonna be surprised by that. Uh, how much yoga did you have Dave? Do and do you guys still do yoga together? And how much of yoga do you still do?

We do, uh, during the four months of filming, we had a yoga date every Wednesday. Every Wednesday was Dave’s yoga date. Uh, he got his own little yoga mat and everything. Uh, went for me, yoga mats, very personal. It’s like my bridge to, to myself really inwards. So I wanted to get David nice mat that he could kind of call his own. But, uh, basically because we’re getting at it five, six days a week, like hard, high intensity, I really want to take Wednesdays to do yoga. Um, and really, yeah, the, the flexibility and, and just relaxation is great. But mindset too, I mean, we do a lot of guided, guided meditations and things like that. So the whole point of the yoga with Dave and I was really helping him reset his mind patterns and, and let him know how great he is and, and really trying to get him to love himself. And, and uh, so the, for me, the yoga is just, just mind and body equally. But once a week we did it. And, uh, since we’ve been putting the yoga yeah. Cause since Dave’s Friday started working out for us, we haven’t done our yoga dates, but uh, but we’ll, we’ll be adding it back to, to our routine.

But it’s cool to see guys doing yoga and not thinking it’s just for women or just for, you know, you know, hippies or whatever you want to call it. There’s some real science behind the benefits of yoga and not just from a physical, but from a mental and emotional perspective. And I’m a big believer in a lot of the benefits of yoga. So I think it’s cool that they’re able to show that on the episode.

Oh, that’s so that makes me so happy to hear that. For me, when I learned how to, you know, I call it yoga breath or really diaphragmatic breathing. When you learn how to breathe properly, when you learn how to focus your mind fully present in the moment, I got stronger, my bench went up, my SWAT went up. Like it all compliments each other. So it’s, it’s fantastic when you can blend the two. And then with my running to is getting that running patterns down and yeah, the yoga definitely helps you realign and get you squared away on that.

Yeah, no, I think a lot of guys, you know, think, well I just needed to be able to lift heavy weights, but it puts so much pressure on your, your joints and your spine. Like it’s good to give yourself a break from that and learn about flexibility, mobility and breathing. I mean, what that does to your inner game just helps you, you know, as in life, you know, it helps you so much more in life, like loving yourself and you talk about vulnerability on the show, Seth and I’m a big fan of, uh, Bernay Brown and her message of being vulnerable and there the strength that comes from that, which before I’m like, this is weird. Like I’m not going to talk about my weaknesses. Like that’s, you know, being vulnerable is weakness, but now I’m a big believer in and how it’s a strength. So it’s cool that you are able to talk about that on the episode. No, I mean, I’m a big fan and so I really like what you do and it’s cool to see you and Dave together and see what you guys have accomplished. Um, it’s very, very inspiring to me until a lot of other people. So thank you guys for your, for your inspiration.

Well thanks. So thanks for the opportunity been awesome.

Yeah. So anyways, I just want to add before we close, let’s have people tell people where they can find you guys like social media, websites, uh, the name of your gym. Uh, the program, what that’s going to be called and where people can follow that.

The name of my gym is Ireland fitness. We’re located in Wellington, Florida, bought, if anybody wants to check out all my information, go to a rebellion, yoga.com on Instagram I am rebel period. And on Facebook you go to facebook.com/rebellion yoga

and any of the PR online programs or any other websites people need to go to or

everything’s going to be linked off of rebellion yoga. You’ll be able to find information for everything. And yes, they still have games from website.

Gotcha. Dave, do people are going to want to reach out to you, ask you questions that, can people get in touch with you or do you do social media?

I do social media, but I messed up the time on my uh, Facebook profile. I changed my name once and then I lost it. So, unfortunately I don’t have a, I just have one of those generic number names for that, but everybody can get me from our website. My uh, your computer guy website. So it’s a, you’re a computer guy, ink.com and then they can email the support address and that will come to me if they want to reach out to me.

Okay. Cause people are going to be trying to find you man. They want an Instagram, they want a Snapchat, they want to follow everything you do. You know, they want see your

Instagram. But I don’t do too much on this. We got Dave on Instagram I think.

Okay. If, if nothing else, just post pictures of your meals and something like that. You know, just a little tip.

You can find Dave on Instagram at Dave. Oh kief 18. There we go. There we go. Okay. E F E. yup. D a V E. O. K. E. E. F. E. 18.

Okay. Hang out. A lot of friends and friend requests after this, after this show. Okay. Really quick before we close you guys, cause we’re running out of time. Uh, we do a little fun lightning round question for you guys. We’ll, we’ll, I’ll take it easy on you guys. Usually when Lynn’s here, she’s the one who comes up with some pretty, you know, uncomfortable questions but I like, yeah, we’ll keep it simple for you guys. Okay. Um, Seth, what was the one food you ate during your fit to fat journey that you are so disgusted by? You’ll never eat again.

What was the chili cheese though? I love chili but she’s dogs. There’s a local franchise down and honestly I think it’s probably a national franchise but uh, it’s one of my favorite things to eat. And just thinking about it, I’m gagging.

That is funny. Dave, what’s one thing that Seth made you eat on your weight loss journey that you’re like never wanted to?

The day of, uh, going cause he, the first workout we went to the square to the grocery store and he was at the house cooking for me and he tried to making me eat a mushroom and that process did not happen cause I almost gagged, almost threw up in my kitchen sink as I was putting into my mouth. So, you know, that was, that was it right there. And a mushroom.

A mushroom. Okay. I actually like mushrooms, you know, saute it in some butter. It’s good man. Anyways. Okay. What was your guys, most of them are Seth, we’ll start with you. What was your most embarrassing moment during the eight months of filming? On or off camera?

I was saying, I know we’re, I was running with Dave, it was on camera, but uh, yeah, we’re, we’re running and I was way ahead a day of doing a showboat to slip around backwards. I went to jog backwards and it was like kind of rolled over my ankle, but it was like, there’s pretty graceful. I flipped back, but, uh, I tweaked my ankle for a couple of days, but I didn’t stop. But that’s the first thing coming to mind.

Okay. Dave, what’s yours?

All the crying. Yeah. That’s uh, something I normally don’t do and uh, you know, there was just not during the interview processes but I broke down in front of the staff and when I confess that I was having some problems, you know, uh, eating things and not supposed to be eating, that was, you know, it was hard just to do that. I could come out clean and do that. But uh, um, I really don’t have, that’s probably my most embarrassing is getting

you’re saying no. You know I talked about that with Fallon on the podcast cause her client kind of went through the same thing of like she knew he was lying because you overheard him talking about something and she asked him and he totally just lied to her face. And it’s tough when you’re in the tra trainer client relationship sometimes when you’re like, okay, you’re not seeing progress, something’s going on. Like either you’re lying to me or you know, you’re not following the meal plan or something else is going on. Like, it’s hard to know whether or not to, to confront them and say, okay, you’re lying, or okay, I believe you, you know, must be something else. You know what I’m saying? Did you find that a little bit, Seth, of in those moments you probably experienced that being the trainer? Yeah.

Yeah, it was Dave. It was just like, I’m cool. You know, I’m, I’m a fun, happy guy. We’re buds, I respect you. You respect me. So, so we don’t need a lie. It’s like, you don’t tell me the truth, then we’ll move though. Like drop it, let’s go. So like I’d be lying to say, I didn’t bump me out a little bit, but I, I’m not a guilt or shame or so, you know, I thanked him for coming clean and it’s like, let’s, let’s get to work. Let’s not dwell on it. So, so I think we took a negative and we turned into a positive. Um, and there’s, you know, no, there’s never a second of hard feelings or, or even disappointment. It was just like a lesson learned opportunity to grow. Let’s make ourselves better. So I think we went from like a, the worst moment to our best moment in a matter of, in a matter of 30 minutes. Yeah.

Yeah. It’s cool. It’s cool to have those experiences. Okay. Getting back to the lightning round questions, um, said how many times do you think, you said literally on the show, you literally settled? Literally, I think I stopped counting at like 18 or 19 times. In your episode.

You say that a lot,

or is it just kinda, you don’t notice it?

Yeah, I don’t know. I never thought it, I never heard that before. Okay. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll

watched episode again. I’ll, I’ll literally count. Okay. Seth woods, did you ever shave your beard?

Oh, without a doubt. 100%. You would? I would, yes. For what? Why it would be, you know, kind of like, kind of like the fat thing. Like there’s nothing that defines who I am or I don’t believe it. I don’t want any labels. So, uh, you know, right now it just kinda morphed into a big beard. I don’t focus on it so much more than other people do. Uh, so I, it’s part of my journey. It’s part of my life right now. But uh, you know, there’s some cool new chapters for me opening up and maybe part of that will be shaving the beard, but I don’t really place that much emphasis on it. I think other people do that for me. Yeah.

Dave, would you ever grow your beard out

to match this? No. No. I met the max length right now. Every am I going to haircut? They trim it down.

That’s spoken like a true military guy, man. You still got the military haircut and keeping it trim. I like it.

So go to the barber.

Yeah. Okay. Um, Seth, what’s your favorite cheat meal? Do you still have cheat meals?

Oh, totally. A favorite cheat meal. It’s still Mac and cheese. Yeah. Mac and cheese is my go to, to start this thing. I got a little bit sick of it, but now given the opportunity I would love it. Nice slow bowl of Mac and cheese. Dave, what’s yours

actually, um, during the process, you know, it was my daughter’s birthday. She wanted to go to our favorite wing place and they actually do baked wings or grumblings. So sassy, just have some grilled ways. Don’t have the deep fried ones. So now I’ve actually incorporated that. So now I’ll just do grilled wanes. But I, I have a certain sauce. I like a hot Cajun sauce. So you know, I’m actually doing grilled wings versus fried wings now.

Cool. Okay. Um, well thank you guys so much. Like that was, that was, I took it easy on you guys. Didn’t ha ask you guys anything too hard. Like I said, uh, but appreciate you guys coming on the podcast. I appreciate you said doing this fit to fat to fit journey and being a part of this movement and Dave for the inspiration that you’ve, um, created for those, watching this show and being an example to others. I really, really appreciate you guys so much for being a part of this journey.

Thanks for having us. It was, uh, it was amazing to go


Yup. Hopefully you guys will always remember this experience and learn and grow from it and pay it forward. [inaudible]

what was the coolest thing for us? I think what’s that like the brotherhood that Dave and I made, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll forever be grateful for you for that.

And I love, I love to see that. And that was what I’ve noticed is every trainer and client for the most part on the, uh, out of all the episodes, like everyone stayed in touch and is still friends other than maybe a couple. It’s cool to see that bond that is, was created from the show. So thank you guys once again for coming on the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I really appreciate you guys and please stay in touch.


thank you guys so much for listening to today’s episode. We hope you enjoy it. Another great episode here on the podcast. Uh, we appreciate you guys supporting us and, uh, if you guys, uh, love our podcast, please help support us by going to iTunes, subscribing and leaving us a five star review. We’d definitely love to hear from you. Uh, please share it with your friends and family, people you think could benefit from the information we provide them. We will always continue to bring on great people, uh, on this, this podcast so that you guys can, uh, find, uh, ways to, uh, embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s the type of people we intend to bring on. So we don’t just talk about diet and nutrition all the time. We bring on experts in many different fields, fields that, um, have to do with our health.

And if you guys have recommendations or suggestions that people you’d like to have as like to have, uh, have on the show, please let us know. Yeah, you can reach out, reach out to me out on social media at fit to fat to fit. That’s fit number two, fat number two, fit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat am on all of those. I will respond, I promise. Um, or you can follow my newsletter@fittofattofit.com. Sign up for that so you can stay in the know of future events and traveling, uh, to stay in touch with me as well. Lynn, her social media is at to fit at home number two. F I T a T H O M. E and her website is to fit@home.com. If you want to check out her program for design specifically for women. Um, and usually it’s stay at home moms that follow her, but, um, anyways, we appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for listening. We’ll be, we’ll be back here with another great episode next week. Uh, so stay in touch and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye.


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