Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

Get in the best shape of your life with this 8 week fat burning & muscle DEFINING program!


The Back4More program is for you if…

You are ready to continue your fitness journey

You want to build lean muscle mass

You want to melt the fat off your body

You want to boost your metabolism

You want to improve your endurance

You want to get the body of your dreams


Easy to follow workouts

Access video workouts where I teach you proper technique and variations for all skill levels

A Meal plan that fuels your Growth

You will be burning some serious calories in this program and will need a meal plan to back you up!

A Coach who cares about your success

I want to see you succeed! I will help you get past the mental roadblocks and keep you feeling motivated!

Continued Success on your Journey

Don’t stop now! These workouts will help you look better and feel better than you thought was possible!

The body you've dreamed of

Not only will this program make you feel better, it will make you look better too!

Accelerated Results

This program has been optimized to get you results FAST, while working out out for less than 1 hour per day!

Access the program on the new Fit2fat2fit app

We wanted to make this plan as easy to follow as possible, so we built an app designed especially for your convenience. Whether you are at the grocery store or the gym, every step is just a click away. 


When I gained 60 pounds on my Fit2Fat2Forty journey, I stopped working out and ate whatever I wanted. There were a lot hardships along the way, but the worst part of it all was the feeling of not being healthy. 

Losing the 60 pounds through the Back2Fit program was just the first step. I do feel much healthier now, but I know my journey still isn’t over. 

The Back4More program is the next phase of the journey. Will it be hard? Yes, but I promise you that IT WILL BE WORTH IT! WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!

You will get…

My 8 week program that will take your fitness to the next level

Video demonstrations of every exercise with modifications for different skill levels

8 weeks of delicious meal plans for both men and women

Weekly shopping lists so you are never left without the right ingredients

I will send you tips, tricks, and mental hacks to help you understand your health on a new level

I will send you affirmations to keep you focused and on target

Access to our new Fit2Fat2Fit app so you always have the program with you wherever you are

Integrations with your existing fitness tracking apps so you can see everything on one dashboard

Take and view your success by uploading weekly progress photos

Gain lifetime access to my private online coaching group and interact with thousands of others

Get discounts on Complete Wellness supplements

Invitations to exclusive live Q&A sessions where I will help you overcome your hurdles

THE Workouts

8 weeks of workouts that are designed to build lean muscle mass. All exercises can be done at the gym or modified to be done in the comfort of your home.

Includes bodyweight workouts, weight training, and HIIT training workouts that take less than an hour to complete!

Access video recordings of each exercise where I teach you proper technique, and variations for each exercise.


 Easy to follow, full 8 week meal plan including meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It tells you what to eat and when to eat it!

 Includes 8 weeks of shopping lists with portion sizes for both men and women.

 Over 35 recipes that you will fall in love with, including calories, macros, and portion sizes for men and women.


 Access to a wonderful community where my team and I will be there to help you along with thousands of others.

 Access to exclusive program information and special offers for other products and programs we offer.

 Share your progress and post your questions within the community and reach your goals as a team!



$29/mo – Cancel Anytime


The Back4More Program Starts May 10th.

Get Notified when Pre-Sales are available.

About DREW

I used to think health and fitness was just working out and eating healthy food until I put myself in the shoes of my clients and gained over 75 pounds on purpose.

Since then I have created a company, become a bestselling author, been the host of a TV show, and helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their health goals.

I invite you to join me on this journey where thousands of like minded people, including you and me, are coming Back4More.

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