Hello. Hi everybody and welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning and I’m your cohost Lynn Manning. Thank you guys once again for tuning in for another great episode. Today’s episode, we dive in with Carrie and Kinley from episode seven of fifth fret fit on a journey and we have a special treat for you guys cause we get to dive in with them as far as the details of their episode. A lot of the stuff that did that didn’t get, um, uh, shown on the episode we dive into, for example, the diet and nutrition that, that they use, but a lot of their, even daily positive affirmations and some of the stuff that Kinley has learned that has helped her maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yeah, I love when we dive in with them. Um, especially with Kenley. Like, I feel like she’s the perfect example and so relatable to women everywhere, you know, a mother, someone that’s also working a career, trying to balance, you know, life at home and also making time for herself and the breakdowns that we saw during the show when she realized that when you realized that she had to put herself first, that was so inspiring to me. And we really dive in in this episode of what made that change and how she’s been able to keep a healthy lifestyle and how it’s actually improved her family life, how she’s inspired her kids to eat healthier and how she’s continued to see progress and even lose weight since four months ago.

Yeah. And this is definitely like a woman, woman empowering episode, right? Yeah. We tried to kick you off of the show halfway through, but they tried that. I’m powerful. Just kidding. No, but it’s, it is, it’s for women but also for men to, um, to see it from their wife’s perspective sometimes to see, you know, they think sometimes men can be, it’s all about me. But anyways, it’s a great episode you guys. But before we dive into the episode, of course, our show sponsor dollar workout club.com for those of you who don’t know a dollar workout club.com is go check it out, go to the website, dollar workout club.com to learn more about it. But basically in a nutshell what it is you guys, it’s an online fitness platform that you can subscribe to that me, Lynn and Natalie Hodson all created. We came together, we created this idea.

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Yup, that’s right guys. So go check it out. Dollar workout club.com but now let’s jump into today’s episode with Carrie and Kim. All right, Carrie and Kenley. Thank you guys so much for joining us here on the fit, fit, fit, experience, podcasts. A great episode last night. You too. How are you guys doing today?


Yeah, we loved your guys’ episodes. Such a great episode. You guys are so awesome. We uh, I think so many people are gonna be able to relate to you guys. We have a lot to dive into today and just like you know, the other episodes, the cool thing about the podcast is that we really can get to know you guys on a more personal level. Ask more details, ask the questions that people want to know. Cause you know they’re filming for eight months and 45 minutes of those eight months it gets shown. So a lot is missed out.

This is like one of those episodes too because I went through such a range of emotion watching your guys’s episode. I literally at times I was like annoyed or angry and then I was like in tears and then I was laughing and I’m like, this needs to be like a two hour episode. Your episode goes through literally the full array of emotions of gaining and losing weight. And then just like for me, like women empowerment and like owning ourselves and loving ourselves and like, yeah, definitely either my favorite or my top two favorite episodes is you guys. So,

so let me, yeah, let me start off with Carrie because a lot of people don’t know this but actually got to interact with you a lot throughout the, you know, your journey of getting the weight. And so a lot of people don’t know that I, you know, kinda knew where you were coming from when we first started this. I remember you saying that you felt like you already had that empathy for your clients who were overweight and you didn’t feel really like this was necessary cause you’re like, I kind of already have empathy for my clients. So where do you, where do you think that came from and what do you think changed for you? Or how did you get, did you gain more empathy after doing this journey?

Yeah, I absolutely do. Getting more empathy. Um, you know, it’s easy saying that you can do all those things when your body is capable, but it’s a totally different experience when you have expectations of yourself and you’re not meeting them and you’re, you know, the only one disappointing you is yourself and, um, that, you know, was a very unique experience to this. And, and it was, it’s very challenging and discouraging to be disappointed with yourself.

Yeah. Now like I can imagine, cause here’s the thing is like someone asked me this the other day, do you think, you know, all trainers should have to do something like this. And I’m at first I’m like, you know what? No, because a lot of trainers have empathy and I think you were one of those trainers before you connected with your overweight clients. But at the same time, I’m like, even for Carrie, she gained so much from this experience. I wouldn’t say every trainer needs to do this, but what’s your opinion, do you think all trainers can, uh, gain something from doing this even though it’s crazy and kind of ludicrous? Do you think, what’s your opinion on it?

Um, I would say this experience was absolutely life changing. And, uh, I remember during the process I was like, Oh my God, I didn’t expect to be going through therapy by getting stabbed. But I literally felt like it was therapy for myself on very different levels than you would expect. I felt like, um, the need to be perfect and the need for people to view me as successful. And then all of a sudden to me, I’m no longer a success in my own eyes, yet everybody else still sees me as this as a success. And, and I was shocked to find that no love went away, even though I felt like I didn’t know how to love myself. It was, um, there was a lot of, there was a lot of deep lessons in there that I think were so unexpected. It’s not, it wasn’t about, you know, just like, it’s not the same for everybody and a world of different places and it’s, it’s different. It’s, I think, just

just going on with that. Cause I, for Carrie. Um, and I know she was, she was empathetic to her clients cause I had seen her before, but when she stepped into the role of being a fat person, her and I, you know, they, I think in general trainers try to stay away from having such an emotional connection with their clients. Um, but when she was, her and I were able to meet on an emotional level where she was able to say, Oh gosh, I don’t know if I have all the answers and I’m struggling as well. It made the bond between the two of us so strong.

Uh, yeah I was going to say for me, you know, watching the episode, that was one of the things that you know, came out for me. Cause the truth is, is you guys meet and in my opinion it seems a little awkward. You know, like you can tell a Carrie’s like sizing up your chore char and you’re pointing out that you don’t, you’re not doing your exercises and you’re putting yourself LA last. And I could see Carrie’s wheels spinning like of course, like you’re the last person on your list. And then even the first time you guys met after she’d gained the weight, I still felt a little bit of a disconnect. But then you guys go and do that workout in the woods and I just see, I mean, it wasn’t easy. I, you know, obviously after the swearing and stuff comes out, but I see this, this bond happened. So Kenley do you feel like, like in that moment when you guys are up in the mountain and you’re doing the workout, then you stand up for yourself and she’s doing the workout. Do you think that that made a big difference compared to like a normal trainer?

I mean, absolutely. There was there, I mean, all the way at the beginning of that workout, all the way up the mountain as we’re getting there. You know, I just felt, I felt really alone. And I remember there was this time that, um, Carrie and I, and I still remember it. I mean, I can see it just like it was yesterday where I was trying to be really polite and here’s this person who’s gotten fat from me and I better mind my P’s and Q’s and, and, you know, I’d better have a good attitude. And then I remember looking at her, Carrie and I looked at each other at one point. I think she knew I’d reached my limit and she saw it in my eyes and I saw it in hers. And at that moment there was like a connection and I, and I saw the empathy for her from her at that moment and it was like, okay, get ready because I’m about to lose my freaking cam

for good. I loved when you did

Carrie. Did you like it when you saw that side of her come out? Cause you probably hadn’t seen that side of her. Did what did that, what did that say to you when she, when she came out started cussing at you?

Oh, you know, I love that.

I was shocked that, I don’t know if they like the shock on Carrie’s face of like, Whoa,

yeah you dropped, you dropped some F bombs in there, can they, you know the, this mama bear came out. And I think, you know, from Carrie’s perspective and from my perspective, like some people might be offended or, or upset that like you got so mad at your trainer, but at the same time you finally needed to get to the place, this place where you were standing up for yourself and you were pissed at Carrie cause you’re like, I don’t know what the end goal here. Like how many reps do I have? Like when does this end? And Carrie’s like, you just go until I tell you to stop. And you could tell you were so pissed.


well I’m not very good at like being, being assertive and explaining how I felt. And so at that point I was just so exhausted that it just came out and nothing but swear words and F words and [inaudible].

I mean that was the goal is that is that, you know, in order to really, this isn’t about me telling my tr my client what to do. This is about a feeling like an unspoken feeling of inspiration and something that like, like I’m a mere and so whatever, like whatever you that that client wants to be like, they need to see that within me and they need to like, there needs to be that true deep, true, committed connection. And we couldn’t get there until Kenley was able to fully like it until she was able to have that release and like to like until we were able to have that true, honest connection. And so it was absolutely necessary to get there.

[inaudible] and I love, I love that part of it. And that’s what I noticed the most. I mean, the biggest takeaways for me watching that scene was one I loved when Kenley lost it cause I was like finally like she’s so you’re so nice and you are like, it’s great that you’re so nice, but I’m just looking at you being like, I know you have feelings there and you’re just stuffing them. Like get it out girl.

Lynn, you’re right. I was stuffing it. It usually was in this form of a donut or a cupcake. But Brandon, my face got stuffed. Yeah, I think

you know what like I think as women that’s really common. I know. I mean people know me now and they’d just laugh cause they’re like, you’re so, you know, you’re so outspoken, you say exactly what you think. And, but I wasn’t like that. Like I used to do the same thing. I used to be afraid of communicating and expressing my emotion and I thought that weakness and I would just stuff it too. And I freaking love donuts. So yeah, like I was the same way. So when I saw you take that power back, and then I loved Carrie’s face when she sees it too. And the one thing Carrie said that really struck me is like, look, there is no end goal. It’s not 20 squats. It’s not 50 lunges. Like this is when you get to the point where you realize that you can do more than you thought were pushing you to the wall and then you’re climbing over that wall and you’re like, wow, I got here. And I loved that analogy. And I love that perspective because as trainers, you know, I’m a trainer myself. Like we could do that every day. We could just make a list like do 50 squats and eat broccoli, but no one’s ever going to change and create a lifestyle from that. It has to come at a deeper level from within. And that was like probably one of my favorites.

Yeah, and that’s a good point because here’s the thing is a lot of people, when they see that those scenes in the episodes, they get mad at a trainer, like, why are they pushing them to the brink? Like, there’s, they’re stupid, they’re pushing their client to like to the point where they throw up or they want to, they want to quit. It’s not so much to be mean or to, you know, make them throw up. But that’s not the goal. I think what the trainers are trying to do is to make them realize that they, uh, can push harder than they ever thought they could. And so it’s a, it’s a mental and emotional battle, not a main trainer yelling at them to keep going harder cause they love, they love seeing this person suffer. Right. And I think that’s where some people get confused, but it’s so important because then from there you see the bonding start to happen between the two. You’re like, you’re built up. And from that moment you guys definitely killed it. After that. Let’s back up a little bit and go to the first half of the episode, Carrie, of your, your fit to fat experience, which was a, it was, it was interesting cause I got to see it, you know, throughout your, your journey. And it was funny how you did the same, uh, food challenges I did over at lucky 13 at salt Lake city and we both failed misery.

Thank Kevin’s. I don’t think anybody can complete that. I think it’s safe to say you did

well. I was a little bit further on into my journey. You try to tackle that your very first meal. I don’t know if I could have done that.

Is this, we’re talking about, you said the lucky 13.

Yeah, the lucky, the lucky 13 challenge that Carrie did for her first meal.

Dan, my husband has since lusted over that very different person than he is like I have to have meal.

Well it’s good for the first like, you know, 10 minutes of eating and then after that you’re just, uh, you didn’t, you feel horrible Carey at like after about 10, 20 minutes into it.

Oh yeah. It was terrible. I mean, regret, guilt, sorrow, depression, those feelings all flooded in within a good solid 10 minutes.

Was there a certain period of time where you kind of like regretted doing this journey and like at that point were you kind of like, you know, Aaron was saying like, you know, are you not, did you not try as hard as you probably could have or should have cause you’re like, this is just, this is, I hate this. Like I want this to be over. Was there a certain point where you can talk about that?

I think regret and, uh, pain started about one weekend. I think it went through waves and I had the ups and the downs, but I think there wasn’t a day that went by to the journey where I wasn’t like, what have I done? I’ve let my light diminish and I don’t know who I am anymore. And I feel like I’m floating away from myself. I dunno.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s really interesting how that happens. Cause I think people from, you know, when you first heard about this carrier, probably similar to everybody else where they’re like, Oh man, this is gonna be so fun. I can eat whatever I want to.

Oh cool. Didn’t think any of that. Well, you look, you look like you’re having fun Downing those pastries. And I was like, yes. My first thought when I heard about this, tell me, uh, to tell me to be on it. And uh, they said the promise was you’ll gain 40 pounds over the next four months. And that scared the shit out of me. And I was like, if this, like, I was like shaking. Like I was like, if this scares me that much, I know that I’m going to have to change and I’m going to become a different person on the end of this. And that’s the only reason I signed up for it is whatever scares me, I’d have to do it.

So you weren’t excited about the never ending baklava

Oh my gosh. [inaudible] Laval Oh,

this is my, my four employees. They all like were like, I had like donuts and slim Jim’s like stashed behind the front desk and they’re all like, goddammit Carey, we can’t keep like seeing your Bach LVI in our face.

I love bok Lavasa. I was like, Ooh. Yeah. Okay. So

are you sure that says Carrie stepped into a slim Jim?

Oh my gosh, that was actually disgusting. But the BUCAs looked delicious. I swear. Like I’m hungry now. Just just talking about all of the delicious pastries. Okay. So I want to actually go, go back post, you know, your guys’s workout together and you’re finally bonding. What are the other things you guys like bonded on or seemed like to really relate to each other. And I love seeing a trainer go through this and I was cracking up is the food. So I love the scene where you guys are on the steps and Carrie’s like, I loved drinking this delicious green drink before and then she takes a sip and she’s like, Oh my gosh, that’s disgusting. Like it looked like you were going to vomit on camera and I could not stop laughing. And then I love seeing Kenley, like she’s like plugging her nose and trying to chug it.

Um, but I actually, I loved how relatable it was. Like I could tell that you both had a transition, you know, going from eating unhealthy and eating those savory foods and being social and being out with friends for you Kerry to eating healthier and putting nutrition first. And I wanted to hear from both of you. You could decide who answers first, but I wanted to hear a little bit about the transition, what your thoughts were on it, what maybe made it, made it easier or what you learned through that experience of giving up the foods and transitioning to healthier alternatives?

Uh, for me, yeah. You know, there’s the difficult part that I had was, um, planning things. I wanted my family to make the change as well, but I didn’t know, I didn’t want to force it on my family because I didn’t feel like it would be genuine if I was like, you know, from now on you’re going to eat chicken and broccoli because that’s what I’m eating. And, and so what the difficult part was for me was,


being disciplined enough to have healthy options around eating the healthy, healthy options and giving my family the opportunity. And if they didn’t want to eat it, then, you know, they were going to have whatever they wanted. But I felt like, um, that transition was the hardest part for me because, you know, I still have my weak moments watching my family, you know, dive into, you know, pizza maybe that night and I’m sitting there with my salad that stinks, you know? So I think that was one of the hardest things for me. But the thing that was really, that has been really rewarding is that, um, I just continued to do that. I just continued to make healthy choices. And as I was doing that, I didn’t want to develop an unhealthy relationship with food for my kids. So I just say, gosh, no, this food makes me feel so alive.

And it makes me feel so happy to know that I’m nourishing my body and giving myself good nutrients. And before I knew it, they were like, maybe I’ll try that and my daughter would, you know, she’s like, mom is this, which one’s healthier? And she, you know, be asking me questions, which ones are healthier? And I, and I knew that it was a switch. I want to make my body feel better. And, and then I saw the same thing happening with my husband and now, you know, our eating patterns are completely changed. But it just started with me like starting the process and that, that was the most difficult part for me.

Oh man, I love that. I love that example to people listening. You know, a lot of times that’s just such a huge question. Like how do you transition if you were eating unhealthy as a family to eating healthy and getting your kids on board. Like I love that you didn’t make it this obsession or this unhealthy, you know, you have to eat this and this is the only way or we’re going to get fat or you know, giving them body image issues or food issues and instead focused on the positive. Like, Oh, I’d love that. How this was making my body feel. I’m feeling really healthy, I’m feeling really good. And that gives them the example and like a natural inclination to want to try it. So what about you Carrie? What I mean? I saw you struggle and even you know, a week where you gain like 0.4 pounds, like realizing like, wow, my nutrition is not really on point. Were you surprised that it was hard for you to kind of transition back to eating healthier?

Yeah, I was very surprised that it was so hard for me. So going through the process of gaining the weight and uh, I was so excited at the end I was like, I just want to eat like five heads of lettuce because I felt so dehydrated and so bloated and so lethargic and like I was like, my body was craving water and fiber and all of that. So I was like, it’s going to be easy for me cause I like want this and I love it. And it’s like, I know how to do it and it’s so good and it’s so easy. But it turns out going from that experience when you’re eating unhealthy all the time and you’re eating out all the time, you don’t have to put much thought into the time it takes to prepare healthy food. And for me it was so much harder than I expected to find the time again to go grocery shopping and meal prep and cook the food.

Like I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to transition back into that. And um, it was really amazing to see at the one month Mark I finally was able to do it all again and it’s because my cardiovascular system was back to help. So then if my resting heart rate was lowered, I could breathe deeper. And then I felt like I had less stress in my body and with less stress in the body, I felt like I had more time and more energy to focus on the task at hand and get everything done through the day. If I didn’t think it was like the first month I hardly went grocery shopping at all. Like I just couldn’t find the time to balance everything.

Yeah. Which I think is really great. It’s good for people to see that, you know, even for trainers, I mean, they make it look so easy sometimes on the show because it, there’s, they don’t show all the struggles. But even for trainers, it’s a struggle. It’s not just automatic that because they’ve only been overweight for four months, that it’s going to come off super easy without any effort at all. Uh, but I think it’s good for people to see that. And, and that’s what makes you more relatable at the end of the day and more human. And, and I think because people have these perceptions of trainers that they’re these perfect beings that, uh, always meal prep and have everything prepared in advance and know they live a, a fun social life and go out. And sometimes they struggle. And I know I did, you know, and I tried to lose my weight.

It was funny because at one point, Carrie, you know, she came in one week, she was like, hush diet and Kenley and I mean, at that point I didn’t trust Carrie enough to be like, yeah, I had a weak moment. I was like, Oh no, it’s not a point. Everything. Yup. I am doing everything I was supposed to be doing. And Carrie, you know, I’m waiting for this. Like, well good because I’m a point too. And Carrie was like, I’m really having a trouble, like not having booze. I was like, really? You’re ha, you’re struggling. Oh, well maybe. Okay, well I wanted to have a donut. You know, it was a moment where it was like, Oh yeah, she can struggle too. And, and uh, and she was okay to like admit that, you know, it wasn’t, I’m going to be perfect and I’m going to tell you that I’ve got all my stuff together. She, you know, she was like, Oh no, I’m struggling man. I can’t do it.

[inaudible] I love that. Yeah. And I loved, I love seeing you guys kind of bond over that. And I, I do think it’s true. Like, you know, when you’re both in the same situation, it makes a little bit easier. Like you just said, like at first you didn’t open up, but then when you see her still struggling with the same emotion and that empathy comes out, then you’re more willing to be vulnerable and be like, yeah, it’s a struggle. And then together you guys can talk about, you know, alternatives or things that make it easier. And one of the things that I love Kenley was um, one of the scenes where it shows you in that, that horrible workout get up and you’re like cleaning, you’re like cleaning the house in that. And I literally, I was like, yes. And I love that because you know, as a mom of two and I work full time as well, I know how hard it is to balance.

Like I know how hard it is some days to fit in any type of activity. And I tell women all the time, I tell my clients all the time, you know, it doesn’t have to look a certain way. You don’t have to be at the gym or doing a class. Like sometimes for me, like literally cleaning is my exercise and I try to do extra squats. While I’m cleaning or I’ll take one item up the stairs and run back down and grab another item and run back up and run right back down, putting things away. And I call it guilt-free cardio because I’m like getting a sweat on. But I’m also like doing the things I need to around the house. Um, like for all the other people that are like you, cause I know you work and you have your kids and that was like a huge component of the show is you putting yourselves first. Do you have any tips on what helped you to put yourself first or to find a healthy balance between like home life and work and kids and exercise?

You know, I probably, that’s probably one of the most valuable things that I walked away from, from this experience. And that was Carrie. Carrie helped me remember how to play. And in playing I was able to get my workouts in. It didn’t have to look like a gym with a bunch of gym equipment. You know, like you said, I’m busy. You know, I have, I own a company, I’m renting it full time and I’m trying to take care of my kids. My husband’s gone all the time, so they have pretty much a single parent then becomes very difficult to be like, and now I’m going to go to the gym, you know? And so what I did was, um, to incorporate things like I had to get creative to get my workouts in and Carrie had given me, you know, pretty lofty exercise regimen through the process and it was like, how am I going to fit that in?

You know, that was constantly, my excuse was like, well, I don’t have time. I mean, I’ve got all these things to do and I don’t have time. Well, I had been makes the time. So I mean, for example, just in order for me to get cardio in, so like every Tuesday my kids would have piano lessons and while they were in their hour of piano lessons, I would run up and down the Hill in, at the, at the, at the teachers in her neighborhood. And one of the, one of the times I took the kids to a playground to half an hour early, it was like, okay, we’re going to play on the playground equipment. And I played with my children and made them part of the physical activity, which they loved. You know. And one time I was like, okay, well we’re going to, I needed to get my workout in, but I didn’t have anywhere for the kids to go. So I was like, well, we’re going to go to the park. And instead of me sitting on the bench watching my kids play while I texted on the phone, or, you know, drownded out mentally, I like played Frisbee with the kids and got my cardio in that way. It was just being creative. And in the process of doing that there, my family, our relationships grew and intensified because they saw me remembering how it was to play and I hadn’t done that

in years, you know? And Carrie brought that to my attention and it was like, yeah, I, I forgotten how to have fun and be a kid. And she, she was so inspirational.

So that’s so beautiful to hear that too because you know, it’s one thing for me as a trainer to say that like, you know, cause help, I always like help has nothing to do with how much you can bench press. Health is nothing your, that health is about the joy of movement in your body. It’s feeling like your body’s capable that like when you jump up a curb, like you trust in your ankles, you trust in your knees and you know that like you can have that freedom of movement within your body and you can express joy, uh, at any point during your day. And that’s what, that’s what health is, is feeling capable. And I think it’s just like, I can say that all I want is a trainer, but that doesn’t really compare to the lesson learned when you hear this from Kenley like fully actualizing that experience and like creating joy in the life of her, in her children’s lives, through her being able to express herself better. It’s so beautiful.

I love that. Yeah. I feel the same way. I was telling a friend the other day, um, that my approach to health and fitness is so different than it used to be because every day I wake up and I ask my body, like literally I talked to my body, I’m like, what do you want to do today? And it’s not about if I’m going to do squats or lunges or go to a gym. Actually I rarely do that. Um, instead it’s like listening, you know, sometimes my body wants to go on a hike or go for a swim or do something at home, you know, and it’s, it’s about, like you said, fun and play. Like I love that I was rolling down the Hill, the, uh, the grass Hill with my kids the other day and I’m like, I love that I can do that with them.

You know, I’d love that I can have fun and enjoy that my body is healthy enough to do these things. And I think when people take that pressure off themselves of, Oh, it has to be this, it has to be structured. It has to be an hour that your body responds in a better way. Like it’s, I loved what Carrie said in the episode in the beginning when Kenley lost three pounds and I could tell she looked a little diff deflated even though that’s actually great progress, is that she said to her, look, you know, you’re gonna, you’re changing emotionally first and the physical will follow suit.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. Like that. And I just, I really want people to, to understand that if you, it doesn’t, like you’ve said Lynn, like it doesn’t have to be going to a gym is getting out and playing and taking time to enjoy the outside. You know, I don’t go out and feel the sun on your face, go out and feel the air, listen to the birds. And if you’re doing that, you’re being active, which is essentially going to lead to healthier lifestyle, healthier choices because you’re just as sick. You’re just happier. You know, I don’t want my kids to, at the end of my life be thinking about, well, what did mom do? Well, she sat on the couch and stressed about finances for the rest of her life. Like I want to be building those relationships with my children and I only have a short amount of time to do that. So I want to get out, I want to live, I want to show them the world and the joy that it can bring to you. And that

immensely in, in the lifestyle of my family. Like for my clients, the first goal for the first week is just every day. It’s just the goal is breathe fresh air every day and that’s, that’s where it begins. And it’s like amazing to feel connected to that again.

And that’s something that’s so simple to it where people think it has to be structured. And I’m like a 45 minutes in the gym. Just something that’s so simple, just making simple changes like that. Uh, it has great benefits. So I actually like that. So just getting out for a week and getting fresh air. That’s a great idea. Um, Kevin, really quick. What was that name of the contraption that you had that you had on Kinley?

Who was it that was called the Python? Stryker, actually a local company here in Utah called strips, um, created that and uh, it was originally developed for like MMA fighters. Uh, but obviously

now it’s for stay at home moms now stay at home moms everywhere going to be gold. [inaudible]

awesome. I want one of those on, you know, you can visualize a Python, you knows, perched up and striking at it. Whenever she used that, I would visualize like my fin perching up and smacking her freaking sucks. You know, I came to love that thing. There were times when I’d be like, we gonna wear that today.

Yeah, you’re, you’re out. I can see you at Harmon’s or something. Grocery shopping with this Python striker and you’re trying to reach for the can and you’re like using your muscles. Yeah, that’s a great idea.

Harmful. Yeah. So how are you going to reach the cheese?

Yeah, there you go. Um, okay, so a lot of people want to know Carrie, of what the specifics of the nutrition that you had. Kellyanne, like what, what guidelines did you have her follow and then what did you do for yourself? Like, uh, how did you change your nutrition, uh, on your journey back to fit? If you can lay that out for people so they can kind of get an idea. Cause all they saw was you guys eating salads and drinking green juice. I’m assuming there’s more to it than that though.

Yeah, there’s definitely a lot more so than that. It’s funny because I mean, in every way this process has taught me, I can say all the words I want, but in reality it’s about, um, the feeling like for each person, like it’s not just like it’s like beyond meal, but I’ll go into the basics of that. Yes, I agree. Um, so for the most part, it’s definitely cutting out carbohydrates. It’s cutting out bread, it’s cutting out pastas. Um, it’s simple. It’s the idea of realizing that you’re not, you’re not eating to lose fat on your body. This isn’t about, this isn’t about what you’re taking out of your life, but health is about the experience of everything you’re inviting in. So you’re bringing in all the colors and all the nutrients and you’re finding the joy in your food. Like this isn’t about like eating a Tupperware of like a sad, a sad truck, lettuce with like a chicken on top. Like that’s not the experience of health. That’s not, that’s not joy. It’s the experience of like truly enjoying your food. And then on top of eating a colorful, nutritious diet, primarily

lots of vegetables, lots of fiber, lots of alkaline foods with a little bit of protein mixed in but not excessive. And some healthy fats like avocados, nuts, some berries in the morning for brain food. Um, in addition to that, you want to be moving after every meal. So some type of exercise because it’s up to your, your body decides what you do with that KLM cucumber salad and it could put that and cucumber salad on your ass. If you go back and sit at your desk or if you decide to just walk around the block, it’ll decide to convert that food into energy and use it to sustain your body and like feed your brain. So, you know, one of the things too that she taught me that it stuck with me was she said to me, whatever food you eat, and if you’re putting into your body, ask yourself, you know, look at it and say, is my food made with love?

And you know, you’re looking at a Wendy’s hamburger. You can tell it to me, no love. It’s like smashed together in a sad carton. But like if you, you know, if you go to a restaurant and you order something and it’s a high quality, you know, we’re going to eat out. That’s, that’s how it’s going to be. I mean, we’re not all permits. So if you go out, you have a plate and you look at your plate, you say, has this been made with some love? It’s going to look good. It’s going to taste good, it’s going to be good for you. And that stuck with me for a lot, you know, after the show was over, I went to Disneyland and I’ll tell you like I was looking at my Turkey drumstick and I was like, that’s like, it’s the whole, it’s a whole different way of looking at food. Like food is not, food’s not a reward. Do’s not a punishment. Food is a gift. And so when you recognize that with every meal, like it’s, it’s not the typical salad and chicken in a Tupperware, that’s for sure. I like the stuff that I stuck to because, um, you know, I, I don’t think they went much into it. And that is that I have a ton of food allergies. And so the, the stuff that we ended up having to have me stick to was pretty much like a paleo diet. Good.

Okay. And that’s great cause I mean, people want to know that, but I love your advice, Carrie. I mean, it’s so much more than just calories in versus calories out. So much more than just macros. Um, I think that’s a great actually tip for people to say it was this food made with love and it’s, it’s stuck with Kinley. So Kenny, uh, it’s been, what, five months since filming’s been over. Are you comfortable with talking about like where you’re at now and how do you maintain this lifestyle? Like any tips for people, um, uh, on where you’re at and what you’ve learned, uh, to maintain this lifestyle.

So yes, I have maintained a lifestyle. I wouldn’t say that I work out for four hours a day, like we were trying there for awhile, but, um, definitely, um, been able to maintain a lifestyle, still have the activities going off my family, she, she’s lost more weight to son [inaudible] ask about that. So it’s like, I just, you know, I feel like, um, I don’t feel like it’s been difficult to continue. In fact, I don’t ever want to go back to feeling the way that I did. You know, I didn’t just, I felt like a doormat and, and you know, one of the things that I, that I learned during this process is it strengthened Dan and I and, and so there was a time when I, I needed to get my workout in. I got up at like four o’clock in the morning and I rode my bike from Sandy and to sugar house. So the gentleman, so 11 Mike. And the funny thing is, is like, so my husband had been married for 15 years and for 15 years I never got any sort of kudos or attaboys, you know, for making sure his laundry was done and his underwear were always put in his drawer. But the minute I got up in the morning and forgot about all the housework and forgot all about the responsibilities, just rode my bike to the gym. He like gave me a shout out on Facebook and I was like, Whoa.

But it took kind of like, I’ve cooked you dinner for 15 years, but the bike ride got me the shout out. But he’s, I feel like just, it strengthened our relationship. And so because I’ve seen so many positive things come from this experience, it hasn’t been difficult to maintain. Now as far as the diet goes, I allowed myself, I mean I was, I was strict with as far as no carbs while we were in that process. And I do allow myself, like some is equal toast in the morning with my avocado and egg on it, you know, and I allowed myself to have some grains, but I’m still, I mean I have, I have a bunch of thyroid issues that they’re still trying to work on and narrow that down. And I’m still really sensitive to gluten and wheat and weigh. And so I have to be careful with those things, but it’s, it’s a constant, um, just reminder that I have to pay attention to what’s going on in my body and how I feel.

And if I’m, if I’m paying attention to that and I’m giving myself that attention, then I, it’s not hard to want to stick to the diet, you know, because if I eat something and I have a treat meal, I don’t feel good. Like, I’m not going to tell you that I never have, you know, go to a party and I don’t ever adult and have a piece of you know, a cake. But I’ll tell you, I can feel it now in my guts. It doesn’t, it doesn’t make me feel good. So it’s easy for me. It’s like after you vomited up to the meal as a kid, like you don’t desire it anymore. I don’t desire that stuff get hurts. Literally that reminds me of pregnancy. Like anything that I threw up when I was pregnant, I’m like, I never want that again unless it’s donuts. But thanks donut. I just be glad I got to ate it again twice.

Yes. And the donut and the donut was made with love anyways. I think it’s interesting cause people, you know, obviously you can tell, you know during the show it’s four months to lose the weight. So of course you’re going to work out more than the average person. Cause you know you’re trying to look good for, you know, your finale and things like that. And we get that and people get that cause people all the time are like, well of course she’s able to lose the way she’s working out four hours a day. But I think it’s great that you talk about what happens after the show. Cause here we are four or five months, there’s no more camera chickens, there’s no more weigh ins and here you are exercising less, but those habits have stuck with you to maintain this lifestyle and you’ve, you’ve lost weight since then. Whereas most people think well now she’s just going to gain the weight back because she’s not working out four hours a day and no one’s watching her but here you are four or five months later with these healthy habits in place now, which makes a huge difference when it comes to maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

Yeah, I think it’s also, it’s also really important and Carrie helped me understand this is that like this success isn’t just on the scale. Like, I didn’t, you know, I didn’t hit my numbers as far as the scale went, but I went from a size 18 when her and I started to a size eight.

Oh wow. Yeah. That’s amazing. Cause you also have to remember and Kerry pointed out in the show, you know as clients are building muscle which is more dense, like you could be losing inches and not scale weight. And so it’s great to see wow. 10 sizes. That’s amazing. I mean you looked amazing in your finale anyway. That’s your progress. And like, like you said, it’s not even about that, like just your attitude, the way you carried yourself. Like you looked radiant, you looked confident. Um, that was the best part.

And that’s everything about it. Like the story that she just told about, you know, Dan, her husband not really caring about her doing the stuff around the house. And then the second she does something selfish, like mothers would say that’s selfish to like drop the stuff and go bike ride to the gym and it takes like an extra hour. Like the second she did that, you know, he like loved and adored and praised her even more. And that’s like the fundamental thing right here for like so many mothers watching this episode across America is that you think it makes everybody else happy when you put yourself last. But in reality, if somebody truly truly loves you, they want to see you thrive. They want to see you radiant, they want to see you feeling empowered. And that experience of knowing it’s okay to put yourself first and to like take care of yourself. That’s what makes those that love you happy not sex saying your health and it’s so, and that’s like, that’s the thing with Kenley. That’s why she’ll never go, she’ll never ever, ever go back to the weight she was because at that level she never said her feelings and she would just swallow her feelings with food and now like she’s just not capable of anymore because it’s like her whole presence is, is self aware and is like, and she’s like, she accepts that she can love herself and everyone will accept that.

Wow. And Kenley aren’t you working for Kerry now? Like what are you, is that, what do you do for


cleaning business. My cleaning business, after the show ended, I said, Carrie, I said, I still need to S I T I need to be there. That’s like a community of women that had empowered me and I need to remain there. So I started cleaning her gym just to make sure that I was always here. I always had it on my mind, always was making sure that I was seeing the women who I knew would hold me accountable after the lights and cameras were gone. And so that was kind of a safety net for myself. And then I’m in the process of getting my personal training certificate and Carrie can tell you she’s going to be opening up a new GM location. And my goal is to have that certification so I can be there to hopefully help and mentor other women who are in the same boat cause I get it.

Oh my God, I love that. I’m like smiling ear to ear. Jury’s looking at me like, Oh my gosh, such a woman.

No, I think it’s cool too. I’m smiling too. Like that’s so cool. It’s a great way to pay it forward is to teach other people and empower other people. Cause people are gonna look to you now killing like you did it. I know I can do it. And they’re gonna look to you for inspiration. You’re going to pass on what Carrie’s taught you. And that’s the whole beauty of this whole thing.

And the credentials of a trainer are not based on if you have a six pack and the credentials of a trainer are not based on the size of your biceps or maybe the vein in your bicep.


with a good trainer, a good trainer. It’s our job to inspire others and it’s our job to get people to see something in themselves that they could never see before within themselves. And as Kenley has just gone through this whole journey and gone through this whole experience, that’s what she has. And that’s which, that’s her gift that she can bring to others.

That is so cool. That is awesome. And I’m so happy for you Kenny. Like that’s so cool. And Carrie, you are taking over salt Lake. I love that you’re opening up a new location. Um, yeah,

it’s like so much fun. So the next time I’m in salt Lake, I want to come to your gym and take one of your classes cause I was like watching the class. I’m like, Oh that looks tough but fun.

Yeah, it’s not your typical okay. Push up.

I could count on my hands in the last several years, how many times I’ve been to a gym. I’m not a gym person, so it’s a big compliment. Your gym looks awesome.

Yeah, I’ll tell you that salt Lake, that collective had a huge part in my success because Carrie, I mean, you know, there were times when Carrie and I couldn’t be together and I derive strength from this place and it is, I’m not kidding like it has on my headstone. It will have like much of the data collected.

We’re, we’re still waiting for you to get a tattoo. Can they have that?

Get it on your butt. I’m just kidding. We’ll wait for that until you come into town and then,

okay. Okay. There we go. Add onto my, my tattoo.

All right ladies. Well, we’re going to wrap it up with what’s my favorite part of the show, which is the lightning round. And for those that don’t know the lightning round and basically gonna ask you guys, um, a few different questions. The key is you have to answer as quickly as you can and with the first thing that comes to your mind. All right. You guys ready? Okay.

Probably not, but

okay. Carrie, what’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Love. Aw, okay. Ken, what’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? You can’t say love.

Uh, do I have to say the first thing you do now that you said that I can’t wait. Okay. All right. First thing that comes to my mind is get it on with my man. Oh girl. 15 years.

Uh, all I know is that’s hot girl. I love it. I was going to say coffee or donuts, so, but you win. Okay. Okay. Next question during filming, Carrie, what was the most embarrassing moment that you think you had either on or off camera, but just like during the, those eight months?

Oh, most embarrassing moment. God, how do I choose one? Yeah. You gotta know how to choose one? Um,

you can name a few. You can say a few. Yeah, you could say a few if you want. I’m helping you out by saying you only upset what

I mean? I don’t even know how to go about choosing one. Uh,


How about the first one that popped in your head before you thought [inaudible]

maybe it’s just the overall idea that at the halfway point of gaining the weight that I was like, I think I was doing this for myself for the first two months and, and it’s not about me. And so just that realization of like, man, like I’m not, this isn’t it? I don’t know. It’s not like, that’s not necessarily embarrassing, but that was like the hardest lesson maybe.

Hmm. Interesting. I like that. What about you can Lee, did you have an embarrassing moment during the eight months of filming?

Um, yeah, I mean I can think of two off the bat. I can think of two. Um, one was when we were filming, you know, the producers asked me to, so I had not dawned a swimsuit or shorts for since our honeymoon. So for at that time, 14 years Oh. And producers like threw me in a pair of the ugliest shorts I’ve ever seen available to man. And then they were like, let’s take a body tour and I’m standing there feeling completely naked and they shorts and they’re like, can you, can you pull those shorts down a little bit more? I think I had him like hiked up to my nipples and I like pulled them down 11. They’re like, Oh look, you have more, like a little bit more. And I was like, Oh my gosh, I can’t, like I can’t expose my leg.

I was just, I was sweating, I was nervous, I was clammy. I just, that was like the height of embarrassment for me cause I had all these people staring at me and there I am and it’s like shorts. I just, I hadn’t worn shorts in forever. Like put me on the surface of the sun and I’m going to be in a pair of pants. What was the other one? The other one was I went to the grocery store and I ran into somebody who knew I was doing a process and at the time, like I had Oreos in my heart for the family and, and like there was some other trees or something that I had in my car. And I remember walking out and I was like, Oh, hi, how are you doing? And they said, Oh, you’re on that show. So we’re gonna make sure and look at your car. And they like dove into my cart right into a package of Oreos. And I was like the worst.

Okay. I want you guys to both answer this at the same time. I’m going to ask you the question and then I’m going to count to five and you’re gonna say at the same time, okay. What cheers you up when you’re sad. What cheers you up when you’re sad? One, two, three, four, five.


what’s yours? You up

makes you happy. What makes you happy?



Okay. Carrie said movement. Kinley


I would agree. Yeah, I would agree. Yeah. I mean physical, it makes me feel better. Yeah,

see I, I wanted it at the same time to really see if you’d say the same thing, but I’m going to let it slide. I want to let it slide. All right, so those were my lightning round questions. Drew, did you have any?

Yeah. Oh, of course I do. Of course I do. Um, Kenley you want you, this one isn’t in the question. I want you to give us your best impression of Carrie.

Too bad. There’s not a video for this.

Too bad. I want to S I want to S I wish I could see it. Maybe we’ll have to create that and put it up on YouTube.

Okay. So Carrie, while doing almost every single workout, she developed the nickname the devil in spandex. You just heard it when she, when Carrie laughs at you working out, she does this like, it sounds like you, like she had done it so many times. It’s like, do you are the devil instant. And so yeah, that would be my ghost impression. Either that or she always makes this like captain Morgan stance hands go up on the head and she’s like [inaudible] and she just gets like a real confident with herself. Yeah. Yep. Yes.

Any carry isms that you can rattle off off the top of your head,

Carrie isms? I can rattle off

like sick phrases. Yeah. Any like big phrase that she’d always say like withdrew. Like there’s so many drew isms, like,

well I don’t even want to go into all like, like curls, curls for the girls or you got to burn it to earn

journalism’s like those, I get those from white Goodman from dodgeball. Those are my truisms.

Your hashtags. I don’t, I mean, I guess if I had the, if I had to hear Carrie say something over and over and over again, I guess it would be love yourself. She’s always telling everybody to love themselves and make themselves a priority. But, um, more than, uh, I guess having like a, a catch phrase of things that, that I think about when Carrie talks about that would be more just her, her, her mantra. Was that the word I’m looking for? I just love yourself. I feel like I’ve died and we’re speaking of myself.

I know. Yeah, seriously. I love toxin. When Carrie said this and you know,

Perry’s like slipping her 20, she’s like, good job dude. Good yet.

Um, Carrie, what was your, what was your favorite favorite food that you had on your journey from fit to fat

blueberry? Danishes David lingerie makes them and uh, yep. That’s that.

Okay, I’ll check those out. Can they, what was your last meal you had before you knew you had to start doing the journey back to fit? Did you have like a last meal or no,

I did laugh. That’s why I asked. I’ll ask. No, and I actually shared it with Carrie and felt really guilty about it. We were, we had finished, so we filmed, right. We filmed like our first workout and then afterwards producers were like, Hey, let’s go out and get something to eat. And I knew at that point like everything was going to be changing from that day forward. And so we went out to this restaurant and I wasn’t, I’m like, okay, well I’ll see my Carrie’s gonna order. And Carrie’s like, Oh, I’ll have the fish salad with, you know, hold the dressing and love blah, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, yeah, yeah, I’ll just have kale with lemon juice. I was like, and I’ll have a grilled cheese sandwich, include a double lemonade. I’ll have two of those. I remember like sitting there eating my sandwich. And I remember looking up at Carrie thinking, I hope she doesn’t think this is my commitment level, but I’m going to eat this. Like everyone else is paying for it. And it’s, my last meal is nominated to it.

That’s awesome. That’s cool. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate you guys coming on. Before we, we wrap up, you guys, can you guys tell people where to find you on social media, your websites, your gyms? Uh, all that information so people can reach out to you. Carrie will go you and then Kenley

perfect. Uh, you can find me on Instagram at Coxy photos. Um, I don’t post often, but when I do,

they’re good when you do that. Good.

And my website is SLC fit collective.com. That’s my gym in salt Lake. And um, you know, I’m on Facebook but I probably won’t accept random friend requests. So. Good, good, good,

good luck. Um, and that your new gym, what’s that going to be called and where’s that going to be? Yeah,

yeah. And it’s called plank and it’s going to be adjacent to Liberty park here in salt Lake city. And um, yeah, it’s called plank. So you have your open date. So it’s on construction. It’s under construction right now. Okay. Awesome. This is probably the opening, so stay tuned for that. Sweet. I even find me on Instagram at Kenley, K. E N L. E. E, a. A, and I’m on Facebook, but again, I try and keep my Facebook personal, sorry, I probably won’t probably want to say people could just look for you on Instagram to follow you. Just I am starting a nonprofit organization to help foster kids, um, start after they exit the program to have stable jobs and to be able to build a resume and a community. So I am working on that and uh, that doesn’t have a website yet, but that is in the process. So if people want to follow me on Instagram for that and maybe you know, get involved in that process, that would be great. Very cool. Cleaning business. Yeah. Yup. We’re gonna we’re going to branch out and start a nonprofit to help those kids cause they exit, they don’t have anywhere to go, so they’re going to start working for the company and hopefully we can build that in and provide them with a future.

Yeah, no, that’s awesome. And yeah, definitely keep us posted on that. What I was asking was is what’s your clean business name of people want to yeah. How are your cleaning business? There you go.

Yeah. That’s what they mean. Business. That’s the letterK , the letter D. so that’s like Kenley and Dan. So K D cleaning. Cool.

Cool. In salt Lake city. Right. Awesome you guys. Well thank you guys so much for coming on.

Appreciate you guys doing this Fitbit to fit journey and inspiring so many people. You guys have been a great example and very relatable and I know so many people are going to be inspired by you guys, so please stay in touch with us and uh, we’d love to chat with you guys here in the near future.

Thank you. You too. Yeah, I’ll see you gals. When I come to salt Lake, I’m going to hit you guys up when I get to salt Lake,

like you guys, like guys into all I liked, I’d love to come.

Well we’re going to do a girls night, but

okay girls. Oh yeah. Okay guys.

Thank you guys so much for listening to another great episode of the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. We really, really do appreciate your guys’ support of our podcasts. And one of the ways you guys can support is, is by going on iTunes and subscribing to the podcast and leaving as a review on there. If you’d like the podcast and you like the information you hear from here, uh, please go give us a five star rating, tell your friends about it, subscribe and share your favorite episodes with those who you think could benefit from it. And we definitely want to keep this podcast alive, you guys. So please, uh, do those things. And if you want to reach out to us with ideas or suggestions or tips or questions, you guys, we get back to everybody. So follow me on social media at fit two fat two fit. That’s the number two in between. So fit number two, fat number two fit. Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday nights for a new episode of fit to fat to fit on A&E. And you can subscribe to my newsletter on my website@fittofattofit.com and I’d love to hear

from you guys.

Yeah. And if you want to follow me on social media, my handle is the number to fit at home and you can find me on Instagram and on Facebook. I have a little bit going on on Pinterest and Twitter. Um, and you can also find me on my website the number two fit@home.com. I’m on there. I have a blog full of great content specifically towards women. I have women specific meal plans, exercises. Um, I also have a couple of my programs on there including the newest one, which is a healthy fast food guide. So I took the top 20 fast food and restaurant chains cause drew and I travel a lot and people ask how are you able to order and stay healthy, eating out so often. And it took me about a year but I compiled these 20 restaurants and for just about five bucks you can have access to all of that content. So find me there. You can also sign up for my newsletter there.

All right guys. Thank you so much, and we’ll see you back here next week for another great episode on the fit vet fit experience.


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