What’s up everybody. Welcome to the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. I’m your host, drew Manning and I’m your cohost Lynn Manning. Thank you guys for coming back here for another great episode. Today is another treat for you guys. Last night we all saw Corey and Ray the transform, we saw Cory’s fit to fat to fit transformation. We saw how Raila was inspired and saw her amazing transformation. Today we have those two on the podcast today and we are diving into all the details of the behind the scenes stuff, their diet and exercise routine that they use. Of course. Cause that’s what you guys want to know about. And we talk about other things that you didn’t see on camera as well.

Yeah, we talk about some of the takeaways, like what they really learned. Um, I dig in with Raila to ask her, you know, some tips for people on how she was able to change her nutrition since she seemed like such a foodie, which I could relate to. So we get into a lot of the good nitty gritty. But before we do that, we want to talk about our sponsor of the show. Dollar workout club.com you guys, dollar workout club.com is an online fitness platform where drew, myself and Natalie Hodson to online training for all levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. They’re about approximately 10 to 20 minute workouts. You can stream it from your phone, from your iPad, you can put it on your TV. Um, and it’s five workouts every week. Five healthy recipe videos and five motivation videos. And it’s all just $1 a week. There’s no hidden fees, there’s no contracts. You can literally just try it and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Yup. Guys, check it out@dollarworkoutclub.com. All right you guys, let’s jump into the episode with Corey and Rayleigh.

Alright, you guys, we have Corey and Raila here on the fit to fat to fit experience podcast. Awesome episode last night. You guys, you guys did great. You guys are so funny. We loved watching you two interact with each other and such an amazing story. How are you guys doing today? Doing great. Crazy journey. Right. Crazy, amazing. All of the above. Yeah. So Corey, let me ask you this. Um, what, what was the deciding factor for you to do this journey where once you knew that, okay, this is a different weight loss show you have to get, get fat on purpose. What was the deciding factor for you? Like, okay, I think I’m going to do this. What, what, what was that deciding factor for you to really do this show?

No, drew, in all honesty, it was simply because it scared me. Um, at that time I hadn’t, I hadn’t been scared of anything in a while. I hadn’t been intimidated by anything or anyone in a while. And I thought I had done it all. I’ve seen it all. So the fact that I had trepidation, the fact that I was a little nervous and it just said, well, maybe this is what you need to do, Corey, because nothing else has made you feel this way. So, you know, it was just a challenge. I looked at it as simply probably one of the greatest challenges that I would ever have to do. And I felt almost guilty if I would’ve let it pass me up because then I think it would’ve haunted me. It would’ve been something I would always look back on and says, you know what, I should’ve just went ahead and did that. I might’ve learned that.

Yeah, man, but I can, I can relate to you, man. It is kind of scary to think about it. Okay. I’m really gonna do this. Like to think you’re going to eat a cheat meal like pizza and fries, you’re like, Oh man, that sounds cool. But to put on 50 to 60 pounds over four months, I mean that seems, I mean most people know that are in the fitness industry. Like that would be hell. That would be really hard to do. So I was just saying at what point during your waking journey where you kind of like freaked out. Like, okay, what did I get myself into? At what point did that happen for you?

Oh man, it was, it was definitely by the sixth week. Um, because, you know, I went through the phase of gaining weight and uh, people thinking I was doing it on purpose cause I still have my frame. So people like, Oh man, you, you getting big out here, you know, I see you Balkan, you looking good bro. But then it started to get where my stomach was hanging over and the fatigue was setting in and my, my knees and back just didn’t feel the same and my energy was off. And then it was kinda like, wow, I only, I still have like 50 weeks of this crap to go. Like, what did I get myself into? I had a lot of moments where I was like, Corey are, you know, what are you doing? What are you? And then before I would answer myself, I’d just get busy again because if I thought about it too long, I don’t know what would happen.

Yeah. That’s awesome man. I can relate to that now. Rayleigh um, when you open up to Corey and that scene, and Corey told you that he was going to be gaining weight on purpose, was that, were you, was that real? Were you shocked or did you kind of already know before that?

I had no idea before then. Um, I was definitely shocked that it’s crazy a little bit, but it made a big statement to me that he’s, he’s in for it. He really means what he’s, what he’s saying and it made me feel good a little bit. They made me feel bad that he was putting his body through. That’s a lot of weight to gain in a short amount of time. So I was in like mixed feelings a little bit.

I know. And so you didn’t get a seam during the F the four months of the hell that he went through. You just kind of saw him afterwards and he showed up and was like, here I am four months later. Different at different Corey fat Corey.

Yeah, it was, it was a shock. Like he didn’t look anything like yourself, nothing like that.

Now during those four months, did you kind of get started by yourself or you just kind of hang around, wait for Cory to come to you? Uh, what like what went on during those four months? Cause we don’t get a C on the, on the TV show

the first four months I think I lost like 12, 13, something like that. So I lost during that time. I think it’s like 13 pounds. I lost, um, during that time, just trying to get my, I guess get ahead of the game a little bit. Um, it changed habits. I think the eating was the hardest part for me. So I thought if I get a jump on it, then, you know, it’d be easier by the time Corey comes in.

Mm. Speaking of that, um, one of

the things that I loved about your episode is when you’re actually in the beginning are showing all the dessert that you’re eating. You’re talking about food and the junk food and how addicting it is and how much you love it. And I’m like, okay, she gets it because you know, that for me that’s me too. Like the food is the hardest part. Like I could get my butt to work out, but the food for me was always like my biggest struggle. So for you, you know, to come from that place and like start trying to eat healthier even before you guys started together, what, what helped you to do that? Like what helped you to eat healthier or avoid the sweets? Like any tips that you could give people listening?

Um, it just, I think it’s not about mindset. I just wanted a change. I wanted something different. And for five, six years I think I’ve been telling myself I’m going to change, I’m going to do something different and I never did it. And this opportunity was so great, I didn’t want to mess it up. I put that maybe that pushed me really to give it my all and I just didn’t want to mess up again. This is my last time trying and I didn’t want to mess it up again.

Now, now in the episode you have, I mean, you have a lot of friends that looks like Ray that and it looks, were they a good support system for you? Um, were they or were they kind of, um, you know, tempting you to be like, come on Ray, let’s go out. Let’s have some drinks. Let’s go eat some real food. Like w were they a support system or were they kind of tempting you during the, you know, your transformation?

They’re definitely my support system. I didn’t know any of them like the whole four months. Like they knew I was off for the whole four months. They would call and check on me and make sure that I was doing okay and give me words of encouragement. But you’re definitely my support system.

That’s awesome. Cause you know, in some people’s cases their closest friends or family sometimes can sometimes be a support system, but in other cases are the ones that try and sabotage their weight loss, where they get jealous and they don’t want them to lose the weight because they feel like they’re going to lose a friend or something and they feel like they can’t have fun. They can’t go out and have a social life because you want to sit at home and eat chicken and broccoli, you know? Um, so that’s great that you didn’t have to experience that. But some people unfortunately do. Especially women.

Yeah. Well, a lot of times I think it’s hard cause sometimes depending on the group of friends or the situation, like people don’t want to feel left out. You know, you’re going on this amazing journey. You’re, you know, you’re transforming, you’re losing weight, you’re feeling good. And if you have girlfriends that also struggle with their weight, I think sometimes that’s when women, you know, can get defensive or less left out or feel not as supportive. I’m glad that you, it looked like at the, your girlfriends, you know, in that final scene when they see you look so happy, you know, so happy for you and your progress and I love seeing that. That was so beautiful.

Yeah. Now Corey, um, you mentioned to me before we started recording here that a lot of your friends tell you they missed the fat. Corey, you talked to us about that. Like why, why that is and you know a little bit about that.

I mean they say that because the fact Corey was down for everything. I went, I went everywhere. Drew, I went everywhere. I was more social this summer than I have been in the five years I’ve been in Atlanta. I went to the parties, I went to the, uh, the lounges, the bars, the clubs,

any concert I went to, like I saw like concerts. I don’t even, I’m not even a concert guy and I was always willing to eat and, and so, you know, just having, I guess that person that you could always count on to, to go anywhere with you and do anything to the utmost. I mean, I’m sure it’s a, it’s a great feeling. You know, they never had to think, you know, so I’ve definitely back into my militant ways and I, you know, I’m balanced, but I’m still Cory, I’m still training. I’m still trying to stay in shape so they know they can’t get asked me some of the things they used to ask me to do. Um, but yeah, a few times this fall, even, they will jokingly be like, man, I miss fat cord man. Fat quarter would’ve came back, coy would eat them, you know?

I know, man, I can totally relate. I still, people have people five years later telling me, Oh man, I really missed the FET drew. Like you are so much more fun now. Rayleigh going back to you now that the show is over, do you have friends that kind of do the same thing to you? Like, Oh, let’s go out, let’s party. The show’s over, you know, let’s, we can go back to normal life or how has it been maintaining this lifestyle?

Um, I’ve, I’ve definitely had a couple of friends drop off because of the change, but um, yeah, but, um, it, I mean I, I kind of expected it a little bit cause I wasn’t the same person that I was before. Um, but my eating have, everything is pretty much has stayed the same. I have a workout buddy now, my best friend. Um, but yeah, we work out four days a week together. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s good now.

I love it. I know we’re going to talk about like your current regimen and also what you guys did to lose the weight. But before I get there, cause we’re still kinda talking about like the progression. Um, for you Corey, one of my favorite scenes is actually, you know, you’re talking to your assistant and you’re really upset. You know, she’s talking about an event and you’re really struggling. I can see, you know, you talk about it, but I can even just see how genuinely upset you are depressed. You are talking about, look, I’m not my old self talking about the emotional and mental toll that it took on you gaining this weight. Can you talk to us a little bit more about that? Like what, what was surprising to you? What did you learn emotionally, mentally, like at your heaviest?

Yeah, sure. And first of all, um, Lizanne is here. She wants to, she wants to record to show that she’s asking my manager, not my assistant.

Oh, sorry about that.

Sorry about that.

No, honestly, you know, Whoa. It, I’m happy that I can look back on it and speak openly because one of those challenges for me during that, during that process was just transparency. You know, I got, I had a lot of pride and, and so I didn’t really want to show how hard it was for me. I didn’t want to cry. And so in that scene particularly, I was overseas and just being over there still having to gain the weight and still having to do the day to day operations. Um, it was just this kind of was feeling like it was too much. So I do remember, I think we were going over just the week and I was just not wanting to accept any more on my plate, you know, any more things to think about, any more things to do. Cause I really had convinced myself I was, I was at end, like I couldn’t give any more energy to anything else.

So her being the closest to me, I mean, of course she’s going to get that side of me. Um, it was, it was just, it was just emotionally there was challenging. I mean it was so hard to have to follow the order of eating so much a day. Um, and then the pressure of knowing that I had to weigh a certain amount per week, all the while knowing that it’s gonna only get worse, you know, it was really me just tiny cabinet kind of having to accept the fact that it’s going to get bad and, and really and truthfully just letting the process happen. I think a part, a big part of me was fighting as hard as I could, you know, let me, let me at least, you know, let me eat this, but I don’t have to eat all of it. It’s not gonna make that big of deal. You know, I was making excuses. So at that time in the project, it was me just allowing the process to really take off, take, take over. And uh, I mean, I think drew came to Atlanta and spoke with me, uh, shortly after that time and you know, gave me kind of some insight. And after that it was pretty much, it was uphill from there, you know, but or down here from there. But in that time it was, it was just, I was going through it.

Yeah. No. And I remember that’s why they flew me out to Atlanta. This, this part didn’t make the episode, but they flew me out to Atlanta to meet up with Corey. He was struggling, um, you know, mentally and emotionally, physically too. Like it was just, it was really taxing on you, uh, as a whole. And so I flew out there, you know, uh, kinda told you about my experience and what I learned and, and you know, how I was able to, you know, not quit, cause I told myself six months, you know, I’m going to do this for six months. You know, I could have stopped earlier if I wanted to, you know, I didn’t have a TV show following me around with the contracts. Then you gotta gain weight this week. You know, like I didn’t have that kind of pressure. And I remember, uh, you know, we’ve sat down, we talked and we really, you know, bonded and I felt like it was a good experience. And just so everybody knows, we did eat taco bell together. I helped Corey out. I’m like, I’m going to eat, I’m going to eat a soft taco with you or something like [inaudible].

It was so good. It was a couple chalupas and a couple of times

taco bell and it tastes delicious. Um, but um, anyways, yeah that part didn’t make the the scene. Um, but yeah, just kind of going back to what you’re saying Corey, about um, the mental and emotional part of it. It really is a big surprise and I don’t want people here. Here’s the thing is like people watch the show, they see what you go through and I can definitely relate to it, but I mean it’s not the same as someone who’s been overweight for years. I mean, let’s be honest. I mean it isn’t, but at the end of the day, that’s not what the show is about. We’re not trying to say, look, you know, I did this for four, four months. Now I know exactly what my client is going through. I don’t want people to pretend or I don’t want people to think that we even pretend to know exactly what it’s like. Then the day cause giving you as a trainer a unique experience to step outside of your comfort zone. See it slightly from a different perspective of kind of how hard it is and man, it, I mean it really does change you as a

yeah. And if I may drew like that, that was big for me. You come in down there because honestly I felt alone. I mean I had no contact with any of the other trainers. Nobody around me could truly say they know what I’m going through. They may see it and they may even appreciate that this is something I’m doing and it’s gonna make me better. But I mean mentally, psychologically I felt that, you know, no one really gets it and no one really can, can truly fathom how difficult this is for me cause everyone else, Oh you get to eat crappy food. But now I’m going against my DNA. I’m going to get some, the whole essence of who I am. And so, I mean you come down there and gave me that, that kind of hope. Like you know what Drew’s right. He did it and he’s fine. And he seemed to be better. So I know I can. It was just that, just allowing the process to take me over and not convince myself that it was like, you know, going to be forever. I just needed to continue forward. You know what I’m saying? I would never want it to quit, but I do think my morale was just really down, you know?

Yeah. And that’s what you get stuck in the moment. Sometimes you’re like, man, this is never going to end. You just need to have a longterm perspective sometimes like, okay, and you get back, you know, you have to trust in the process that you will get back to fit. Um, the, going back to U of S all the clients, this question, and I kind of want to hear your opinion about it. You’ve seen, you’ve probably seen the biggest loser and extreme weight loss. These other weight loss shows fit two fat two fit is so different. It’s unique because the trainer, you know, has to gain the weight for the four months. Do you feel like there was value in Corey gaining the weight? Um, to come out of it as a different trainer versus if he was just, you know, you, you refer to him as a workout. Corey, if he was just workout Corey, um, without gaining the weight, do you think this experience would’ve been different versus him gaining the weight? Doing what he did? Was there a value in him getting fat on purpose for you? In a way?

I definitely think it was, it was valuable for him to gain the weight. Um, a lot of times when overweight clients say they’re tired or their back hurt or their knees hurt or they just can’t do it, they can’t breathe or whatever the case may be. I think a lot of trainers who haven’t experienced being overweight before thinks is just a scapegoat or just an excuse or you just don’t want to workout. Like it’s just easy to get up and move, you know, 300 pounds or more. It’s not, it’s not that easy. And if he didn’t actually experience it, I don’t think he would’ve understood half of what I was going through.

It did it, did it change your perspective on, on how you train, like when you, when you did your first workout back to fit, did it kinda change your perspective of like, okay, this is, this is how it is. It’s way harder than I thought. Did you experience that?

Hell yeah, I thought it. I thought it was, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m convincing myself I’m going to stop a bull. And so, you know, from the first workout I knew I was like, Corey, you know, this is going to be a battle. This is going to be, you know, the battle of your life, man. You’re looking at, you were looking for a fight. This, you found your fight, you know, and I asked all the time would remind myself of not just regular, but any client I had who, who was struggling with their weight and who was trying to lose weight anytime I didn’t want to go to the gym or I didn’t want to maybe, you know, do it as hard of a set as I could or meal prep. I be like, this is what you make your clients believe in. And this is the process that you tell them to trust. So you have to do it too. And it was a constant, just confirmation. And it honestly makes me respect everyone that I’ve helped lose weight even much more. I mean, I was always proud of them, but I definitely can respect them way more because I finally had to do it on my own. And it’s, it’s just not easy and it’s, and it’s not fun and, but once it’s done, it’s kinda like you, you, you, you’re gonna have much more better from it, you know?

Yeah. I love that you were able. Yeah, I’m love that you have that perspective that you were able to see that and you can see that in the episode. You know, for me, seeing that scene where you guys are at the park and you’re working out and real is like, I’m done. You know, I quit. I’m done. I’m getting mad. I was like, Oh no. And yeah, and, and it, but it’s cool to see you there, you know, instead of a standard trainer that again would have been like these are excuses or you know, you need to dig deep. You know, just like the traditional mantras, you know, there you are being like, I know it’s hard, I’m tired too. This is hard, you know, and having someone there that’s empathetic, that’s going through the same thing. You know, kind of touching on that, I, I think that that adds such a tremendous value. Um, so getting into to the weight loss though, cause people are the most excited about that, you know, how did you lose the weight? What did you guys do workout wise and nutrition wise. Can you guys touch on that and kind of walk us through the workout routines that you did, how often you worked out, how long you worked out and the food, like what you guys really ate during the, the four months of losing.

Um, so me and Corey worked out, um, five, five days a week. Um, in the mornings I worked out with Corey. Um, and then after work I work up by myself at the gym. Um, so I work out twice a day, five days a week, sometimes on Saturdays as well. But you’re on Skype? Yeah, we worked on a Skype during the days as one of the times I couldn’t make it to the gym and we worked on, on Skype during the weekdays. Um, and just really, ya know, he was dedicated and I love him for it. Um, but I think the biggest thing was just me changing my eating habits, actually eating food and not junk. Um, I think that was the hardest. But the best thing for me was just actually eating the right foods

and con. And you were diversifying, you went from just working now to, you’re running a little bit.

Oh yeah. I’m actually not, no. Okay. She’s a runner I to enjoy. I actually enjoy working out at this point. Like if I don’t go at least three or four days a week, I feel guilty. I feel bad. So I, I like, I like working out now.

Railers Railers go. Well, my goal for railer was constant activity and, and just, and really just diversity in everything I wanted her to, you know, to walk every day, do push us when she’s bored. I wanted her to join classes, know I really wanted her to just get lost in the essence of fitness because that’s honestly what is going to take as an active, healthy fit lifestyle. So that was my goal for her. For me, me personally, I created just my own like concentration camp. Um, and just did not come out of that until it was time to do my final weigh in. I was doing things that I probably wouldn’t, I wouldn’t expect normal people to do. Maybe if they didn’t have a life or a job or bills. You know, I was putting so much time into, into my studio. I was waking up and doing jumping rope.

Then I would put away best on and run. Then then, you know, I might have a client come in after that. I’m like, Aw, hell, why not? Let’s work out together just to selfishly get more calories off my body. Um, I was going to the pool, I was swimming, I was doing stuff in the sand. I mean, I was the most active fat guy in Atlanta last summer. I had to be, I was, I was doing, I was doing, I was doing things I don’t even do, I miss riding bikes and the, the, yeah, the meals were just, were very bland and boring. 1600 calories, nothing more. Um, and just obsession, you know, doing things like watching TV in a plank position. And it was, it was honestly a, a bit of a freedom for me because I guess when you’re in shape and you’re sculpting your body, you, you had this idea of what you want to be.

And so you go to the gym with this idea and you can already see things, but when you’re just a blank canvas, it’s almost kinda like, what? Shoot, I can come out of this better. You know? So I was doing things that I, that I hadn’t thought of, like wheat grass shots, you know, and you know, a hot yoga. And I got really into stretching. And at the end of it I realized I had more of appreciation for my health than it was just my body, which actually opened me up to trying all new things. So, um,

I liked that. I liked that you diversified. So in general, when you train clients, do you have a specific approach? Like for example, it sounds like for you, you really diversified swimming and sand and hot yoga and weights and jumper like you diversified. But in general when you train clients or when you trained way ALA, did you try to stick to like a specific type of program or just weight training or like integrating in different things?

Well that’s a good question. When I was training railer, you know, I was giving her basically as much as information as I can. So when we were together we were doing things like flipping tires. You know, we’re hitting heavy bags, we’re pushing things who are, we’re running long distances, we’re doing plyo. I mean it was everything that I could throw at her, cause I’m just like, you know, we gonna get this weight off. Damn it. You know, I took a person, but you know, you saying that now that I’m back fit, that actually changed how I train in general. That made me actually redefine what personal training is. So I actually now do that with all my clients. I told someone today, I was like, you know, there’s no sport-specific weight loss toning, there’s no labels no more. If you want to lose weight, meet me at the football field today, tomorrow, meet me at the pool, Wednesday, meet me at the gym and then maybe Friday meet me at the mountain. We just need to use the and everything around it as, as a tool because that’s honestly what I had to do. So I feel that I need to give that to my clients. So it actually made me train train that way now.

So what specifically did you have lit? Eat? Um, it, was she on a calorie, a specific diet or was it like vegetarian or, yeah, tell us exactly like what five meals a day. Like kind of break that down for us.

Well, I wasn’t as hands on with Raila as, as I wouldn’t have normally been with other clients. One thing is I had trust in her. Um, I mean us being at close us having to weigh in together, she honestly had the same type of pressure as me. And so I felt that that was enough to to really keep her in line. And I mean, she, she actually kept a very simple diet. I believe there wasn’t any red meat, it was just chicken, chicken and fish. So, and you know, she fell in love with salads. That was like her thing. Um, and she was kinda like me. I mean, she found something at work and just ha and didn’t think twice about it. So as far as calories, I didn’t make her count the calories. It was more like making sure you’re fueling yourself from the right sources. You’re stopping when you’re content. Basically just healthy principles to abide by. My thing was making sure she burned the the right amount, so I kind of have faith that she wouldn’t overeat. My pressure was making sure she got over that 3,500 calorie a day or they Mark.

So Rayleigh did you, did you feel like you had to cut anything out completely or did you eat like a pretty well balanced and just focused on healthier foods? Like some people eat paleo and cut out all breads and dairy or is there anything that you cut out or just focused on healthy eating?

Yeah, I could have a lot my whole way of eating before. Um, it’s all a project. It was just junk. It was like sodas, cookies, chips, and maybe wasn’t, I can go all day without eating like a meal, but I had to have my junk food, so all that had to be put out. So that was the biggest and the hardest part for him was coming off the coax was the hardest thing.

[inaudible] yeah,

it made me sick. Like I can’t even drink a Coke now. Like after four months not having one, I can’t go back.

Awesome. Yeah. So it is really hard to cut out. I remember when I did that. Okay.

And read that. Did you struggle when you had to get back to or when you started switching up your diet? Did you find like eating those foods was hard cause your body craved those sweets before? Was it hard? Was it a hard transition? It was. I was angry a lot or hangry [inaudible]

for like no reason. I didn’t know what it was at first until that set in. But yeah, I was angry. I was upset. Um, yeah it was, it was hard.

Do you feel like now that, do you feel like now though, cause that’s such a common thing anyway, all my clients said the same thing. Um, you know, a lot of them go through withdrawals or the emotional imbalance, the headaches, the fatigue, and then they reach a point. I’m wondering if you reached this where they’re like, wow, like I feel like a different person as far as like now I have more sustained energy and I feel like my moods are more imbalanced because of the foods I eat. Do you feel that way?

I did. I think it was like maybe six, seven weeks into it. Took me a minute. I’m six, seven weeks into the program once I just really gave it my all and just gave up on the old me. Um, I started to see like the brighter picture behind it. I started to enjoy myself working out and I started to enjoy eating healthy foods.

That’s so funny. Yeah, no, that’s, that’s so interesting because um, for me, here’s the thing that helped me as a trainer kind of connect with my clients a little bit better when I ate the junk food for six months and then I transitioned to eating healthy again, and Corey can probably relate to this. When I got off of the, the soda and the process carbs and all the sugars, the first two weeks were hell. Like I was, I was angry like you Ray, that I had, I was grumpy. I was moody, I had headaches all the time and I was a different person and I had never experienced that before. And so before, as a trainer used to get upset with my clients or get frustrated, I’m like, look, just stop drinking the soda. It like, stop eating the junk food. Why is this so hard? Just don’t eat it. It’s super easy. Until I experienced it, even though it was only for six months, I experienced what it was like to get off of those foods and how your body craves. It’s like getting off of drugs. I mean, you go through these withdrawal symptoms and it sucks really bad and it might, I opened up my eyes to this emotional connection to food that I had no idea existed. I just thought it was a lack of willpower.

Drew, you didn’t, you didn’t tell. You didn’t tell us that they would linger.


it’s a new year. Why? Why those voices still in my head is what I’m trying to figure out.

Uh, the, it will always be there. Corey. I my bad. It will always be there. The next time you go, you drive by a taco bell and you get a smell of, of the chalupas there. Man. It’ll always be there, man. I promise you.

I know the cravings never go away. I mean, people, I hate when people are like, Oh, you’re a fitness person. You probably am like, do you even follow me? I eat donuts like every week, I freaking can smell a doughnut from like a mile away. Like cravings do not go away.

It’s crazy. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. So, um, core you mentioned, uh, that you, you have like, um, a fit to fat to fit program where cause people always ask like, you know, I want to see what you guys did cause they can’t show it on the show. There’s just not enough time. You said that you mentioned that there is some kind of place where pupil can go to see exactly like your workouts or your meal plans.

Yeah. So what I’ve created, and it’s, it’ll be on my website, um, pretty soon, probably the next few days is a fit to fat program that basically it gives you, um, the rundown of the things you need to do and ways you need to live to get weight off if you’re, you know, busy but driven enough to have like 50 or 60 pounds to lose in a few months. So I realized that it took every hour of the day to lose the weight. So I realized I would have to really be honest with people and not just say, well you need to work out every day but you need to be busy all day. So I will, I’ll have like a top 10 list of things to do for the busy person that’s trying to drop a lot of weight. Then I’ll have workouts that you can do anywhere because we don’t always have access to a gym.

I know I didn’t, but I could always break a sweat. So things that this do, body weight plyometrics and things like that. Then there’s a meal plan that’s included in that that is literally, you know, protein, carb and nothing more and it doesn’t take time to make the meals. It doesn’t really cost much money to follow the plan and it’s what worked for me. I needed short, simple, quick things I could take everywhere because I still was training other people as I was trying to lose weight. So I had to keep the fish next to me, you know, I had to keep the protein shake next. So when I got to the end of, I realized this is actually what works. This is like the perfect algorithm that helped me. So let me just give that to people that, that have the same goals as me and not leave anything out.

Yeah. Okay, cool. Yeah, we’ll definitely link to that in the show notes here.

And what about you Raelynn where can people find you? Can people find you if they want to ask you questions or do you have an Instagram or Facebook or,

I’m on both Instagram and Facebook. What’s your Instagram name?

Okay, we’re teasing her because we actually know what it is. What is it?

If you want us to link to it. Rarely we can if you don’t want us to.

Yeah, we don’t have to put it in the show notes. It’s up to you.

Can I change my name on there? No, you can. You can leave.

You can, you could, you could get in there. That’s fine.

Okay. Yeah, we’ll, we’ll put it in [inaudible]

we’ll get, we’ll find out her new name and we’ll just link it in the show notes. So instead of saying get here cause she’s changing the name, which her girlfriend, if you’re a woman and you know how your girlfriends are, her girlfriend created it. So that’s the one, we’re not going to talk about it and we’re going to link it in the show notes so that way you, anybody can follow her too.

Really quick way that I kind of want. Are you okay with like giving people an update cause it’s been four months since the episodes, since you guys finished filming, where are you at now? And maybe talk about, you know, are you still working out twice a day? How are you maintaining this lifestyle? Um, so yeah, if you don’t mind talking about that.

Sure. I maintained it. The lifestyle act has actually become a habit to me. I still work out only workout once a day. I’m going to work out four times, four times a week. Um, at planet fitness I’m still eating pretty much the same way. I have my little, you know, snacks in there, but nowhere near like I was before I lost another 10 pounds. So right now I’m really trying to focus on things she’s trying to focus on. Just like sculpting my wife. I won’t like definition. Um, so working on weights now, which hurt. Um, but it’s fun though.

Yeah, no, that is so cool. Cause here’s the thing. I mean, we know a lot of people from biggest loser and extreme weight loss and you know, unfortunately a lot of them came the weight back and it’s sad because, you know, it’s hard when the, I mean, it’s easy when the cameras and the fame is, you know, is following you around. But once all that goes away, it’s so easy to sneak back into your old ways because you have no one to be accountable to, you know? And so, um, that’s great to see you maintain this lifestyle. What would you tell to someone that was in your position before where they loved junk food? What are the things that have helped you really embrace this lifestyle change that you could give, you know, advice or tips to people that used to be where you were?

Um, it’s possible. That’s the first tip I would give. Um, don’t doubt yourself. Um, prayer is a big Lynch. Um, and like once you get the weight off, like I’ve never been this happy or comfortable with myself and ever. It’s one of the major things that’s keeping me from going back to my old lifestyle. And actually I’m happy. I’m cold. I can go shopping and pick out pretty much anything I want and fit it. Like it’s, it’s a good, it’s a good feeling.

Yeah. That is so cool. Ray though. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people. Um, uh, seriously. You look beautiful. Um, Corey, what are the two or three biggest lessons you’ve learned from doing fit to get fed? You can take away from this experience of gaining weight on purpose.

Um, one thing is just accepting that we are all a work in progress. Um, nobody knows everything and no one has done it all. And I think when you’re willing to accept that you open yourself up to just learning so many more things about you, no matter really what you do. Um, another thing is that it takes, uh, it takes a bigger motive. It takes you one in your life back when it comes to losing weight. You can’t just want to look good cause our Fe you can’t just want to impress people cause I feel. But when it’s about your life like it was for regular, like it was for me, you’ll get it done. And I think that’s just a message that needs to be pushed more. If it’s not about your life, it probably won’t happen. Make it about your life. And I think one more thing would be just um, I mean just having the, the, the idea of like perfection I think stops a lot of people from reaching their goals.

Cause you don’t always have access to a trainer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t work out. And you don’t always have 10 hours to dedicate to your goals. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get 30 minutes. And I had to just be so creative and, and find ways to lose weight, man. And, and I’m, I’m realizing like when you just allow the day to be a canvas and however many calories you can get is what you’re going to get. And the next day you’re going to be ready to compete with that. If you can just let go of the idea of perfection and just go for what you want, no matter how long or how hard it takes, you know you’re going to get there. And so I just kinda like less thinking, more working, you know? That’s kind of what I took away from it.

Yeah. And you know what? I think you’re a great example, Corey, of um, you know, you’re not your body, like your lifestyle will kind of reflect. Your body will take care of itself. If you take care of you on the inside first and you live an active lifestyle, the weight will take care of itself over time instead of focusing on, on just the scale weight. If you embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle, eventually, you know, all the, the looks, the physique and stuff like that, that’s just a byproduct of living a healthy lifestyle over time. That’s not what brings you happiness. You know, there’s so many people that have perfect bodies to other people that are so unhappy with themselves and they, they don’t like who they are, no matter how low their body fat is or, or, you know, how, you know, how ripped they are, they’re never happy. It’s never good enough for them. So we need to learn to love ourselves and realize that we’re not our bodies. And um, yeah, it starts with self love first and foremost. And uh, you know, you can’t hate your body enough to, that’s not good motivation to, um, change your lifestyle. You know what I’m saying?

Yeah. The, the hate you have for your body will never work. It’s the love you have for yourself. That has to be your motivation.

[inaudible] yeah, absolutely. Are we ready for the lightning?

Yeah, I think. Yep. I think we are you guys, we’re gonna have some fun here a little bit. This is how we close out every podcast. You guys have been great. And then we’ll, um, after this we’ll, you will have you guys tell us like, where people can find you on social media.

Yes. So we always like to end with a lightning round. So if you haven’t heard our podcast, basically what that means is we’re going to ask you a series of questions. They really are not important, they’re just things that I like to know that no rhyme or reason. So you basically have to answer as quickly as possible and the first thing that comes to your mind, so no filtering. All right, we’re going to answer at the same time. Well, I’m going to ask you guys probably one at a time. Okay, so Corey, most embarrassing moment that happened during that eight month journey, whether it was on or off camera, it doesn’t matter.

Most embarrassing moment. Oh, easy. In Cyprus training and Olympic athlete, all of her teammates are calling me chubby, wondering why her trainer, his stomach is so big, why her seats are so are so full and they can’t speak English. They speak Turk, they speak Turkey. So there is no way to explain to them anything. I just have to accept the fact that I’m the overweight guy from the States and I just looked at the, I just met every stereotype of an American. It was like,

Oh my gosh, that is so funny. They’re like, that’s your trainer. That’s your tribe. Oh man, I feel for you. Okay. What about you? Raila? Same question. Oh gosh. Um, there’s so many to choose from. Um, I don’t know. One off hand. Corey, you got a name one for her. What was her [inaudible] moment on or off camera during the

easy, every time Rayleigh had to weigh in and take her shoes off. It was the most embarrassing moment of the experience because apparently rarely is really, really just picky about how her feet are displayed. And so it was just, the camera couldn’t be on her feet too long. That was from the beginning to the end. Yeah.

Oh my gosh. I love the, I love that. Okay. Regular. Your favorite reality TV? Favorite TV show? A reality TV show? Yeah. Say more. Vince, what does it say, Martin? Vince, I never even heard of this. What is it? We don’t watch a lot of TV. I don’t even own a television. Is that bad? That’s bad. But seriously, what is it? It’s um, it’s about like a reality show. She’s a singer. She’s on the reel. You’ve seen the talk show the real before? No, of course I don’t. I literally don’t own a TV. I’m not kidding. Oh yeah. Okay. All right. Well, her and her husband. Okay, cool. Okay. What about you query naked and afraid? Oh, I’ve seen clips in all of this. This is awesome. Yeah.

I think you secretly, you secretly want to be on it, right?

I’m not going to lie, man. Me and Lizanne, she talks a lot of mess. She was in the Navy. He thinks that we could go on there and she wouldn’t hold me back. I feel like I would go on there and be the one that like saved today. I mean,

I’m not afraid. I think I’m going to vote for her. I think she’s probably more right in that situation. Okay. Okay. Corey, the food that you miss the most from when you were gaining weight, the food you miss the most. Pepper wings easy. Sounds delicious. About 70 a day. Whoa.

I had a very close relationship with the guy, that Chinese food restaurant. He knew. He knows my mom’s name. He still texts me checks if I’m okay.

He’s like, are you all right? Do you need some lemon pepper? So much money. He’s gone now. All right. Raila what’s your favorite dessert? Um, anything chocolate. Anything chocolate? No specific like chocolate, cheese cake, chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes. As long as it’s chocolate, I lucky. Anything chocolate. It’s cause you’re a woman. I hear you. I hear you. Okay. Secret crush. Either one of you can answer first. Celebrity or otherwise. Secret crush.


Mmm Hmm. Yeah. Maybe you guys don’t have like a hot secret crush like right off the top of your head. Like normally women like just yell, you know, one of the major celebrities out like,


Brad Pitt or Uber wings, right? No, you can if you’re crazy, if your secret crush is loving primaries, I’m going to limit pepper wings. He could see that could be your secret crush.

Rarely say she doesn’t have a crush.

I don’t. Sorry. Wow. All right, well you guys answered honestly, so I’m going to let it slide. I’m just

so, I’m gonna, I’m gonna jump in here. I’m stealing a question from shanty. So we were just on Shanti’s podcast today and

yeah, he is. He doesn’t let me read too, which is funny.

So funny. Okay. So you two, you said he doesn’t work.

He does a lightning round at the end too. We had him on our podcast. He’s so

he asked us. Okay. So here’s the question for you guys. You two are on a deserted Island and you had to pick between one of two people to live with you, Justin Bieber or Kanye West. Who would you pick?

We had to answer this question today. [inaudible] that’s funny. Lynn. Lynn at first. And then I had to think about it cause it was like Justin Bieber seems like such, I almost said a word we probably shouldn’t say on the podcast that I’m like, he won’t do anything. And I’m like, I think Kanye would maybe call GUI. Yeah. But I think like you could use it for your advantage. Like Kanye. I bet you can’t even do this. And then he’d probably try to do it, but Justin Bieber would be like worse than like a 12 year old girl. He would just sit on the sand crane

passing. Like he’s going to passionately make the fire. He’s going to passionately like hunt fish.

No, I mean I probably killed them both, but that was a really tough question. We, we told Sean, we’re like [inaudible]

that’s a good one. So we did steal that from Shaunti. All right, you guys did awesome. So I know that we talked a little bit about your website, Corey, but any did, did you guys both say your social media handles where people can find you?

People find you?

People can find me on Instagram is at, I am Corey Taylor. I a M C O R E Y T. a. Y. L. O. R. um, I’m also also have a website, it’s called fitness as a lifestyle.com. I’m in between those two. They can pretty much find anything else. You know, I’m on Periscope, Twitter, Facebook and whatnot. Um, and yeah, I’m 24, seven. It’s always given out.

And you have a brick and mortar, you know, bootcamp, gym fitness as a lifestyle in Atlanta, right?

Yes. Fitness, lifestyle studios. Um, so it’s going to be, if you want to find any, if you want to come to any of my classes or get ahold of any of any of my one on one sessions, um, you can find me at the cage. Atlanta. It’s literally called the cage Atlanta cause that’s what it is. We’re animals in there and we work out. So come see me.

Awesome. Awesome.

And we’re going to put railings information in the show notes cause she’s going to send us that information.

Sure. Yeah, I read that. Did you change your Instagram name yet? Was it during this podcast?

I doubt it. No. Well we’ll wait to get that info

and we’ll put it in the show notes. You guys are so awesome. S your episode was so inspiring. Um, I know that you’re probably going to hear from so many people asking you questions. We definitely appreciate you guys opening up and giving us more details on the journey and about where you’re at now. And yeah.

And yeah, just remember, people always look to you guys as a, as an inspiration to them cause you’ve accomplished so much man. So, so keep living the lifestyle. You guys, you guys are an inspiration to us. We appreciate you coming on the podcast and letting people get to know you on a more personal level. Thank you for having us. You guys, we had a blast. You guys have a good night. See

you. Thank you guys so much for tuning in today to the 55 to fit experience podcast. We really hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode. If you enjoy the podcast, you guys, please share it. Go on iTunes, give us a five star review and please, uh, or a five star rating, sorry and leave us a review. If you guys don’t mind just to help support the podcast, we definitely want to keep this going and make it available to you guys every single week. We appreciate all the love and support you guys have shown us throughout the first 26 episodes now 27, I believe. Uh, but thank you guys so much. Once again, if you want to stay in the know about a future casting for the show, I know a lot of here reached out to me about that and want to stay and they know about my, at my events, my traveling, coming up, events that I’ll be at. Uh, please follow me on social media@fittofattofitoronmywebsitefittoaddtofit.com. I have a newsletter on there if you want to stay in the know.

Absolutely, and if you want to follow me, you can find me on my website, which is the number two fit@home.com and you can sign up for my newsletter there. I have a blog on there with a lot of great content. I’m also, if you want to find me on social media, on Instagram or Facebook, it’s the number two fit at home.

Thank you guys once again for tuning in. We’ll see you back here next week for another great episode on the fit to fat to fit experience podcast.


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