EP347: How To Supercharge Your Body with Dr. Latt Mansor

Dr. Latt Mansor holds a PhD in Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics from Oxford University, and is the Research Lead for H.V.M.N. In this intriguing episode, Drew and Dr. Mansor chat about the groundbreaking research being done around exogenous ketones, how they are...

EP346: Mastering Menopause with Esther Blum

Esther Blum is a Best-Selling Author, Integrative Dietitian, and High Performance Coach. She currently maintains a virtual practice where she helps people permanently lose weight, balance hormones, heal the gut, and reverse chronic health struggles. Her new book, “See...

EP345: Optimizing Your Sexual Health with Dr. Judson Brandeis

Dr. Judson Brandeis is a urologist, author, educator, surgeon, researcher, and leading figure in field of men’s sexual health. Dr. Brandeis leverages his wealth of knowledge along with the latest technologies and innovations to optimize manhood, and has dedicated his...
The Best and Worst Cheeses for the Keto Diet

The Best and Worst Cheeses for the Keto Diet

When starting a new diet, choosing the right foods to eat can be overwhelming. Even maintaining a diet can become complicated if you don’t want to eat the same foods daily. This is true for keto diets, especially because the options are specific enough that...
How to Lose Weight After 40

How to Lose Weight After 40

Weight loss is tough no matter when you’re doing it, but losing weight after 40 has unique challenges and drawbacks. Luckily, I have intimate experience with losing weight after 40, and I want to help you live your best life.  Weight Gain After 40 Aging...

EP344: Cultivating a Dynamic Balance with Andy Chan

Andy Chan is a personal trainer, corporate health consultant, and author. Andy’s unique approach to training and wellness integrates traditional Chinese medicine with modern movement science to create harmony in all aspects of life. In this episode, Drew and Andy chat...

EP343: Cancer Survivor to Superhero with Matthew Ode

Matthew Ode is a cancer survivor, health advocate, and motivational speaker. In this powerful episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, Drew talks with Matt about what it was like to be diagnosed with cancer at age 24, the brutal path to recovery that he miraculously...
Why You Need More Salt on the Keto Diet

Why You Need More Salt on the Keto Diet

While the basic tenets of keto diets are straightforward (high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrates), you must consider other aspects to take the best care of your body. If you focus only on the broad strokes of ketogenic diets, you can neglect essential minerals...

EP342: People First Pharmaceuticals with Troy Duell

Troy Duell is the CEO of Centurion Labs, and a former Executive in the pharmaceutical industry. In this episode, Drew and Troy talk about what Troy experienced while working in the pharmaceutical industry that ultimately led him to leave and start his own company....

EP341: Diet For Great Sex with Christine DeLozier

Christine DeLozier is an acupuncturist and herbalist who specializes in sexual health. In this episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, Drew and Christine chat about her unique approach to sexual health that focuses on how diet affects sexual health. Christine...

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